Thursday 26 November 2009

Excuses excuses!

So why haven't I written on my blog recently...? Well I have a myriad of excuses - in fact the amount even impressed me! ;-) Truthfully I've been working - not just my City job but all my home jobs too - anyone who knows me will testify that I have a difficulty in saying 'no' - so when that telephone rings and I'm asked to tutor a pre-school Christmas craft group I say... 'of course, love to!' I then, thirty seconds later think 'oh crap!' and spend hours lesson planning, making crackers out of toilet roll middles and finding Pritt Stick in places where it really shouldn't be... you get my gist. I love it really, their cherubic faces light up when I open my box of goodies and I feel as popular as Santa - well for a short time anyway.

Which leads me on to the subject of Christmas ... do you love it or hate it? I adore it - I get silly excited from the end of November and begin to plan the tree, the outside lights (the VT (Victorian Terrace) has never looked so glam!) Much to the annoyance of my sons I start playing Christmas CDs in the car and I get a real thrill out of wrapping the gifts and popping them under the tree (even if Darcy cat has taken to chewing them to the point that they look shredded!)

Which leads me on to the subject of Darcy cat ... and another reason I haven't been writing .. just cannot reach the keyboard... see photo! :-) xx
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