Saturday 29 March 2014

Ribbon Madness and Mother's Day Eve!

Hello friends

Thanks again for all the kind words for Elliott, he reads your comments
and has asked me to send his best wishes to you all.

Mother's Day tomorrow, I've been dropping hints all week at home!
Tidy bedrooms would be a bonus but I'm not sure that will happen...
tidy and teenage boys do not seem to mix!

What news do I have for you today?

Firstly, I am visiting the The Artistic Stamper in Faversham on Sunday 22 June to
host a Spellbinders® Create A Flower Masterclass.
All the details and to book are here - it is a full day class including buffet lunch - yum!
The project will be a box frame using each of the new Create A Flower
dies.  The completed flowers will be displayed as a pretty sampler for your home or as a gift. 
A lot of the die cutting will be done in advance so you will be spending quality creating time.

Jennie who owns The Artistic Stamper will be hosting a class at
Hope and Chances on 6 July - a Melt Pot Floral Fusion.
More details arriving soon but if you want to get to grips with a
melt pot this is the class for you!
Keep your eyes peeled...

If you subscribe to my Newsletter this offer will not be news to you...
you will have had sneak preview time and many of you have already ordered :)
If not, I'm sharing the special offer on ribbons, twine and washi tape.
By applying a discount code they are all half price!  Yes, HALF price!
I'm having a Spring clean to make room for new brands and lots of lovely items.

These are just a few in stock - if you fancy a browse click here,
there is some East of India ribbons included too!
Please enter the code

ribbon madness

at the checkout to qualify the 50% discount.

Tomorrow is Nikki Payne's classes at the shop/studio so this afternoon I will
be baking cakes in readiness.  We cannot possibly craft without cake!

Take care friends - stop by tomorrow for more news and craftiness!
Don't forget your clocks - Spring forward!


Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Tidy bedrooms, no chance until they are at least 22/23 : ) I love the sound of the Flower Box frame. Enjoy your baking today and the classes tomorrow (I was a day ahead of myself yesterday, wasn't I!) I must pop over to your shop to see the bargains. Take care.

Chris said...

Good morning Christine, the flower looks lovely, I only wish I could attend you class. Please take lots of photos for us. Hope you have a lovely time with your class tomorrow.
Chris xx

Valerie said...

Good Morning Christine, Looking forward to the class tomorrow and the cake. Valerie

Inkypinkycraft said...

good luck with the bedrooms! wish i was closer!

Magzeeann said...

Hi Christine.I think that tidy bedrooms with teenagers is even less likely than a tidy craft room with us crafter's (but we DO see the need to tidy fairly regularly!)The new classes sound great.Enjoy tomorrow's class~looking forward to the photos. Hugs,
Maggie x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine. Good Luck with the bedrooms haha !! I have already hinted at my prezzie, I'm getting 'Mary Berry Cooks' book off my Daughter. I was busy making a cake and the filling/topping last night for our Church fundraiser today, I bought tickets and volunteered to make my Coffee and Walnut cake (they especially asked for it !!) before realising that I had double-booked myself on that day, but still volunteered the cake. As always when you want your cake to be 'perfect' it inevitably goes wrong, mine did last night, it didn't rise enough, so made another one with new flour, which turned out great. My hubby is taking the original one to work on Monday, so they will be pleased haha. I'm off to a craft show at Port Sunlight today. My hubby is going to take the cake to Church for me, he is an angel.
Have a lovely day.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Love the sound of the flower box frame, that flower is gorgeous.
Hope your class goes well.
Enjoy your Mothers Day.

Mary by the Sea said...

Morning Christine, well done Elliott. So looking forward to tomorrows workshop.
Not sure about the tidy rooms,if you have a tidy room you can't be enjoying or learning about life, well that was the excuse I tried to use as a kid. Apparently I was worse than my brothers.
Take care see you tomorrow afternoon...x

Janice said...

Morning Christine
I hope your boys have heard your hints! 😉
The flower box frame sounds lovely, I'm sure the ladies will enjoy your class.
Have a lovely day, esp this afternoon baking your wonderful cakes for tomorrow.....yum!
Janice x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine
Today's flower is really pretty,love the idea of the box frame.
Your half price offer on ribbons etc is great ,I will go over and have a look.
Hope you have a good day baking the cakes etc,I wish we could all be with you to share them. Take care. x.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, uhmmm yummy cake I am feeling hungry thinking about it. Hope everyone has a wonderful time tomorrow, I am certain you will though.
The create a flower masterclass sounds wonderful. Too far a way unfortunately for me.
Lovely to see all the ribbons stacked neatly in colours and styles in that lovely cabinet.
Have a lovely day.
Elizabeth x

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, love the flower I think they are all very pretty. Don't worry about the boys bedrooms they will eventually get better. Enjoy your mothers day love Jean Z xx

Lacelady said...

Lovely flower Christine - I know what you mean about tidy bedrooms. I only had girls, but in desperation, I unscrewed the legs from their beds, so that they were on the floor, because I was completely fed up with having to find dirty mugs under them!

Debbie Tinks said...

Love the flower have a nice weekend x

Carole Z said...

Oh I love everything Artistic Stamper and wish I lived near enough for your workshop! I also love my melt pot, which I had for Christmas 2012 and use it all the time..would recommend anyone who has one and hasn't used it (I know that happens a lot)- first of all 'use it' you'll soon want to 'melt' everything! Then if you're close by, enrol for the Hope & Chances class!
Good Luck with the bedrooms :) Hugs Carole Z X

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
Tidy Bedrooms "WHAT " you are asking an awful lot there Good Luck for that one Christine .

You are such a very busy lady, and you seem to thrive on it as your blog oozes excitement and enthusiasm .

I just love the flower you will be using for the flower box frame
Enjoy your day with Nikki just wish i was with you .

Take Care
Elaine H X

Maggie said...

Hello. I can see you don't have girls. The words tidy and bedroom cannot and will not ever go together. They really do say that they have nothing to wear when the floor is invisible! Have a lovely day tomorrow. xxMargaretxx

Sandra said...

Good morning Christine,
Teenagers & tidy bedrooms.....there's two words that don't go together!
When I do 'insist' (which usually involves some form of bribery) I swear I go in their rooms and their beds seem two inches higher, due to the fact that tidying involves forcing as much stuff out if site as possible and then the thing that really frustrates me is ........picture the scene..three teenage girls getting ready to go out....15 outfit changes later they are ready, the 14 discarded outfits are strewn around the bedroom,bathroom & hallway, so mean mum then insists on tidying up, where would you imagine those 3 x 14 outfits might go? Back in wardrobe? Not a chancery all end up screwed up tightly and placed in the dirty laundry hamper! Hence I have a new habit now of 'tentatively' sniffing the laundry and returning it to their wardrobes!
I would like to add that under no circumstances would I use that kind of laundry sorting for my sons clothes, that would be a health hazard (he is a farmer)!
I have put my wish,Ustinov on the fridge door with a Christine visit at gage top of the lust, so fingers crossed I may get a lovely outing to Kent sometime very soon.
Patricia, your Coffee & Walnut cake has got me craving cake!
Happy Mothers Day ladies
Sandra xxx

Janice said...

Hi Christine, hope everything goes well tomorrow for Nikki's class. Hope the weather stays sunny. I don't hold out much hope for your mother's day request from teenage boys, I've still got the youngest at home (22) and he is still just as messy as when he was 13 !!
Happy mother's day to all mums tomorrow. Janice xx

Anonymous said...

Have a fab day with the demo Christine. And have a lovely mothers day xx

Ita said...

Hi Christine I hope you have a great day on Sunday.
The flower is lovely,I am happy Eillott is doing well,and also Michael.

hazel young said...

Lovely flower Christine, so glad the mri went well. Have a great mothering Sunday xx hazel

SusanP, Kent said...

Hope you have your wishes granted tomorrow. Enjoy.

Craftychris said...

Good luck with those rooms! Loving the flower and what a fab sale you are having! xx

Laura O said...

enjoy your class tomorrow ,would love to attend but am to far away.Laura O

LoraineC said...

Messy boys are a thing of the past for me although my daughter was just as bad, they have all flown the nest now. Now a melt pot class would be really good for me as I just stare at mine!!! Hope your classes go well this weekend and Happy Mother's Day everyone x

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