Friday 31 January 2014

Friday Die Day!

Hello friends
It's Friday Die Day!
And for the very first time you can view Friday Die Day both here on the blog
or a video on YouTube!
The featured die is Basic Lattice from the Expandable Pattern designs.
I've had quite a few questions regarding the Expandable Patterns
so hoping to answer those today.
It is one die, presented as a flat plate measuring 6 x 4 inches.
This is how it looks cut/embossed.
Note that it does not cut an outer edge.
 The reason it does not cut an outer edge is so that you can expand your die cutting.
Here you can see that I've moved the die along to align to create a long strip of pattern. 
A little bit of removable tape ensures everything stays in its place.
 I'm using my Artisan X-Plorer for this but if you wanted to create a larger
piece for scrapbooking then you would switch to the Grand Calibur®
 And this is how it looks as an expanded pattern, great stuff!
You could use this across a 12 x 12 scrapbook page, wrap around boxes and more. 
For today's project I chose to cut a smaller piece as I wanted it to resemble 
garden trellis.  To cut I just sliced it with my paper trimmer.

 This is the reverse side to show you how I am intertwining Sprigs.
My advice here is go slowly, pinch the leaves together which is fine as it adds
dimension to the front view.
 Switching to the front view.  I wanted it to look
very much like garden trellis!
I then adhered this to a cream card base (yes a card - not a tag!)
I wrapped around some ribbon, twine and a small tag.
(The tag is left over from last week's FDD - 
Back to Basics Tags - waste not - want not!)
The addition of some little flowers and pearls. 
 The 'you' is from a new Die D-Lite - Celebration,
it has three useful sentiments - thank you, happy birthday, You and me, 
(available to pre-order, just drop me an email).
 And some close up shots.
 I'm really loving the lattice, thinking of different colours, perhaps white
with beautiful spring flowers.
It is Mitchell's birthday today - he is 20, no idea how that happened,
I don't feel a lot older than 20 myself (on a good day)! 
He is visiting Harry Potter Studios today with his girlfriend, I'm having to work otherwise
I would definitely be tagging along.
Hoping to do some celebrating tomorrow.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend -
are you crafting?

Thursday 30 January 2014


Hello friends

London working day today and apparently the weather is turning VERY cold.
Perhaps I should take a blanket on my commuter coach...talking of blankets...
the Blanket of Love..some more progress.
What do you think about mini pom poms all around the edge?
I'm not quite sure how I would secure them but if we think it's a
good idea I will investigate.

More lovely squares have arrived. Thank you Maddie.
Such pretty colours.
 And blue and white squares from Gemma, in fact I need to send Gemma
huge thanks because...
she also sent this item of gorgeousness - a beautiful scarf that she has knitted for me.
Gemma said it would keep me warm in Bella's Woods.
I think it is far too nice to wear in the woods, I want to show it off to everyone.
I am really lucky to know such kind people,
thank you so much - it truly warms my heart. 

And..talking of walking Bella - it is like playing weather roulette a the moment!  
So far I've been managing to dodge the rain but it always seems to be threatening.
This is the creepy tree at the park, well I think it is a little bit creepy
and we walk fast to pass it! (Yes, I'm a little bit mad).

Delighted that classes with both Nikki Payne and Marion Emberson
are booking up, both ladies have got some wonderful things planned.
Elliott has been busy making sliders/banners for them on the website too.

Little snippets of news today but stop by tomorrow,
it's that special die cutting day of the week and there's an addition
to the format too!
Take care friends and keep warm!

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Let's Go Scalloped!

Hello friends

Firstly congratulations to Lynn who had the winning number for last month's
Charity Kit - your goodie box is winging its way to you.

Today I've gone all scalloped!
This card features the new A2 Scalloped Borders Two -
they are so pretty! 

They vary from A2 Scalloped Borders One in that the bottom edge
is less curved.  My card is pretty simple, I wanted to show off the scallops and keep
that as the main focus.  I've used white card and salmon pink cardstock.
The embossed centre panel is Enchanted M-Bossabilities 
and the tag is Back to Basics Tags.
I am able to pre-order these as well as any other new dies,
just drop me an email.  
(I know so frustrating - we don't want to wait, we want them now!)

Plans for February's Charity Kit is under way...I'm a little excited about this kit!
I am at huge risk of giving away too many details too early. 
(Elliott is watching me type this and giving me a warning look!)
But I am going to say that it is a larger kit than normal so it will 
actually be the kit for February and March.
And contains something that no-one else in the world is going to get 
their hands on just yet... 
Okay he's definitely getting cross with me now! 

Valerie has been making up her kits and has kindly sent me some photos.
The December Kit with some pretty additions of flowers, hearts and butterfly.
 January's Kit - inking the Carnation Creations looks wonderful.
The carnation is often two tone...

Over on the website there is a new section - Pre-Loved Spellbinders.
This is where I am able to offer dies greatly reduced.
They have been used for designing or in classes but still in perfect condition.
It is worth keeping your eye on this category as more will be added each
time I do my 'die housekeeping'.

Wednesday already, it is supposed to be my day off,
that was a silly idea, I've still got a studio/shop to clean! :)
Take care friends.

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Winning Ticket!

Hello friends

Today is winning ticket day!
If you purchased a Charity Kit at any point in January please check your ticket.
The winning number is.....
If you are the lucky winner please send me an email

Your prize is a box of lovely Spellbinders products, adhesive and
embellishments.  I promise you it is really nice!

Remember if you buy any Charity Kit at any time there will always be
a ticket inside for that month's draw -
so you never miss out on a chance of winning.

Remember yesterday when I said I would be cleaning, tidying all day,
well...I slightly deviated from that plan! 
I opened my diary and saw that Elliott's medication delivery was due, 
that means a refrigerated van stops by any time between 8am and 6pm, 
necessitating me staying indoors. 
So being house bound, I decided it would be a further opportunity to 
work on the Blanket of Love (I could have done housework but that would just be silly!)

Janet (Kopi Kat Cards) asked if I could demonstrate how I join the squares
together.  Of course Janet - here we go....although firstly:
if you are a professional crocheter -
I suspect my way of crocheting is knitting style and breaks a few rules!

Firstly get comfortable, pop something good on the telly - 
I went with Call The Midwife recorded from Sunday night.

To begin you cast on a chain stitch. 
Place the edges of your squares together, right sides outwards.
Insert your crochet hook through both edges of the sandwiched squares.
Wrap your wool around. 
Pull the looped wool through to the front - you now have two stitches on the hook.
Wrap the wool around again. 
Pull the looped wool through the lower two stitches on your hook.
You will then be left with one loop to start the process again,
reinsert your hook just along evenly spacing your crochet.

Believe me that looks and sounds more complicated than it really is,
within a short time you get into the swing of it.
I am very basic at crochet, I want to progress further and plan to start making's on the list!

Elliott and I did eventually get to the shop mid afternoon so the clearing up
has started.  I will post photos when it looks spick and span!

Take care friends.

Monday 27 January 2014

Monday Madness!

Hello friends
Well yes, I need to start tidying up like mad in the studio/shop -
it has become a little bit of a dumping ground recently.
Starting this Saturday the shop will be open regular hours so I need to
get things ship shape.  
If you have visited the shop you will know it is more of a working studio
but the shop side is expanding and likely to expand a little more soon...

Next month I will be visiting 'Stitches' - The Craft Hobby and Stitch International
Show at NEC Birmingham.  This is the place were retailers/buyers
are tempted by lots of goodies to put into their shops.
Last year my main purchases were SpellbindersWOW! Embossing
I imagine I will be tempted again (of course I will!!) and if you feel there
are any products I should definitely be stocking I am open to ideas.

I'm guessing quite a few of you managed to do some crafting at the
weekend - terrible weather! I settled down to crocheting more 
squares together, I'm not speedy but I'm getting there and enjoying it immensely.
I've been doing the downwards joining and then I decided I wanted to add more
so my system went a little awry!  
The fluffy looking object in the top right hand corner is Bella's toy!
I was standing on a chair to get an aerial shot and she deposited the toy at the 
precise moment I took the photo - she's into everything!

I know some of you have mentioned you still have squares and should you send 
them...yes please!  Definitely ongoing - I could see this as my next hobby!

Take care friends,
enjoy your Monday...
I know Mondays are not the nicest days of the week but let's try :)

Sunday 26 January 2014

The Sunday News...

Hello friends

Weather news:
Talk about four seasons in one day - did you get the strange weather yesterday?  
Sunshine one minute, gale force winds and torrential rain the next! 
Bella was not impressed!

Brilliant news: 
Marion Emberson is coming to Hope and Chances Creativity!
(We share the same surname but we are not related).
I've been wanting Marion to come along for ages and she was all prepared last year, 
her crafty bags were packed with WOW! Embossing goodies 
but of course things changed on my home front and it meant postponing.  
Now it is a definite - Marion is going to be teaching two classes on Sunday 27 April - 
if you would like to know how to multi-colour emboss, resist techniques and more then 
please visit the website to book a class.  
This image is of the cover of a mini album I created with Marion last year, featuring
stamping/embossing and making flowers from silicone moulds
Such fun!

Knitting news:
Squares are moving to different a table and the joining continues.  I really enjoy 
the crocheting but I'm at risk of forgetting to do other things - I get so engrossed! 

Elliott news:
A day off meant Elliott was glued to his computer playing games and this sign
was affixed to his door!
I think he's allowed a bit of 'me' time!

Good news:
Mr Roofer Man was extremely nice and it appears my roof should not be too much 
of a problem. Phew!

Sending a message out to Pat Witney - sorry to hear your hospital visit wasn't so
good yesterday and I do hope better news is around the corner.

Wishing you all a happy Sunday.
Take care friends.

Saturday 25 January 2014

It's the Weekend!

Hello friends
It is the weekend and my plans do not seem nearly as interesting as
Mrs B bathing Bearded Dragons and Elizabeth going to see Peppa Pig!
Have fun ladies.
In fact today a roofer is going to look at my bathroom ceiling.
I can no longer joke that the water coming through the ceiling is an
alternative showering facility! 

Other news - classes!
Uploaded to the website is more Coffee and Create classes and also
I am delighted that Nikki Payne who designs for Heartfelt Creations and
appears on Create and Craft TV is coming to my studio/shop at the end of March.
Nikki is going to be available for classes in the morning and afternoon on that day
and she will be creating using Heartfelt Creations dies, papers and embellishments.
All the details are here.

Nikki has also kindly sent me some images to share, here is one of her gorgeous 
I wish I could create a pop up studio and travel about so everyone could attend a class.
Some of you may recall Elliott's camper van idea last year.
I haven't totally dismissed the idea but until it comes to fruition I can at least
promise you that there will be videos and class tutorials very soon on You Tube.

I've also got something very exciting planned for the next Charity Kit.
The winning number for January's Charity Kit will be announced in the next couple 
of days - I've waited because quite a few kits were sent air mail this time and
I wanted them to arrive. 

Take care friends - enjoy your weekend.

Friday 24 January 2014

Friday Die Day!

Hello friends
Yes it is Friday again and this Friday I'm going all starry! 
It is Stars Five.
A very classic shape that has got me out of trouble so many times
when I need something masculine!
Although for the purpose of FDD I've gone all pink!

(Varying quality of photos today as at one point my camera battery died and
I had to switch to my phone!)

You receive 5 nesting die templates with this set.
Here they are cut/embossed.
An alternative to just laying them flat is to score from each point to the middle,
fold gently to add dimension. 
Place two 3D Foam Squares inside to adhere to your project.
 With the help of the Magnetic Placement Mat you can nest two die templates together
to create a star frame.

 Here comes the tag....
A manilla tag with a rectangle of white card using 
Twisted Hearts M-Bossabilities  folder.
Little bit of lace and pink card. 
The star frame affixed in place. 
I then added the dimensional star with the smallest star placed in the middle.
Twine and a little stamped tag are the finishing touches.
And don't forget to look behind....
To cover up the ends of the lace and wrapped twine, apply a piece of card to 
the back to create a pocket.
A close up shot.
Stars Five - a classic and extremely useful shape - they are available here.
Take care friends and have a brilliant weekend.
What are you up to??

Thursday 23 January 2014

A Quick Hello!

Hello friends
A very speedy hello today, yesterday was a longer day at the 
hospital than we anticipated but all is good - Elliott is set to have an MRI 
in March and then every three months. 

I am now heading out the door to my London job - the time thief 
has been working overtime!

Could not possibly do a blog post without a picture so how about this 
scrapbook page - every square features Framed Tags One.
This is one of my absolute favourite pages - may have something to do with the photo!
I've got this on display in the shop too.
Wishing you all a nice Thursday and definitely stop by tomorrow...
Take care friends.

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