Friday 25 February 2022

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

I do hope everyone is fine following the storms.
Very little damage here at the VT, just a little bit of broken fencing.
It really was something wasn't it, feel so sorry for those who lost power.

It was a good excuse not to venture out and do some crochet.

My Cath Kidston inspired blanket is done bar the border which 
I am just starting.  It was reduced to 90 squares instead of a 100
due to running out of blue yarn (again!) 
I didn't think it warranted buying another ball of yarn just to join 10 squares.
Overall I am happy with the simple design and colours.

In other news...

Cyril has embraced his new feeding spot and chomping his way through
a great deal of sunflower seeds, looks like I have another dependant.

A few more of his mates visited this week but Cyril is keen
to see them off - this is HIS garden now.
It has occurred to me that maybe Cyril has a lot of lookalikes,
but for the moment I'm calling each of them Cyril! 

I am also pleased to have received a surgery date for 
my new hip - 17 March, it is fairly soon!
Forgive me if I go AWOL at certain times.
I will keep you posted on the charity kit situation.

I'm going to be working for my city job (thankfully from home) 
up until that date and then possibly off for approx 6 weeks.  
That is going to feel very strange.

Unfortunately the VT is not the best house for recovering from this sort of op,
we have steps everywhere and steep stairs but certain I will manage.
I have pre-warned Mitchell that he will be doing a fair bit of running around
and cooking!  Most important bit. He's thrilled!
Elliott is booking some time off to keep me company,
we are planning some serious telly watching.

Talking of which...


Family drama based on the iconic Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist
Ten-part series follows standalone adventures, 
which are then brought together in the final episode.

Christopher Eccleston is Fagin and although definitely geared
for the younger generation with some farcical running around,
it is entertaining.  I am a real sucker for any period drama
and the scenery is brilliant.

Not a huge amount of news from me this week,
the real news is making up for that! 
Goodness it seems that anything and everything is happening
right now - so much tragedy.
Apprehensive to even tune into the news each day but also
feel like I need to, things are moving fast and all very worrying.

Anyway - let's not leave on a sad note...

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and take care friends.

Friday 18 February 2022

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday to you all. Good week so far?
Hope you haven't been blown away.

Welcome to squirrel central.

I now have many squirrels flying about the garden.
I think Cyril the squirrel went back to Squirrel HQ and said
"there's sunflower seeds at No. 5!"
I'm now calling them Cyril & Co.
I had no idea they could climb walls - very agile on the pebble-dashing.

They are proving to be a source of entertainment to the cats.
Thankfully they are not showing any interest in chasing them.
Lily nestled among my blooming hyacinths
and if you squint Pixel is outside on the table.

And yes, still grubby windows - I am resisting the urge to clean the 
conservatory windows as they will only get dirty again when kitchen is installed.
It isn't hard to resist believe me!

I feel quite sorry for all wildlife at the moment with these storms
hence the extra sunflower seeds.


Not much progress on my Cath Kidston inspired blanket due to running
out of the blue joining yarn.  Some arrived yesterday so I can crack on with
joining the remaining 40 squares and the border.
I am really happy with it though and thoroughly enjoyed how simple
traditional granny squares are.

Whilst I was waiting for the blue yarn to arrive I made a start on
some solid granny squares using very posh yarn by my standards.
They are dinky squares and will eventually be joined with plain cream
squares to create a battenburg blanket design. 

These are nice little projects whilst indulging in plenty of telly viewing.
Talking of which...


BBCiPlayer - This Is Going to Hurt
Based on the best-selling memoir of the same name,
the series follows junior doctor Adam Kay in his chaotic job in 
Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

All episodes available and starring Ben Whishaw.
Wow - this packs a punch.
Be prepared to laugh and cry - excellent viewing.
Mr Whishaw appears to be able to turn his hand to many characters
including the voice of Paddington which is perfect.

BritBox - Magpie Murders
 Set in 1950s and today, the story focuses on the murder of a mystery author
 and utilises a story within a story format.

I mentioned a week or so ago this was coming and I was
really looking forward to it having read the book.
It really is a clever format.
I binged watched it and I wasn't disappointed.
Lesley Manville is perfect as Susan.
My only criticism is that if felt too short, six episodes just wasn't enough.
If you don't have BritBox then I definitely recommend the book.

In other news:

My work continues to be busy.
I am still working from home which has been agreed due to the fact
that I've got a dodgy hip and hopefully getting an op soon.
It has stopped me doing quite a bit of stuff - house, garden, Bella walking
so it will be good to be back to 'normal' at some point.

I fear this op could jeopardise timing of the new kitchen but we will see,
it certainly isn't the end of the world if I have to postpone it but
it may mean I have to clean those windows! 

Take care friends, keep safe with these storms and have
a lovely weekend.

Friday 11 February 2022

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday.
I hope you are having a good week and looking forward to the weekend.

A sell out with this month's Charity Kit - big thanks to you all.
The next kit will be April - ah Springtime - what a lovely thought.

So what has been happening here?
Not a great deal but I am super close to finishing the big bottom bunny cushion.
Just five more rows and ta dah - only taken a few years!
As to how soon it will become an actual cushion, now that could be another story.


On the crochet front, I am now joining 100 squares for my 
Cath Kidston colour inspired blanket.
I enjoy seeing them all piled up but they are not a lot of use until
they resemble a blanket.

All the joining is in blue and the border will be cream and that dark reddish colour.
Joining is a bit boring but nice to see it coming together.

A couple of evenings I couldn't get warm so I snuggled under the duvet to crochet.
Bella has liked this arrangement very much! 


Time for me to introduce you to Cyril the Squirrel.
Not the best photo and goodness once I saw this photo I cleaned my window!
This little character has been visiting my outside planter as I work
at my desk and he really is a highlight in my day.

I've done a little research into what squirrels eat so on his menu today
is some pumpkin seeds and chopped apple.
I know I may regret this as squirrels are destructive - 
(they ate all my tree blossom last year),
but his character and cuteness (and anything to make me 
look away from my work screen) has won me over.

Garden is still somewhat messy but I did go out and prune one of my 
clematis this week.
I watched a Monty video and I'm fairly confident I've done it correctly.
We shall see.


This time of year I think my viewing hours double.

The Nevers - Sky Atlantic/Now

A group of Victorian women suddenly gain mysterious powers and go up against 
a relentless stream of enemies to fulfil their mission which could change the world.

Yes seriously - it is like Marvel meets Charlotte Bronte! 
But actually I loved it - it's all a bit mysterious and then the final 
episode explains everything. 
Lots of well known faces pop up.

Dexter - New Blood - Sky Atlantic/Now
Dexter Morgan, a man with homicidal tendencies. 
He used to work as a forensic technician for the police department 
during the day and kill heinous perpetrators in his free time.

Can you tell I've got Now TV on an offer at the moment?!
Just a £1 a month for the Entertainment channel so I'm making the most of it.

I watched the original series of Dexter back in 2012 when I had my shop,
I remember sitting in the back room making pretty things while he 
chopped up bodies!  The fact that he kills nasty people makes it all fine,
well not really - but you actually feel sorry for him at times.
10 years on the series had me riveted so another recommendation
from me if you are not squeamish.

I've also been listening to many Audible books too which induces sleep
like nothing else - problem is I have to keep restarting chapters.
One book takes quite a while.
I am currently on book 12 of the Agatha Raisin series read by the 
wonderful Penelope Keith.

And that has been my week so far.
So quiet on the home front - so busy on the work front.
I am craving Spring so I can fill my Friday Chat Day with 
flower photos.

This weekend - catching up with family 
and possibly a clothes shopping trip with Mitchell as he is starting
his new job shortly and actually has to go into an office for training.

Take care friends and wishing you a lovely weekend.

Sunday 6 February 2022

Charity Kit Day - February 2022

 Hello friends

It's Charity Kit Day and this month we are donating to 
a charity that is close to my heart as my mum suffers with this disease.
The British Sjogren's Syndrome Association.
They are raising awareness of this disease and supporting research
into cause and treatment.

Without further ado, here is this month's kit:

A fresh white square 'For You' card with layered die cuts and 
subtle flowers and foliage.

Included in your kit:

White square card
White envelope
Die cuts – Braided Grace Square, Hemstitch Squares,
flowers, leaves, sentiment 'For You'
Full instructions

(Items you will need: adhesive, foam pads, pearls/gemstones, inks/pens)

The kits are packed in recyclable paper bags and sent in a 'do not bend' 
envelope so they arrive in pristine condition. 
To make up the kits you have full printed instructions to follow.
You just need a basic craft kit, all die cuts are pre-cut.

The kit cost this month is £4.85.
that's the total payment - inclusive of postage and packing.
Limited number available.

Payment is via the PayPal link below.

It is possible to purchase multiple kits,
there's an option with PayPal for that too.

If you would like to support the kits but do not need one right now,
there is a 'Ko-fi' button', at the top of the blog, it's not really for coffee...
all donations enable me to purchase card blanks, envelopes, the paper bags,
sticky labels etc.
It is truly a great help so lots of thanks to those who donate.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday.

Take care friends.

Friday 4 February 2022

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

I hope you have all had a good week so far.
Yet again I am staggered how quickly the days fly by but 
heartened to see that longer evenings are ahead.

It's February and so far a mild one here in the South East.
I have reminded myself that for the last two years 
we have had snow in February though -
this was 7th February last year.

According to Bede, writing in the 8th century, 
February was known as the “month of cakes” because this was 
when gifts of cake were given to the gods. 
I think that just means we can eat more cake than normal. 
All my baking items are packed away in anticipation of the new kitchen,
so cake has to be shop bought right now but we are managing!

Thank you for Mitchell's birthday wishes.
We ventured out for a meal in Bluewater which felt like a real treat,
we haven't done that in ages.

It was a bit of a double celebration as Mitchell applied
and got a new job, still working within IT - he is now moving
to a company that develops software for dental surgeries.
The beauty of this job is regular hours. He has been working a 6pm - 2am
shift for quite a long time now and craving some normality.


My hyacinth bowl is growing beautifully but irregularly,
unlikely to have all blooms at the same time but it will last longer.
The purple/blue is so lovely.
I'm unsure about the weathered look of the metal pot - 
I keep thinking it looks like it needs cleaning!


Crochet squares continue on a slower pace with Lily observing the
ends that still need to be sewn in.

Yet again a project that was supposed to be stash busting will require
the purchase of a few new balls of yarn, it's a conspiracy I'm sure.


I've been catching up with Brit Box offerings and discovered
Hotel Portofino.

The daughter of a wealthy industrialist moves to Italy in the 1920s 
to set up a quintessentially British hotel in the beautiful town of 
Portofino as Benito Mussolini's brand of fascism was on the rise.

Watch this if only for the breath taking scenery.
Oh my goodness Portofino looks stunning, the vibrant
colour of the sky, sea and pastel painted properties.
Apparently some of this series was also filmed in Croatia. 
It is a nice series, it feels like one of those dramas that work for afternoon viewing.

If you happen to have Britbox look out for Magpie Murders
coming soon.  I read the book by Anthony Horowitz and it is wonderful
so fingers crossed the telly adaption is just as good.

Also on Now or Sky is The Gilded Age
Set in America in the late 1800s and written by Julian Fellows.

It is Downton Abbey - just with railroad tycoons.
With the upstairs affluent society and downstairs servants with their woes.
Very watchable even when seeing them dodge the muddy puddles 
on unmade roads in those dresses.

Charity Kit

This Sunday is Charity Kit Day, first one of the year since moving
to alternate months. Here's a sneak peek.

The post will go live at 7am on Sunday and I will post over social media too.

And that has been my week so far.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend, I'm playing catch up at home 
but hoping to fit in some crochet time.

Take care friends.

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