Friday 26 March 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday, hope you are all doing ok.

It's a tiny bit Easter-y at home this week, we have an Easter tree
and I received lovely chocolate eggs from a friend. 
I've had this metal tree since the boys were little and the eggs have 
been collected over the years.

I had to take the photo quickly before the beautiful eggs got eaten.
Not the best photo but the only one with all the eggs looking perfect 
and jewel-like in their box.
Now the boys are men I did question whether to put up the tree
but yes, we need the little things.


 In the news this week: Tom Daley - swimming fame,
took up crochet in lockdown and now designs his own patterns.
I was so thrilled to read this, for too long crochet has been associated with
grandmas and now apparently it is cool! 

You can read more about Tom Daley being a crochet influencer here.

And in my little world of crochet - more squares.
This the colour scheme for my 'Hello Spring' blanket and I admit
to loving it a lot.
Someone on Instagram likened it to Peter Rabbit colours.

As mentioned, the plan is to have a blanket for all four seasons 
and after a lot of faffing I've decided on all colours.
(To be truthful I really enjoyed the faffing but it did take a while).

Here's 'Hello Winter' - finished earlier this year.

And this is the colourway for 'Hello Autumn'.

Hello Summer - the yarn is on order so I will have a proper photo 
when it arrives.

And in between this I'm doing a large dark grey bed throw
as a commission which isn't at all colourful so I'll spare you that one! 

Other stuff:

I had my vaccination on Tuesday which coincided with a full year 
since the first lockdown.  Later that day scrolling through my phone,
I came across this...

A full year since the announcement of the first lockdown - a lot has happened
and yet little has happened.
I haven't been anywhere, I haven't seen hardly any friends but lots of change
with work and lifestyle. 
I admit to liking my work and lifestyle more, a lot less stress 
but you cannot help but wonder what the future holds.

As for the vaccination - I was a bit poorly afterwards but thankfully the
side effects only lasted a day and goodness that is very 
little to put up with on the scale of things. 


Gardeners World - BBC1

They should dispense this programme as calming medication.
It's so lovely with the bird song, the snippets of Monty's dogs playing
among the pots and plants.
The only downside is that I want ALL the plants and my garden
is teeny tiny!  I'm managing to fit in quite a bit though.

And talking of my garden...
I shall leave you this week with a final photo - 
Squirrel Biggs as we call him is back and this time eating 
the blossom off my tree! 
I love him but...! 

Keep well friends, enjoy your weekend.
I shall be in my cabin working on April's Charity Kit.

Friday 19 March 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Welcome - it's another Friday Chat Day and yes, 
don't they roll around quickly.

Little Lamb - so sorry to hear about your knee and surgery, 
hope you will be up and about and back to crafting soon.

Melonie - not nice that you had symptoms from the vaccination - 
hope you are feeling well now.

Anyone else had adverse reactions to the vaccination?
I haven't had mine yet but due hopefully later this month.

Mother's Day was fully celebrated last weekend.
I am pleased to report I indulged in my requested Chinese and Prosecco.
The boys spoiled me with lovely gifts and I prepared a little afternoon tea
for us all - this was the tray for Mum and Dad.

The cake top right is a family favourite - Lemon and Coconut,
the recipe can be found on the tab at the top of my blog 
or click here for the printable.


It has been a productive crochet week.
Actually finishing off projects - very pleased with the Meadow Blankets,
both in stripes and Harmony squares.

Bella chose to model this one!

And I finished another little Mini Squares Cushion Cover.

I crocheted a different reverse this time and I like the pattern.
Also I bought new little colourful pretty buttons.

This item is now in my Folksy shop if you would like to see more details -
please click here.
These cushion covers seem popular and I'm happy to make them.
I also took a commission this week for a dark grey bed throw,
that one will tax the eyes!


With lockdown and all of us spending so much more time at home are you 
noticing more?  I'm seeing things in my home that I just overlooked before.
My home is small and I have very little storage space - 
 I do not have a loft as it was converted into a room.
I do not have a garage, I do have a shed and it is packed full!
In fear of the walls closing in I have to declutter often and 
I always feel a whole lot better afterwards.  

I've been reading lots of articles/tips/advice and I liked this one
regarding storing DVDs.  We do not watch DVDs that often now since we 
stream and view online but I cannot quite part with them 
so with the help of plastic wallets, I went from this...

to this!

Alphabetically stored so they can be located easily.
Admittedly the wallets were not cheap - approx. £16 for 100
but the satisfaction afterwards was worth every penny! 

I also read that to help declutter throw something away every day,
(I don't think it includes everyday rubbish - cartons etc!)
Makes sense - by the end of the year you are guaranteed that your home
is 365 items lighter.  Let's not count the items we buy and bring into the home though!


This week's viewing has included Shetland - Britbox 

Set in the Shetland Isles and adapted from Ann Cleeves' novels.
Douglas Henshall expertly plays Jimmy Perez, a Detective Inspector.
Storylines are clever but it is all rather bleak, scenery and weather.
I think you have to be made of stern stuff to live up there. 

Eye for an Eye - Amazon Prime 

A top notch cast in this thriller - John Travolta and Morgan Freeman.
Mr Travolta plays a Private Investigator returning to his home town in Texas
and has to deal with multiple cases.
This film also stars Brendan Fraser who is very changed from his 
heyday in The Mummy films.


So it is very Texan,  sleazy nightclub, shootouts - all the ingredients,
but once you're in you have to watch to the end.

This weekend, no real plans. I may make more yarn tags
(please see last week's post) and I imagine crochet will be high on the list.
Until the weather decides to be kind I could be back to 
decluttering, Mitchell is keeping a tight grip on all his belongings! 

Take care friends, 
keep safe and have a relaxing weekend.


Friday 12 March 2021

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday and I hope you are all doing ok.

Goodness this week has flown and I fear I have very little to show for it. 
I'm pretty certain I'll still find things to natter about!


I did some die cutting this week. For some time I've been looking at yarn pegs,
literally that - pegs with yarn wound around them.

They are ideal for colour coordinating and planning projects.
But I think they are quite chunky to store (my yarn is taking over the house!)
So I delved into the dark recesses of my creative mind and decided 
to make something different.
 I dug out a steel rule die featuring this tag.
It's from the Sapphire Plus days - remember that machine?
I cut multiples, gluing two together to strengthen them.

Using a template - I designed the labels, printing both the number and colour.
(I spent ages selecting a font - I'm very indecisive with fonts!)
For now I'm just sticking with Stylecraft Special DK as I use that the most.
I then started wrapping yarn. That took longer...

I'm ridiculously happy with the result!
Attaching them to file rings to hang on my crochet trolley,
I'm all set to colour design blanket #35336!! 


Unforgotten - ITV Hub

Series 4 of this drama (all previous seasons available) that investigates historical crimes.
They start off with what feels like random people and their lives,
by episode two you learn the connection. 
I like this - I admire the writing because it must be tricky keeping tabs
on all the characters.  
Starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar - both very familiar faces,
who play their roles perfectly.

Big Sky - Star
Star is the new channel offered by Disney+ 

I wouldn't normally subscribe to extra channels but we are living through
exceptional times and telly is a great escape! 

Set in Montana (beautiful scenery) it is the story of two sisters
who are kidnapped and those who are searching for them.
I got nearly to the end of the first episode and thought 'no thanks'
but then something happened and wow - it's now full of twists and turns.

Charity Kits:

A speedy sell out last Sunday - thank you everyone.
This card die has proved popular twice now.
As mentioned, it is one of the Spellbinders Die of the Month dies.

Also on Sunday, the sale of previous kits proved very popular,
there's just a few January kits remaining at £3.50 -
that's the kit with the tea bags.
Please visit the blog post here if you would like to purchase.

I've realised the next Charity Kit Day will be on Easter Sunday.
Considering we are mostly looking at four walls time is ticking by.

Working from home continues and I still love it,
I do not miss that coach commute at all.
I do miss my work mates terribly, the current staff members
are just not quite the same...

This weekend is Mother's Day Weekend - 
a lot of people are under the illusion that it is Mother's 'Day',
in my household it is a whole weekend! 

On Saturday I plan to have smoked salmon and scrambled egg on bagels 
and a Chinese takeaway.

On Sunday I'm preparing an afternoon tea for us and my lovely Mum.
I will drop it off and then we can Facetime whilst we devour scones.
Very different to what I would really like but still special.

Lots of thanks to those of you who ask after my parents,
they are managing - Mum still has hospital appointments which are extra 
worrying in these times.  Roll on Summer, even just to sit in their garden and
have a good chin wag.

Apologies no recipe this week - Mitchell attempted a sponge cake
in the air fryer and it was his first air fryer disaster.
He was placated by a bought chocolate brownie! 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, I'm wishing for sunshine, a wool winder 
and a huge bottle of Prosecco! 

Take care friends.  Keep safe and well.

Sunday 7 March 2021

Charity Kit - March 2021

Hello friends

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to this month's Charity Kit Day.
Each month a donation is made to a different charity and this month
Their aim is that one day everyone will have healthy lungs.

To keep track of charities there is a tab at the top of my blog 
here.  It is now updated with the 2021 chosen charities, clickable links and 
there's general kit info there too

And here is this month's kit:
A delicate Spring like card with optional sentiments.

It uses a rather sought after card base die from Spellbinders.
I was fortunate to receive this, it is one of their Kit dies from Die of the Month 
a year or so ago.

Included in your kit:

White card - A2 gatefold
Coloured envelope
Pre-cut patterned paper panels (design may vary)
Die cuts – circle sentiment x 2.
flowers and leaves
Full instructions
(Items you will need: adhesives, inks/pens, 
foam pads, pearls/gemstone)

The kits are packed in recyclable paper bags and sent in a 'do not bend' 
envelope so they arrive in pristine condition. 

To make up the kits you just need a basic craft kit, all pieces are pre-cut.

As mentioned, there are two sentiments included in this month's kit -
Birthday Wishes and Many Thanks - you can adapt your card to suit an occasion.
Also your card will have papers as photographed below or very similar,
all pretty, pastel and Spring-like.

The kit cost this month is £4.85
that's the total payment - inclusive of postage and packing.
Payment is via the PayPal link below.

If you wish to purchase but would prefer not to use PayPal, please email me:

I'm happy to help with alternative payment arrangements.
It is possible to purchase multiple kits,
there's an option with PayPal for that too.

If you would like to support the kits but do not need one right now,
there is a 'Ko-fi' button', at the top of the blog, it's not really for coffee...
all donations enable me to purchase card blanks, envelopes, the paper bags,
sticky labels etc used each month.
It is truly a great help each month with Ko-fi donations,
so massive thanks to those who donate.

Also I've been having a tidy up and there are still some kits 
left from previous months.
I've decided to reduce the price.

This is the kit with teabags inside (full details on the blog post here)
Price is now £3.50 should you wish to purchase -
the PayPal button there has been adjusted.

And still a few of February's kits available -

Price is now £3.00 should you wish to purchase and again,
the PayPal button there has been adjusted.

If you order an assortment of kits I will endeavour to put them in one
envelope but please do not worry if they come separately,
it will be me with my 'Sunday head' not quite concentrating! 

Take care friends, as always - huge thanks for your support.

Friday 5 March 2021

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Welcome, it's another Friday Chat Day with an offering of random
natterings, telly suggestions, bit of crochet and this week a favourite recipe.

And to start - an obligatory Bella photo, no idea what this look is 
but it is quite appealing.


 I've been crocheting like the clappers this week and finished this 
Winter/Festive Blanket.

In fact I'm calling it my Hello Winter Blanket which can only mean one thing...
yes - you've guessed it - Hello Spring, Summer and Autumn are being planned.

After a lot of indecision I chose a border of double and treble crochet stitches
and was pleased with the finished look.

And thankfully someone else liked my choice as within minutes of posting
this on my Instagram account it was sold.
Another reason to make more! 


Escape from Pretoria
Amazon Prime

 Based on the real-life prison escape by three political prisoners in South Africa in 1979.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe looking nothing like Harry Potter, I found this 
film utterly riveting and I was truly on the edge of my seat at one point.

The Great 
Channel 4 (Episodes available on All4)

The Great is a satirical, comedy drama about the rise of 
Catherine the Great, the longest reigning female ruler in Russia’s history. 

It’s modern, rude with occasional historical facts.
I laugh and cringe at this in equal measure but tune in to watch each week.


Speedy Steam Pud

I think I may have shared this one before, a long time ago though.

Here in the Emberson household we are attempting to eat a little bit healthier,
lockdown calories are taking their toll. 
BUT there's only so many low calorie dinners you can take before cravings set in -
hence the speedy steam pud! 

4oz self-raising flour, 2 oz soft butter, 
1 egg, 2 oz sugar, tablespoon of warm water.

Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix to a thick batter.
Grease a pudding basin (we use a plastic one left over from a bought Xmas pudding).
Microwave for 4 minutes, our microwave is quite powerful, 
you may need 30 seconds longer.
That's it!
Serve with jam, golden syrup, custard - whatever your sin is.
It's not quite the same as a traditional steam pud but from crave to plate in 
approximately 10 minutes I think that's a win.

Other nattering/items:

This week I've been setting up an office downstairs, it will be nice to do 
Zoom meetings without everyone seeing my bed and sprawled cats! 
Dining table pushed to one side and like many reflected on the last time 
it was used for a family get-together, feels so long ago.
Roll on better times for us all.

And lastly, it is Charity Kit Day on Sunday.
Here's a little sneak peek...

Be lovely for you to stop by - post goes live at 7am
and I will also post on social media.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, this cold snap can go away please,
we were gearing up for Spring last week. 

Take care, keep safe, eat pud! 

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