Wednesday 30 April 2014

Updates and Baby Birds

Hello friends

I think a 'tip on a Tuesday' worked well, I wonder if I can come up with more...
For those of you who asked further questions - Elizabeth your base plate bubbling and 
Mrs B with your handle situation - please feel free to email me:

A definite Spring-ness is in the air, my parents have a bird box with a camera inside
and the baby Great Tits have just hatched!
Not the best photo as it is taken from the TV screen projecting the image but look
at all those hungry beaks open!
Now for some updates:

All the Create A Flower dies are now available apart from the Create A Lily,
a real later bloomer!  This one will be arriving in a couple of weeks.

News on the Tool n' One - I actually had a dream about this the other night, 
it is obviously permanently on my mind! 
The news I have just received is that it should be dispatched from USA
on 1 May - that's tomorrow!  Everything comes to me via a fast courier service so very
much hoping I will be posting them out to you all the beginning of next week.
I promise to keep you updated with every bit of news I receive.

Keeping with the thought of Spring and Summer not being too far off - how about a pretty
decorated bag project?
I bought a little bag from Primark, took off the original decorations and
added Bitty Blossoms and Curved Borders cut from felt.
The extra embellishments are Flowers One blanks, layered with some
glitter glue and button.  Ribbon and small heart bezel.
This would work well on the little canvas storage boxes you can buy.

Truly delighted with the new customers that are visiting the shop, blog and website -
welcome to you all.

Take care friends.

Tuesday 29 April 2014

A Crafty Tuesday Tip!

Hello friends
Do you suffer from a mucky squidgy mat??
(If you stumbled across this blog and you do not craft you might wonder
what I'm talking about!) 
But for those of you with a Grand Calibur or Artisan X-Plorer you know what I mean.
So often bits of paper, glitter and dust gets attracted to the static of the mat.
Here is a little handy tip....
Take your mucky squidgy mat and a roll of parcel tape.
Place strips of parcel tape along your squidgy mat.
Create your embossing sandwich, base plate, squidgy mat with tape and pink embossing plate.
Run through the machine.
No need to use a shim and only run through once.
Peel back the parcel tape....
and pretty much all of the glitter and bits are off the mat and stuck to the tape!
I used a cheap parcel tape because it is a little thinner.
If you are a little unsure about your tape test a small area first.

Also today sharing with you a beautiful heart created by Jackie.
Having recently purchased the Create A Sunflower die Jackie combined these
with Graphic 45 papers and created this stunning heart.
I think she has done an amazing job and I asked her if she would not mind
me featuring it today.
The Create A Sunflower teamed with Foliage really looks effective.
Thank you Jackie for sending along the photo.

Other news - still joining the knitted squares...
I'm intending to have this blanket finished to display on Saturday
(if Bella parts with it!)
Saturday is a Charity Knit and Natter Pop-In event in the shop,
totally free - everyone welcome.
Just call in whether you want to knit, natter or both!
All the details are here.

Take care friends, I'm back tomorrow.

Monday 28 April 2014

WOW! What a wonderful time!

Hello friends

Great day yesterday, the lovely Marion Emberson hosted two WOW! classes and they were...
Her tutorials are brilliant and the ladies learned so many techniques.
The morning class....busy creating...
and the afternoon class...drinking tea!
Jane kindly said I could share her photos of the cards made...
Les Papillions Two beautifully glittered with WOW! 
 Vintage Wallpaper stamp featured here along with the WOW used in silicone moulds.
 A lovely card featuring the same stamp with beautiful colouring.
 And a kraft tag - gorgeous!
Please check out the WOW! goodies on the website here, more being added later
this week when super new stamps arrive!

Elaine asked yesterday if the card stock used in the Charity Kits is Papermilldirect - 
it is indeed!  I've been using their card for a long time and always included it in the kits.

Yesterday's little pyramid gift box, the template and instructions are here
Any of the Papermilldirect card is brilliant for these but as mentioned, I especially 
like the linen texture.

The new shop opening hours are in full swing now, they are on a permanent
banner on the website too.
Don't forget to stop by shop if you are in Gravesend,
always good to say hello and have a natter!
Take care friends.

Sunday 27 April 2014


Hello friends
What a brilliant response to Papermilldirect.  
The shop was buzzing yesterday with crafters who lived locally and some who travelled miles!
It was interesting to hear the stories of which outlet they used to visit
and the disappointment when they all closed.
I am thrilled that I'm able to offer my corner of the South East the opportunity
to purchase Pick 'n' Mix again.
Now, to answer some questions:

The white units my Dad and Mitchell constructed for the display: 
they come from....Argos! I considered some from Ikea but they were too large
so instead after a lot of searching I found the Maine range in Argos - they're perfect.
I would definitely recommend them.

Papermilldirect swatches?
Coincidentally in the shop yesterday my lovely assistant Sally was making card swatches.
We are popping these into orders for those who live locally,
it is a great way to feel the quality and see the colours.

Talking of colours:  I am stocking all of them!
My prices are - £6.75 for a Pick 'n' Mix box (contains approx 80 sheets)
or 20p per individual sheet.
Pearlised is £18 per box (contains approx 73 sheets) or 30p per individual sheet.

Once the card is available on my website I will happily send out colour swatches 
to anyone that requests.

My personal favourite is the linen card in both white and ivory, the texture is beautiful.
This very simple gift box is created from ivory linen with the addition of heat embossed
Talking of 'heat embossing' Marion Emberson is hosting her classes in the shop today,
all things WOW! 
It promises to be a really fun day - photos to follow.
Take care friends.

Saturday 26 April 2014

One morning...

Hello friends

Thank you all for the lovely comments regarding my exciting news of
partnering with papermilldirect.  
Many of you already use papermilldirect card so you know what brilliant quality it is.  
It is for this reason some months ago I woke up one morning and thought...
I wonder if I could...and this is where the story begins.

 papermilldirect used to have many outlet stores and I was one of their loyal customers
spending my time selecting colours, filling up my pick and mix box.
When the stores closed (I wasn't a happy bunny!) I ordered their card online - 
but it wasn't quite the same as actually touching it - I missed that! 
So I had an idea and I contacted papermilldirect and asked whether
they would consider a partnership with me.
A very nice man (Steve) travelled from Cumbria to Gravesend and we spent
a lot of hours chatting, coming up with ideas and generally seeing if we could make this work.
Finally the green light and it all began!
First job was to install paper units.  The original papermill shops had teak/natural wood
units - we decided on white. Not only in keeping with my shop but really shows the beautiful
colours of the card.  Mitchell and my Dad started constructing...
Mitchell became quite proficient the more he made!
 Two in place...
And then there was three...
And five!
Then the stock was ordered...the arrival of many boxes!
The unpacking...
The final display,
(although in fact I've added another smaller section now for Pearlised card).
It is possible to purchase A4 Pick and Mix boxes and also individual sheets.
There are ready packed boxes of Pearlised card in Ultra White, Natural White and Ivory.
(As mentioned, available in the shop at the moment but hopefully on the website soon).
I'm very much looking forward to meeting lots of customers who used to visit the
original papermilldirect stores.
The shop now has regular opening times:
Wishing you all a great Saturday - 
I'm in the shop today so if you happen to be in town please stop by.
Take care friends.

Friday 25 April 2014

Friday Die Day and All Is Revealed!

Hello friends
Fridays come around so quickly!
This week I'm featuring one of the new In'spire Line dies - Destination.
Did I mention how much I like these??
This is how it looks cut/embossed.
Here comes the tag! A piece of script paper adhered and lightly inked the edges.
I stamped a small sentiment onto cream card and positioned the die.

This enabled me to have a little contrasting message inside the sign post.
Wrought Iron works perfectly with this die.
I chose to cut the bottom section away.
Both die cuts affixed to the tag - looking Victorian!
The final touches, Sprigs, twine and a little flower.

A close up photo.

And this is where the tag went....
Tied to a bottle of wine with some mini eggs for Sally's husband's birthday.
I've yet to check if he's eaten and drunk it all...I hope so!

So those of you who have Facebook and Twitter will now know about the 'big news'!
But, if you are not a follower of social media, I can reveal that ......
Hope and Chances Creativity is now a papermilldirect partner!
This is such an exciting venture for me and I am thrilled to be just one of three
outlets in the country selling their exceptional fine A4 card!
It travels all the way from their mill in the scenic Lake District.
It is perfect for all crafts and die cuts beautifully. 
Right now it is available in the shop to buy as A4 pick n' mix or individual sheets.
A spectrum of colours including pearlised - I had so much fun placing these
in their cubby holes...only moved them around about half a dozen times! 
In due course all will be available on the website.
Here is a link to the official news item here but please stop by tomorrow for more
details and how this all came about - Bella helped too!
Have a brilliant weekend everyone!

Thursday 24 April 2014

Busy Busy and Dragons!

Hello friends
I'm so sorry if I teased you too much yesterday, especially as many 
of you thought it was the Tool n'One!  
I have ordered quite a large quantity of those but perhaps not a pallet full!
Besides, I promise I wouldn't tease about that - 
the minute they arrive I will shout it aloud and get them whisked off to you all.

I really have been flying around, very very busy.
(Boys have had to put up with ready meal dinners and chocolate - Bad Mother!)
I cannot wait to reveal to you all what is in the huge parcel.  
I'm just awaiting the go-ahead....!

Today I would like to mention Jennie's Floral Fusion Workshops -
it's not until July but I think these could sell out quickly.
This is for any of you that would like to dive into a meltpot - not literally!
You will have the opportunity to make a printers tray much like this one...
Isn't it brilliant, so colourful and so many techniques.
If you fancy a bit of Floral Fusion pop along to the website - 
these classes are listed here.

Yesterday marked St Georges Day and Gravesend took part in some celebrating.
School children made dragons and marched around the town.
Thankfully the sun was shining!

I will be back tomorrow for Friday Die Day, 
I did set aside a bit of time to do that this week - very important! 
Take care friends.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

BIG News....

Hello friends
I have some big news for you...but I cannot share just quite yet!!
I'm such a tease!
It is something to do with this BIG delivery....
I promise that by the end of the week you will know all and 
in between I am rushing around like a mad thing!
The shop opening hours are a little erratic this week - I apologise but it is 
because this delivery is being unwrapped....

NB: I should mention that it isn't the Tool n'One but that will be arriving very soon.

Right...I have to get back to it - so exciting!

Take care friends.

Tuesday 22 April 2014


Hello friends

Back to normal today and cracking on (still thinking about eggs!) with lots of things.
First off I placed together the squares for the next Charity blanket.
This one is now a third of the way complete - lots of work has been going
on behind the scenes with these squares.
Don't forget I'm having a Knit and Natter Charity Event on Saturday 3 May.
All the details are here - it is going to be a free event, drop into the shop for
knitting and lots of natter!
Cake too!  Please do not worry if you cannot knit, you can just call in to say hello -
everyone welcome.

I had a little 'helper' with organising the squares yesterday...
she's a little minx so we have to be careful with the knitting as she runs off with the squares!
Today is the announcement of the Decorated Heart winner!
Thank you for all the comments.  
Bella was put to work... honestly she lives a charmed life, wood walking, 
eating and cuddles, about time she did something!

This is her picking and chewing a winner...!
 This is definitely the one... 
And now the winner revealed!
Congratulations Sandra (aka Cotswold Crafter).
Please drop me an email:

Have a great day everyone, more of yesterday's sunshine please!
Take care.

Monday 21 April 2014

I like this Monday!

Hello friends
Do we feel out of sync with days?  A Bank Holiday always does that to me!

How did your Easter Sunday go?
The boys did me proud when it came to chocolate!
I think I'm going to have to regulate my Buttons intake a little!

Now to share a further decorated egg, this one was from last year.
I used Foliage cut from felt and Classic Scalloped Ovals.
I kept with the traditional Cadbury purple :)
Gillian has created a beautiful birdhouse - great idea with the chocolate bunny!
Thank you for sending the photo, please always feel free to send photos along to me,
(as long as you don't mind me sharing them with Blogger-land and Facebook).
I love to see all your 'makes'.

Other news, after quite a lot of requests - I've managed to source some pretty beaded ribbon:
It measures 8mm wide and inset with clear rhinestones.
Sold in 1 metre lengths and available here.

Today I am at the shop creating, I've got quite a lot of assignments to get through -
it's tough this craft work you know...! ;) Good job I love it!
Take care friends and enjoy your day.

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