Friday 29 January 2010

The Power of Cake!

I do not profess to be a wonderful cook but I do enjoy baking a cake. I have two teenage sons who are willing eaters and they've come to expect something spongy, chocolately or gooey under my glass cake dome in the kitchen each week.

It therefore came as a sort of back-handed compliment and shock when my eldest announced that my coconut and lemon cake had become famous at his school. Why? Well, it transpires that lunchtimes at schools are now used for poker games! My son never having any money, (every coin and note burns holes until it is spent) has resorted to gambling with my lemon and coconut cake! Not only is that hard to believe but that all his gambling friends find it acceptable! It throws a whole new slant on gambling with chips!! :-) x

Wednesday 20 January 2010

Not so calm now!!

It couldn't last, I was silly to thing my new calm serene self was actually here to stay. Yesterday confirmed to me that I was definitely back to my worrying-panic-rushing old self! A mere snippet of my day... school run, forgotten PE kits, slight tantrum of no Capri-Sun, writers meeting - I'd forgotten to do the homework, car petrol light now been on for two days, school run, hairdressers with eldest - took hours, rushed dinner, meeting Sister for cinema, running late, forgot youngest supposed to be going to watch Ebbsfleet, dash him to Grandparents - grovel grovel.. make cinema by skin of teeth, relax..ahhh - return home - eldest brandishing hair highlighting kit.. "pleeeease Mum!" Fall into bed at midnight realising no bread for pack lunches and definitely still no Capri-Sun!

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Getting back to it....

Tomorrow will mark my return to work (snow ploughs permitting) for nearly a month! It has been an odd time being totally out of routine and despite the pain, crutches and limping I have enjoyed taking it easy.

At 6am tomorrow I've got to delve into the depths of my wardrobe not only to find smart(ish) office clothes but also my working head! I think I'm a bit of a Worzel Gummidge and have appropriate heads for certain occasions - my sensible organised efficient head for work and my creative dreamy one for home. Sometimes the two blend together and it definitely clashes believe me!

So how much writing have I achieved while sitting at home ... none! Why is that? I've discovered I am not alone, others have commented that when time has been handed to them on a plate they cannot actually get down to it and yet when we rush around working we manage to sit down and fit in a few thousand words here and there. Do we only work well when under pressure??
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