Friday 30 November 2012

Friday Die Day

Hello friends
I'm wondering how many Fridays until Christmas...I could look but I'm a bit scared -
I have to got to get to grips with some serious Christmas shopping!
I had a truly wonderful time yesterday, spending time with my Design Team
Coordinator and her hubby topped with a Christmas pub lunch.
I was sad to wave goodbye - they are flying back to the States this weekend so
I wish them both safe travels.
Back to FDD...
This week I'm featuring one of the new Die D-Lites - Wrought Iron
I instantly liked this die, reminding of Victorian railings and the sizing is so very useful for cards and tags...!
This is how it looks cut/embossed.
I've used Bazill cardstock, it cuts perfectly but always so much easier to remove from the 
die template with the addition of waxed paper.
 I selected a tag and some festive papers - Echo Park - A Very Merry Christmas
Adhered to the tag.
Placing the die cut along the bottom, lining up the top horizontal railing with the 
edge of the patterned paper. 
I must admit then...I decided to go with speed - it occurred to me this was a useful 
design for lots of parcel tags so I didn't want to make it too complicated.
Just the addition of some tiny snowflakes (Create A Flake Three) and a little stamped tag. 
 I wanted the focus to be the railings and I think this works by teaming it with black ribbon.
Equally this die will work so well with threading through some foliage and tiny flowers...I must try that!
Have a wonderful weekend - I'm taking my Mum to Chester and Chatsworth House.
We've had this weekend trip booked for a while and although I'm busy I'm really looking 
forward to going away - doing some Christmas shopping and bringing home something nice for Bella....
oh and the boys of course! 
I will schedule my blog posts while I'm away but checking in between shopping trips.
Take care friends.

Thursday 29 November 2012

Fifth Avenue Tag and Leather Bottle

Hello friends
I often look at the titles for my blog posts and think they sound somewhat random - 
today's title is a perfect example of that!
The Leather Bottle refers to this pub.
This is where I am taking my Spellbinders™  Design Team Coordinator and her hubbie for lunch
today.  It is Cobham in Kent, dates back to the 1600s and has strong associations with
Charles Dickens.  Nothing like a country pub and a Christmas dinner - yummy!
And now to a crafty project.
This is the tag that I featured on the show on Tuesday made from Melissa Frances - Fifth Avenue papers.
All very pretty, subtle and vintage designs.
The tiny leaves and flowers are from Homespun.

Thanks for all your kind comments regarding the shows - 
it really does help when you know you've got friends tuning in.
Before I go - a photo I posted on Facebook last night....two loves of my life!
Back tomorrow - FDD - they come around so quickly!
Take care.

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Upcycling Little Boxes!

Hello friends
My final project upcycling boxes - this time little boxes.
I've got a combination here of light bulbs, face cream and more!
Instead of wrapping paper around each box, I cut a panel of patterned paper for each side, 
this defined the edges more and then I inked them with Tea Dye.
I used a combination of dies including Frosty Forms and Layered Poinsettia.
Added lace and ribbon and sparkly gems.  It very much evolved, just adding bits here and there.

Thank you to those who emailed into the TV studio yesterday - so nice to see familiar names.
I did feel a little bit like a duck out of water, it was very much going in blind as someone
else had created all the sample cards and we had a bit of a hair raising moment when we
couldn't find any demo products.  I had put together some of my signature projects -
chocolate wrapper, shopping list and tag (of course) so I was able to show those.
Stamping was thrown at me when I really wasn't prepared - so it kept me on my toes and
hopefully it didn't disappoint.  Have to say those Tilda Sewing Bird papers are
gorgeous - really thick and beautiful designs - very Cath Kidston (not allowed to say that on air!)

I will feature my TV projects shortly - a couple are being sent out to the Spotty
Cup Winners - congratulations to those!

Tomorrow is a very very exciting day for Spellbinders Design Team Coordinator -
Cathy Chlebana is here in the UK and she is making a special trip to Gravesend to see me!
I've organised a Christmas pub lunch and she is going to take a look at my studio and new shop
(although sadly the shop is still empty, still a delay on the paperwork etc).
I will hopefully be posting photos.
Goodness - that's a lot of reading there today.
Take care friends.

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Upcycling a Camembert Box! Pet Gallery too...

Hello friends
Another 'upcycled' box to share with you.
This time you get to eat the cheese first then use the box!
So very simple, Layered Poinsettias - stencilled and inked. I cut the leaves from a 
green gingham check paper which I thought looked effective and mirrored the 
check tissue paper that came with the cheese!
Tiny bit of pretty lace, twine and a mini inked tag.
It makes you look at boxes in a different way - go on check in your cupboards/larders!
Yesterday Susan asked about chipboard - I often use cereal packaging but for thicker chipboard
I purchase 12x12 sheets - I have found some here.

Also today, I would like to introduce you to......Patsy.
Patsy is a Cavalier King Charles and now happily lives with Kathy on her farm with lots of alpacas.
Kathy explains: "Patsy was a breeding bitch and was rescued just before the breeder was going 
to put her down, she was kept in a cage and did not know what going for a walk was!
She is very timid, but has bonded with me and always sits by me for a cuddle in the evening. 
She is pictured in her favourite spot on the sofa."

Thank goodness Kathy came to the rescue.  You are beautiful Patsy and I'm so pleased
you are another lucky dog that gets to snuggle up on the sofa!
A treat is on its way to you.

Just a little call out to any cats ...lots of dogs waiting to feature in the Pet Gallery but not 
many cats.  Come on cats you can't let the side down! And, of course, a call out to
other pets too - no goldfish yet...!

Lovely response to the VELCRO® giveaway: 10 names have been picked out
(I didn't think Bella could quite manage picking out lots of names
so youngest son did a whizzy generator thing!)
Packs will be winging their way to:

Elaine H
Lucy C
Victoria H
Julie C
Sue P
Christine S
Laraine B
Carol P
Wilma B
Sue W

TV day for can see me on Create and Craft at 3pm and 7pm.
Please email in to the studio - I really hope they get to read them out.
Take care friends.

Monday 26 November 2012

Upcycling a Tissue Box!

Hello friends
Thank you for your emails yesterday - I will be listing the 10 lucky names tomorrow.
In this month's edition of Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine I was 
asked to do an 'upcycling' feature.  The 'mission' was to create projects from boxes.
This is a regular square tissue box that I've altered.
I chose to cut and adhere chipboard to reinforce the panels and covered those with patterned paper.
The lid piece of chipboard was scored to create a flap, I placed a magnet underneath
but you could use VELCRO®!
I've used Classic Petal Edgeabilities® under the flap and Layered Poinsettia 
and Foliage for the lid.  A smaller poinsettia for the front panel with a pretty bling heart.
It really didn't take too long to create and it always feels good to re-use something you
would normally throw away.
I have some more upcycling of box projects to share with you soon.

I have some TV news - tomorrow I will be on Create and Craft - I am doing two 
shows 3pm and 7pm called 'Paper Pleasures'. 
I'm stepping in because Dawn Bibby is unwell so it has been a little last minute.
I've been very lucky that another lady has done a lot of prep for the shows so I'm going to 
be demonstrating some of her projects but I do hope to add a few of my own -
possibly a tag or two!
I had better start making some....
Take care friends - hope none of you got blown away with the blustery weather!

Sunday 25 November 2012

Tag-tastic and VELCRO® Giveaway!

Hello friends
Do I like a tag?? Oh yes I do and I think I'm gaining a bit of a tag reputation!
Today's tag is definitely a Christmas one -  I adore this little reindeer from Frosty Forms
and I've added some tiny Bitty Blossoms too.  Bitty Blossoms have been used on 
so many of my projects recently and I'm glad to say they are at last in my Amazon shop.
The papers are Authentique - Festive and the stamp in the background is Alpha Writing.
 A close up  - the red scroll is from Fleur de lis Motifs.
  Elaine has created the very pretty tag below, she says that I've inspired her to make tags
which has made me feel very happy - I would like to spread tag-fever!
Elaine's tag is lovely and the addition of lace is always a pretty touch.
Yesterday I mentioned a VELCRO® giveaway - well, they've arrived!
I've got 10 packets of these Super Slim Stick On pads - all you need to do is send me an email 
headed up with 'Christine - I'm going to stick with you!'
I will then draw out 10 lucky names - don't forget to include your postal address in your email please.
Have a super Sunday dear friends.

Saturday 24 November 2012

Scrapbook Soup! Advent Frames and more!

Hello friends
Firstly something totally unrelated to Christmas!
This is a scrapbook layout that I created for Spellbinders™  and I was thrilled to see that it has been
featured on a US craft show called Scrapbook Soup.  And even more thrilling...
Stacey Caron - President of Spellbinders™  is the lady demonstrating it!
The full video can be viewed here and my project pops up
at about 7 minutes 30 seconds into the video.
Oh yes, the sad looking little girl in the photo! appears that the video my have disappeared :(
I think they get updated each week but I will try to find a link ....
Also, all the instructions and products for this scrapbook page can be found here.

Next up some VELCRO® news!
I've been in touch with the company regarding those slim VELCRO® pads and they are
due to be launched over here next month but...I've got quite a few packs on their way to me which
I will most definitely want to give away so more news on that soon.

As December is so speedily approaching it will not be long before we start to open our
Advent Calendars.  I perhaps should mention I have just one Advent Frame kit left!
It proved very successful and thank you to all those who purchased.
If anyone would like the lonely last kit... please email or click on the 'Kits and Bits' button.
(A few frames on their own are still available)
Last Sunday's Advent frame class went well and Sally who attended
went away with a further kit to make an Advent Calendar for her grandchildren.
She had the idea of creating an outer decorative frame with the
grandchildren's names but made it detachable for easy storage,
 and, of course, if she felt like changing the colour one year.
And...guess what she used to make it detachable.....VELCRO!
Thank you Sally for sending over the photo - I love seeing all your creations.
Today is Christmas Plaque class - more photos coming soon.
Take care friends - have a lovely weekend.

Friday 23 November 2012

Friday Die Day

Hello friends
In the midst of wet cold weather and preparations for Christmas I thought this Friday
I would go for....butterflies! 
These are Wonderful Wings and my goodness...they are WONDERFUL!
These are a Grand template and you receive 10 dies. 
For each butterfly shape you receive a  solid shadow that is slightly larger than the intricate butterflies 
die templates.  This enables you to layer if you wish.
These is how they look cut/embossed.
And this is going to be a butterfly tag!
I arranged three of the intricate butterfly dies, securing them with
I then stamped over the entire tag with Texture Script Stamp
Place some festive patterned paper behind each butterfly aperture.
You can neaten the back by applying another tag or just some cardstock cut to the shape.
I then replaced my intricate butterfly die cuts, inking the edges of each one.
Added some tiny crystal gems and ribbons.
A close up.  I did succumb to Christmas a butterfly way!
Have a lovely Friday dear friends.
Take care.

Thursday 22 November 2012

Christmas Plaque

Hello friends
Here it is as promised...a sneak peek of the Christmas Plaque for 
this Saturday's class.
And would that be a Layered Poinsettia you can see???  Of course it is! 
It still needs a few little bits added, I tend to tweak for hours!
For those of you who live too far away to attend a class - I wish I could invent some form of rapid
 travel - a sort of crafty Tardis, wouldn't that be something! 
Because I'm in a 'plaque mood' I thought I would share with you some previous
plaques that I have created.
One for the 'Home'.
And this one is on a Valentine theme.
The blank plaques are available to purchase.  I'm afraid they are a little bit weighty 
so the price including postage and packing is £9.95.
Please email me if you would like to purchase -
I am pleased to report that coming soon ...a brand new website with a shop,
it will have whizzy clicky buttons to purchase items which will be so much easier.

Quick answer to yesterday's question regarding where to buy the slim VELCRO® pads - well, I'm waiting to find out myself!  I've emailed the company and will hopefully have answer very soon.
Take care friends.
I'm back tomorrow for...........FDD!

Wednesday 21 November 2012

VELCRO®, Birthday Thanks and Pet Gallery Day!

Hello friends
Well today is a mixture but firstly I want to say a huge thank you for 
all the lovely birthday wishes yesterday - so very kind of you to take the time to wish me a happy day.
I must admit I got caught up with craft deadlines so my birthday only really started
around teatime but nonetheless it was lovely, I received some special treats including....
a microwave for the kitchen in the new shop!  
I thought it would be nice for those attending a class to have the option to heat up food etc.
My sister made me a wonderful cake (with lots of marzipan which I adore).
Here is my little family and Bella, of course!  She didn't forget my birthday - quite amazingly she
went out and bought me a poinsettia plant!
 Back to today.....
I'm featuring a pretty gift bag created from an envelope, a use of VELCRO®
and pets - bit of a long blog post so best pop that kettle on!
This is a little Christmas bag created from an envelope.
(I have a You Tube vidoe showing how these gift bags are made - link on my sidebar).
For this one I used a combination of dies including Layered Poinsettia cut from felt, 
Labels Twenty TwoHolly Motifs, Banner Basics Two. 
  Normally I use a mini peg to close my bags but then I hit upon the idea of using these slim
stick on VELCRO® pads.
They really are slim and stick beautifully. 
So another use for VELCO®.

Also today....Pet Gallery and this time something a little different - hens!
These beauties belong to Carole.
Firstly this is Penny - a Buff Orpington.
Carole says "this is Penny aged 14 weeks, she's was a big chick then…now she is massive!"
And this cheeky looking character is Bella!
She is a  Bluebelle hen aged 9 months and loves climbing, especially to the top of the grapevine for grapes!
Hens that can climb - incredible! 
Thank you Carole, a little gift is on its way to you. I wasn't sure what hens would like so I'm hoping they don't mind if you receive something crafty instead!
Some Christmas plaque sneak peeks tomorrow and yes, the plaques will be available to
purchase undecorated, details to follow very soon.
Take care friends - I'm back tomorrow.

Tuesday 20 November 2012


Hello friends
Today a card that I have created for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
It appeared on their blog yesterday with some step by step instructions.
If you do have a spare minute I'm always very thankful if you could leave a comment over there.  
The papers are Authentique - Peaceful.
It was a simple card to put together, just using pieces of the patterned paper and 
Parisian Accents  for the border and medallion shape.   
3D Foam Pads always add that extra effective dimension.

A peaceful card but I'm not so sure it will be peaceful in my little world today - 
I've got things planned and a family meal this evening because it is ....
my birthday today! 

I will probably have photos to share ..I've asked Bella if she has been gift shopping but
she's keeping quiet! 

Before I go - answers to questions:
The pretty charm used on my card yesterday is from Bo Bunny -
is it also part of Father Christmas Collection and called a trinket - you can buy them from here.

I was asked about a 'Spellbinders' magazine yesterday.  Just to clarify, the magazine has been produced by 
Creative Expressions, not Spellbinders™ .  

Have a good day - I'm off to eat lots of cake! 
Take care.

Monday 19 November 2012

Still on a Christmas Theme!

Hello friends
Because I'm still on my rediscovery of how brilliant Edgeabilities®  are,
today is another festive card - this time featuring Classic Scallop.
Again using the Bo Bunny papers - Father Christmas Collection,
and look ....I've managed to incorporate 3 tags on a card!
I've used blocks of patterned paper, divided in the middle with lace, the scallop border
and inserted the three tags behind (the tags are cut from patterned paper).
Added a couple of brads and a pretty charm.
So very vintage!

So we are all agreed: films featuring dogs are way too emotional, It's A Wonderful Life is superb and possibly putting my tree up now is a tiny weeny bit early!
I'm unlikely to snap out of my festive mood for a long time to come as I'm heading off to my studio
this morning to create a festive plaque.
Here they are lined up at the wood workshop after a coat of paint.
I'm going to be using Echo Park - Very Merry Christmas paper stack,
one of these and more goodies are included for each person at the class...and I have a space left.
The class is on Saturday 11am to 2pm.  If you feel like getting festive drop me an email
I will be posting plaque-progress photos very soon!
Take care friends.

Sunday 18 November 2012

Nearly forgot!

Hello friends
I was so involved in doing jobs yesterday it got till nearly midnight before I thought...
goodness I haven't scheduled a blog post!  
So here are my midnight ramblings....
let's go for something Christmassy - all those films on Christmas 24 have 
definitely got me in the spirit and I totally agree with Patricia -
the ones that feature dogs have me in tears! 
Also thanks to Yorkshire Sue for the advice on my pins when I'm sewing - jolly useful to know.
Today's card is one that I have featured before but I know I have new followers so I thought
it would be good to show how brilliant those Edgeabilites® are, here I've used 
Classic Ric Rac on the edge of my card.
The papers are Bo Bunny - Father Christmas Collection.
I used various panels, distressing and inking some - Tea Dye,
little bit of twine and some matching Bo Bunny brads.
Today I have an advent frame class in my crafty studio.  The ladies that are attending are those
that I met at a craft club recently.  
Don't forget if you attend a craft club I would love to come along and say hello.
Have a wonderful Sunday - is it too early to put up the Christmas tree???
Take care friends.

Saturday 17 November 2012

I do love a bag!

 Hello friends
It has been quite a long standing joke in my family about how many bags I own!
It is true that I do love a bag and I was immediately impressed with this pretty one.
My Mind's Eye have chosen to bring out a range of DIY tote bags.
I set out to buy one and see what it was like to make.

 What you get in your box is a fabric panel that is all labelled up, so you just need to cut out along the lines.
It is good quality and such a pretty design.
 You also receive a flower embellishment, crystal brad and pin.
(I chose to go my own design way with this part of the design....all will be revealed!)
 Handles cut out, I just cut the labels out too so I knew what was what.
 I'm a very lazy sewing person - I never tack, always a row of pins for me!
 My trusty little Elna sewing machine that I received when I was a teenager!
 It really was very simple to make, all the instructions are on the inside of the box cover.
It was always stitching straight lines so perfect for any sewing ability.
When it came to that flower, I decided it needed a Spellbinders touch.
Yes, it is the flower I featured the other day!  I used Blossoms Two with fabric and felt, still kept the circular cream flower provided and the crystal brad.
So, how long did it take to make??
Well it took 1.5 Christmas films!  I subscribe to Virgin Media and they've devoted a whole channel
to Christmas films.  They are all very fanciful, a little bit silly but warming to watch.
If you feel like a nice easy sewing project I do have these bags available in my Amazon Shop,
they are available in blue, red and pink - decisions decisions!
As I was making mine I thought it would be a lovely gift but...yes you've guessed it...
I can't part with it now! 
 I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend.
Take care friends.

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