Friday 30 August 2013


Hello friends
Thank you for all the get well messages - I think the cough is subsiding,
either that or I've got used to it!
Yesterday Rose asked what stamp I used on my card, it is from
Flourishes and called Tag Lines - all the details are here.

We have reached Friday and what an eventful week in the
Emberson household.
Both my boys are enrolled in college and will be starting very soon.
A quick snap of Elliott.  Mitchell managed to avoid the camera!
An update regarding Elliott at King's Hospital yesterday. 
We didn't quite hear the news we had hoped for - a different consultant talked
us through the latest MRI.  I am grateful for his honesty but it did leave us reeling a little.
Much more of the tumour is still present than we expected, further surgery is
deemed too risky.  We are relying upon radiotherapy to do its magic.
Sadly, Elliott's sight will not improve in his right eye - in fact they are concerned it will
deteriorate further so careful monitoring ahead.  My amazing brave boy simply announced:
"Oh well, I will just wear a monacle!"

Kits have proved successful and I can confirm we have reached the
target for Elliott to claim a bird on the Tree of Life!
In fact I have been in touch with the Charity with regards to the next step.
More kits going out today - heartfelt thanks to all those who have purchased.

And, talking of kits - today I can share with you photos of Valerie's kit.
She has chosen to make her notebook into a log for her Spellbinders dies - great idea.
Ribbon looks beautiful threaded through the lace.
Valerie also added tiny flowers to the basket - so sweet.
The decorated kraft wallet inside.
So thrilled to see the different ideas and how adaptable this kit can be.

In between working and crafting this week I managed to take a beautiful walk with
Bella in the woods behind my parents' home.  This is the place to unwind
and think things through...
 It is forever changing ...
Bella pretending she totally owns the woods!
The light seemed to bounce off everything ...
 At the edge of the woods it opens out onto farmland.
I hope you all have a brilliant weekend.
Take care friends.

Thursday 29 August 2013

What have I got today??

Hello friends
Thank you for all your 'get well' messages, I've developed a rather
hacking cough that keeps the house awake - I can sense that even Bella is 
getting tired of hearing it!  
Not to worry it will be gone soon and it hasn't stopped me crafting!

This is a one die wonder card - everything achieved by using the
For the white background petals I've used the die to emboss only and then a different
colour gingham design paper for the flower centres and to create a scallop border.  
A few buttons, a little bit of twine and done!
You could do this with the Layered Poinsettia with Christmas colours too....

Now to recipe book - the photos are coming in - thank you!
This is Kim's.  A really nice touch to add some flowers around the book rings.
I can see the kraft pocket is already in use... 
 And this is the bit I love - her son Joseph making the Lemon and Coconut cake.
There are still a few kits waiting to go out - I do apologise for the little delay.
A couple of reasons - I'm awaiting some more chipboard covers and we are
back at King's today.  Elliott is having a series of eye tests, we are hopeful
his field vision is returning in his right eye -
(we will no longer be able to creep up behind him on that side!)

I absolutely promise that those of you have ordered a kit it will be with you very soon :)
As soon as everyone has their kit I will be making the lucky number draw -
all things Spellbinders will be the prize!

I've started planning the ad-on kit for next month and I have a wonderful
surprise for you all...let's just say the generosity of an Irish stamp company has blown me away!
(Shhh! I must not say more!!)

Take care friends.

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Recipe Books and Round-up!

Hello friends
I've been a little bit AWOL!
You can blame Elliott for having a birthday :)
He loved the gaming festival in Telford and is already planning his next trip!
Last night I cooked a roast dinner (Elliott's favourite) and
we celebrated with wine, cake, ice cream and more calorific delights!
Here he is now aged 17!
If you spot a rather blurry card in the background, I've had to do that with my photo software -
I forgot it was there and it's not due to be scheduled on my blog until next week! 
Not a traditional birthday cake but a little array of yummy cupcakes.
I didn't make them (hanging my head in shame!)

Now to a round-up of news on the Recipe Notebooks.
There are still some orders outstanding - forgive me, I did get a little 
caught up over the Bank Holiday - they will be winging their way out to you very soon.
So grateful to those of you who have sent pictures.  I love to see them please.
Here is Janice's.
Love how she has added ribbon to the book rings.
As mentioned, all books are different with coordinated paper, lace, ribbon and twine. 

Carole has done a whole blog post showing her Recipe Notebook.
Clever addition of a pen holder and added a butterfly too :)
Great idea for the kraft wallet. 

Please keep sending the pictures.

For any of you that may have missed the purchase details - they are here.

August is nearly at an end - goodness it is scary how quickly the months fly by.
The good news is that I will soon start counting down to Christmas - 
oh yes that word that scares a lot of people!
I adore Christmas and my blog will be extremely festive.  I will be starting off 
by sharing with you quite a lot of projects I created for 
Make Christmas Cards - Bumper Pack.
It goes on sale on 3 September. 

Take care friends - I'm back soon but in between busy working on your 
Recipe Notebooks.

Sunday 25 August 2013


Hello friends
Yes...Insomnia!  But not what you are probably thinking...
Insomnia is the name of the UK's biggest gaming festival and this 
is where Elliott is spending some of his birthday.
Not exactly on our doorstep - it is in Telford!
Elliott is a true computer fanatic (geek!) so this festival is definitely his cup of tea.
Thank you Rose for sending Elliott an e-card - it was lovely :)

Kits have gone out, I realise there may be a slight delay with the Bank Holiday.
I'm reading some lovely emails from those who have received and
have made/making their kits.
When I first sit down and come up with kit ideas I always hope they
are well received and you do not disappoint - I am delighted, thank you.

Now we need something crafty....
you may recall a while back I mentioned 'One Die Wonders' and this is one of them.
A notebook...seems I'm a fan of notebooks right now!
This is one I purchased from Sainsbury because I liked the colour of the spine,
it had a design of its own on the cover but I soon changed that!
The only die used on this project is Blossom Two.
By alternating paper and felt it creates a pretty and soft effect.  I'm also a fan of the
turquoise/pale blue colouring teamed with brown/beige.
The papers are Graphic 45 - Kraft Reflections.
A simple design with a black gem swirl flourish to jazz it up a little bit.
(I always cut these into pieces - they go further that way!)

Hope you are all having a great weekend.
Take care friends.

Friday 23 August 2013

Recipe and Birthday Weekend

Hello friends

A little round up of news today....

I have had a few enquiries whether it is possible to just purchase the
recipe card from the Charity Kit on its own - of course it is :) 
I've placed a PayPal button below - the cost is £1.50 including postage and packing.
The entire money will be going to Ronald McDonald House, Camberwell.

I'm going to be releasing further recipes for your books shortly
as well as different style extra pockets, insert pages, embellishments and more.
By the end of this fundraising your book will be bursting its rings!
The recipe cards will all be in the same style so everything will have a 
nice coordinated look.  Oh yes, I do have a touch of OCD!

Tomorrow is The Artistic Stamper's first birthday!
If you happen to live/visiting nearby make sure you call in - Jennie and Mal
have organised lots of things including free make and takes,
a barbecue and special offers in the shop.
A truly fun birthday bash.

There is a also a pretty special event in my home this weekend...
Elliott's birthday!
Here he is last year celebrating with a rather dubious looking drink!
We've got a few things planned so I will be sure to share some photos -
this boy deserves extra special treats this year for sure! 

Take care friends - I'm back soon.

Thursday 22 August 2013


Hello friends
Have you been wondering where Mitchell is???
He has abandoned me - my one and only employee! 
 Okay so that's probably sounding way too dramatic!  
Truth is, my boy has chosen to return to college so I must not complain.
He has promised to help out in the studio/shop whenever I need him 
so if you visit/attend a class you may still see him.
He worked on my new website and it made him realise how much he really wanted
to a job within ICT so he made enquiries and was accepted at a local college.
Elliott, health permitting, is also going to start at the same college studying
Business so they will both be together for which I am grateful.

Another batch of kits went out yesterday so be on alert and stalk your postman!
If anyone is making/made their kit I would love to see photos please -
I like to show them here on my blog and display pictures in the shop.
This is just a section of my work table showing a few kit elements.
As mentioned, all the kits are different, I've coordinated papers, lace, ribbon and twine - 
as I place each one in an envelope I say to myself 
"Ooo that's a nice one, I should have used those papers!"

The bird on the Tree of Life is definitely within reach now - I am so grateful to you all
for purchasing and making donations.

I'm back at my London job for the next two days, I use that commute time
to make lots of crafty lists!  So much planned.....
Take care friends.

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Mini Gift Card and HUGE thanks!

Hello friends

Zip, zip super quick!  A tutorial today for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L 
on how to make a very quick mini gift card. 
I wanted to show various techniques but also how their amazing 3D Foam Pads 
hold weighty embellishments too! 
Step by step photos are over on their blog and a place to leave comments... :)

It is thank you time.
Firstly for the lovely response to the new Charity Kit launched yesterday.
I am so pleased you like it and the idea that it can be added to with future recipes has 
been well received. Kits are going out daily, my family is helping!
I am awaiting delivery of some further chipboard and the suppliers have promised 
it will be here by tomorrow. I like to turn everything around as quickly as possible - 
(I know I'm always impatient when I'm waiting for new crafty goodies!)
So grateful to those of you have already purchased.

Now, HUGE thanks to Elaine Wainwright.
Elaine has gone above and beyond in fundraising for Ronald McDonald House on behalf of Elliott. She did Race for Life recently and this week she held a fundraising event in her workplace
selling her handmade cards. 
 One of her work colleagues, Adam also baked Vimto cupcakes!  They sound yummy.
Overwhelmed by the kindness of this amazing lady.  
I would be lying if I said we didn't have very difficult days at home, 
the amount of medication and daily injections take their toll on Elliott 
but gestures like this and helping create the kits lift him up high.

Sending much love to you all my wonderful friends.

Monday 19 August 2013

Charity Kit and Mystery Box Winner!

Hello friends
I cannot tease you for long! 
I'm very excited to bring you the new Charity Kit details.
As mentioned, it is a recipe notebook/organiser 
(or a pretty notebook if you don't like baking!)
The cover is decorated using Homespun, Nested Apples and Jewel Flowers and Flourishes.

Each kit will contain the following: 

Want2Scrap chipboard front and back book covers - Grand Rectangles or Grand Large Labels.
Matching pre-cut decorative paper x 4 for the inner and outer covers*
Book rings x 3
Metal fold back clip
Rhinestone brad
Handmade embossed wallet
Recipe card
Pre-cut inner note pages
Die cuts - flowers, basket, small leaves
Felt die cut - apple
Stamped and die cut image - Labels Four
Additional matching patterned paper (to add further decoration if you wish)
Full instructions
Lucky Number!
*every kit will be a unique design just for you!  
I will coordinate the papers, twine and ribbon.  The die cuts will be from matching paper so everything will tone and work well together - gingham and dots may feature highly!
I have handmade and embossed a kraft wallet for every kit - useful for cuttings.
The kit comes with one recipe card for Lemon and Coconut Cake.
I've decided to offer up further recipes cards for a very small charity donation.
Keep your eyes peeled for those coming soon.
 There will be half a dozen inner pages to use for notes.  Because the book is simply bound
by book rings you can easily add additional pages if you need them.
And...something else....within every kit there will be a number.
Keep hold of this as once all the kits are sold I'm going to ask Elliott to pick out a winner.
It will be a VERY special prize of all Spellbinders® goodies.

The price for this kit is a little more than last time as it is a bigger project,
the chipboard was a little pricey and Mr Royal Mail is so so greedy! 
The kit price inclusive of postage and packing is £12.00
I have placed a PayPal button below but if you would prefer to pay by 
cheque please email.

I hope you don't mind but I have also placed a 'Donate' button too -
I appreciate the recipe book might not be everyone's cup of tea.

All proceeds are for charity -  we are aiming for Elliott to have a bird on the 
Tree of Life at the Ronald McDonald House, Camberwell.

Now...what's next?
Oh yes, I promised to annouce the winner of the Mystery Box.
One lucky person is receiving a wealth of goodies - dies, paper, embellishments,
magazine, ribbons, bezels and more.
That lucky person is.........

Congratulations Jen, please drop me an email :
with your address details and your box will be on its way. 

Take care friends - thank you so much for all your crafty support.

Sunday 18 August 2013

New Charity Kit - Sneak Peek!

Hello friends
You know I like to tease! 
I've been working on the new Charity Kit and today it is sneak peek time.
In fact 4 sneak peeks! 
Pretty flowers, little basket.
A stamped image and fold-back clip.
Lace, ribbon, twine and felt. 
 Specially designed wallet and recipe card.
I promise to reveal the full photos very soon.  
I can tell you the following: the kit is a recipe book/organiser.  I have designed it so 
that it is possible to add additional recipe cards that I will be making available.  
Also you can add your own notes, recipes, insert clippings and more.

Just in case you do not like cooking it can easily be adapted to a pretty notebook.
I must not tell you more just yet...! 

Stop by tomorrow as I will announce the winner of the mystery box - finally! 
Sorry for the delay on that. 

Take care friends.

Friday 16 August 2013

Delightful D-Lites™

Hello friends
Firstly thank you to Mags for coming to my rescue with a copy of the magazine,
truly appreciate it.

So pleased you all like the idea of the next kit - cooking seems to be 
a firm favourite, especially cakes so hit upon a bit of a winner I think.
More details soon, awaiting some components that I have ordered and then
I can start the big reveal!

While I was in Spellbinders World I got to see some of the recent
brochures and was thrilled to see one of my cards using Die D-Lites was being featured.
Here it is - I've managed to incorporate a tag in there too! 
I've used Flower Box, inking through the die and placing some little 
pearls on each petal.  Also raised it so it isn't laying completely flat.
The sentiment is stamped and layered using Petite Labels One - these are so useful!
The background is 5 x 7 Detailed Scallops
Some of these dies are now available in my Amazon shop. 
It's a rather muted card but I liked the colour combo.

I promise to get back to Friday Die Days soon - planning lots of new videos
too - Elliott enjoys helping with those so a nice project for him!

And here is Elliott in the local newspaper this week!
It is a nice article and we decided to just ignore that the shop name is misspelt and
added a year or so onto my age!

Take care friends and have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday 15 August 2013

Cherish, News and a Little Appeal...

Hello friends
A scrapbook page today that has just appeared in the Spellbinders Gallery.
This is a photo of Mitchell and my niece Rachel, quite a few years ago!
I've used Butterfly Corner to create a border on the right hand side and a 
fluttering of pretty butterflies.  Labels Four is used for a journalling tag that fits 
Further details are supplied here.

A little appeal from me today - I'm in search of the magazine
Simply Cards and Papercraft - Issue 109, April edition.
If anyone has a spare copy or one they no longer want I would very much like to 
purchase it please.  I only found out while I was away that
one of my projects is featured and I do like to keep a record of those magazines.

We were at King's yesterday for Elliott's results.  It was a mix bag of news.
Following surgery the tumour is still there but greatly reduced.
It is hoped the forthcoming radiotherapy will shrink it dramatically.
Very pleased that the optic nerves seem to be recovering so Elliott's field vision
should be returning.  He has an array of eye tests in two weeks' time.

Now something fun... it was so good to unpack the goodies I brought home for the
boys, spray cheese!  Yes, spray cheese - how awful is that!
Cinnamon cereals, Nerd sweets and more.
Also make your own popcorn at home.
It comes in a ready made pan that you place on the hob.
You heat, it inflates and Bob's your uncle - popcorn! Tasted pretty good too.
On the subject of cooking I have my next Charity Kit nearly organised.
It is going to be a recipe file/notebook.
There will be the kit to make the file/notebook and then a series of recipe cards
including the cakes that were very popular at the Charity Event.
 My good friend Terry has divulged the recipe of Canadian Malt Loaf...
this is a real treat for sure!
Please stop by as I will have all the details up on my blog soon.
We are already getting closer to Elliott having a bird on the Tree of Life.
Thank you friends for always being so supportive.

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