Sunday 29 September 2013

Sunday - no longer a day of rest!

Hello friends
Send me sunshine today please!
I have a task that is going to take from dawn to dusk - I need to paint the shop door.
I know, it's only a little door - the actual painting will not take too long but the paint I've 
selected says it takes 16 hours to dry!  This will necessitate the door being left open otherwise
it could be tricky trying to open it the next day!
 Giving the shop a facelift has been Mitchell's project but I've chosen to get a involved today 
as I find painting therapeutic.  
I also think we may not have many more dry days so a little bit of a rush to finish the job.
I will post some pictures soon, the colours are very similar but it will look nice and fresh.
While I'm waiting in the shop all those hours I intend to have a good tidy up,
and Elliott is going to join me  - we have a little crafty plan up our sleeves...
more news on that soon :) 
Talking of Elliott, things did not quite go to plan at the hospital on Friday.
The upshot is that the radiotherapy will definitely have to be postponed while
Elliott receives some special help with his anxiety issues regarding the mask he has to wear.  
Those of you who have contacted me, left comments - thank you so much.  
You appreciate how much of an ordeal this is for him.  
I have a great deal of confidence in the Psychology Department at The Royal Marsden, 
we are going to be back and forth a lot over the next few weeks.
We will get through this but like most things, it will take time and some careful handling.
We actually have the mask at home now so we can build up Elliott's confidence -
Bella is definitely wary of it!

Now to some craft!
How about a little decorated organza gift bag - all achieved with one die,
Rose Creations. Plenty of layers cut from burgundy felt, a rhinestone brad to the centre
(these dies create a hole to the flower centre, perfect for inserting a brad).
The finishing touch is green felt leaves. 
I made a base for the bag to keep it upright but of course if you 
fill it with goodies that will keep it standing perfectly! 
I attached everything to the bag using Fabri-Tac - this is one amazing fabric glue!
Adapt this little bag to any colour-way, perhaps for a Ruby Wedding Anniversary or...
Christmas!  Yes, I managed to mention Christmas again - 
love Christmas!!

I do hope you are all enjoying your weekend.
Take care friends.

Friday 27 September 2013

It's a Bird!

Hello friends

Yes it is the coffee/tea cup - we haven't seen that for a while! 
A round up of news today so pop the kettle on.

Firstly, special thanks to Hazel who has voted for me in the 2013 Craft Awards
I blushed when I read that! 
In case you are not familiar with the Craft Awards, it is a chance for you
to vote for your favourites.  You can select your favourite products, blogs and more.
It is in the form of a really easy survey, some names are stipulated or you can 
tick the 'other' box and type in your choice. 
Spellbinders®  is mentioned so if you feel inclined to tick that box.... :)
All the details are here.

On one of our many hospital visits this week we were at King's College Hospital so we 
called into the Ronald McDonald House in Camberwell.
Some time back I mentioned about Elliott progressing to a bird on the tree of life
and this was our first opportunity to visit, drop in a cheque and select a bird.
Here's the boy himself with his carved bird.
A close up.
And a smiley face although very tired eyes, he's not getting much sleep bless him!
We are now on our way to having Elliott's name on the tree trunk!
Tons of thanks to you all who have donated and purchased kits -
the kits are ongoing and there will always be spares available.
I will just mention there has been a slight 'teapot delay'!
I had to order some extra teapot charms and they did not send enough but 
they are rushing them through especially fast now.  
So, if you are awaiting a September Add-On Kit I promise it will be on 
its way to you within a day or two.

Now how about Christmas...yes when the sun is shining I'm still thinking of Christmas!
This is one of the cards featured in 'Make Christmas Cards' magazine.
It is rather geometrical and a little different to my usual style but so simple to produce.
The white background is created with Graduated Dots, Classic Heart and 
Create A Flake dies.  The rest is achieved with the papers that come
from the magazine and just a little bit of green dotted ribbon.

Today we are heading off to The Royal Marsden to see if Elliott's 
relaxation techniques will help, fingers crossed.  I'm thinking we will 
be stopping at McDonalds again!  I've progressed to eating their salads - not bad!

Take care friends - have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Thank You, Thank You

Hello friends
Today a Thank You, Thank You Card!
This card has just appeared on the Spellbinders®  Idea Gallery and it features 
the Enhancing Elements die - Gold Ovals One.
Teaming these dies with your classic Nestabilities® means you can layer up a card easily. 
In case you haven't seen it Spellbinders have created a 
Nestabilities Compatibility Chart - you can view it here.  This is so useful - 
I've printed it off to keep above my craft table - a great reference guide.
For the last day or so we have been to and fro The Royal Marsden and this 
afternoon we are at King's College Hospital.  Elliott has been seeing various 
psychologists and we have learned a great deal about breathing and relaxation 
techniques.  Truly hoping this is all going to help with his radiotherapy and anxiety.
(I can confirm the relaxation therapist was very good - 
I nearly nodded off when I should have been making notes!)

I will keep you posted when I can, my posts tend to pop up at different times at the moment, 
I grab a few minutes here and there to type one up.  As always thank you, thank you for 
your comments and messages - I'm a little delayed in replying but I will get there :)

Take care friends.

Monday 23 September 2013

A Good Read and Feet!

Hello friends
For those of us who haven't quite succumbed to Kindles, Kobos, Nooks or 
any other e-readers - how about a bookmark for a real book!
A really simple project and it features just one die -
Striking in black and white and using just the flower centre to create a 
pretty top and bottom edging for the bookmark.
Keeping the panel as flat as possible so it sits snugly inside your book but
making the top flower decoration dimensional so it overhangs.
Of course, if you no longer have books - 
you could just use a portion of this to create a card or gift tag.
I admit to owning a Kindle, in fact the boys bought it for me but I do still love a 
bookcase full of books.

Huge thanks to you all for your encouraging comments, they are such a comfort.
I did laugh out loud when Amanda referred to 'Embersonettes' - that is so good!
We had a relaxing weekend although Mitchell was kept a little busy....
He is looking to earn some money (having a girlfriend is a costly business!) 
and the shop front needs a face lift. 
Yes, that is the outline of feet and it does say 'Chiropody' and 'Treat Your Feet' !!
Some time ago the shop was a chiropodist ....
(thankfully I've never found any toenail nail clippings - yuk!)
They applied lots of vinyl stickers and the owner before me just painted over them.
We realised the stickers were beginning to reveal themselves so the only course of action was to peel them off and sand the wood down before repainting.
That is quicker said than done!
Mitchell is going back today to start the painting, wood is being replaced so no more rotting bits - 
it will look all spruced up ready for later this year when I get back in the swing of things :)

Thank you again dear friends, I will be dropping by to leave posts,
I enjoy writing them and of course, hearing from you all.
Much love.

Saturday 21 September 2013

Better Late than....

Hello friends
I've missed a few days, must admit we have spent a lot of time
at hospitals this week.  Bit more about that in a minute...

Let's have something crafty first! How about a tag?
This tag has just been featured on the Crafty Power Blog for 
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L™  - all the details are here and yes,
I'm going to send out a special request that if you are able to leave a comment 
on that blog I would be very grateful :)
The tag features the new Designer Shapes - 3D Foam Leaves - 
I hope to have them in stock soon.  I've used embossing powder to give them
a copper lustre.
My favourite Bitty Blossoms team beautifully with the leaves. 
 And don't forget - Kraft Photo Corners need not just been used on photos!
Unfortunately hospital visits did not go well this week, sadly Elliott has developed
an anxiety when wearing the mask made for his radiotherapy, it is perfectly understandable -
the mask bolts his head down to the table so he feels very claustrophobic and trapped.
The hospital are urgently referring him to paediatric psychologists and we have 
appointments for those already next week.  

I'm going to be taking a little break from some of my design team work,
only a month or so to concentrate on Elliott and his radiotherapy treatment.
I will be blogging when I can and I still have projects to share with you. 

Fund raising kits will continue as my lovely family are stepping in to help with those
and Mitchell will be picking up Amazon/website orders.
Talking of Mitchell - I haven't mentioned him recently!
He is doing really well at college, he loves his new course and... bit of a secret...
he has a new girlfriend so as you can imagine he's very happy and busy! 

As you know, I value all your comments and emails so much - they keep me strong
and believe me there have been some seriously wobbly moments recently :)
Thank you again dear friends and have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 19 September 2013

Festive Fun with Felt!

Hello friends.
How about a really easy Christmas gift bag/table favour....
This is one of my festive projects being featured in Make Christmas Cards.
A strip of felt folded in half, I've used pinking shears to cut across the top
and Fabri-Tac to seal the two side edges.
For the handle section I adhered a piece of the patterned paper
that comes free with the magazine to white cardstock and folded in half.
Rounded the bottom edges and used A2 Curved Matting Basics B to create a 
handle aperture.  The Matting Basics dies have multiple uses :)
Attached the back section to the felt with Crafty Power Tape,
the front section is held in place with a Velcro dot so it will open and close -
cannot have an empty goodie bag! 
Decoration is Classic Heart and Create A Flake Three.

This need not be just for Christmas - change the colour and paper and
you can adapt it to any occasion.

Sad to say yesterday didn't quite go as planned at the hospital, it was a long day and
Elliott had a tough time, by mid afternoon it did all get a little too much for him
so we headed home ....via McDonalds :)  
We are back at The Royal Marsden today for another CT scan and 
more radiotherapy planning - it takes a lot of planning! 
Elliott has chosen a new motto - "got to go through a lot of crappiness to reach happiness!"
Not ideal but I fully understand what he means.

Take care friends, I will be back soon.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Up with the lark!

Hello friends
As this post gets published I am up and about - we are back at The Royal Marsden
today as Elliott has further tests.

Glad to report his appointment yesterday went well,
he was super brave in having his mask made for radiotherapy.
The staff were fantastic, nothing was rushed, perfectly calm and
I have to say they were very knowledgeable about Harry Potter! 

Thank you for all your good wishes - Elliott reads my blog so he 
sees all your comments and is always touched and grateful.

Now to craft - if you have ordered a Charity Recipe Book/Notebook Kit 
and/or an Add-On Kit - I promise they are on their way.  
I was awaiting some more chipboard covers (not really a book without them!)
They have just arrived and are being popped into the envelopes.
I've got my Post Office on standby..well, I mentioned to the very nice lady 
in my local PO that I would be back so I think that counts! 
As mentioned, a lucky number is within each kit and this month 
(and for October and November!)
it is the amazing prize of selecting 6 stamp sets from Waltzing Mouse Stamps.
Kits are still available, I will always carry spares of each one.

Talking of lucky numbers...where are you number 
The prize of dies has not been claimed!!
Hopefully I will hear from you, I'm wondering if you are on holiday 
and escaping this horrible wet weather!  
Please drop me an email:

Phew - that's a lot of chatting, how about something crafty?
A little card using just one die set - Bird Sanctuary.
I used a piece of corrugated cardboard box packaging - ripped it up a little bit 
and inked it for the background, always a fan of recycling.  
The birdcage looks effective cut from foil and in fact it was this 
card that inspired me to create the mini tag/brag book which was the first Charity Kit
The bird has a particularly beady eye achieved by a tiny black pearl.
The papers used are Graphic 45.

I will be back soon, I have lots of Christmassy things to share with you!
Take care friends.

Monday 16 September 2013

A little bit of stitching....

Hello friends
I hope you had a lovely weekend.  
The weather was wind and rain here so on Sunday afternoon I decided to 
stay in and do some sewing....
Some time back I decided to get some fabric from Terrys Fabrics, there
was so much fabric it was difficult to choose - so many beautiful prints!  
If you are considering new curtains, blinds, rugs and more have a look.
I decided on Postcard Curtain Fabric Natural to have a play with.
 It is really good quality so I decided I would make a cushion cover to go on
one of my wicker chairs.  I just went for a simple envelope style cover,
I like speed when I'm sewing and hate putting in zips!
 It is impossible to have something new in the house without it being 
investigated by a pet!  Darcy looking intrigued. 
I sat back and looked at my cushion cover and needs a little something ....
 How about a flower?
Out came the felt and Grand Peony Creations.  
The centre is a fabric brad that I thought matched with the fabric.
As you know, I love die cutting with felt but if any of you have any problems
cutting fabric or felt here is some news:
Spellbinders® have brought out Metal Shims - a Junior one for the Grand Calibur® 
and a slimmer one for the Artisan X-Plorer™.
I've discovered I can pretty much cut any fabric now - denim is a breeze!
I will be stocking the metal shims, awaiting delivery now.

I still have some of this lovely Postcard fabric left and I'm thinking of making a journal cover -
next rainy afternoon possibly!

To answer a question from Pat regarding the Christmas card on Saturday,
the poinsettia is a die - Layered Poinsettia.  Again, I'm awaiting delivery of those -
I sense it could be popular with many of us starting our Christmas cards :)

Thank you so much for all the good wishes regarding Elliott's radiotherapy.  
We are at The Royal Marsden twice this week for mask making and more scans - 
highlight of the trips is that we stop at the M25 services and there is a McDonalds - 
Elliott loves McDonalds!  I drink their coffee!

Take care friends.

Saturday 14 September 2013

It's Christmas!

Hello friends
Well perhaps it isn't quite Christmas but it will be here before you know it!
As mentioned, I created 10 projects for Make Christmas Cards
and today I thought I would share another one with you.

All the projects use the free papers and toppers that come with the magazine.
A little tip - I adhere the papers to some cardstock, it makes them just a little
thicker and easier to die cut.  
This card is a very simple design but I always think that's good
if you have to make many Christmas cards.
The dies are Layered Poinsettia and Create A Flake Four.
Layered Poinsettia is a huge favourite of mine and I promise to have it 
back in stock soon.
Other news - THANK YOU for loving the Charity Add-On Kit for 
the Recipe Organiser/Notebook.  If you have ordered
they should be with you very soon.
I've already been thinking about next month's Add-On Kit...
The main kit for the Recipe Organiser/Notebook is still available,
I am awaiting some more chipboard covers but they are on their way.
Any questions - please get in touch.
Also....if you have made your kit I would love to see photos please :)

We now have Elliott's radiotherapy dates, he will start at the beginning
of next month and finish mid-November.  It is going to be gruelling for him
but we are planning nice treats along the way.  It is also good that he will
not have all this happening at Christmas - big plans to make this Christmas very special.

Have a lovely weekend, keep dry - it hasn't stopped raining here!
Take care friends.

Thursday 12 September 2013

Charity Add-On Kit for your Recipe Book/Notebook

Hello friends
I've been keeping busy and, as promised, here are the details of this month's
Charity Add-on Kit for your Recipe Book/Notebook.
Included in the kit is the following:
This month's recipe card - Canadian Malt Loaf, plastic wallet, blank recipe card,
stamped Label Four, love hearts, Foliage, Jewel Flowers, Adhesive Transfer Sheet,
teapot charm, stamped kraft luggage tag, lucky number and full instructions.

I've designed the Add-On Kit so that it will complement your Recipe/Notebook
- whatever design you have.
The teapot charm is very sweet and I chose to tie mine to the twine on the front cover.
Added some Foliage to the kit, I placed mine behind a Jewel Flower.
Some extra Jewel Flowers are included because they are lovely! 
Also a stamped luggage tag, I like to keep a supply of these to tie to 
gifts/bottles etc.
Some little love hearts - I'm adding these to my favourite recipes.
A further stamped* Label Four with an equally nice message.  You can interchange
your book cover label or use it elsewhere in your book.
I am including this charming blank recipe card. It fits perfect inside the plastic wallet.  
Using the Adhesive Sheet I've attached mine to the inside back cover of my book,
full instructions on how to use the Adhesive Sheet will be included in the kit.
Here is the cover of my recipe book with additions, each month there will be more!
The price of the Charity Add-On Kit including postage and packing is £6.00.
This allows for all the items, printing, packing, postage, and
contribution to Ronald McDonald House, Camberwell.
Please click the PayPal button below or if you would prefer to
pay by cheque just drop me an email

*Now, I teased you with some thrilling news a while ago regarding the lucky number prize
for this kit.  The stamps I have used for the original kit and this add-on kit are called
Rescue Remedies from Waltzing Mouse Stamps.  They are compatible with Labels Four.

 Claire Brennan, the owner of Waltzing Mouse Stamps contacted me,
she wanted to help and has offered this month's amazing prize.
If you are the winner you will get to pick 6....yes 6!!!! sets of stamps
from the Waltzing Mouse Stamps website.  Brilliant isn't it :)
And...incredibly, Claire is not just offering this prize for September - she is going
to do it for the next two months too!  That means you really stand a chance
of winning lots of beautiful stamps.
There are so many to select from - sentiments, flowers, nature, animals, vintage and more.
Also, don't forget there is a range of stamps that are Spellbinders® compatible.
I am so grateful to Waltzing Mouse Stamps for this very generous gesture.

If you would still like to purchase any of the original kits,
the tag book or the Recipe Notebook kit, just let me know.
I will always include a lucky number so you will be entered into that
particular month's givewaway :)

Take care friends - happy crafting!

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Winner on a Wednesday!

Hello friends

I read all your comments yesterday and I feel overwhelmed and blessed 
by the support from everyone.  I placed my head on the pillow last night and 
smiled knowing so many care - thank you.  

When I'm feeling a little low Bella gets lots of walks - I joke
that she used to have long legs!   It is true that exercise is good for you
although you would never find me in a gym - a country park or woodland, I'm your girl!
We went on a little walking adventure yesterday, 
the weather was cooler and it felt wonderful.
 Bella checking that I'm still there!
She slept for hours once home!

Now to some winning news....everyone who has ordered a Recipe/Notebook kit 
will have a received a lucky number inside.  
The time has come for you to check your number!
(Those who have just ordered may need to wait just a day or two for Mr Postman,
they have all been dispatched).
One lucky person will receive these dies - Lace Hearts and Vines of Passion.
Thought it would be nice to go with a love heart theme.
The winning number is .......


If you have lucky number 28 please get in touch.
Drop me an email
and I will send your prize out to you.
I've nearly finished organising this month's add-on kit for the 
Recipe/Notebook - please stop by for news on that soon and details of the 
fantastic giveaway with that kit.

Take care friends - you are the best!

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Cherish Your Friends Day!

Hello friends
Today I'm sharing a card that you may have seen previously but I felt 
it was rather fitting for today's post.
I wanted to say a few (or not so few!) words about the last six months.

Illness invaded my little family like a bulldozer, it dug deep and turned all our lives upside down.
You never imagine it could happen, how you will react or feel.  
I'm surprised and amazed by all our reactions.  
Elliott is so brave, for a child that used to panic and fret over small things, 
he is dealing with his illness with maturity, strength and outstanding courage.
Mitchell has taken on the role of 'man of the house' and is becoming very practical.  
Myself - I have to be busy. I have thrown myself into projects and fundraising.
I lock out negativity, I say our home is a "tumour free zone"!

I would be lying if I said it were that easy - any parent will understand.
Your child is precious, you want to take away the pain, 
you would trade places with them in a heartbeat.
There are days that I cry and I panic that I will never stop - I tell myself to 
keep breathing and that I have to be strong.
How do I do this? 
I look to my friends, I write a blog post and all you wonderful people leave comments.
I receive messages through Facebook, emails and more.  People I have never
met take time out of their lives to make contact and I think that is incredible.

My fellow Design Team members who live zillions of miles away keep in 
touch - time zones and distance never factors in their kindness and concern.

Close to home I am thankful to those friends who I grab a coffee with, meet for lunch,
those that send messages just to see how things are going.
But a word about friends...sadly it takes something like this to prove who your friends
really are - a long friendship does not always equal a loyal friendship.
I never knew that until now, a revelation that shook me to my core.

Today I want to shout to you all - appreciate your friends! 
I've decided to make it "Cherish Your Friends Day".
I certainly cherish you all - without you my tears would never stop.
I am beyond grateful.

Monday 9 September 2013

Monday already!

Hello friends

I hope you all had a good weekend, it was rain, rain and a bit more rain here - 
good excuse to craft! 

I'm still serving up Christmas! 
This magazine should be out in the shops this week.  
It comes with papers, stamps, toppers, cut outs and more.
I have a big batch of festive projects in this one!
 Just to tempt you here is one today...
The Create A Flake snowflakes are always so beautiful, wonderful on their 
own or layered.

To answer a few questions - Maddie asked about the papers used for the card 
in yesterday's post - they are Dovecraft 'Tis The Season'.

Maddie also questioned when do I get chance to do housework?!
Truth is, I don't do as much housework as I used to!  
Thankfully my home is tiny so an odd hour here and there keeps it presentable.  
Elliott is pretty good at wielding a duster and Mitchell has the job of hoovering!

Pat mentioned the Recipe Notebook kit - there are still some available,
I made sure I made a few extra :)
The blog post with the PayPal button can be found here.

Thank you so much for your support - I know I keep saying it but I 
mean it sincerely - tomorrow a slightly different blog post as I want to really
express my thoughts and thanks to you all.

Take care friends.

Sunday 8 September 2013

Cake and Christmas!

Hello friends
I hope you are having a good weekend. 
I chose to do some cooking yesterday, I wanted to make the next 
recipe that will soon be available in the Charity add-on kit to the Recipe Notebook.
It is Canadian Malt Loaf.
It was really easy to do and yummy!  
The beauty of this recipe is not just its simplicity but it can be frozen too,
assuming it lasts long enough to freeze!
It is delicious on its own or spread with butter.
I will be revealing the next mini-kit and exciting giveaway news next week.

How about a little bit more Christmas....
the card featured on Friday with the prancing reindeer, I was asked if the reindeer was a stamp - they were printed tags, part of the paper collection.
Spellbinders have a wonderful die set that features a similar reindeer.

As always, if you are searching for a particular die(s) I am happy to help.
This is another Quick Make from Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine this month.
Adorable mitten paper.  I added a Layered Poinsettia, glitter tag, 
wooden embellishment and ribbon.  It really was quick!
Take care friends and have a lovely Sunday.

Friday 6 September 2013

Heatwave and Christmas!

Hello friends
Wow - what a heatwave yesterday, here in the South East it was boiling hot.  
It was on an equally hot day a month or so back that I was creating Christmas cards!
A collection of them have just appeared in this month's edition of 
Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine.
These are 'Quick Makes' featuring 'Tis the Season' paper, tags, embellishments etc
from Dovecraft.  I chose to add a small Layered Poinsettia and a snowflake
from the very pretty Create-A-Flake Five
I really liked the prancing reindeer - so much so there are two! 
 I actually espied Christmas decorations in a shop yesterday so it isn't too soon 
to start planning you know!

In yesterday's heat it was probably not the best day to be stuck in 
traffic on the M25!  Luckily we still made it to Elliott's appointment on time at 
The Royal Marsden.  We were greeted by an amazing team of 
people who talked us through Elliott's radiotherapy.   There is a lot to take 
on board but in Elliott's inimitable style he took it all in his stride.
We are back there next week to have a special mask made and more 
CT and MRI scans.  I'm afraid the masks looks extremely sinister!
I was going to post a photo but actually I didn't want to scare you.
They are made with a special plastic that flexes when heated and then hardens.
They have just 7 minutes to create a perfect fit - no pressure then!

I'm back at my London job today - trying to fit that in when I can at the moment.
I keep confusing my fellow colleagues by turning up on the wrong day!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend - take care friends.

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Butterfly Magic!

Hello friends
Butterflies are back!  
This card was featured a while ago in Simply Cards and Papercraft Magazine,
This was the magazine that I put out an appeal for and 
Mags kindly came to the rescue.  Thank you Mags.
Inside there was a whole feature on Spellbinders and I was thrilled
to be featured. 
The dies I used are Floral Ovals and Les Papillions Two.
The background is created with Dainty Dots M-Bossabilities.
I recall making it with just one butterfly and then going back to 
add an extra one because I couldn't resist!

Yesterday I attempted to do lots of typing and this happened...
and this...
So I packed up a little early and Bella, Elliott and I headed out for a lovely pub lunch.
Trying to make time for lots of treats while the sun is shining and before 
Elliott starts college.  Mitchell was out in London all day with friends otherwise
he would have come along for sure...mere mention of food! 

 Today I'm typing up classes, working on projects and planning 
the add-on kit for the Recipe Notebook.
As soon as all the kits have been collected from the shop Elliott will be
picking out the lucky number winner - Spellbinders!

Take care friends.

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