Monday 31 March 2014

And That's A Wrap!

Hello friends
What a brilliant day yesterday...
as I arrived the sun was shining and a cruise ship sailed along the River Thames.
(photo taken from the car park near my shop)
The filming took place in the High Street.
I made some enquiries and it is apparently a university project and should hopefully be featured 
at a film festival - not quite a blockbuster but from small acorns... 
 The cars began to arrive... 
 At one point they needed more lighting and power so we had extension leads
running through the shop, I said it would be fine as long as the shop was featured in the filming! 
And while all this was happening Nikki was busy teaching her class!
It was superb and everyone enjoyed making their cards.
 The flowers are stunning... Vintage Floret stamped with Open Vintage Floret Stamp
and Mini Vintage Floret Stamp.
Gorgeous window image, also featured using this stamp - Raindrops on Roses Window.
Mary displaying her lovely card (that isn't a real bird on the birdcage behind Mary!)
Valerie laughing - at this point Elliott had appeared in the shop and 
was threatening to photo-bomb photos!
Valerie's card - you can really see the beautiful intricate details of the Raindrops on Roses die.
The Classic Leaf die with matching stamp - brings foliage into a whole new dimension! 
Sandra displaying her gorgeous card.
A resounding success with everyone and huge thanks to Nikki for travelling 
down to Gravesend - we want you to return soon Nikki!

Other news..Mother's Day!
I'm saving that to tomorrow blog post but delighted to report my boys did me proud -
but thinking I may have to give up on the tidy bedroom idea!

Also stop by tomorrow for the news of who won the knitted squares 
baby blanket - I asked Nikki to pick out the winning raffle ticket.

Take care friends - wishing you all a great start to the week.

Sunday 30 March 2014

Mother's Day and Winner!

Hello friends

The 'tidy bedroom' day has arrived! Who am I kidding!
Lacelady...your comment yesterday had me chuckling for ages :)

It is indeed Mother's Day and I'm heading to the studio/shop to 
greet Nikki Payne and lots of lovely ladies attending classes.
It is also the day of filming in the High Street so I will be sure to take some photos.

I have made my mum a Mother's Day card and that is going to be 
featured later today on the Scrapbook Adhesives blog.
So, today I'm sharing a previous Mother's Day card featuring Anemone Flower Topper,
to the bottom edge.  Teal and white - a lovely combo.

Ribbons flew out of the shop yesterday!
I know a couple of customers were not sure where to place the discount code 
so I'm detailing this in the picture below.
You need to be on the shopping bag/cart page of the website before you proceed to 
checkout.  In the top right hand corner there is a place to enter a coupon code,
type the magic words and then click 'apply'.
Hope that helps - always feel free to email me if you are experiencing problems with 
the website.

Look out for more offers (Newsletter subscribers receive them first so be sure to
nip across to the website and subscribe).
Spring stock cleaning is still in progress....

I am also today announcing the winner of the Heartfelt Creations Daisy Patch stamps,
thank you to everyone for commenting on last Wednesday's blog post.

The winner a nose!


Congratulations Claire- please drop me an email:
with your address details and I will pop them in the post first thing tomorrow.

Lots of new Heartfelt Creations products in stock which can be found here.

Have a wonderful day friends.

Saturday 29 March 2014

Ribbon Madness and Mother's Day Eve!

Hello friends

Thanks again for all the kind words for Elliott, he reads your comments
and has asked me to send his best wishes to you all.

Mother's Day tomorrow, I've been dropping hints all week at home!
Tidy bedrooms would be a bonus but I'm not sure that will happen...
tidy and teenage boys do not seem to mix!

What news do I have for you today?

Firstly, I am visiting the The Artistic Stamper in Faversham on Sunday 22 June to
host a Spellbinders® Create A Flower Masterclass.
All the details and to book are here - it is a full day class including buffet lunch - yum!
The project will be a box frame using each of the new Create A Flower
dies.  The completed flowers will be displayed as a pretty sampler for your home or as a gift. 
A lot of the die cutting will be done in advance so you will be spending quality creating time.

Jennie who owns The Artistic Stamper will be hosting a class at
Hope and Chances on 6 July - a Melt Pot Floral Fusion.
More details arriving soon but if you want to get to grips with a
melt pot this is the class for you!
Keep your eyes peeled...

If you subscribe to my Newsletter this offer will not be news to you...
you will have had sneak preview time and many of you have already ordered :)
If not, I'm sharing the special offer on ribbons, twine and washi tape.
By applying a discount code they are all half price!  Yes, HALF price!
I'm having a Spring clean to make room for new brands and lots of lovely items.

These are just a few in stock - if you fancy a browse click here,
there is some East of India ribbons included too!
Please enter the code

ribbon madness

at the checkout to qualify the 50% discount.

Tomorrow is Nikki Payne's classes at the shop/studio so this afternoon I will
be baking cakes in readiness.  We cannot possibly craft without cake!

Take care friends - stop by tomorrow for more news and craftiness!
Don't forget your clocks - Spring forward!

Friday 28 March 2014

Friday Die Day

Hello friends

You was expecting a flower wasn't you?!
I thought I would mix it up a little bit and bring you something else this 
Friday Die Day.

Today I'm featuring Wrought Iron - a Die D-Lite and incorporating it in a card (not a tag!)
This is how it looks cut/embossed.
I'm making a simple design card, the papers are Graphic 45 - Secret Garden.
Cut a piece of the script design to fit behind the Wrought Iron fencing.
Cut/emboss Sprigs and insert so it looks like it is growing...
I've used one of the tag dies from Back to Basics Tags, looped it over the top of the fence!
The stamped sentiment is one of Marion Emberson's stamp sets - It's All In The Words.
The card base, cream linen cardstock with a piece of green patterned paper - again,
Graphic 45 - Secret Garden.
Affix the decoration to the bottom section.
Tiny little flowers...
and black pearls to the middle.
Wrought Iron looks especially nice cut from Spellbinders Craft Foils -
Precious Metals - particularly for wedding/anniversary cards.

News on pre-orders....
Spellbinders have announced:
"the newest releases to your favourite Spellbinders retailers has begun".
(Ooooo that means not too much longer to wait!)
In celebration, from March 31st to April 4th,
Spellbinders are giving you a chance to win the newly released products.
There will be daily prizes, amazing tutorials and one lucky
GRAND PRIZE WINNER at the end of the week!

Click here for all the details - how brilliant!
I will be sure to keep you updated on all items being shipped.

And...thank you for all your good wishes yesterday, Elliott did brilliantly
with his MRI, so much so the hospital presented him with a gift -
all the Harry Potter books in a box set!
To say he was pleased is an understatement!

Have a lovely weekend - take care friends.

Thursday 27 March 2014

Home Decor Heart

Hello friends

Lots of visits yesterday, thank you to my new followers -
please stop by when you can, there is normally something every day
(along with that pup that hogs the limelight..Bella!)
I will be announcing the winner of the Heartfelt Creations stamps
at the weekend - still not too late if you haven't left a comment on yesterday's
blog post.

On Tuesday 15 April the Coffee and Create Class is a Home Decor Heart.
I've just put the finishing touches to the project so thought it would be nice to
share it with you all today.
On the day there will be a choice of papers to use - I went with
Graphic 45 - Secret Garden.

The flowers are created with Grand Peony and the foliage is Sprigs.
The mini wooden heart is also included, along with a bezel hatpin.
I'm discovering all different things can be placed inside the hatpins,
this is a tiny charm that I recycled from a.....bra!
I cannot recall what the 'SP' stood for... I'm sure it wasn't Smart Price!

All the class details can be found here.
The hearts are a nice size, 25cm so perfect for wall hanging.
I've taken on board that many of you would like my class projects as kits,
in fact kits all round seem very popular.
I promise they are on their way..and also please look out for the April Charity Kit.
Congratulations to Kathy Alpaca for winning the prize for the
February/March Charity Kit - enjoy your goodies.

Elliott has an MRI today so we are back to The Royal Marsden
and yes, you've guessed it...McDonalds!
Stop by Facebook later - there is bound to be photos!

Take care friends, I'm back tomorrow - Friday Die Day!

Wednesday 26 March 2014

A Heartfelt Giveaway!

Hello friends
My week is ticking along nicely and I feel inclined to....
have a giveaway!

In light of Nikki's class on Sunday featuring Heartfelt Creations dies and stamps
how about I offer a brand new pack of Daisy Patch stamps...!
There are 5 stamps in the set, already mounted onto foam so you just pop 
them onto your acrylic blocks.
They also match perfectly with the Daisy Patch die listed here.
Daisies are such pretty happy flowers.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post and a name will 
be picked out at the weekend.  
I might reinstate Bella as an employee!

Talking of Bella, when the rain had stopped Elliott and I took her to
the woods and I photographed the path that leads to the farmer's lane.
I've been trying to capture this spot in all seasons.
Within the woods the snowdrops are nearly finishing but the bluebells are beginning
to sprout - I cannot wait for the carpet of blue.
This is the same spot last December - very soggy!
Bella blends in with the leaves.
I'm back tomorrow - don't forget to leave a comment today.
Take care friends.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Oh So Pretty!

Hello friends

Today I can share with you the gorgeous tag card that everyone will 
It is very fitting for Mother's Day, flowers, ribbons and pearls.
As mentioned, Nikki designs for Heartfelt Creations and her tag card features
their dies, stamps and papers.
The inner tag/card. 
 A close up of the beautiful top of the tag.
Nikki's class is fully booked in the morning but there are just a few spaces left in the
afternoon.  Would you like to join us for an afternoon of crafting, tea and homemade cake?
All the details can be found here.  
What a lovely way to spend Mother's Day - I can't wait! 

I know many of you live too far away (where's that magic carpet when we need it!?)
but maybe you feel inspired by Nikki's tag card?  If so I've just received a stock of 
the Heartfelt Creation dies, stamps and papers and they can be found on the website here.

The notebooks were extremely popular yesterday!
I know they sold out very quickly so apologies to those who did not manage to purchase.
I am pleased to say that I've got a small supply of some slightly different
notebooks but equally craft-able (not sure that is a word but I like it!)
They are the same size, 15cm x 11cm, the spine is red as opposed to black.
There is also printing to the front that says 'snotes'!
I actually says 'notes' but I see it as 'snotes' or even, 'tesnot'!
Obviously you would be covering this with your pretty papers and more.

They are now on the website and the details are here.
Yesterday was a really productive day, I think having a tidy craft room helped
but yes, I agree it doesn't stay that way for long!

Take care friends, I'm back tomorrow.

Monday 24 March 2014

Monday and Raring to Go!

Hello friends

I hope you all had a good weekend.
Yesterday my work colleague Kelly and her brother ran the Brentwood half marathon
to raise funds for The Royal Marsden.
They offered to do this once they knew of Elliott's condition and treatment.
Their finishing time was 2.24 hours and so far they have raised £1,718.22 -
a Just Giving page was set up here.
Here they are sporting their Royal Marsden running tops.
An amazing achievement and Elliott and I are extremely grateful and proud of
both Kelly and Adam - thank you so much.

No blog post yesterday - I'm afraid I was buried under a mountain of craft projects!
This is what happens when you create for about eight hours straight...
 And much later after frantic tidying!
A clear desk - hurrah!
 I'm delighted to say that I feel like I've caught up and now raring to go
on other ideas, plans and more.

I took delivery of some new items for the shop and website including these...
the notebooks that are perfect for altering.
I searched high and low and eventually found a supplier - I'm happy now!
All the details are here.

Take care friends, it's the start of a new creative week!

Saturday 22 March 2014

Weekend Update

Hello friends
Thank you for asking after Elliott, his appointment on Thursday at
The Royal Marsden went well, he is overcoming his anxiety with all
the different scans and procedures he has to have. 
Next Thursday he will have an MRI and the
following week we will visit King's to learn the results.
Here he is enjoying one of his most favourite foods en route to hospital!
Mitchell is also fine - somewhat distracted a lot of the time (he has a girlfriend!)
We received some wonderful news this week, a charity connected to
The Royal Marsden are sending us to Torquay!
Elliott was promised a holiday once he completed his radiotherapy and
in May the three of us will be enjoying the English Riviera.
We are staying in the beautiful Vomero Apartments.
Anybody who has visited Torquay please send along advice and tips please.

One of these two items will not be coming along ....

Sorry Bella - no dogs allowed!
But no fear of her being home alone - my parents will look after their grand-dog perfectly :)
The Grand Calibur will definitely be packed,
I think I will be able to sneak in some craft time.

Today I'm going back right to the beginning and sharing one of the first
Spellbinders projects I ever made...
A little card using Labels Twenty-Two.
The bird is from a retired die set called Cuckoo Clocks but thankfully Spellbinders
know how popular birds are and there are lots of birdy options!

So what is everyone up to today?
I'm in the shop busy creating - who else is crafting?
Take care friends.

Friday 21 March 2014

Friday Die Day

Hello friends
Fridays certainly come around quickly and despite planning I'm normally
typing this blog post very late Thursday night!
This week, keeping with my flowery theme and very appropriate as
Spring has definitely sprung ... Create A Lily.

You receive 5 die templates with this set and this is how they look cut/embossed.
Again, as in previous Create A Flower dies, leaves and petals are on the same die
this definitely speeds things up and minimises the risk of dies going into hiding on your craft table!
For a more authentic lily, I've added a little distress ink Fired Brick to the petals and stamen.
(I'm using the new Mini Distress Ink Pads available here - perfect for smaller die cuts).
Another nice idea is to add some dots with a white gel pen.
Roll the stamen using the end of your pokey tool.
Again, using your pokey tool shape the petals and leaves.
Also roll the calyx to create a little 'cup'.
You can then start to insert your petals into the calyx and glue down.
A view from the back to show you how the petals build.
Once your petals are in place add your rolled stamen to the middle.
Finally add your leaves.
A ruler in place to give you an idea of size.
The finished Lily - as soon as it was made I wanted to do one in pink!
Create A Lily is available to pre-order here.
Take care friends and have a brilliant weekend.
Spring is here!

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