Friday 31 December 2010

New Year Wishes

I'm not a big fan of New Year - I save all my excitement for Christmas but I do enjoy the feeling of a fresh start and an opportunity to start new ventures and projects. 
I don't do 'resolutions' - I do 'hopes' and so far the 'hope list' is, well.. fairly hopeful!

Lots of wonderful wishes to you all.

Wednesday 29 December 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and a snapshot of Christmas!

Here it is - the workdesk - Imogen has taken to sitting on all pizza boxes that arrive now!

 This is my niece with Harry who felt it was definitely appropriate to join us at the Christmas table!
And Mitchell on Christmas afternoon with Karla and Harry - I think pets dominate our family somewhat!

Hope you all had a wonderful festive time.

Thursday 23 December 2010

Tons of Thanks and Festive Jolly Happy Wishes to All!

To all the people who visit, leave comments and generally find my waffling quite interesting.. big big thanks.
 Have a wonderful Christmas and a creative fun Happy New Year!

Wednesday 15 December 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

How about this!  A genuine photo taken this Wednesday morning of my workdesk - far too early for me to craft but Darcy is rethinking - that piece of black cardstock could actually still be useful!

I'm feeling festive and fairly organised ....
cards written and posted but I took a snap of them before they hit the post box ....
.. tree decorated with favourite ornament in place -
(oh look it's a cat - what a surprise!)
...and I've started wrapping .. quite a few more to go.

Have a good week everyone - hope your Christmassy plans are all going... to plan!

Saturday 11 December 2010

Festive Beauty!

Obviously this is only beautiful if you like cats although the bauble is rather glittery and lovely!

Friday 10 December 2010

Guest Post for Shimelle!

Hello to all my friends in Blogland!

I am such a happy girlie today as my guest post for Shimelle has just gone 'live'. 

Please pop over there to see my 5 Ideas for Glimmer Mists. 

Hope you like it.

Wednesday 8 December 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

Welcome.  First of all....a confession!!  I tend to photograph my workdesk at the weekend and not on a Wednesday - shock - horror!!  Hence why last Wednesday it did not have snow - teach me for trying to be organised and wanting to get ahead of myself!   But to make up for my guilt here it is in the snow.  It changed the lighting completely and definitely the temperature!

As you can see Darcy is in place as she should be.  I actually think my workdesk looks a bit muddly - I was in the middle of making a Christmas garland and a journal. 

Remember to check out Chicken Soup for their 12 days of Christmas inspiration.  And, obviously not forgetting the lady in charge of desk hopping - Julia. Oh and yes.. please visit Shimelle very soon as I will be doing a guest post there - SO exciting!!

Have a great week everyone.

Tuesday 7 December 2010

On the Seventh Day of Christmas...

Today Chicken Soup has inspirational ideas for Santa/Rudolph. 
I put together a tag using a reindeer as a mask and misting with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.

Hop over there and see all the wonderful creations and perhaps win a prize too.  

Sunday 5 December 2010

Christmas Garland

Inspired by Shimelle's Christmas Tag Garland I got out my scrap box, a few punches and other bits and bobs.  Within a very short time I put together a simple garland - two in fact and now contemplating a third!

 Happy crafting!

Thursday 2 December 2010

Snow Problem...

It's just not fair being a cat is it when you have to venture outside, dig a hole and get your paws very cold.  Darcy copes with it wonderfully whereas Fluff has been looking in pain for a couple of days now! 

So I relented - a litter tray indoors and I now have one very contented cat!

Wednesday 1 December 2010

It's December!

The snow is really deep, the tree is up, I've started wrapping gifts, Tim Holtz 12 Tags and Chicken Soup have started 12 days of craft glory and I'm a very happy girlie.
I love this time of year.

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

Welcome to WWOYW from a very cold conservatory craft room! My little fan heater and small radiator are just not coping so I'm rethinking heating - any ideas anyone?

Before I forget, thank you all for warning me not to keep my heat gun permanently plugged in - I promise it is unplugged and stored away now.

On my desk is an altered tin can that I've made for my nephew's birthday. What I am really pleased with is my pitcher with pink roses. I bought the pitcher last week at a bargain price at Danson House in Bexley when I went for a lunch and lecture called 'Undressing Mr Darcy'! Colin Firth is was not but a rather dashing young man called Oliver so no complaints at all :-)

I've been photographing all my bits and bobs for Christmas and this is one photo that did not get submitted but I thought I would share it with you :-)

Have a good week everyone and don't forget Julia is the lady responsible for this Wednesday lark - it's fab!

Tuesday 30 November 2010

The White Stuff has Arrived!

The snow has found its way to Kent - slightly unlucky that on the night it arrived I was at my sister's and she lives in real countryside - narrow lanes, no street lighting and lots of wild animals - real countryside!  We got home eventually - brakes on the car only chose not to work once, we did some stylish car-ice-skating!  So now I'm thinking I will definitely stay indoors, good opportunity to use up all the freezer/larder food and do some crafting :-)  Keep warm everyone.

Monday 29 November 2010

12 Days of Christmas

Just a quick reminder to you all that Chicken Soup will be hosting 12 days of Christmas inspiration in just 2 days time!  Visit on December 1st for the first festive inspirational recipe - ADVENT!

Friday 26 November 2010

Chicken Soup - Recipe #22

So today it has turned proper chilly, I felt justified putting on the whole caboodle of hat, gloves and mittens just to walk to the end of the road! 
Thinking back this photo was taken in Turkey in August when the temperature was about 32 degrees at night - bit of a contrast! 

I snapped these sweets in a market place and thought the colours were gorgeous. Using the colours as inspiration I created something very summery and came up with butterfly bunting. Well.. everything needs a butterfly doesn't it!?

Pop over to Chicken Soup - starting making and join in the fun. 
Have a lovely weekend - keep warm!

Wednesday 24 November 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

Welcome to my workspace in full flow - this effect took just under an hour to create!  Heat gun permanently plugged in, old pizza box that I use for misting, punches galore (a girl can never have enough punches you know!) and yes in the midst of the mess... a cat!

And here she is again with her pretty but evil pose! I think by this time she thought if she lay across my trimmer I may actually feed her!

The jar of jelly beans is for a Christmas project - I did not eat a single one... I ate a whole bunch instead!

Pop over to Julia's to see more desks - there are loads - some are tidy, some chaotic and the odd cat too!

Friday 19 November 2010

Chicken Soup - Recipe #21

Goodness it is Friday again and it's inspirational time at Chicken Soup and the focus is on paint. 

I went for the pinky colours and a fair amount of misting with my layout - eldest son is somewhat embarrassed about this picture.. oh well a little bit of mother's revenge now and again is not so bad! :-)

Have a great weekend everyone - I'm celebrating my birthday - hoping to sit and craft for about 12 hours straight if I can get away with it!

Wednesday 17 November 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

It's a muddle!  I'm normally so tidy and yet this week I've got so many projects on the go that packing stash away just hasn't been an option.  The chipboard reindeer is a little hint - I'm making about 10 Christmas projects by the end of this month and soon all will be revealed here and also some of my creations will be winging their way to Shimelle - super excited! 

Cats? There is one on that chair under the desk - take my word for it!

Last weekend was fantastic as I took park in a printers tray workshop at Pickleberry Papercrafts - you can see my work in progress in my last post - check them out for some brilliant classes.

Finally, please be sure to visit Julia - she is responsible for this wonderful desk hopping each week and her posts always raise a smile.

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