Friday 31 May 2013

Friday Giveaway!

Hello friends
I'm still not quite able to recommence Friday Die Days at the moment
but until then I do have some giveaways lined up.
How about Mix'd Media Playtime
I have a pre-loved set of these that could be winging their way to your home soon.
This more unusual set is designed by Donna Salazar and features scrabble letters,
jigsaw pieces and body parts!  
The dress is very sweet and stencilling through the die reveals a pretty pattern.
I did feature these on a Friday Die Day a while back.
Oh's a tag!

Really simple, just leave me a comment and Bella will pick out a winner next week.

Other news...Bella did not want to be left out of the medical mayhem and
had to visit the vet man yesterday!  She has got a little ear infection so has some medicine.

Hopefully that is the three things now - no more please!  

Take care friends and have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 30 May 2013

Happy News!

Hello friends
In the midst of medical mayhem I am thrilled to announce that
I have made it through to the final round of the Spellbinders®  Design Team!
The full post is here.  
I am so very pleased to see familiar names too.
One further round to go and if I'm successful I will be able to 
visit Spellbinders in Phoenix, Arizona.  
I've been very fortunate to visit before and it is an incredible experience.  
We work, we play and we eat the most amazing foods.....

As you can imagine I have everything crossed for good luck.

On the home front - Mitchell is now home from hospital, walking carefully! 
These are just some of the tablets my boys need to take at the moment - scary isn't it.
Elliott requires careful monitoring, there is still some concerns that the surgery may have 
triggered some difficulties but we will get there.

Shop/Studio news - I've just taken delivery of some of the new Die D-Lites that were 
a little late arriving in this country.  I'm uploading these to my Amazon shop.
They include:
Bluebells and Lily of the Valley
 Asters and Poppies
The D-Lites are climbing my crafty chart as I love the proportion of them.
They appeal to cardmakers but I'm also seeing how superb they are for other 
projects too.  I have made some projects using these but I'm not able
to share just yet - I hope they will be appearing in the Spellbinders Gallery soon.

Again I must just say sorry if I haven't replied to any recent emails.
I'm still catching up on many jobs and I find I'm easily distracted right now - 
I went to the cupboard yesterday to find peanut butter and spent the next hour 
having a sort out and cleaning - one way to avoid calories! 

Take care friends.

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Unbelievable but true!!

Hello friends

I hope you all had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend, mine was....eventful!
Now this is a picture you might not have expected to see -
Mitchell in hospital!!
Having been home from King's with Elliott for less than 2 days we were all in for a bit of a shock.
In the early hours of yesterday morning Mitchell woke up in agony.  
As for what part of his body was hurting...let's just say the part that would make men's eyes water!
I took him along to Accident and Emergency and by 11am he was in surgery. 
The photo above is post surgery, still groggy from anaesthetic and morphine but enjoying a cup of tea and toast.  All is good - he only has a short stay in hospital but then a lot of rest at home.
I have had to explain to Bella she cannot jump on his lap! 

Unbelievably that within the space of just one week both my sons have had surgery! 
Who would have thought it.

Just to keep you updated - Elliott is doing well, there are some issues with his brain and body
conflicting a little but these should be ironed out soon.  

Now to craft - goodness it feels like ages since I have sat in my craft room - 
I cannot wait to have some normality soon.
For today's offering I've gone back through my projects and found a favourite card.
This was created in conjunction with JustRite® Stampers and Spellbinders® .
I used the following products:
Spellbinders® Paper Arts die templates:  S4-310 Labels Eighteen,

S4-114 Standard Circles Large and S5-049 Carnation Creations
 JustRite® StampersFriendship Blooms
Want2Scrap™Nestabling Circle Pink Rhinestones
 Anna Griffin - Willow Collection paper

I will be back soon, hopefully with no further medical drama!
Take care.

Sunday 26 May 2013

Home and First

Hello friends
I am pleased to say we are home from hospital - I don't think we have ever
been more grateful to step through the front door.

Everyone at the hospital were absolutely brilliant but there is nothing like your own home.
Although I have quickly discovered a downside to home...I do not have
the doctors and nurses on hand and checking Elliott every couple of hours and I suddenly feel the huge weight of responsibility on my shoulders.  Still, being a mother comes with a variety of rewards and challenges and you just have to meet each one in turn.

I will not go into all the details of Elliott's surgery, you might be reading this at meal time!
But what I will say is that the tumour has affected his pituitary gland (known as the 'master gland').
Going forward everything that gland produces will now have to be artificially provided.
Elliott will reach normal height, puberty etc by the time he is aged 23/24 and that is 
obviously a lot to take in.  We still have radiotherapy ahead of us and an array of tests 
but at least the surgery is done and dusted.

As mentioned, I will be providing details of a fund raiser for Ronald McDonald House in Camberwell.

This will be in the form of a craft event at the studio/shop and also for those that live further away 
the opportunity to buy a kit.  Watch this space....

Now to craft - yippee I have something to share with you!
This is a scrapbook page that has just appeared in the Spellbinders Idea Gallery -
you can see all the details here.
The photo is Bella receiving her 'first' at the Higham Dog Show last year.
A real assortment of dies here - again, the page reminds me of a pinboard design.
This year's dog show takes place tomorrow - unsure if we will get there but if we do
I will undoubtedly share photos.

Before I go I want to say the biggest THANK YOU ever for all the comments and emails.
Forgive me if I have not responded to you personally - I have got a bit confused with who I have replied to
because of using my phone, iPad when away.  I can promise you that I have read each one
and they are all very uplifting and supportive - it really truly helps.

Take care friends and enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend.

Thursday 23 May 2013

Getting Better

Hello friends

Still at the hospital and still wrestling a little with blogging from my iPad!

Here he is, my brave boy. We managed to borrow a wheelchair as he was craving some fresh air and a change of scenery. Firstly I'm not a brilliant wheelchair driver and secondly, Elliott does have hands! They are tucked inside his cuffs - removing hands wasn't part of the surgery!

We had a little setback but he appears to be stabilising now. He is very much a pin cushion and for a boy that is needle phobic that has been a real ordeal for him.

I'm still staying up in Camberwell in the Ronald McDonald house, here is a photo of their charity tree (again, not the best photo) but this is what they have to reflect funds raised. Your child's name is engraved either on a leaf, bird etc.

Mitchell is coping admirably at home, sorting orders and very importantly looking after Bella! He does keep asking when Elliott and I will be home only he has some housework to do...he has been baking cookies! I suspect a rather chaotic kitchen....

Elliott has asked me to extend his thanks to you all and he will be doing his own blog post in a while. We will be glad to be home soon - he will rush to his computer and I will rush to my craft desk!

Take care friends.

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Wednesday 22 May 2013

Elliott Update

Hello friends

This post is going to look different as I am experimenting with blogging from my iPad.
I wanted to give you all an update. Elliott's surgery took place on Tuesday as there were further tests beforehand. Here is my brave boy having just had all these guide circles placed on his head - we chose to make lots of silly suggestions as to what these were for!

His operation was long and believe me I felt like I was holding my breath the whole time. By late afternoon he was in the High Dependency ward with lots of nurses fussing over him. The surgeon said it could not have gone better and was very pleased - all in all a huge relief.
He has a way to go but the main surgery is out of the way and my beautiful boy was even cracking jokes as I said goodnight.
I am fortunate to be staying across the road from the hospital in Ronald McDonald House, Camberwell.

I have to confess I did not know much about this charity until now but I've made it a mission to find out more. I spoke with one of the volunteers and she explained that the McDonalds restaurants pay for refurb/construction of these home-away-from-home dwellings for families with children in hospital but once the building is complete each one is run on donations.
Once my life clicks back to normal watch out! .... I'm organising a crafty day and online crafty kits with all proceeds going to this beautiful house - it has made my stay in London with Elliott both manageable and stress free.
Again I must say a zillion thanks to you all for your comments, messages and more - you are all so very wonderful.
Take care friends.
Christine :) xx
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Tuesday 21 May 2013

Manly Gift Bag!

Hello friends
A scheduled post today to share with you a project for Scrapbook Adhesives® by 3L.  
It comes to all us crafters at some point...making a project for a man! 
I always find it difficult to resist the urge to place a flower and butterfly on everything.
But how about this?  A regular sandwich bag transformed.
 The full details can be found here.
 A simple combination of Stars Five and Classic Heart.
The Kraft Photo Corners add a nice finishing touch.
If you have a moment to pop over to their blog to leave a comment I would be grateful.  
Take care friends.

Monday 20 May 2013

Bluebella Woods

Hello friends
Today as we head off to the hospital I wanted to share some 
pictures of a special place - this is the woods behind my parents' home
and Bella's most favourite place in the world.
It is rare to meet anyone as you wander through these woods and it has been
a place for me to occasionally visit and get my thoughts in order.
Over the last couple of weeks the bluebells have shot up and you can actually 
smell them as you enter the woods.  
I captured some photos on my phone, I'm afraid not the best quality.
 Slightly blurred but wanted to show how Bella insists on jumping onto these fallen trees
as opposed to running under them!
I've chosen to rename it Bluebella Woods! 
And of course it wouldn't be right if I didn't post something crafty so how about this...
a scrapbook page I created a few years ago featuring the same woods.
I've used Grand Big Scalloped Circles as part of the background.
A fluttering of butterflies!

Again, huge thanks for all your good wishes - we will head off today knowing
we have so much love and support and that truly makes a difference.
It has been a revelation of true friendship.

Love and thanks dear friends.

Sunday 19 May 2013


Hello friends
I've got two lots of WOW today!
Firstly I'm saying WOW to blog follower Elaine Wainwright who is doing Race for Life
and has chosen to do it in support of Elliott.
As soon as I told Elliott he just looked at me and said "Mum, I'm speechless!"
Elaine you are incredibly kind - we are completely bowled over by this thoughtful
gesture - it has truly made a difficult time easier.
The race takes place on Wednesday 19 June and Elaine has promised to share photos.

My second WOW today is WOW Embossing Powders.
A little while ago I shared Marion's (Sugar and Spice) video creating flowers with moulds.
As you know, my eldest son Mitchell has been in training and I thought I would give him something 
fun to do - (boys do enjoy anything that borders on chemistry and pyromania!)

So here is he creating a pretty flower....
Use a foil tray (this is one is rather shallow, a deeper one is more advisable).
My suggestion is you buy Mr Kipling's Apple Pies as opposed to Cherry Bakewells!
The mould featured here is daisy.
 Here is the trainee measuring out one teaspoon of Melt-It.
 I selected WOW Lilac Embossing Powder to mix in (he was going for somewhat subdued colours!)
 Applying heat to the base - this is when the peg is essential.
 Here it is beginning to melt.  My teacher skills failed a little because I forgot
to tell him to blend the two powders together initially! Oops!
 Once molten, switch the heat to apply to the top, keep heat on the mixture and pour into mould.
 Within minutes it has hardened.
 And easily pops out of the mould.
 Mitchell's finished flower.
 And here is one that I made on the Retreat.
 And a beautiful teal coloured rose made into a ring.
I'm imagining these beautiful flowers combined with Spellbinders™ , particularly Rose Creations.
I'm looking forward to experimenting more and later this year Marion will be hosting classes.

As mentioned, there is a stock of WOW in the shop, powders, Melt-It, stamps and a few moulds left.
Feel free to get in touch if you are interested - Mitchell will be dealing with
orders etc while I'm at the hospital with a hotline to my phone!
I do hope you are enjoying your weekend - craving a bit of sunshine here.
Take care.

Friday 17 May 2013

It's Friday! Winner and Favourites!

Hello friends
You will be pleased to know Bella is no longer slacking - I set her to work!
Here is the evidence..... picking out the winner of Decorative Dress Forms.

She selected the winner and is not going to part with it!
 You might just be able to make out the writing....
 The chewing begins!

She's putting her foot (paw) down!
Finally the salvaged piece of paper revealing the winner! 
Congratulations to Pat S Witney
Please drop me an email and I/Mitchell will send 
them straight out to you.
I've had Mitchell in training all this week - I will make a crafter of him yet!

I'm afraid no Friday Die Day today but I promise they will return later this year.
Instead I've put together a collage featuring 30 previous Friday Die Days 
(there were more but I couldn't fit them all into the picture!)  
There is a HUGE amount of tags!
You should be able to click on the image for larger pictures.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
Take care friends.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Vintage and Butterfly!

Hello friends
Managing to do a few more blog posts at the moment - that's me keeping busy!
Again - huge thanks for the wonderful comments yesterday,
Elliott reads them all too and is blown away by everyone's kindness. 

As promised today's project is much more 'me' !  
At the Retreat we were asked to make our own name badges and I
obviously went for something with a butterfly - I used Papillions Two and added an odd earring I had for the centre - works well if you are rushing and cannot lay your hands on a sparkly gem or brad!  
I also used those little flowers I adore from Homespun.
I had the metal embellishments in one of my odd boxes - I knew they would come in handy one day.
I will be back soon and importantly to announce the winner of Decorative Dress Forms.
Take care friends.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

News and Where am I?

Hello friends
I received news yesterday that Elliott is going into hospital next Monday,
we all obviously feel jittery but relieved that things are moving forward.
He will have to have some tests beforehand but everything should go to the set time plan.
I want to reassure you all that if you place any orders through Amazon or 
direct with me they will still be dealt with promptly.  My eldest son, Mitchell 
(that tall lump of a lad in the photo above) has been in training (!) and is able to send everything out.
Also I will have my iPad and phone with me so no problem answering any crafty questions -
I know I will want to be occupied when I'm waiting at the hospital.

Also, I should have done this yesterday, circled on the Retreat picture where I was in the photo.
I've done that today and you can sort of see me sitting on the steps.

If you ever want a fantastic crafty weekend away look out for a Sugar and Spice Retreat.
Today's crafty offering....
Another very bright card using the papers from Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine this month.
frame that I placed at a jaunty angle.  The inner section I offset with a Classic Heart 
and Classic Scalloped Heart die cuts.  Again teaming this bright paper with white cardstock
helped tone it down a little bit!
I'm craving something vintage with butterflies...let's see if I can oblige tomorrow.
Take care friends.

Monday 13 May 2013

Bright Monday!

Hello friends
I feel blessed by all your messages of congratulations on my last blog post - you are 
all truly lovely people! 
I do hope you had a good weekend - mine was superb and I can tell you why...
I got to go on the Sugar and Spice Retreat in Buckinghamshire. 
It was all a bit up in the air whether I would be able to go due to hospital etc and I felt nervous at leaving Elliott but he was in good hands staying with his grandparents and to be honest
he told me to go!  I think he is getting a little bit fed up of my mollycoddling! 
I got to spend time crafting with amazing women and it was a perfect tonic. 
The venue was Latimer House and it was stunning - the food was top notch too.
I will post some photos of the projects we made soon, the organisation was perfect and so much 
thought had gone into everything.  One of the projects was a huge journal - I want to add some extra bits and bobs before I share a photo....
possibly butterflies!

Talking of projects - this month I have three cards featured in Cardmaking and Papercraft 
magazine using their bonus papers.  Let's just say the papers are BRIGHT! 
I decided to use white cardstock to create a frame - Twisted Metal Tags and Accents -
this managed to tone the paper down a little!
The sentiment stamp is from a set designed by Marion at Sugar and Spice - 
it can be found here.
Have a wonderful day - let's hope the weather is as bright as this card!
Take care friends.

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