Sunday, 18 August 2013

New Charity Kit - Sneak Peek!

Hello friends
You know I like to tease! 
I've been working on the new Charity Kit and today it is sneak peek time.
In fact 4 sneak peeks! 
Pretty flowers, little basket.
A stamped image and fold-back clip.
Lace, ribbon, twine and felt. 
 Specially designed wallet and recipe card.
I promise to reveal the full photos very soon.  
I can tell you the following: the kit is a recipe book/organiser.  I have designed it so 
that it is possible to add additional recipe cards that I will be making available.  
Also you can add your own notes, recipes, insert clippings and more.

Just in case you do not like cooking it can easily be adapted to a pretty notebook.
I must not tell you more just yet...! 

Stop by tomorrow as I will announce the winner of the mystery box - finally! 
Sorry for the delay on that. 

Take care friends.


Sally said...

Hi Christine, I am really looking forward to to getting my hands onto one of these kits but even more looking forward to getting the receipes to your lovely cakes. Hope you've got over the jet-lag.
Take care Sally x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine all I can say is wow , the kit looks amazing. Cant wait. Hope you have a lovely sunday x

Maggie J said...

Hi Christine you make it more exciting with all the teasing. Can't wait for the reveal. Maggie J

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
Your kit looks pretty good so far, look forward to seeing it in full. Enjoy your Sunday.
Chris X

Magzeeann said...

Morning Christine,your new charity kit is looking good and I'm eagerly anticipating the reveal! Have a super,restful Sunday.
Hugs, Maggie xxx

Janice said...

Hi Christine
I love your 'tease' photos, the kit is looking really good! I can't wait for it to be available. Sounds good that other recipes can be added too!
Have a good Sunday
Janice x

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Mrs Teaser...with your love of chocolate you name could be Malt Teaser lol

The kit is looking very pretty..

Hope you have a lovely weekend

Sue xx

Jane Willis said...

It looks gorgeous - looking forward to seeing the full details

Valerie said...

Cannot wait for the big reveal!!! Looks really lovely, like it. Enjoy your day, and thank you for the catalogues. Valerie

hazel young said...

Morning Christine you are such a tease. Looks great can't wait for the full show and tell. Good luck to everyone for the prize draw. xx hazel

Jean Z said...

the kit is looking good love Jean Z xx

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
Gosh you are always on the go and doing something i wish i had your energy Christine .

Your next kit looks very intriguing , it will make a lovely Christmas Present im thinking .

Hope You are all ok
Take Care and try to have some me time today !

Elaine H X

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, This looks promising! Hope you all have a good weekend, looking forward to the reveal.
All the best Pam S

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Kit looking good,looking forward to the big reveal. Keeping my fingers crossed for the mystery box.
Have a good day.

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
Gosh you are always on the go and doing something i wish i had your energy Christine .

Your next kit looks very intriguing , it will make a lovely Christmas Present im thinking .

Hope You are all ok
Take Care and try to have some me time today !

Elaine H X

Anonymous said...

I'm liking what I see so far! JuliaTx

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Your new charity kit is looking lovely, can't wait to get hold of it. Have a, hopefully, relaxing day. Take care.

Lacelady said...

You horrible tease! How long do we have to wait?

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, from what I can see the new kit is staying with me as it looks so good. have a nice day.
X Ros

loftylass said...

Morning Christine. There's nothing quite like a tease and it all looks so interesting.... looking forward to the reveal.
Enjoy your day.
Heather W

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Oh you are a tease. I'm not a baked myself but the idea of a notebook sounds lovely.
Love Val x

Sue Jones said...

OOOOO looking forward to seeing that one! I Love cooking (when I get time)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, you are getting TOO good at teasing...hehehe.
It looks wonderful but then what else do we expect from you.
Look forward to the reveal.
Hope the sun is shining where you are today. Enjoy.
Elizabeth x

Debbie said...

You are so naughty Christine teasing us.Can't wait to see the kit - very exciting.Have a nice Sunday.Hugs x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
The kit looks really interesting,I can't wait to see it.
Mystery box tomorrow,good luck everyone,
Hope you have a nice day, Take care. x.

Ann said...

Hi Christine

OOOOOOOOH the kit looks absolutely fabulous lovin the colours used and all those pretty embellishments and an extra bonus the recipe card the Lemon Coconut cake so so excited I am extra chuffed as I suggested recipe/box/book etc for the next fundraising kit for the charity.

I think these would make lovely gifts I cannot wait to order :-)

Have a lovely day

Luv n hugs to all Annxxx X

Unknown said...

Hi Christine, this looks very interesting and just in time to be made for a Christmas pressie or two. Look forward to bit reveal tomorrow

Wilma x xx

Craftybee said...

Afternoon christine- new kit looking good, cant wait to see finished item


Mary by the Sea said...

Hi there Christine, can't wait for the full reveal of the new Charity Kit.

Like others have said will make a great Christmas present.

Take care, Mary xx

Laura O said...

nice looking kit will be nice to see the full one .Laura O

Carole Z said...

OOH Christine, I have been intending to make some of these as presents, so this is great timing and will be a great help! Can't wait...hope you are having a happy Sunday, Carole Z X

Janice said...

Christine, photos look very interesting... cant wait to see more. Love the idea of a recipe book. Janice xx

Tilly Talksalot said...

Hi Christine,
The new kit looks amazing from the pictures. Don't you just love to keep us all in suspense? Can't wait to see, buy and bake!!! Have a great week. Janette X

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine

Can't wait for the big reveal. Hope you all have a good Sunday.

Rita said...

Looks like we are in for another treat with this kit Christine. I think as a gift for new brides or even Christmas would be perfect. Hugs Rita xxxxx

LoraineC said...

Can't wait, I agree would make an excellent presi but definitely need one for myself x

Mac Mable said...

Very much looking forward to these kits x Thanks for my daily inspiration. Beverley x

Unknown said...

Hi Christine I will be getting one of these,looks great from the sneaky peeks.LOL X

Anne O said...

Hi Christine
Can't wait to see the new kit. I'm still playing with your first one!
Best wishes, Anne O

mags said...

Looks like the kit will be yummy. Can't wait to see it.

Toni said...

Hello Christine, just been catching up on a few blog entries that appeared while I was away. I'm liking the look of the next 'kit'. Looks really interesting and could have a number of uses by the sound of it. Hope we don't have too long to wait for the real thing.
Glad you enjoyed yourself 'across the pond'. We missed you.
Hope the boys kept things running shipshape in your absence. I'm sure they did.
Hope Elliott is as ok as he can be. Such a positive young man.
Toni xx

darcydaydream said...

just catching up on the blog round. This looks very interesting. I'm a keen cook and always collecting recipes. Can't wait for the reveal. Won't leave it till this late tomorrow!
Christine in Darcy....xx

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