Friday 27 August 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends
Happy Friday to you all, hope you've had a good week.
Let the nattering commence...


Ooo I've been itching to show you this project.
I completed this cushion as a birthday gift for my lovely friend Tina.
I've been keeping it under wraps until I posted it off to her.
She's now opened it so I'm able to reveal all.

Each side is different.
The squares side - I purchased a pattern and completed the yellow round ones
and then I couldn't follow the pattern, it didn't make any sense.
So I decided I would just have a go at doing my own squares. 
I was pleased with how they turned out.
And the other side was a lot simpler, traditional granny stich.
I'm liking the colours and I knew it would complement a blanket
that Tina had previously purchased from my Folksy shop.


The decimation of my Hosta continues.
I must be feeding a whole army of snails. 
I've all but given up trying to restore this once beautiful plant.
Perhaps next year I'll come up with a cunning plan.

Darcy claims the garden chair the minute the sun comes out.
The idea was for me to sit here and do crochet, that has never happened,
I don't have the heart to move her.

Home grown produce news:
Tigerella tomatoes - looking good but I only have three.

Very pleased with my crop of cherry tomatoes this week,
who knew they would thrive so well next to wheelie bins.


Page Eight - Netflix
Johnny Worricker, a seasoned MI5 officer, is forced to walk out of his job and identity.

If you like political thrillers, this is a must-see.
Bill Nighy expertly plays Johnny Worricker in a quiet understated way
which adds to the intrigue.
Rachel Weisz, Ralph Fiennes and Michael Gambon also star.
This is the first of three Johnny Worricker films, next is Turks and Caicos,
final film is Salting the Battlefield (all available on Netflix)

Other news:

Thank you for commenting last week regarding a group for sharing 
Charity Kit photos, news etc.  
I've gone with a Facebook group (goodness me, Pinterest was far too complex).
If you are a Charity Kit purchaser, please pop along to Facebook. 
It's called H&C Charity Kits
please seek it out and click on the request to join. 

It's all very casual there, pop photos up if you wish, have a nose at others.
I'll limit my natterings on there to kit info, sneak peeks etc.

This week we are celebrating Elliott's birthday. 
We have a couple of things planned, a family barbecue at the weekend and
also a trip to Huckleberry Woods Farm near Faversham.
It's a farm with micro animals.
We are going to walk sheep!
Yes, that's right - walking sheep. But not just any sheep...
Teddy Bear sheep.

We've had a giggle as the booking confirmation says:
"Please bear in mind that we can't predict the speed of the sheep on the day."
I will be sure to share photos next Friday.

And that has been my week.
I do hope you are all well and wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Take care friends.

Friday 20 August 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

It's Friday and welcome to my chat day - 
a round up of a week's worth of random ramblings.


I'm working on 126 squares for my next coastal themed 
Harmony Blanket.  There isn't quite that many squares pictured below,
Bella is counting and can verify that.

It was Granny Square Day last Sunday hence these photos.
I never knew Granny Square Day existed so that was a nice surprise.

And here's more squares - all ready for the final round and then I will join them.
I've chosen to use silver coloured yarn for that to hopefully tone in all the colours.

I have plans to go from these cool blues to super bright pinks next,
or possibly make a Cath Kidston inspired blanket, choices!
I actually have a long list of items I want to make and yes,
I have the yarn in readiness crammed into any storage crevice in the house.


My Snow Queen clematis is flowering for the second time,
it doesn't have a huge amount of foliage but the flowers are 
the size of dinner plates.
It would have looked beautiful against the backdrop of a blue sky
but that wasn't to be this week, grey clouds mostly here in Kent.

And a dragonfly - I have been seeing quite a few of these this year.

My tomatoes continue to ripen - they are extra small cherry tomatoes
so you need about a dozen for a normal serving.
And here they are in my spacious (not!) front area of my home.
Growing happily amongst all the wheelie bins.
Somehow a passion flower has seeded itself here and is also growing,
plants are amazing.


Blackpool - Britbox
A small-time entrepreneur's dream is to hit the big time with his swanky, 
state-of-the-art amusement arcade, but the lights dim at 
the grand opening when a dead body is found on the premises. 

This was actually on BBC1 back in 2004 and I missed it.
So it is a crime drama, musical, comedy! 
I bet that was an interesting pitch to producers.

With very familiar faces, it stars David Morrissey, David Tenant, 
Sarah Parish, John Thomson and more.
I loved it - it is definitely quirky and seeing stars suddenly burst into song 
which frankly is at inappropriate times, just made me laugh more.

Other stuff:

So, I've been looking into having a Pinterest board for the charity kits,
a place where you can post photos of your makes.
It appears I need to create a group board and send email invitations.
I had hoped it would be a lot more simpler - a bit like 
Facebook where you can just post.

I'm happy to go with Pinterest if those interested would like to get in touch
or, would we be happier with a Facebook group for the Charity Kits?
Please let me know.

And whilst looking at my blog this week I happened to check the stats:
at some point I had hit the 2,000 post mark and I didn't even realise -
I missed a celebratory glass of vino! 

Cooking - I am failing miserably with sharing recipes recently.
It may be because I'm barely cooking, this full time working lark
has meant quick meals.
I am becoming an expert on the best ready meals
and our air fryer is perfect for jacket potatoes.

Mitchell adds his requests to the shopping list.
His choices for this week:

I cringe accordingly! 

Going back to cooking, as a reminder, I do have a list of recipes saved
on a tab at the top of my blog.

And that is my week.  
This weekend I will be in my cabin working on September's Charity Kit,
family and crochet.
I hope you are all well and wishing you all a lovely and sunny weekend.

Take care friends.

Friday 13 August 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday and indeed it is an extra happy Friday in this household.
I'm working a half day today, I'm treating myself to a trip to the 
hairdressers this afternoon - definitely due.

I hope you are all well and got a day or two of sunshine this week.
I know it is easily missed and you could be confused into thinking
we are plunging into Autumn.


Following on from the abundant strawberry crop last week...
the first of my cherry tomatoes - just the two which worked out one
each for Mitchell and I - good job we are not relying on my gardening
skills to feed us! 
Nonetheless, I can confirm it was delicious and I am hoping all the others
ripen (no doubt I'll have a glut then).

Hurrah - Sweet Peas!
Hazel - these are from the seeds you kindly sent to me, the only ones that have 
grown and flowered. Gorgeous colour.

And this little patch of ground by the fake gate now has squished plants.
I wondered why everything was flattened.
My camera angle neatly disguises the fact that Darcy cat only has one eye,
the closest she'll get to airbrushing.


Some progress with squares this week.
126 coastal coloured granny squares are underway for a 
Harmony Blanket.
I've made quite a few of this design now and I love the familiarity
of the squares, I pretty much know the pattern off  by heart so it is great
to pick and put down. And, of course, to watch telly.


Inside No. 9 - BBCiPlayer
An anthology of dark comic twisted tales with each one taking place 
behind a door marked 'number 9'.

Written by and starring Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith.
Oh this is so good! 
I eagerly await each new series and we are now on series 6 I believe.
Each being a standalone story, they are very clever and I often
do not see the twist coming.
It is always funny to see how they adopt different time periods,
characters and accents, pure genius. 

Other stuff:

I  had job news this week - I will be returning to the office 50% 
come mid-September.
That means working in London - 2 days one week and 3 days the next week 
and the remaining days from home.
I confess I have very mixed feelings, not so much about the office
but the commute - I travel by coach and I can't help but think that
could be a hot pot for germs.
But, on the other hand it will be nice to get back to some normality and
meet the people I actually work with in real life again. 

Mitchell's employers are delaying a return to the office until 
October as they are worried about the recent spikes,
so you never know - it could all change again.

Conservatory roof news: nothing, zilch, zero!
That's because the whole glazing company went on a company meal
and two employees proved positive so they are all isolating.
What a worry when you run a business.
From my point of view, I'm ok waiting and just hope it gets done by Christmas.

And back to nicer stuff...
Christine suggested a Pinterest board for the charity cards,
I think that's a lovely idea - what do we all think?

This weekend we are celebrating my Dad's birthday with a takeaway
which will be lovely. I have also bought a tiny tiny shed for my garden,
one to store tools etc and I am going to cajole Mitchell into making
that for me. Photos to follow.

Take care friends, thank you for stopping by and wishing 
you a happy sunny weekend.

Friday 6 August 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

How are you?  How has your week been so far?

During the week I save photos, snippets etc ready to type my FCD
but this week I opened up Blogger and I had saved...nothing!
It has been pretty much head down working.
I still feel quite new to my job role so I'm probably
spending a little too much time checking, double checking
especially with bills - these city law firms send out HUGE bills!

But, with regards to my blog post - do not fear...
I will always find something to waffle on about!


The abundant crop of one strawberry - I took your advice...
I snaffled it before anyone else (human/bug) could get it.
Oh it tasted lovely, just as I remember strawberries as a child,
full of flavour.  And I am happy to report there's a few more ripening,
although this could mean I have to share.

I've made a note to definitely grow more strawberries next year,
so easy to pop them into hanging baskets.

My poor Hosta!
I missed a couple of days of checking for snails and they took full advantage.
I have copper tape, I have egg shells/gravel, I water it in the morning
instead of night and yet the little @*%£#$ still get to it!

I walk Bella every day and we pass a house that has stunning Hostas
without perforated leaves, I am so tempted to knock on the door and ask
how they've managed that.

On a happier note...
my Honeysuckle is going a mad and entwined within it is a Clematis.
It is very happy using the Honeysuckle for support.
I did a lot of reading last year about combining plants.

The Agapanthus is flowering but for some reason a lot of the stems 
have grown low and outwards - any ideas why?


Not a very exciting crochet photo this week, there is 126 squares here
sitting in my crochet trolley.  I've just completed round 3.
This is going to be a Harmony blanket in coastal shades.
I need to sew in the ends before I embark on round 4,
I normally do it as I go but I felt rebellious this week!


 Ballykissangel - BritBox
A young British priest adjusts to life in a rural Irish community where life 
revolves around the church and the local pub.

 I've gone back in time with my viewing this week courtesy of
Britbox releasing this gem.
I never watched it first time around in the 1990s and it is 
such easy viewing, also spot the celebrity - apparently
Colin Farrell pops up at some point.
It has been absolute comfort watching, taking in the beautiful
Irish scenery, the accent and rural life.

Charity Kit:

Thank you for the lovely response to this month's kit,
I think it is safe to say we all like a layered card.
Michele bought two kits and has kindly sent photos of her makes.
I love the addition of the foliage and die cut sentiment.

And by using the reverse of the patterned card it takes on a whole new look.

After all these years I still get a buzz when I see how someone else
uses the kits - thank you.

There is just two kits left this month, if you missed out or fancy another
please click here.
And thank you to those who purchased past kits, June is now completely gone
and just a few left of the others - all the details on the same post link.

And that has been my week so far.
This weekend catching up with stuff indoors, catching up with family,
definitely catching up with crochet!

Take care friends, wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Sunday 1 August 2021

Charity Kit Day - August 2021

 Hello friends

Happy Charity Kit Day.
Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at this month's kit. 
Each month a donation is made to a different charity and this month it is  
Prostate Cancer UK who are finding better treatments and better tests 
that can spot fast-growing cancers early.

To keep track of charities there is a tab at the top of my blog here.  

It details the 2021 chosen charities, clickable links and 
there's general kit info over there too

And here is this month's kit:
A summery yellow, ivory and gold square card.
The beautiful background patterned card is Anna Griffin.
We are using gold foil card to create a tiny backdrop shadow to the ivory die cuts.

Included in your kit:

Square ivory card blank
Ivory envelope
Die cut patterned cardstock – Anna Griffin design
Die cuts – Fleur de Square ivory and gold foil card, 
Rose Buds x 6, ivory square and stamped oval ‘Love’ sentiment
Full instructions
(Items you will need: adhesives, foam pads, inks/pens, pearls/gemstones)

The kits are packed in recyclable paper bags and sent in a 'do not bend' 
envelope so they arrive in pristine condition. 
To make up the kits you just need a basic craft kit, all pieces are pre-cut.

The kit cost this month is £5.25
that's the total payment - inclusive of postage and packing.

Payment is via the PayPal link below.

£5.25 - Now £3.00!

If you wish to purchase but would prefer not to use PayPal, please email me:
I'm happy to help with alternative payment arrangements.
It is possible to purchase multiple kits,
there's an option with PayPal for that too.

If you would like to support the kits but do not need one right now,
there is a 'Ko-fi' button', at the top of the blog, it's not really for coffee...
all donations enable me to purchase card blanks, envelopes, the paper bags,
sticky labels etc used each month.
It is truly a great help each month with Ko-fi donations,
so lots of thanks to those who donate.

As it is 'Kit Day' I thought I would list below some previous
kits where there are just a few left (and in some cases just 1 kit left!)

July's Kit - available here - £3.85

June's Kit - available here - £6.00

April's Kit - available here - reduced to £3.25

January's Kit - available here - reduced to £3.50

Take care friends, as always - huge thanks for your support
and have a wonderful Sunday.

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