Friday 29 July 2011


As promised today I've picked a winner (well, youngest son had the honour).  

The blank plaque goes to...... SPYDER (aka Lyn) 

Drop me an email with your details and I will post it off to you straight away.
Happy crafting, have fun and I would love to see how you alter the plaque.

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Making Space!

Today I've been determined to create a little bit more space in my work area.
I realised I still had so much bead stuff as well as outdated papers, embellishments and more.  
It was all all taking up valuable space (meaning it was taking the space of possible new stuff I may 'NEED' to buy!)
I've had a good sort through, given some stuff to a local school craft club, a nice man collected a side table through Freecycle and I've put some bigger items on eBay.  
Just in case anyone is interested I've just listed a Making Memories Slice Desktop Storage and 
a Clip It Up (both tiers). 
I was a little reluctant to part with this because it is brilliant but it does take up a section of my work room that is needed for other things.  
I always feel a good tidy up sets me on a positive creative path (aka shopping!!)

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and a CHANCE TO WIN!

Great excitement on the craft desk - I have upgraded my tiny DVD player to a super duper proper TV! 
In honour of its arrival I tidied the desk...
 began sorting my buttons into nice jars...
then turned around and realised why my desk looked so clear, it's all dumped here!  
I'm sure craft stuff breeds!  

In other news - don't forget there is a chance to WIN a blank plaque 
(this follows my Project Love videos)
all you need to do is leave a comment or send me an email with "Yes, I NEED a plaque!"
Picking a winner on Friday.

Have a great week everyone and remember to visit Julia - the Queen of WOYWW! 

Monday 25 July 2011

Monday Morning Photos...

What a beautiful day, the sky is blue..
and it is the beginning of the summer holidays.
I've been working on my little garden..

growing tomatoes...
training a clematis around an old cane chair...
flowers flowers everywhere!
And providing a cosy place for a stray cat...!

I'm thinking I should do this every Monday morning, just step out and take some photos ... not so sure they will always be this colourful but a good way to record the changing of the seasons.
Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday 24 July 2011

Library Drawer

Saturdays are the best day of the week and even better when you spend them at Pickleberry Papercrafts!

Yesterday I went to a workshop tutored by Jane Dean - creating inserts for 7 Gypsies Library Drawer 

I created three as my time was slightly hijacked by a little field trip to Jane's lovely home to see her dogs, chickens and ferrets - all so lovely but the ferrets have to be my favourite, they are ADORABLE!

Here are a few of photos but I will be back when I've created some more.
Lots of ideas as to what I'm going to use this for - recipes, reminders, birthday card holder, jobs to do lists - in fact I might use it for all the above! 

Don't forget I have a plaque to give away
just leave a comment or send me an email with "Yes, I NEED a plaque" 
I'm going to pick a winner on Friday.
Have a great Sunday!

Friday 22 July 2011

Project Love! Part 4 - Final Video! Chance to WIN!

Hi everyone,
It's my final video today - the finishing touches are being applied to the 'Love' plaque including butterflies!
I hope you've enjoyed watching these, it was a whole new experience for me.  

As mentioned on the video the plaques are available from Pickleberry Papercrafts but I do have a spare one which I would love to send out to someone - so please leave a comment or send me an email titled with
'Yes I NEED a plaque!'
I will pick out a name next Friday, 29 July.
Thanks for joining me and come back soon.

Thursday 21 July 2011

Project Love! Part 3

Hi everyone,

We are now up to Part 3 of Project Love!
I had a far more professional photo to share with you but then couldn't resist this..
what do you think - catching butterflies?

Today I'm featuring the wonderful True Love embellishment kit from The Make and Create Shop.
Tomorrow is the final video so please tune in.
Happy creating!

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Project Love! Part 2

As promised, here is the next video for Project Love!

Today I'm featuring more brand new Spellbinders die templates.
Don't forget to stop by and leave a comment.

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Hi everyone,
So this is a different shot of my craft space, all looks fairly organised and then you see ....
 Darcy's furry legs and tail!  She really likes this sleeping place and I have to tell you she snores! 
As for my work desk - this little project has been taking up some of my time. 

I have recorded a series of 5 short videos showing how to decorate a wooden plaque and featuring some of the amazing new Spellbinders die templates being revealed now at CHA.
Today's video, the third one, will be posted a little later today so hopefully you will call back, don't forget to grab yourself a nice cup of tea before viewing! 
If you are new to WOYWW - you need to take a quick photo of your workdesk, 
nip along there and add your name - be warned, it's addictive! 
Take care,

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Project Love! Part 1

Welcome back - hopefully you had a chance to watch my video yesterday 
Today's video is Part 1 and you get to see me using the amazing Spellbinders Edgeabilities

Enjoy and don't forget to leave me a comment. 
I'm thinking of sending out some blank wooden plaques to some lucky people so stay tuned.

Happy crafting.

Monday 18 July 2011

Project Love!

Hi everyone

"Quiet on set please!"  I've been busy filming and creating!

Some time ago I decorated this wooden plaque featuring 'Home' 

I've now put together 5 little videos to show you how I've decorated a wooden plaque with a different theme.  This time I've chosen 'Love' using some of the wonderful new die templates from  Spellbinders™ .
 Starting today, I shall be posting a video a day for the next five days.
This is the finished item.

And this is the first video - Project Love! Introduction

Products used and where to buy them.

Die Templates: All available from  Spellbinders 
Edgeabilities - E8-002 Classic Bracket and E8-006 Classic Petal
LF-006 Wonderful Wings
S5-055 Poinsettia Creations
S4-361 Spiral Blossoms One

Wooden Plaque- Pickleberry Papercrafts
True Love Embellishment Kit - The Make and Create Shop
Papers: My Minds Eye - Stella and Rose (Mabel)
Jillibean Soup - Pasta Fagioli Collection 
Chipboard Flourishes - Tando Creative
Ribbon - East of India - Temptation Gifts
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists - Papermaze
Bling - Want2Scrap 

I would love hear your comments and it would be wonderful if you decide to create your own plaque -
'Love' plaques everywhere!
Don't forget to visit tomorrow for the next video.
Happy creating!


Sunday 17 July 2011

Spellbinders Ironwork Motifs and Ironwork Accents - Altered Book Project

Hi everyone

As promised, I'm returning today to show you my second project that I created with the wonderful new Spellbinders die templates - S5-058 Ironwork Accents and S5-059 Ironwork Motifs.  All the info about these including their sizes can be found in this post.  

I hope all of you enjoyed the Blog Frenzy - I am incredibly lucky to be on the Spellbinders Design Team and get to play with these amazing new designs.

So here is my second project - an altered book.

I felt a tad guilty at ripping apart a 1913 copy of Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities!!  But I bought it for a mere 50 pence at a boot sale. Bargain!   
1. Remove the pages in one go from the book cover, you may need to use a craft knife to carefully slice down the page edge.  Do not worry if it does not cut cleanly, this is a shabby chic creation, the more shabby the better!  Keep all those book pages, great for future projects.
2. Using white paint, (I went budget and used some left over decorating emulsion!) 
Any paint medium will do.  Paint the outer edge of the book cover. Allow to dry.
3. Taking sandpaper, sand until you are happy with the amount of whiteness achieved. 
It gets dusty so you may want to do this bit outside! 
4. To make the inner box that fits inside your book, I used a porridge box that was the right size, raid your cupboards but if you cannot find anything suitable, you can make one from chipboard.
5. Cut to fit.  I reinforced the edges with some chipboard. 
6. Using any piece of cardstock, create a small platform to fit inside your box base.  
(Measure your base, cut cardstock 3/4" bigger, score the edges, nip the corners, fold and adhere).
7 You can now decorate the outer edges of your box, cut panels of paper, adhere with strong glue or double sided tape, ink the edges.
8. Position on to your book cover and stick down. Stick the book spine to the inner box too - plenty of strong double sided tape!
Cover your base platform and book inner cover with your desired paper. Ink edges, I ink quite heavily as I love the aged distressed look (on projects!)
9. Now the fun bit - lots of decorating, distressing and inking. I wanted to have a mixture of cardstock, papers and fabric and the Spellbinders Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine allows you to do this with ease.
Cut and emboss a mixture of the die templates to suit.  

10. Cut and emboss decorative borders, layering these works beautifully for dimension. 
11.  Don't the S5-059 Ironwork Motifs look like gorgeous hinges!?
12. Then I cut a combination of fabric shapes from the die templates.
This flower is made in the exact same way as my video tutorial which can be found in this post.

13. The beginnings of designing the cover.
Remember you can cut into your die-cuts to make different designs.
14.  For the inside platform, I started with the layered decorative border and rub-ons on to some lovely script paper (Kaisercraft - Timeless Collection).
15. And continuing with more Ironwork Accents and Motifs.
These designs lend themselves perfectly to all different patterns.
16. Returning to the outer cover I added S4-328 Foliage and S3-146 Butterflies Two - (of course! No project of mine would look finished without a butterfly!)
The design is truly your own, see where it leads you...

Some more shots of the finished item

I hope you like it!  Have a go - alter a book today!  
And if you do - leave me a link with your comment as I would love to see how you are all inspired.

Bye for now and come back soon!

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