Wednesday 5 March 2014


Hello friends

NEWS FLASH - little gremlin in the website today,
apologies if you are trying to order.  Techy-man is on the case and hopefully
resolved soon but please feel free to email if you need anything -
there's always the old fashioned way of dealing with orders! :)

Yesterday was a very busy and productive day.
A new display unit was delivered to the shop which will enable more dies to be set out.
(Silly me forgot to order more display hooks but that will be organised soon!)
 Furniture was moved around, dusting, sweeping and cleaning. 
Elliott was there!
The window has had a Spring makeover too...Bella is still there!
It was a tremendous amount of work and none of it would have been possible 
without Sally.  In fact I would like to introduce you to Sally, this very special lady
has kindly offered to help with Hope and Chances Creativity.  
If you happen to visit the shop it is possible that you will meet Sally and from
4 April she is stepping in enabling the shop to be open on Fridays while I'm at my City job.

 Sally is a crafter and fully understands what us crafters need!
Personally I think she's an angel in disguise :)
It has been hard to juggle everything on top of Elliott's appointments
so I am enormously grateful.

And, talking of Elliott's appointments we are at The Royal Marsden today,
via McDonalds of course! 

Take care friends. 


Chris said...

Good morning Christine, the shop is looking gorgeous and Hello to Sally. Hope all goes well today for Elliott and the journey isn't too stressful. Chris x

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

It is looking good Christine. I am sure Sally will be a huge help to you she looks lovely. Good luck to Elliott today! Susan xx

Magzeeann said...

Hello Christine. The shop is looking amazing~ it's good to know that you have another helper,Hi Sally! Fingers crossed for a good outcome today for Elliott, enjoy your trip to McD's.Love and hugs to you all,
Maggie x

Anne O said...

Hi Christine
Can't wait to visit again! And hello to Sally too! I met her at your open day when we chatted for ages! So pleased to know she's helping you.
Anne O

Carole Z said...

Hello Sally! Good to see you have more help Christine and wow is your shop looking good! Lovely photo with Elliott looking so happy - hope all goes well today, hugs Carole Z X

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Hello to Sally, I'm sure Sally will be a great asset to you.
Elliot looks very happy, and the shop looks amazing.
Hope all goes well today at the R/M and Elliot gets to enjoy his McDonalds.

hazel young said...

Shop looks fabulous, just wish i lived closer. Well done to all 3 of you looks like you pulled out all the stops to get everything perfect. Love Elliott's photo and great to hear that Sally is helping you out. Have a great day xx hazel

Sally said...

Hi Christine, Thank you for your lovely mention. I am not an angel though, just one crafter friend helping another crafter friend, it's what friends should do. I look forward to meeting lots of other crafters when they visit your shop, especially all these ladies who comment on your blog.

I had a great day yesterday, it was lovely spending time with Elliott, he did make me laugh. I have to say it brought back memories of when my children were young. Thank you.

Good luck today, hope all goes smoothly.
Sally xx

Ann said...

Morning Christine

Wow the shop looks fabulous and I love the picture of Elliott he looks great. Sally your a star that is what Friends are all about Bless you.
Hope all goes well at the Hospital and Elliott enjoys his Maccie "d" s
Hugs Annxx

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine , The shop looks gorgeous so pretty, Hi Sally nice to see you and so good for Christine to have someone to help. Love to Elliott hope all goes well and especially enjoy McDs. all my love Jean Z xxx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Your shop looks great.
It is so nice you have found Sally it must be a great help.
Welcome Sally.
I hope all goes well to day,
Take care. x.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. The shop looks so inviting and love the beautiful daffodils is the window.
Love Elliot doing a happy pose. Good Luck today.
Hi to Sally. I´m sure she´ll be a wonderful asset to you.
Love Val x

marg said...

Hello Christine
The shop looks beautiful and thank goodness for Sally!
Good Luck at the hospital,and enjoy your McDonalds Elliott!
Love Marg

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. The shop is looking so pretty. I wish we had places that looked as good around here! How lucky that you have a friend to help you and to take some of the pressure off you when you can't be at the shop. Hi Sally, thank you for helping Christine. Elliott looks fine in the pic! Cheeky monkey:) Our eldest son used to manage to get at leaset an arm or a leg into most pics, we didn't used to realise until we got them processed(yes, I know I am showing my age!)Funny but he hates having his pic taken now! I will be thinking of Elliott, and you of course, hope that all goes well at the Marsden. Take care.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, I hope today's appointment goes well with Elliott, Macdonalds will be glad you are back to increase their 'takings' haha.
Your shop/studio is looking stunning, loving the piccie of Elliott with his 'jazz hands'.
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, to Sally, your little 'angel'.
Sending you huge hugs.
I'm off to Church shortly for the 'ashing' Service.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Rita said...

Good Morning Christine. The shop is looking Tickety Boo and if I was nearer the kind of shop I would love to visit time and again. How kind of Sally to offer her services and that alone must mean a lot to you. Good Luck with Elliott's appointment today and I hope he enjoys his Big Mac afterwards. Hugs Rita xxx

Janice said...

Morning Christine
Your shop is looking brilliant and well done to Sally & Elliot for helping you. It's great that Sally is going to be there on a Friday for you. She's a lovely lady and very helpful, so I'm sure she will be good for your business!
Hope all goes well today at the hospital.
Janice x

ros hodgkins said...

Hello Christine, Wow your shop is looking great.Sally sounds wonderful and if she can stand in for you on "London" days it provides continuity for your local shoppers.
X Ros

loftylass said...

Good morning Christine... you know Angels come in many disguises!
Your shop is looking so chic and pretty...the window display is looking very clean fresh and tempting...
Hope Elliott has a good day.. enjoy your MacD.

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, wow the shop is looking amazing, so many goodies for us! Well done to Sally its good for you to have a helping hand. Good luck to Elliott for his appointment today but im sure he will love the McDonalds! Emma xxxx

Unknown said...

Shop looks great and welcome, Sally.
Janice W

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

The shop is looking fantastic

Sally sounds like an angel in disguise, a true friend

Good luck at the hospital today

Sue xx

Layerlass67 said...

Morning Christine, the shop does really look beautiful, very up market and actually, Elliott looks amazingly well and happy too. Hope all goes well at the hospital today. Enjoy your McDs. Also glad to see you have Sally to help you with the shop. Take care. Hugs. Gemma xx

Laura O said...

good luck with appointment today ,and well done on all the work done yesterday .Laura O

Lacelady said...

Your shop makeover looks great Christine, and welcome to Sally too!

Hope all goes well at Elliott's appt.

Janice said...

Hi Christine, glad you were able to make Sally work hard for you.... I'm sure she is a great help. Will make an effort and go down and see her in action soon !!!! Hope all goes well today, enjoy your McDonalds. Janice xx

Craftychris said...

The shop is looking fabulous and with Sally helping, it should make things much easier for you. I hope the appointment goes really well today! xxx

Carolyn H. said...

Hi Christine, My goodness, you have all been working hard at the studio. It looks fantastic. Wish oh wish I lived closer, would just love to visit.
Welcome to Sally, guess we will be hearing more about you as time goes on. Good luck at the Marsden today will be thinking of you Elliott. Love Carolyn.

Teresa said...

The shop looks gorgeous as does the happy face on Elliot that i saw popping through one of the photographs ;) So cute! My best wishes and hope your classes fill up and you all have a really fun time being creative with everyone ...

SusanP, Kent said...

Your shop is absolutely beautiful and Elliott looks full of the joys of Spring! It's a gorgeous day today - long may it continue. I'd quite like my own 'Sally' - Any more like her at home? Hope your day goes well.

Stamping Bubbles said...

The shop looks wonderful Christine. It is a pity I don't live in the area. Great thing the internet was invented eh!
Good luck to Elliot for today.

AnneRD said...

The shop is looking lovely Christine, Elliott must be a wizz with the duster! From the comments made by those in the know you have a real treasure in Sally.
Hope today's appointment went well. Anne x

Anonymous said...

Shop looks fab ! Hello to Sally ! Hope all went well xx

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