Friday 28 January 2022

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Hope my nattering finds you all well.
This week has flown by, no sooner was I dreading Monday at my desk
Friday arrived.  In fact the whole month has sped by which truthfully I don't mind -
January certainly isn't my favourite month.

Highlights of my week: Bella got a haircut.
This is what happens when you have techy sons - you send a nice photo of her
in her car seat and they slap an image of burning buildings in the background!
It did make me giggle though.

Not such a highlight was the news.  
So very sad to hear about the loss of Meatloaf.  
His music has played a big role in my lifetime.
My Dad is a fan and I grew up to Bat Out of Hell belting out of the 
speakers on a Sunday morning (or the 1812 Overture - very diverse!) 
I subsequently introduced his music to the boys and Elliott has
spent this week revisiting his songs and loving it.

Back to positive:


I've had a flurry of blanket sales - perhaps it is the nip in the air?
I have in fact only got one cushion cover and a Sweetheart Blanket left for sale.

More details, photos and their bargain prices are in a blog post here.

I think this gives me the perfect excuse to carry on crocheting and ignore
housework!  I am still working on my Cath Kidston colour inspired blanket -
still being rebellious with not sewing in my ends.

And I'm really close to finishing this bunny rug/latch hook cushion.

I really love it but I NEVER want to make another one - 
goodness it is time consuming.


I have been guilty of watching telly rubbish/mush for the brain this week.
Do you get those periods when you just don't want to concentrate too hard?

Disney Channel - Agent Carter
Life changes for Peggy Carter after her boyfriend Steve Rogers (Captain America) 
is feared dead.  Now she leads a dual life by doing administration 
for the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve) whilst going undercover.

So having seen all the Marvel films this is one of the telly spin offs.
Quite a lot of British actors feature - Hayley Atwell, James D'Arcy, Dominic Cooper.
It really is quite farcical, Peggy has a zillions lives - being impaled on metal rods
one day, up and about dancing the next!  
Well, who doesn't like a bit of escapism now and again?
I'm mid way through Season 2 so yes, I've binged.

Before I go, just in case it was giving you sleepless nights but that is possibly just me(!)
I made a decision on the worktop - going for the lighter colour.
Bella is still very bored by it all.

And that has been my week.  
This weekend I am catching up with family and we also have Mitchell's 
birthday on Monday so some celebrating.

Take care friends, wishing you a lovely weekend.

Friday 21 January 2022

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Welcome to another Friday Chat Day, a round up of my week
which although quite uneventful I still manage to natter about it! 

Last weekend I had a second visit to the kitchen company.
It is so nice they give you all these choices of colours and designs.
It is also not so nice because it makes it difficult to make decisions.

Bella is not a great deal of help apart from looking at me quite 
concerned at how much time I spend looking at samples.
The units are going to be a very pale grey and the dilemma is worktop colour - 
light or dark. I am keeping the existing floor tiles.
I am swaying towards lighter worktop - perhaps it will not show every crumb
and generally look bigger?

Now she's just getting bored...


Now for something a lot more colourful.
I've started a new project, a simple granny square blanket
in Cath Kidston colours.
Yes, lots of ends and I normally sew as I go but got lazy.

I saw someone create this blanket on Facebook some time ago,
took a screenshot and I've been working it out from that.
So someone truly deserves the credit for selecting these colours - not me! 


BBCiPlayer - The Aftermath

Rachael Morgan (Kiera Knightly) arrives in the ruins of Hamburg 
to be reunited with her husband,  a colonel in the British Forces. 
The couple will be staying in the requisitioned house of German 
architect and his teenage daughter.

So just by reading the synopsis you can see trouble ahead,
sharing a house with a very dashing German gentleman when
things are rocky between in their own marriage.
It is a slow burning film but engaging.

Garden and bits

Hyacinth bulbs from last year doing their best to flower.

This Clematis has been in a sheltered spot and flourishing.
It's a strange variety with an usual leaf.

And so surprised to see this - I was waiting to prune this Clematis
once the milder weather arrives and yet is has started to grow.

This is on Darcy's shelter, I like to think it is a little message.

This weekend I am in my cabin organising February's 
Charity Kit - I will be grateful for the heater in there.

Take care friends, have a lovely weekend.
If you are venturing out - pop your scarf and mittens on.

Friday 14 January 2022

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Hope you are all well and warm.
We seem to go from freezing frosty days to warmer wetter days.
Not much sun here that's for sure.
Something a little brighter in my garden is my Winter Beauty Clematis.
Not masses of flowers but it is trying.

As for the rest of the garden, still not looking nice but I have read
that I shouldn't prune too much - I need to wait for all the frost to go.
Perfect excuse to ignore it all a little longer.


 I revisited a finished blanket to add a wider border.
Hello Winter Blanket.
I felt the blanket was a little too small for the end of my bed.
I had visions of adding little squares but got lazy and just did rows.
I'm not convinced I like the wider border but it has made the blanket 
a nicer size.

My scarf is finished.
The colour is Peony and darker in real life.
Despite the lattice pattern it is snuggly.
It is long, wraps around twice.  I haven't really been anywhere to 
wear it, fellow dog walkers may have seen it!

I have resisted the urge to start Attic 24's CAL - Harbour Blanket.
It has been hard as I do enjoy following these things but trying to be practical.

In my mission to sort, clear and tackle all outstanding items
(it will not last - it's a January thing!)
I have been working on this rug making cushion kit.
Or 'bunny with the big bum' as it has become known.

I am nearly there - making sure I do at least 2 rows a day.
I'm finding him quite endearing and impressed how the textures are emerging.
The 'fun' will be making it into a cushion although I have cheated a little
and bought a pre-prepared panel with inserted zip.
I never knew they existed until I looked online.


A Very British Scandal

The story of events surrounding the notorious divorce of the 
Duke and Duchess of Argyll during the 1960s. 

Starring Paul Bettany and Claire Foy.
Just three episodes and it was excellent, stellar acting throughout.
Detailing their difficult relationship and vicious divorce,
all of it shocking and scandalous at that time.
It's a definite recommendation from me.

Other stuff

Thank you for your very kind words on the loss of Darcy cat.
I still go to get out a feeding bowl for her, it will take time.
Thankfully the other cats do not appear to be missing her.
I look out at her place in the garden and know that it has to come down
at some point but waiting until Spring.

This weekend - I am visiting the kitchen supplier, this time Elliott
is coming with me to take a look.  I am rethinking a few things,
including the worktop so hopefully making a decision.

There isn't a great deal more happening at the moment -
(not unless you are following the news!)
I've been head down working all week - 
it feels like a January if that makes sense.

 Wishing you all a lovely weekend - take care friends.

Friday 7 January 2022

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday.

Finally this week it felt like winter, we got quite a cold snap, cold enough
for Bella to sport a knitted jumper and for me to put my big coat on.
I am pleased to report it wasn't this jumper for Bella which has been
a bit of a crochet faux pas!

It definitely needs some addressing/correcting.

On my birthday last year I received a Sarah Raven voucher,
(if you haven't discovered this gardening website go take a look - 
be warned it is really too nice).
I waited for their sale and snapped up this lovely tin container of potted
hyacinths which should be Delft Blue when they flower,
(I've heeded the warning of them being poisonous to pets so it was just placed
here for a quick photo).
There is something soothing about watching bulbs grow, the promise
of new, especially when Christmas is over and the tree greenery 
(albeit I had a tiny tree) has gone.

I am still on a tidying/clearing mission indoors and tackled a bigger job,
organising my yarn.  I have now got pretty much all of it into one cupboard,
not perfect, but feels nice to have it in one place.

That pile of blankets is my keep pile, I pop a different one at the end
of my bed each time I change the duvet.
And talking of blankets...
thank you for the blanket purchases, there's still some available 
in my blog post here with the bargain prices.

And,, there is a kit sale here.
Previous kits at reduced prices, each price still includes postage.
A couple of designs have already sold out - thanks to those who have purchased.
I need to clear my 'kit shelf' ready for next month and any extra for charity
is always brilliant, so thank you.


Around the World in 80 Days

I loved this!
David Tenant plays gentleman adventurer Phileas Fogg who sets out 
on a quest to travel around the world and back home in a period of 80 days.
Scenery is amazing although read that it was filmed in just two places,
South Africa and Romania.
Mr Tenant never lets us down, his acting is just superb.

Also on BBC and iPlayer is Father Brown.

He is back with another new series - the ninth in fact.
Each episode is cosy, serene, you get swept along by the idyllic village, 
the sight of Mrs McCarthy's scones and then you remember a murder or two
has taken place.  It is perfect afternoon viewing 
(or, for me, in the evening when I finish work).

Other news

I am afraid I'm ending this blog post on a sad note,
our beloved Darcy was put to sleep yesterday.

She went downhill suddenly, the vets ran a scan
and discovered her kidneys were failing. She was coming up to 17.
Such a trooper what with coping with losing an eye a few years ago. 

I so love having animals until it comes to saying goodbye,
always feels way too soon and never gets easier.

As a kitten.

I am going to remember her for being the perfect barometer,
she loved her outdoor shelter but the minute it was nippy she was on my bed/chair.
I will remember her for being a furry alarm clock, her insistence to get me out
of bed knew no bounds, if I tried to ignore she she would even 
attempt to chew my eyelashes.
She would meow like a little bird, little short chirps and purr as loud 
as a motorbike running.
Her imperfect white nose with the line of white, looked like someone
got jogged with a white pen drawing in her details.
She would respond to two names - Darcy and DD (DD short for Darcy Diane 
because all the women in our family have the middle name of Diane!)

Goodbye beautiful girl.

Take care friends,

Monday 3 January 2022

Kit Sale!

Hello friends

I had planned to put up this post yesterday but, like many,
I'm still grappling with what day of the week it is.
Never mind, today being a Bank Holiday feels like a Sunday anyway.

My mission to clear some space continues and, as promised,
I'm having a kit sale. 
These are some left overs and we all enjoy left overs!

Prices have been reduced and postage and packing is included.
Please click on the 'here' links under each picture
to take you to the post with the PayPal buttons.

Festive gift bag kit.
Link is here and price is reduced to £3.50


Kraft and white mini card.
Link is here and now £2.50


Fresh white Spring card.
Link is here and now £2.75


Wallet with tea bags for two.
Link is here and now £2.50

Big thanks, the kit sales allow me to pop over a little bit extra to charity.

Happy Monday!
Take care friends and I'll be back on Friday for my regular chat day.

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