Wednesday 31 August 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and a Video!

Good morning to you all! 
This is the fun desk hopping otherwise known as WOYWW - don't forget to visit Julia for the complete list of crafty desks.
Talking of desks - here is mine this week....
On my desk is evidence of the wonderful new Spellbinders Spiral Blossoms One die template.  I've been making felt fabric brooches and to show you how I put together this little video.

I'm delighted to be running another workshop at Pickleberry Papercrafts 
on Saturday 10 September 2011.
We will be decorating unique wooden trinket pots using this die template.  The wooden pots are created from reclaimed oak (the one pictured below is pine).  Each one is hand turned on a lathe (by my dear Dad!) they really are beautiful and obviously enhanced by the handmade flowers. 
Wonderful to make as a gift or to treat yourself.  I have mine on my dressing table for all my jewellery.
Also, you get to KEEP the die template!!!  
Take it home and create a whole bunch of flowers, brooches, decorate cards, tags and more!

All the workshop details are here - you might also like to see the details of the Advent Workshop :)
You get tea/coffee and biscuits and I may even venture to bake a cake too! 

I would love you to join me for a few hours of creative floral fun.
Happy Wednesday!

Monday 29 August 2011

Monday Morning Photos...'s not raining!  
Not really a Monday morning photo this one (in fact a Sunday night).
We had a family roast dinner in order to celebrate Elliott's birthday.
 Fluff enjoying the early morning sunshine (this is HER blanket, she makes that known to everyone!)
 Imogen looking lovely and beautiful until...
Little horror decided that my gorgeous roses would be great for breakfast!
Very pet dominated this week, not surprising seeing as I feel the house is full of them!
Have a great week!
Come back Wednesday - got a little craft video to share.

Thursday 25 August 2011

A lovely day!

Today, celebrating Elliott's birthday... a few photos from our day 
(forgot the proper camera and had to use my phone!)
We started at Costa for coffee, milk shakes and muffins...

 We then browsed the shops...
 Spent quite a lot in this one...
 Lunch at Pizza Express and having coke in a glass bottle impressed Elliott so much!
 Then, this evening dinner at my parents - we were treated to this gorgeous rainbow.
Second celebration on Sunday - roast dinner for all the family - better start peeling the spuds!

Birthday time...

It's Elliott's 15th Birthday today but look who opened the presents!
Bear with me my lovely blog land friends - I will revert to craft posts very soon, just once I get this little member of our family under control! 
Happy Thursday - (extra happy for me as I have a day off work!)

Monday 22 August 2011

Monday Morning Photos and Puppy Advice Please...!

I'm late and yes there are only two photos this Monday now afternoon!
This is what is hijacking my time and dominating my life right now...
 She is cute, she is adorable, she is wonderful, she is...a puzzle!
Bella is only just eight weeks old and she's learning things very quickly - good and bad!
I'm not a puppy expert (remember that reputation for cats...!) so I'm asking all my friends in blog land who own dogs a few questions - I would really appreciate your advice.

What is the best way to start leaving her on her own?  She is going to be very lucky and have someone in the house nearly all the time but there will be occasions when I need to pop out to the supermarket etc so what is the kindest way to introduce leaving her alone for short periods of time?

Puppy potty training?  At the moment at certain times during the day, after her meals, when she wakes up, we  put her in the garden and she happily does her business but there have been some accidents.  Any suggestions how to reinforce that the garden is far more suitable than my lounge carpet?

Feet!  Big, small, bare, socked - if you have feet she bites them!  Her teeth are getting sharper by the day - we can all testify to that!  Is this something puppies grow out of?  

Happy Monday everyone - looking forward to your advice.
 I'm just going to retrieve my slippers for about the twentieth time today!

Wednesday 17 August 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and a WORKSHOP!

Hi everyone,
Spot the's far too easy again!  
Imogen jumps into my seat the minute I leave it.
I need to mention Bella our new puppy,
she's not near the workdesk in this photo but she's definitely been having a nose!
(Do not fear I'm still a cat lover!)
And, this is what I'm creating with right now...
Spellbinders Square Bracket Edge Box die template - I truly love this, so brilliant - you can create the most cute boxes with multiple uses. I'm thinking table favours at Christmas (yes I know we're still in August but I love to think ahead!)
So, talking of planning ahead - 
I'm hosting a Christmas Advent workshop at
on Saturday, 8th October 2011 - 
not only do you get the chance to make a wonderful 25 box advent calendar but also included in the price is the Square Bracket Edge Box die template for you to KEEP!  You can go box-mad at home too.
Click here if you would like to join in, places are limited - I would love to see you there.

Remember to check out lots of other workdesks, the WOYWW link is on my sidebar.
Have a great week.

Monday 15 August 2011

Monday Morning Photos...

Good morning everyone!
It's the start of a new week and my list of things to do keeps on growing.
I stopped to take a few Monday morning photos to share...
Imogen watching from the garden.
The dining table I purchased on eBay, my dad, Mitchell and I spent a few hours sanding it yesterday,
varnishing it later today.
And finally..breakfast time 
Everyone is happy if they get their right bowl and it is full!
Have a great week!

Saturday 13 August 2011

Scrapbook Magazine

Some time ago Scrapbook Magazine asked me to create a layout on the theme 'My Hero' and it has just come out in print this week.
I was lucky to be able to use American Crafts Campy Trails papers which were masculine and fun and a little different to my usual choice.  

 I went with a picture of my youngest son, Elliott.  I used Spellbinders Grand Labels One and Classic Heart die templates.  I also got to use one of the musing drawings that the very talented SJ created for me, I think she captured him perfectly!
I couldn't finish this post without another little photo of our newest family member - Bella.
She has truly slotted into our home perfectly, even the cats have accepted her now! 
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Welcome Bella!

Our new bundle of joy!
This is Bella, she's seven weeks old today and she's joined us in the VT!
Thankfully she's tiny and will not grow too big - she is definitely in proportion to the size of the house and garden!
 I think you may see more pictures over the next few weeks, months, years!

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Scrapbooks etc.

Hi everyone,
My white 'Love Card' is being featured on a slideshow over on Scrapbooks etc
I used Spellbinders Ironwork Accents and Ironwork Motifs  to create the aperture and all other elements.

I like the simplicity and whiteness of the card with just the tiny bit of sparkle!
Have a good Tuesday!

Monday 8 August 2011

Monday Morning Photos...

It's Monday and I have an assortment of photos to share today..
This was a little unusual - the sky filled with birds - do they not realise they are entering a cat filled zone!
So, being a Monday the diet starts today (and is broken tomorrow!)
 Eggs from the Egg Farm...
 We've had a mixture of sunshine and showers so the clematis has grown profusely!
 And you can still still the raindrops here...
  Happy Monday everyone!

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Spellbinders New Website!

The Spellbinders website has had a super makeover!

Navigation is a breeze and you can find out everything you need to know about the products, the blog and more.  There is also an amazing idea gallery
A few of my projects are featured including this Rose Creations Brooch.
I created this using S5-050 Rose Creations die template
These can be also be made to attach to cards, gifts, swap the button for a name tag - lots of options. 
Visit the new website for all the details.
Happy creating!

Monday 1 August 2011

Monday Morning Photos...

I had a mad idea, I should take some time off work and decorate!
Because the VT is TINY just decorating one room has a knock-on effect on the rest of the house. The entire contents of the bedroom are now in the lounge...!!!
It should be completed by the end of the week and 
I'm thankful this decorating "need" only strikes me once a year! 

I thought I would finish with a much nicer photo....still so much colour in my garden...
Gorgeous colours - the flowers remind me of ladies bustling dresses! 
Have a great week.

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