Friday 29 July 2022

Hello friends!

Hello friends

A blog post at last.
The aliens decided to return me, turns out I was a faulty
abduction specimen! 
Joking aside, I have been absent from blogging and social media
for many months, definitely not what I planned.

I've been a bit of boomerang with hospitals, not content with a new hip
I popped back to have my gallbladder whipped out.
I am very much hoping that is my lot for this year and I can
concentrate on getting up and running - literally.

Nurse Bella is exhausted from day and night shifts.

Now, you would think with all this recovery time I would have
done a ton of crochet, sadly not the case as really didn't feel up to it.
I did make a bit of progress with my Battenburg Blanket,
it is a lot of joining and ends.

I've got projects planned so hope to get on with those once
the cro-jo returns.

Big thanks for the emails and messages - very much appreciated.

My family has been on hand to help and lift my spirits.
Elliott turned his hand to gardening,
what used to be Darcy's shelter is now a little bed for pot plants.
An old mirror dressed it up.

And my sister did a lovely tea for the Jubilee and Bella eyed the cake.

So not quite back to the old me but getting there.
I am returning to work on Monday, a phased return for a couple of months
working from home.
I'll be blogging again, not quite returning to the FCD's.
Again, lots of thanks for the lovely wishes.

Take care friends - have a super weekend.

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