Friday 29 April 2022

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends 

Just stopping by to say hello, haven't forgotten you all but not a FCD this week.

Little setback with recovery but getting there, I'll be back to full blown natter soon.

Take care and enjoy the weekend and Bank Holiday.

Christine xx

Friday 22 April 2022

Friday Chat Day - I'm back!

Hello friends!

It has been a while! I hope you are all well and enjoying the recent sunshine. 
I've had quite a lot happen over the last month, primarily a new hip. 
Sporting the lovely support stockings in hospital.

I must admit the surgery was a lot more debilitating than I thought it was going to be.  
I naively had visions of being able to run around within a week or so. 
I'm now 5 weeks post surgery and pleased that I can mostly manage on one crutch! 
I am still not able to bend down and I cannot begin to tell you how many times you 
need to reach down and can't! Plug sockets for one example. 
And tiredness, it's like someone hits you with a cricket bat, 
one minute awake the next snoring.  
Slowly reducing pain killers so definitely on the right track.

Bella spent the first few days looking concerned.

The cats less so...

I also imagined I would get tons of crochet done, I've managed to finish one blanket.
This super bright granny square one.
I need to get good photos once I am able to.

Watching telly was something I achieved magnificently. 
Bridgerton on Netflix, all seven Harry Potter films (again), 
Why Didn't They Ask Evans on Britbox, Moon Knight on Disney+ 
and I'm sure there was more. 
Plus my audio books, got through three of those.
 So definitely resting in between setting the alarm for physio, 
so many of you told me how important it is to do the exercises.

In other news whilst I've been hobbling about, my eldest Mitchell 
and his girlfriend have decided to move into a flat. 
Within a few weeks they secured a lovely maisonette in Newington, 
near Sittingbourne and he officially left home.  
I'm now for the first time in my life living alone. 
I confess I privately shed some tears but then scolded myself,  
it's an inevitable milestone and a new chapter and I need to embrace 
the change and the positives, washing will decrease by 80% at least!  
Bella is confused and will need to adapt. The cats are well, cats - mostly indifferent.  

I've still got a little more time before I return to work, thankfully a phased return 
and working from home.  

I'm itching to get into my tiny garden. 
So much is growing and it's terribly scruffy, I'm trying not to look although I did
capture this photo just before my surgery, Cyril and hyacinths.

Big thanks for your lovely comments, emails and Instagram messages, 
I truly appreciated them.  

Take care friends and wishing you a lovely weekend.

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