Sunday 30 June 2013

Charity Fund Raising Kit

Hello friends
Today is the day!
I am revealing the kit to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House in Camberwell.
As you may recall if it hadn't have been for this fine house I would not 
have been able to stay with Elliott while he underwent brain surgery at King's.
It is worth mentioning that the McDonalds restaurants assist these houses 
in getting them up and running.  Once that is done, they can only remain open
through charity donations.

This is where I've stepped in and decided to help by put together a kit 
that can be purchased here or in the studio/shop. 
It is a mini photo tag/brag book featuring some of my favourite dies. 
Within each kit you will receive all the die cuts, foil bird cage, extra patterned paper, 
wooden embellishment, ribbon, 3D foam pads and instructions.  
 You just need to add some photos, distress ink, stamping and liquid adhesive. 
As you can see, I chose to dedicate my little tag book to Elliott.
 It can be themed to your choice - please note papers may differ slightly
from kit to kit but I promise they are all lovely and good quality.
With every kit sold there will be a raffle ticket inside - keep this safe
as I will be announcing some superb prizes kindly donated by 
Spellbinders®, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, WOW Embossing Powders,
Creative Expressions, Sue Wilson, The Hobby House, Personal Impressions,
Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine, Scrapbook Magazine and more.
Also, the very lovely Kathy has knitted a shawl from the alpacas she breeds.
She spins the wool and then hand knits the lace pattern - all handmade on her farm in Hampshire.
There will be an event next month in the studio/shop - I will be announcing the date soon.
I can guarantee it will involve cake!

The cost of purchasing the kit via my blog will be £7.50 -
this includes the postage, packing and a raffle ticket.
All proceeds will go to the charity.

I've placed a PayPal button below but should you wish to purchase 
by cheque then please feel free to email me

If you would like to purchase extra raffle tickets (honestly, the prizes have blown me away!)
they will be going on sale via my blog and in the studio/shop next week.

I fully appreciate that this project may not be everyone's cup of tea so
I've taken the liberty of placing a 'donate' button should you wish to pass on the kit
but would still like to help - any pennies will be gratefully received for such a fantastic charity.

As always - huge thanks to all of you for your kindness, support,
emails, comments and more, you have no idea how much you've helped me
and my boys over the last few months - you are all wonderful.
Much love.

Saturday 29 June 2013

Subtle Changes

Hello friends
I toyed with the idea of Charity Kit Tease Part 3 but 
thought that would be really mean!
I can promise you that the kit will be revealed tomorrow so
please stop by and take a look.

Today I thought I would share two cards - top one is very recent
and is currently on view in the Spellbinders® Gallery.
And this one I made some time ago.  
Both feature Opulent Ovals, similar background papers, 
cluster of flowers but making some subtle changes.
The thing is I didn't realise!  It is only going through my images on my computer
that I noticed the similarity.  I thought it was a nice way to evidence
the adaptability of one die set.

Lovely response to the giveaway yesterday, a winner will be announced next week.

Enjoy your weekend and remember, stop by tomorrow for the 'reveal'! 

Take care friends.

Friday 28 June 2013

Tease Part 2 and a Giveaway!

Hello friends
I am here today with a sneak peek of the Charity Kit - oh I do like to tease!
All going to plan - I can reveal the entire kit at the weekend.
As briefly mentioned there is going to be a raffle.  I put out a request to some 
companies - large and small to ask whether they would be prepared 
to donate a raffle prize - the response has been stupendous! 
With every kit purchased on-line you will receive a raffle ticket.
I will also make provisions to purchase further tickets and, of course, they will be 
available in the studio/shop.

I'm really enjoying putting all this together - I think Mitchell may be slightly
exhausted from all the die cutting!  He did some at home yesterday and
his 'work talk' is somewhat varied.  In fact this is the sort of conversation we have:

Mitchell: "Mum, if there was a zombie apocalypse what would you do?"
Me: "Um, what are my options?"
Mitchell: "We could let them eat us or barricade ourselves in but we would 
have to live upstairs - zombies can't walk up stairs."
Me: "Can I take my craft stuff!"

So back in the real world(!) how about a Giveaway this Friday? 
I've been having a tidy and discovered an A4 M-Bossabilities folder.  
It is ex-demo and perfect condition - just without the packaging.

Leave a comment and a winner will be named next week.
Feel free to share any odd conversations you may have had this week if you like -
I might not feel quite so mad then! 

Take care friends - have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 27 June 2013


Hello friends
Bowled over by all your supportive lovely comments yesterday.
I'm pinching myself that this will be my third year with Spellbinders - 
I wonder what wonderful new dies and more I will be sharing with you.

I'm going to believe that it is all good news from now on - the last few months of this
year haven't been the best so the next six months is going to make up for it and be wonderful!

Today a tease....
work has begun on the Charity Kit - Mitchell is getting everything organised.
I am thankful he is working hard as I'm still back and forth to appointments
with Elliott and being Mum at home - I've never been so up to date with my ironing!
More news on the kit coming very soon.

Apologies if any of you viewed my Amazon shop earlier this week and noticed that the postage prices had leapt up to silly money!
This was a little computer gremlin with Amazon Seller Central but all sorted now - phew!
Those pesky gremlins!!

Thank you again and take care friends.

Wednesday 26 June 2013

News Flash!

Hello friends
Today is good - today is very good! 
I received a phone call late last night from Stacey Caron - President of Spellbinders®
 confirming I have a place on the Spellbinders Design Team.

This will be my third year and I feel incredibly happy and privileged.
It is am amazing company and one that has changed my life.

I want to say congratulations and welcome to the new team - 
all the details can be found here.

I think I would like to honour today by sharing a page that I created on my 
first Design Team year - it has a generous helping of butterflies and flowers!
Take care friends - I'm off for a celebratory cup of tea!

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Christmas?? Training the Dog and Charity!

Hello friends

Just a few days ago we waved goodbye to the longest day of the year - 
that means the nights will soon be drawing in and before you know it...Christmas!
WAIT! Hold on a minute!!  We haven't had Summer yet - 
I've yet to remove my cardigan this year!

But, just in case you are seriously organised and like to prepare early
for Christmas I'm guessing you may have caught the new Spellbinders®  
Christmas dies on Create and Craft.  
They are very lovely and I can confirm I've been playing with
them for a while (including making up those die display boards that you see on TV) - 
I cannot share my projects just yet but hopefully soon.
Also, I hope to be stocking the new festive dies in a month or so.

So what else?  
Quick update on Elliott - Kings have decided he 
will need much stronger growth medication for his daily injections so that has to be 
ordered in.  We hope to be back at Kings again this week once it arrives.

In between, Mitchell has started making plans for the charity event I mentioned 
a while back (getting him trained you see!)  
I will soon have an event date for the studio/shop, details of a kit that be purchased 
at the shop and online.  Also a raffle - every event needs a raffle! 
Some lovely crafty prizes being donated - more news soon.

You might not realise this but I'm even getting Bella trained up to help ;)

Talking of charity - I want to say huge thanks to Elaine Wainwright.
Elaine took part in Race for Life - she dedicated her race in support of Elliott and
he was massively impressed to see his name written under Elaine's race number.
Elaine has also offered to raise money for Ronald McDonald House.
Heartfelt thanks from us all (that includes Bella too!)
Seeing as I've mentioned Christmas (and hopefully you haven't keeled over in shock!)
I thought I would post a favourite Christmas project of mine
from a while back.  I like to think it isn't too traditional - 
in fact it doesn't feature any Christmas dies at all! 
The beauty of Spellbinders dies is their versatility for different occasions.

Take care friends and thank you all for stopping by - 
I hope to get back to daily posting soon.

Sunday 23 June 2013

Birthday Girl Part 2 and Spellbinders® Video

Hello friends
Well the birthday girl enjoyed her day.
Unwrapping gifts.
 A new squeaky soft toy - the 'squeak' will be gone very soon!
 No dog's birthday would be complete without a bone!
And a trip to the park.  
We visited Swanley Park and as you can see we had it to ourselves.
It was a typical British Summer day - high winds and threatening rain!
Nobody brave enough to boat on the lake.
I was delighted that Elliott felt well enough to come along 
(he's had a rough time this week with headaches and more).
Whilst I was wearing a coat he goes about in short sleeves and eats ice cream - 
the medication makes him feel boiling hot all the time.  
He still smiles though - one amazingly brave boy.
Now for something crafty.
Each week Spellbinders® have a live stream video on You Tube
showing techniques and more. 
You can watch it as it happens and ask questions or watch later at your leisure.
This week Stacey was joined by her sister Cindy and the subject was 'Frequently Asked Questions'.  It is very informative and you get to see one of my cards and if you are really eagle
eyed a project of mine is on the shelf in the background too! 
I've posted a link here to the video.  If you would like to tune in each Tuesday it normally
airs around 6pm our time.
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.
Take care.

Saturday 22 June 2013

Birthday Girl!

Hello friends
Today is an event in our household - it is Bella's Birthday!
Our rather spoiled pup is two years old.  Not sure where the time has gone.
This is how tiny she was when we first got her.

I think she has been quite a good craft investment - 
she keeps me company when I craft at home...
She picks out winners...
and more winners...
She has been the focus of quite a few Spellbinders® projects including these...

and thankfully she makes Elliott laugh...
Because we are unbelievably soppy we have gifts for her today so 
no doubt there will be more photos to follow! 
Take care friends.

Thursday 20 June 2013


Hello friends
When it comes to cute I know I'm biased!
This scrapbook page has just appeared in the Spellbinders® Idea Gallery,
all the details can be found here. I made very good use of Framed Tags One 
using a tag on every square in all sorts of combinations - I was in tag heaven!
It did occur to me that each square could easily be utilised as a card topper.
Blog posts are a little erratic at the moment, we've had a bunch
of doctor and hospital appointments this week and we are back at King's tomorrow - 
we know the route very well!
In between Mitchell is the worker and dealing with orders and more so please
always feel free to get in touch should you need anything.
The Amazon shop is still running at the moment but will be transferring across 
to the new website within a week or two.
Take care friends.

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Something new!!!

Hello friends
Yes!  Something new and Spellbinders® to share with you today.
This card has just appeared in the Idea Gallery so all the details are here.
I chose to use a mixture of white cardstock and foils with the very beautiful
Opulent Ovals.  I couldn't resist those tiny little flowers from Homespun -
I've given up counting how many projects I've used them on!
Mitchell is still working hard on the new website - I did take a peek but 
it was zillions of codes and it terrified me!  
  This might also be the time to mention that I will have a new blog soon!
It will be easy to find with the new website but just in case you wander back 
here there will be a permanent link to click on and through the magic of the 'tinternet 
you will arrive in the right place - you cannot escape me! ;)

Take care friends.

Sunday 16 June 2013

Man at Work!

Hello friends

Yes, I'm back today with a longer post so pop the kettle on!
It also happens to be a male dominated post!

To all Fathers today.
This was the card I created for my Dad last year using a variety of dies -
Foliage, Classic Heart, the label shape is from Jar Labels 
and a Keepsake Envelope embellishment.  
Firstly before I forget I must answer some questions. 
Yesterday, Carolyn asked whether the red flower featured was made using a die - 
it was indeed and it is Blossoms Two.
Also Janice asked about the shop opening hours.  We are coming to a decision
on that very soon - it may be particular days and hours but hoping to keep it simple!

Other new products arrived and Mitchell couldn't wait to get his hands on them.
More moulds which can be used with WOW embossing powders - this time hearts and bows.
(As always, if you would like to purchase just get in touch).
He recalled the method by mixing together Melt-It and this time he used a 
glitter red embossing powder.
Heating from the bottom - keep hold of that peg it gets very hot!
Looking molten.
Applying heat to top when pouring into mould.
Waiting for it to cool and set - it doesn't take long.
Turning it out of the mould.
And here it is - to be honest Mitchell instantly wanted to try other colours,
we agreed it would look very nice in white/cream.
Then he set about making a project, I mentioned tags were quite popular on this blog....!
And the picture showing he is really getting to grips with this crafting lark.
He chose Heart Circles and Standard Circles LG for his design.
Applying adhesive - he has realised that Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L is the best!
His finished design - a simple little gift card.
I'm thinking pretty good for a crafter in training.
As for Elliott - he had a trip out yesterday.
We haven't ventured too far since his surgery but thought we would make a point
of visiting the Model Railway Show as it was local.
(Elliott loves trains!)
I discovered very quickly that this is a seriously expensive hobby to get into!
So far we have purchased some track, I thought that was a sensible starting point.

Take care friends and enjoy your Sunday.

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