Saturday, 26 April 2014

One morning...

Hello friends

Thank you all for the lovely comments regarding my exciting news of
partnering with papermilldirect.  
Many of you already use papermilldirect card so you know what brilliant quality it is.  
It is for this reason some months ago I woke up one morning and thought...
I wonder if I could...and this is where the story begins.

 papermilldirect used to have many outlet stores and I was one of their loyal customers
spending my time selecting colours, filling up my pick and mix box.
When the stores closed (I wasn't a happy bunny!) I ordered their card online - 
but it wasn't quite the same as actually touching it - I missed that! 
So I had an idea and I contacted papermilldirect and asked whether
they would consider a partnership with me.
A very nice man (Steve) travelled from Cumbria to Gravesend and we spent
a lot of hours chatting, coming up with ideas and generally seeing if we could make this work.
Finally the green light and it all began!
First job was to install paper units.  The original papermill shops had teak/natural wood
units - we decided on white. Not only in keeping with my shop but really shows the beautiful
colours of the card.  Mitchell and my Dad started constructing...
Mitchell became quite proficient the more he made!
 Two in place...
And then there was three...
And five!
Then the stock was ordered...the arrival of many boxes!
The unpacking...
The final display,
(although in fact I've added another smaller section now for Pearlised card).
It is possible to purchase A4 Pick and Mix boxes and also individual sheets.
There are ready packed boxes of Pearlised card in Ultra White, Natural White and Ivory.
(As mentioned, available in the shop at the moment but hopefully on the website soon).
I'm very much looking forward to meeting lots of customers who used to visit the
original papermilldirect stores.
The shop now has regular opening times:
Wishing you all a great Saturday - 
I'm in the shop today so if you happen to be in town please stop by.
Take care friends.


Diane said...

When the card is available on the website, it would be lovely, if possible, to be able to buy one of the small boxes with a mix of card colours. I too loved to browse my local shop and was not a happy bunny when they closed. The website for papermill is good, but what I don't like is only being able to choose five colours for my box. When in the shop making my choice I could include as many colours as I liked. If I only wanted a few sheets of a certain colour that was ok, and I could include every single colour if I wanted. I miss that.....and stroking the card, of course!

Barbara (C) said...

What a brilliant idea you had which has come to fruition! Used to go to Ashford and whilst I have continued to use PMD regularly, the touchy feely element isn't the same if you have to wait for the parcel to come! I will certainly be over to see you and hope the white linen card is amongst your stash! Good Luck Hope and Chances.x

Chris said...

Hi Christine, your display looks fantastic, I would love to make a special trip to your studio when the opportunity arises. I've been looking for some units just like yours for my craft room, did your Dad and Mitchell make them, or are available from a supplier? Enjoy your weekend.
Chris xx

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine, the display looks splendid, too pretty to disturb! My problem is that you are the other side of the country to me, so will have to make a concerted effort to enrol on one of your courses in order to browse the shop. Anne x

Val Jones said...

Hi Christine. When I lived in Liverpool there was a Paper Mill shop I used to get my supply. I loved filling up the A4 box, selecting each piece carefully and trying to squeeze in an extra sheet. So sad when the branch closed down. Sadly the postage out here to Spain for card is very expensive so I have to make do with placing an order and picking it up when I go to UK which is not the same. Wonderful that you´re going to be recreating the pleasurable experience. I´m sure it will be a big success.
Love Val in Spain x

Magzeeann said...

Hi Christine. I was yet another devotee of PMD and was really disappointed when they closed our local store ~ I'm sure this addition to your shop will be a great asset!Your Dad and Mitchell made a super job of the shelving. Have a super weekend. Hugs,
Maggie x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Your display looks brilliant,I would love to be able to buy a box of mixed coloured card, I hope you can get it on your website soon.
I hope you have a good day. Take care. x.

Stamping Bubbles said...

The display looks gorgeous Christine. I wish I lived closer to your shop - although my husband (and bank manager) is probably glad I don't!

Janice said...

What a lovely story Christine. I'm so pleased your idea was a success! I used to fill a box with this lovely card in Freeport, Braintree, but like others, was sad to see it stopped in the shop.
Your display looks fantastic, well done to Mitchell and Dad! No wonder you had to close for a many boxes! Great photos too.
Wishing you lots of success, I hope you now have many more visitors to your shop. Have a lovely day.
Janice x

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, it must have been wonderful opening all those now you can touch the paper and cars whenever you want! I miss the shops too, the very experience of filling your boxes! I have still been ordering online because the card is so good. I was wondering if you would have it available on your site because of postage, but reading today it looks like you might...but I am sure you will be getting a lot of local former Papermill shop customers through your door! Have a great weekend, hugs Carole Z X

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
The PMD display looks incredible, such a great array of colours. Mitchell and your Dad have done you proud with making up the dispaly units. Bet you were in your element settling where the colours went.
Good luck I'm sure it will be a great success.

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Thank you for telling us the how this came about. You have certainly found a niche in the market that has been missed by the sound of the comments of those that remember PMD in stores! I have yet to use this brand but will certainly use it if you put it on your online store : ) Your Dad and Mitchell have done a great job with the units. Have a good weekend. Take care.

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

Your display looks wonderful, I used to go to the Papermill shop at York and I really do miss choosing my card and filling up the box, its just not the same picking the colours on line

Sue xx

Valerie said...

Well done Dad and Mitchell, it all looks fantastic cannot wait to see it. Valerie

Wendy L said...

WOW WOW, well done you, fab idea. Love PMD card as many do. xxxx

barbiepinkfairy said...

Wish I lived near. Saying that I would spend even more on craft if I did!!! I keep saying no more but it's so addictive. Your beautiful shop looks like heaven!!! Xxx

Sandra said...

Dear Christine, the display looks so irresistible, we used to go to Swindon outlet village all the time to get a PMD fix, but like many others the store closed, there was a kind of thrill seeing how much you could cram neatly in one box, with such a huge range of colours and textures, it was so easy! Top quality too!
I am so pleased they chose you to partner with. I am sure it will be a very worthwhile venture for both of you!
Gosh those boys do you proud when you need them, well done Mitchell and Christine's Dad!
Hugs to all,
Sandra xx

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
Alas i am not in your Town [Sigh] but do you know i have just mentioned to my Hubby when we are ready to go away in the camper van again i think we will head to Gravesend and i can give you a visit .

I did order some PMD on line last year but could only choose 5 colors i think it was ? however the quality was exceptional i was very pleased with it .
Hope you have a good weekend
Take Care
Elaine X

Debbie Tinks said...

Hi Christine,.... it looks good...have a nice weekend ...happy crafting ....x

marg said...

Hello Christine
Wonderful colours I could almost smell the card and papers!
Your little shop is growing everyday happy for you!
Take care
Have a lovely weekend
Love Marg

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, its looking gorgeous, maybe you work on them getting a lemon coloured card! Very exciting for you and it looks as tasty as a shelve of sweets! Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Emma xx

Lacelady said...

Wow Christine, I had already admired your paper display. Now I know Mitchell made it, I am doubly impressed. All those cardboard boxes make me very jealous, you must have really enjoyed opening that lot.

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, Very well done on getting the card and as one lady says the shelving units are great just what we would like love Jean Z xxx

hazel young said...

Well done a true family effort, the displays look great xx hazel

hazel young said...

Well done a true family effort, the displays look great xx hazel

Unknown said...

Wow!! Christine this is such wonderful news, I shall be down very shortly to pick my box. I too was really upset when they closed their shop, now you have replaced them, what joy!! the word is spreading fast, I shall fill my car with ladies and come and see you.
Sooo excited
Sue xx

Layerlass67 said...

Morning Christine, I have only just obtained a sample of the coloured card from PaperMill but again this is restricted to 5 colours. The samples are free but you pay a £1 postage. I just wondered if you would consider a sample pack for which we could pay. I wouldn't mind that. Also, I use a lot of pearlised card. You can buy 50 or 100 sheet at a time from PMD at a reduced price depending on the amount. Maybe this is something you can consider in the future. Meantime the display looks great. Well done Dad and Mitchell. Can I see another business start here? Maybe craft storage such as ribbon holders etc. Poor Dad and Mitchell. They would be worked off their feet. Well done all of you. Have a lovely weekend. GemmaC

ElizabethS said...

Hi Christine, well done Mitchell and Dad a good job done.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Elizabeth x

Angela Allen said...

Hi Christine
I wish I lived closer to your shop,never mind I have just placed my first online order.I'm sure the card stock will be a great success.
Love Angela x

Carolyn H said...

Christine, what a journey you and your family have travelled since making the decision to have a studio/shop. The shelves fit in so nicely where you have put them.How I wish I could just pop in and brouse, but thanks so much for putting the photos on the blog for those of us who are unable to pop in.You make us feel part of the journey.Enjoy the rest of the weekend, love Carolyn.

Maggie C said...

Hello Christine. These are great shelves/units and you are full of such wonderful ideas. I love PMD and will certainly be having a look at your website. Well done for getting all these changes done and for keeping us up to date with all you do. Many wishes for a successful partnership. xxMargaretxx

LyndA said...

How fabulous! All this excitement going on behind the scenes. Well done Mitchell and Dad too for all their handywork. The display looks a treat. xx

The Hardy Stamper said...

I used to get my Papermill card from a shop at Salford Quays and I miss being able to chose (and stroke) lots of good quality card. All my local craft shops have closed down too - it's so sad! I wish I lived nearer and could visit your shop, but my daughter is at University in Rochester, so maybe I'll try to vist her and make a detour one day!

Jacquie Jacobs said...

Your shop looks stunning, wish I lived nearer lol!

Love mix of colours for the new card too.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Teresa said...

I am so excited for you and what an amazing addition to an already fabulous store!! I wish you all the best and hope your weekend will be fun too :) Lots of Hugs

Teresa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

Hi Christine

I used to work at the Paper Mill shop at McArthur Glen in Bridgend part time for 2 1/2 years. I then went from there to teach Adult Education Card Making Classes. My papercrafting hobbies, vocation and likeminded people I have met all started when I joined the shop. The card and paper is excellent quality and I loved working there. It is such a shame they closed the outlets. I wish you all the luck in the world and I love the display you've created.

Sarah x

Laura O said...

wow ,this looks fab,a great display ,well done you .Laura O

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I, too, missed Papermill when they closed their shops, I was always in there during my lunch hour at work, it was fantastic being able to pick and mix your colours. Whilst I have continued to order from them online, it is not quite the same as being able to 'stroke' the card, and feel the quality haha. Your display looks fantastic.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing ! Great selection , im sure it will be a hit x

Ann said...

Hi Christine

OOOOOH your paper mill neat shelves with all the beautiful colours brought back some really nice memories. I used to love to be able to pick my colours and fill those A4 Boxes I always had the hammered card but now like yourself I love the linen texture.
Wish wish I could get down to your shop and touch and see all the lovely card perhaps one day hey....

Hugs Annxx

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