Friday 28 May 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

It's Friday again!
How are we all?
Another working week finishes and I'm very grateful for the long weekend ahead.
I've managed to fit in some crochet...


This is my Hello Summer Blanket all finished.
I did struggle with selecting colours for this
one but I'm pleased with the final bright result.

I'm rather obsessed with granny squares now, such a change from my original
crochet choices of plain or stripes.

Hello Summer has been photographed and now popped into my shop.
My Folksy shop is looking better stocked now.

As one WIP finishes...
My Hello Autumn Blanket is now underway.  

I'm totally out of sync with the seasons or am I?  
The weather has felt positively autumnal recently.
I am loving the colours of this one, they eradiate warmth instantly.

(By the way, I get a lot of satisfaction from lining up the squares in this tray!)


I actually did some baking!
I'm cheating a little as this isn't a new recipe.
I decided to try out my Lemon and Coconut loaf cake as muffins.
It worked and, just so you eat more when it is muffin shaped!

You can find the recipe here.  
The only changes are placing the ingredients into muffin cases 
and reducing the cooking time, mine took just over 20 minutes.


I bought some plug plants.
I bought some mangled, sad looking plug plants!
They arrived in the post looking weak, starved of light and water.

I couldn't wait to finish work that day and spent the next hour or so potting them up.
There's Verbena, Pelargoniums, Tagetes and Impatiens.
I purchased from Van Muewen online and just paid the postage of £4.99 -
not too bad I thought - once I got them into pots and they were looking more alive.

And this beauty cheered me up on a dull overcast day.
It is my flowering Snow Queen Clematis, the picture doesn't really show the sheer
size of the flower head - it is at least 8 inches across.


My telly intake has drastically reduced but I have been watching...

BBC iPlayer - In Pursuit of Love

Based on Nancy Mitford's 1945 novel about an upper-class English family 
in the interwar period focusing on the romantic life of 
Linda Radlett, as narrated by her cousin, Fanny Logan.

Starring Lily James (she appears to be in everything!)
and many other well known names.
Comedy tragedy pretty much sums it up.
It is one of those programmes where you feel initially it is isn't going anywhere 
but you feel compelled to watch. I'm sticking with it.

And I did finally get around to watching ...

Rocketman - Netflix

Musical fantasy film based on Elton's John's life.

Taron Egerton plays Reg Dwight (Elton John) and goodness,
what a brilliant job he does of it too!
I was glued to this film and although they've made the songs fit around events
(the song release years are definitely out) it works brilliantly.
Elton was Executive Producer so you would like to think there's 
a lot of accuracy too. 10/10 from me!

Last weekend we had a lovely evening at my parents with a takeaway.
The whole family together and it felt so comforting and normal after all this time.
Bella was so excited!

This weekend - cabin bound, working on the June Charity Kit and I think we 
may see some sunshine so definitely some gardening.

Thank you for stopping by, take care friends and
have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

Friday 21 May 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Welcome to another Friday Chat Day,
some random natterings from my little corner of the world.


A tray of brightness.
These are the squares for my Hello Summer blanket.
I deliberated on colours for far too long but I hope
they exude summer-ness. 

And I have started the joining using Soft Peach.

I'm eager to finish the joining and work on the border and that will
then be another WIP done and dusted.
Still planning on being true to my WIP list and my goal is to have
them all done by September as Lucy at Attic 24 will be announcing
a Yuletide blanket then.  
Do I have enough blankets? Most definitely! 


The 'can't make its mind up' weather is still here.
The sudden downpours and then brilliant sunshine means everything
is growing including my Christmas tree.
Now don't laugh, it is rather pathetic isn't it.
I bought it last year and was fooled by what it could grow into,
I didn't check the small print that would be in many years! 

And look at the loo roll Sweet Peas!

I think they are nearly ready to go out, I'm just waiting on a 
trellis/obelisk thingybob to arrive which I will share with you.
(Looks quite different, more pyramid shape).

I also planted some seeds in tiny pots in my equally titchy indoor greenhouse.
All very experimental with odd seeds I've found.
Salvias, Dwarf Dahlias and Wild Pansies.

I'm getting a lot of satisfaction from seeing these little bits of green.
Even if it is just 20 minutes a day I try to do a little bit of 
gardening - whether it be indoors or outdoors.


I've finished Line of Duty so I'm now in a position to comment - Karenlotty
(although I don't want to give too much away in case others haven't seen it).
So my thoughts initially were "Oh, really?" 
I have to admit I was bordering on being a little disappointed but then I stopped
and thought about it more and revised it to: "Actually, that's quite clever".
Will there be another season I wonder?

Baby Driver - Netflix 
Smooth faced getaway driver with just one job left but it is
all about to go wrong.

Would I pick this film? No not normally but Elliott was visiting and had
control of the remote!
Am I glad I watched it? Definitely.
I even put my crochet down numerous times as I was enthralled.

I was so surprised by this film, the main character is a music junkie
and this is relevant, it is how he times his getaways from robbing banks.
Excellent soundtrack and the action is in sync with the beat.

Other stuff:

This full time working lark zaps the hours each day, I also cannot
believe how tired I get when I'm just sitting at a desk but I guess 
I am using my brain (which is probably a little shock to it!)
On the plus side, I am enjoying my job and happy to do full time 
whilst working from home.

This week my office has been hosting a learning week with guest speakers
and we were lucky to have Jo Fairley - (she of Green and Blacks chocolate fame).

At school her careers advisor told her she would not amount to much,
in fact went so far as to say she would be lucky to even become a 
Girl Friday in an office.
This resonated with me.

We had a 'careers advisor' at school, we queued up outside and had a maximum
10 minute interview.  I remember it so clearly.
I sat on the plastic creaking chair and before I could say anything, she said 
"Do you want to be a secretary or a nurse?"
I replied saying I would actually like to be a writer or get into advertising and
she tutted and said "stick to being a secretary then".

Don't get me wrong, being a secretary has held my in good stead for 
nearly 30 years but I often wonder...what if?
Did something similar happen to you?

And that has pretty much been my week.
This weekend I would like to visit my sister, I hope to get into the 
cabin to start June's Charity Kit and on Sunday we are having a takeaway
with my parents - which will be lovely and feel like some normality is returning.

Talking of charity kits - 
I still have some April kits available and the price is now reduced to
Please visit the blog post here if you would like to purchase.

Take care friends, wishing you a lovely weekend.

Friday 14 May 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday, let's see if this week my blog post goes to plan!

For early birds last week (and thank you to Michele for messaging me)
you will have seen the bare bones of my blog post - just pics and notes.
It was a little insight into how I write the Friday post. 
As my week ticks along I upload photos and notes otherwise I sit down the day before 
to write and I just cannot remember what I've done! 
Pretty easy to remember my week this week - 
it's been work, work with a topping!
I'm not complaining as this current full time lark is paid overtime - 
it may pay for some long overdue renovations to the VT. 


It's finished!
The Spiced Biscuits Blanket that I was pattern testing.
It had to be done by this Sunday so there was some speedy crochet. 
There is the option to make the border narrower - I was grateful for that.

The final border round was berry stitch - little bobbles, I like those.
If you follow me on Instagram I went a bit made with photos there.

I will be putting this one up for sale in my Folksy shop shortly.

My mission now is to complete all my WIPs - honest I really am!
I've written them down and there is five blankets partially started.
I MUST NOT start anything new until they are done.
I will then be able to work through my yarn collection...


I have a sickly palm!
Any advice greatly appreciated.
I'm wondering if it doesn't like being in a pot?

Sweet Peas are sprouting - not sure if that's the correct terminology.

My Montana Clematis showing off.
The flowers are opening daily.
I like the bench but still wish I had my old wicker chair,
that  seemed more nature friendly.


BBC1 - Line of Duty
The twists of turns of a specialised Police Anti-Corruption Unit.

I am SO late to the party with this one.
I have watched all the previous seasons but I was waiting until 
all episodes of season 6 was available so I could binge.
At the points when I'm supposed to be gripped by intrigue
I'm looking at the TV screen and thinking...
I'm not sure a beard suits Steve Arnott! 
Saying that, it is a telly show that doesn't disappoint,
I did find myself having to Google previous episodes just so I 
could place names. I've just got one more episode to go 
and amazingly I've managed to avoid spoilers on social media.
(Karenlotty - I'll let you know what I think of the ending).

Other stuff:

Pleased to report Elliott is well again after feeling poorly from his
second vaccination.  Mitchell has been in training for his new job,
there appears to be quite a bit of downtime between calls,
the man who is training him paints Warhammer figures and does cross-stitch! 
I may get Mitchell crocheting yet.

My Mum has just undergone some eye treatment, lasering,
she also has lots of other appointments to deal with.
She is still quite frail but managing to potter in her garden and 
plant up seedlings in her greenhouse. 

Littlelamb - pleased to hear you are out of hospital and hope you are recovering
well at your son's home.

And that's my week - apologies again no recipe,
we are freezer foragers at the moment!

This weekend I think a roast dinner might be on the menu with Elliott visiting.  
I'm deliberating whether to pop to the garden centre,
I need some large pots to go with the other dozen or so large pots I have,
I fear it is a little like buying yarn!

Take care friends, wishing you a lovely weekend.

Friday 7 May 2021

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday (or not so happy first thing here when realising 
Blogger had not published my updated post!)
I typed a super long FDD in my lunch hour yesterday
that has now disappeared. 
I'm thinking it was because I had it open on both my laptop downstairs and
PC upstairs that it chose to save and publish the wrong version - grhhh! 
So let's try again...

How was your Bank Holiday?
I must admit it did not feel like a Bank Holiday but I was grateful
for a longer weekend.

The Charity Kit sold out fast last Sunday, I do think the layered style 
of cards are more popular. What do you favour?

Please allow an extra day or two for them to arrive
because of the bank holiday.


Working full time seriously hampers crochet output!
I am pleased that I've managed to do all 64 squares of
the pattern testing project that I am doing -
Spiced Biscuits Blanket.

And the joining has begun...

There's a huge border to be added, 26 rounds and I need to have this done
by the 16th, I think I'll get there - nothing like having a deadline to 
get you into action.
I'm really happy with the colours - I see the ocean, sea foam,
Elliott announced 'they look like toothpaste colours!'

And the commission is finished, the one I called 'big and boring'.
Now it is finished I take that back, it's lovely, soft and squidgy.
Bella and the cats had their eyes on it as a nice bed so the photos
were quickly snapped before it was packaged up and sent off to its new home.

I used James C Brett Amazon Super Chunky - 14 balls in total with a 12mm hook.
I will be updating my Crochet page here on the blog shortly.


We have had some downpours this week and everything has had a growth spurt.
And look who is back - the squirrel has buried his afternoon snacks in my 
huge tree pots (thankfully those get covered in more plants come Summer)

He goes from pot to pot and then sits on the fence and nibbles his snack.
I know my neighbour find them a nuisance but I think adorable.
Bottoms up!


When I've sat down of an evening this week by constant viewing has been:

The Medici - Netflix
The struggles of the family who are the bankers to the Pope in the 1400s.

Three seasons to dive into.
So the Medici are real but the writers had a whale of a time embellishing
this I'm certain.  It is full of intrigue, murder, twists, gorgeous hair,
sumptuous gowns and I'm certain their teeth were never that white! 
That aside, I've found it wonderful viewing and the timeline is accurate,
the right people die at the right time! 
Dustin Hoffman stars in the first season along with Richard Madden -
Games of Thrones fame.

Other news:

I'm still being very cautious and not venturing very far at all.
My hermit status suits me, I've got very used to the food shop 
delivery once a week and walking Bella in my lunch break.
This is how she spends her afternoon whilst I'm back working -
she's not the most productive co-worker but I'm grateful for the company.

Elliott had his second vaccination this week and has been a little
poorly afterwards - the usual symptoms so I've been administering
motherly advice - plenty of fluids, paracetemol etc - he is picking up now.

And talking of poorly - so sorry to hear you are still in hospital Littlelamb,
I hope you will be home soon.

And I think that wraps up this week - sorry for the blogger mishap 
this morning.
I know my original post had a few more items but I'll save those for 
next week.

Take care friends, have a lovely weekend - let's hope it warms up.

Sunday 2 May 2021

Charity Kit Day - May 2021

 Hello friends

Happy Charity Kit Day.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at this month's kit. 
Each month a donation is made to a different charity and this month it is 
Caenhill Countryside Centre, a project which brings countryside learning 
to children, young people and communities.

I am so pleased we have a mix of big and little charities again this year.
To keep track of charities there is a tab at the top of my blog here.  
It details the 2021 chosen charities, clickable links and 
there's general kit info over there too

And here is this month's kit:
lots of layers of cream and with your choice of flower colour. 

Included in your kit:

Ivory card blank
Ivory envelope
Die cuts – Fabulous Fretwork x 2, Captivating Squares x 2,
Flowers x 5, Leaves x 2
Stamped and die cut rectangular sentiment
Full instructions
(Items you will need: adhesives, foam pads, pearls/gemstone, inks/pens)

The kits are packed in recyclable paper bags and sent in a 'do not bend' 
envelope so they arrive in pristine condition. 

To make up the kits you just need a basic craft kit, all pieces are pre-cut.

The kit cost this month is £5.25
that's the total payment - inclusive of postage and packing.

Payment is via the PayPal link below.

If you wish to purchase but would prefer not to use PayPal, please email me:

I'm happy to help with alternative payment arrangements.
It is possible to purchase multiple kits,
there's an option with PayPal for that too.

If you would like to support the kits but do not need one right now,
there is a 'Ko-fi' button', at the top of the blog, it's not really for coffee...
all donations enable me to purchase card blanks, envelopes, the paper bags,
sticky labels etc used each month.
It is truly a great help each month with Ko-fi donations,
so lots of thanks to those who donate.

Take care friends, as always - huge thanks for your support
and have a wonderful Bank Holiday.

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