Sunday 15 July 2012

A Room With A View!

Hello friends,
I hope you don't mind but today is a picture and history day, I took my camera along to the studio to show you my views from the windows.  As you can imagine I've been super busy getting ready to craft that I haven't actually sat down and crafted yet! 
Also today is my mum's birthday, a special one - 70, so some planning has gone into a lovely day for her.
I cannot share her birthday card with you right now...but it's coming soon!

A bit of a cloudy day (I'm still hoping we get a Summer!) but this is the view from the end window.  I can see right over to Tilbury in Essex.
For those not local, this is the River Thames that runs all the way to London.
 This isn't quite the same photo because spot the difference...
a little boat!
I'm at great risk of just looking out of this window all day spotting the various boats, liners, tankers etc
that travel up and down the river! 
The view from the side window is the Three Daws pub.  This inn dates back to the 1400’s and is steeped with tales of smugglers (three underground tunnels), Press Gangs, hauntings and much more.. 
they do a nice ploughmans too!

This old drawing of the Three Daws appears in many history books.
Finally..another piece of history.
Pocohontas is buried in Gravesend, we have a statue to commemorate her in St Georges Church, 
just around the corner from my crafty studio.
So a bit of a picture day - more news and photos coming soon of the actual studio.
As for Bella she's not really allowed in the studio, the building has stipulated no dogs!!!
We wondered if we could get around this by explaining that Bella really thinks she is a cat! Because she lives in the VT with three cats she seems to have adopted their characteristics - she even uses the cat flap.  Thankfully Bella will hardly ever be left home alone, my eldest son works quite unusual hours so is home a lot of the time and my parents (with that beautiful big garden) are a great help with Bella - 
she has her own toy box and everything there.
She's a very lucky pup!
Happy Sunday to all, take care.


Unknown said...

Hi Christine, how are you going to work with so much to view from your windows and a pub on your doorstep. How I envy you. Poor Bella but as you say she won't be "home alone". Look forward to seeing the finished craft space bet it will look great and be a joy to work in.


Susan.... said...

Morning Christine,
What fab photos ! Plus, just had a look at the studio..Wow ! that looks such a great crafting space,so much natural light too.. Looking forward to more pics and updates.
Hope you have a lovely day !
Susan x

melanie said...

Stunning photos Hope your Mum has a Happy 70th Birthday >Melanie

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. What a view, I am sure you are going to be really happy.
Looking forward to seeing photos of the finished studio,you must be really enjoying yourself . Have a lovely day. x.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
I know just what you mean I too can see the sea when I'm crafting so can often be found day dreaming looking at the whats going up and down. When its clear I can see Southend.
Looking forward to seeing your studio.
Happy 70th to your mum.
Have a good day.

nmty said...

Hi Christine, what fabulous views you have from your studio, I can appreciate how easily it can be to be distracted!

Hope you mum has a wonderful day.

lv norma

Elizabeth said...

Wow that was a lovely history lesson Christine, thank you. Glad Bella has her own space and toys at your Mum's. She is a VERY lucky girl and quite right too.
Happy 70th birthday to your Mum.
Enjoy every moment of this special day.
Elizabeth x

nattyboots said...

A very Happy birthday to your Mum hope you all enjoy the day , your studio view is beautiful im sure its going to be lucky for you, you must hang some crystals in the window to catch the sun.
{ when it comes out }

As for Bella shes well loved ,and when her Mum gets home their will be lots of cuddles waiting .

Take Care Christine
Elaine H X

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, well you could not have chosen a more beautiful place to have your studio, what a stunning view! Hope your Mum has a lovely birthday, please keep the photos coming too. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine. We have sunshine today so hope it comes your way at some point today

Your studio is gonna be amazing and those views would certainly distract me

Happy Birthday to your Mum

Sue xxx

Carole Z said...

Lucky girl...not only a super new studio space but some lovely views to go with it, shame you couldn't convince them by saying Bella is an employee! But as you say, she is going to get spoilt by your boys and your parents..Happy Birthday to your's my mum-in-law's 74th and we are out to lunch too! Hugs and happiness, Carole Z X

hazel young said...

Lovely pictures Christine, happy birthday to your mum hope you all have a fab day xx hazel

AnneRD said...

Wow Christine. you really are in a lovely spot, I am sure you will get lots of inspiration just looking out of the windows.
A pity Bella is not allowed to be with you but it looks as though she will really spoilt when you are locked away in your studio producing all your lovely artwork. Happy Birthday to Mum.
Anne x

occasionali said...

What a view!!! Almost wish it was mine but as you rightly said perhaps it would be a big distraction from crafting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, Thanks for the pics and history of pub. You are one lucky person to have these premises, really hope the views and the pub wont be too much of a distraction for you !!!
Shame about Bella not being able to be involved at the studio but I guess she wont be too sad, she will love all the attention your son and family will give her whilst your crafting at the studio.Hope your Mum enjoys her special birthday and the weather is kind to you. Best wishes, Carolyn x

loftylass said...

Ooooh Christine - I want to come for a holiday please.... The pics are stunning and it all looks very interesting.... (also probably slightly distracting for you!!!) Enjoy. tfs

Sue B said...

Afternoon Christine, how nice to have such lovely views when you are working ( or playing ) as I do all my crafting in a cupboard, although quite large, I am looking at a wall full of stamps etc all the time. Looking forward to seeing the finished studio & I would still like to borrow your son as I have some painting that needs doing as well as a carpet that could do with a clean. lol.
Sue B

Sarah said...

Hi Christine

Fabulous views from your studio and some great local history! The pub looks great. I can't wait to see your finished studio! It's a shame Bella can't go to the studio but I think she'll get lots of spoiling from your son and parents anyway!

Sarah x

Disco Queen said...

Wow! Christine the views from your windows are beautiful. Looking over the water must be so relaxing & the historical pub must be inspiring.

Craftychris said...

ooh What beautiful views you have from your window - its going to be an amazing place to work xx

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