Tuesday 30 July 2013

House Call!

Hello friends
As promised, photos of the trip to Ronald McDonald House yesterday.
The trip to King's was a little gruelling for Elliott - yet more blood tests 
which he truly hates.  We will not get the results of last week's MRI just yet.
Onto happier moments... 
The house was bathed in sunshine when we arrived!
 Elliott's name had been engraved onto a little silver plaque and he then selected his wooden leaf.
 Here it is complete with fingermarks (I resisted asking for polish and a duster!)
 The Tree of Life and Elliott holding the cheque.
The total was for £750 - the amount was kindly rounded up by Barbara Fulton - 
(who doesn't like odd numbers) - so kind of you Barbara, thank you.
And here I am - I think I still have my 'worried Mum' face! 
To move his name up to a bird on the tree we need to raise an additional £250 so 
watch out ...I'm thinking future kits for sure!
 And the best photo of the day - when you're down ice cream always brings a smile!
Talking of kits - yes, there are still a few left.  
Please let me know if you would like to purchase one - they are now 
£6.50 each as they no longer contain a raffle ticket.
Email: christine.emberson@blueyonder.co.uk

And yet again talking of the kit ... 
when Emma (Cornish Emma) received her kit she decided she would prefer to make 
cards.  She used every bit of the kit and just added a few more die cuts, paper and cardstock.

Beautiful cards Emma and I'm delighted to see the kit utilised differently.

Now I'm so sorry...I forget to tell you how many butterflies were in the jar!
At the Charity Event there was a jar full of paper butterflies and the person who guessed 
the amount (or very near) was the winner.  The amount was 454 and the 
winner was Pam Davies who received a bunch of butterfly goodies,
stamps, papers, embellishments and more 
(can you imagine how hard it was for me to part with those!!)

Still time to enter the Mystery Prize draw.

I did have a few enquiries as to what will be in the box, a few people thought 
it might be Bella!! No, I'm afraid I couldn't part with her -
it will definitely be lots of lovely craft goodies.

Take care friends - I'm back soon.

Sunday 28 July 2013

Final Day!

Hello friends
It has arrived the final day and it is one special prize today! 
The Artisan X-Plorer.  
One was given away on Monday and I saved the second one for today.
Congratulations to the winner - please get in touch to claim your prize,
email - christine.emberson@blueyonder.co.uk

There are quite a few unclaimed prizes but, as mentioned, I realise this is holiday
time so I'm going to make sure I keep the raffle open until end of August.

Now I feel a little sad that all the prize giving is over!
To help - how about this..
A mystery prize!!  
I've been reorganising the studio/shop and I've put together some brilliant craft 
goodies that need a new home.
Really easy, just leave me a comment on today's blog post and a winner 
will be announced next week.

Now, what else do I have for you today....?

A clever tip from Sue Cleary.
Sue emailed through a discovery she had made when using dies and M-Bossabilities together.
I asked her if I could share this as it is brilliant!
This is her email: 

Did an experiment with my dies and embossing folders..... you know how you have to leave it open so as not to cut into the folder and use card to make up the extra thickness........... well I used another open folder under the one I was embossing and the normal sandwich to run through the Grand Calibur, worked a treat because it was the correct thickness for a closed folder.

So there you go - really useful tip, thank you Sue.

Something else? How about another little project created for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L.
This was created to complement the card featured yesterday. 
I'm a big fan of covering notebooks.  This one again features the very 
 Also I do love a bit of twine!  Distress Inks work beautifully through the dies and a nice
touch is to apply some to the edges of the die cuts too.  
I tend to always use a blending tool.
Back to King's tomorrow for a 9am appointment so no lay-ins here! 
We are also going to visit the Ronald McDonald House to deliver the cheque 
and take some photos - they will be on my blog very soon.
Take care friends.

Saturday 27 July 2013

Saturday Prizes and Craftiness!

Hello friends
We have nearly reached the end of Winners' Week -
scroll down the post to see what tickets are winners today.

Before that, how about some craft?
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L asked me to put together some projects to be displayed at CHA -
Today I can share with you the card.
I selected Autumnal colour tones with a tiny injection of blue.
The Keepsake Envelopes are so sweet, I chose to place a wooden embellishment inside
but you can pop in metal charms, tickets - anything personal to your project.
The broken line across the bottom of the card is created with E-Z Squares,
run the dispenser along, cover with embossing powder, shake off the excess and heat to set.
Bitty Blossoms and Fall Foliage clustered to the corner.
 Scrapbook Adhesives sent over some images of their stand at CHA - 
how about this for innovation...
red butterflies made from E-Z Runners and the amazing wings are made from...
Photo Corners!! Incredible.
I carry a large stock of Scrapbook Adhesives products, 
feel free to get in touch if you need anything or visit my Amazon shop.
(Going to be so much easier with the new website...yes it is nearly there!)

Now to today's prizes....
Firstly - a huge assortment of goodies from Fancy Pants, 12 x 12 papers,
stickers, buttons and more.
 Foundation paper/card - jolly useful!
 Stars Five (as featured in the Charity Kit)
 Fancy Pants 12 x 12 chipboard flourishes.
 Tomorrow is the final day - please stop by.
Take care friends.

Friday 26 July 2013

It's Friday and Raffle Giveaways!

Hello friends
This week is ticking by quickly but there is still more raffle prizes.
We have Classic Hearts dies - as featured in the Charity Kit.
 Very summery paper 12 x 12 stack from DCWV.
 Pink Paislee - Cottage Farms, 12 x 12 papers, journal cards, flowers, 
stickers, frames and more!
 A box full of Scrapbook Adhesive goodies - there is foam hearts, 3D squares,
power tape, E-Z Runners and more and more!
Just the same please - if you could email me if you have a winning ticket
Please state your ticket number in the subject box and if possible,
send an image.  Also please remember to include your address.

Lots and lots of thanks again for all your kind words regarding Elliott -
we are back at King's on Monday - this time to check out his growth injections and 
steroid treatment.  We also hope to be calling into the Ronald McDonald House
to deliver the cheque and take some photos so definitely sharing those.

I'm back tomorrow - more prizes!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday 25 July 2013

Day Four and There's More!

Hello friends
We've already reached Day Four of raffle prizes and here are the items today...

A beautiful DCWV 12 x 12 paper stack - 180 sheets!!
 It's a box of those wonderful sticky goodies again...
 Fancy Pants 12 x 12 stamp set - this one features alphabet, flowers, flourishes etc.
 Box with 6 pots of WOW embossing powders - Desert Sands
There are more prizes, as mentioned I'm stretching them out until Sunday and 
definitely teasing you all! 

I have a scrapbook page to share with you today - it has just been featured
in this month's edition of Scrapbook Magazine.
It features the 'man of the moment' - Elliott!
The theme for the page is 'footsteps' so I chose a quote.
I kept the page simple and manly with Edgeabilities® - Classic Bracket,
Stars Five, Classic Heart and Nested Lacey Pennants.

Talking of Elliott, yesterday went fairly well at King's - we are awaiting
the results of the MRI as to how much radiotherapy Elliott will need.
The staff who carried out the MRI went above and beyond as they knew he was nervous,
they even managed to play a DVD for him while the scan took place.
Thank you all for your kind comments and emails,
Elliott reads them all too.

I'm back tomorrow with more prizes.
Take care friends.

Wednesday 24 July 2013

It's Day Three of Winners' Week and What's New?

Hello friends
More prizes...yes more!
My photography skills not so good but I didn't think you would mind :)

Creative Book Pages Two as featured in the Charity Kit.
Gorgeous paper stack from DCWV - The Cinnamon Luster
(easily misread as Cinnamon Lobster if you are me!) 
 And this is clever - a stamp set by Fancy Pants to create a calendar.
There is a 'Things To Do' stamp....how useful -
I want the whole set just for that one stamp!
 Twine and Pearl Brads
 And finally today a whole box of Scrapbook Adhesives goodies -
there is pretty much one of everything inside!
Still quite a few prizes unclaimed!  I know this is a holiday time of year 
so I'm going to allow quite a while for everyone to check their tickets.

More prizes for the rest of the week - I'm measuring them out,
prolonging the suspense - so cruel!

CHA has started and if you are tuning into Create and Craft you will have
seen the new Spellbinders release.
If not - click here to see what is NEW!
Deep breath - you are going to want lots!   I have already received
quite a few emails enquiring as to what I will be stocking - I've created a
Pre-Order List so feel free to let me know if your die cutting
addiction is calling to you right now! ;)

Something else I want to mention - you can download the latest Spellbinders brochure
for FREE if you click here.

You can then see all the new dies together with projects, I have a couple of
cards featured - thrilled about that!

This is one of them using Diamond Effects.

Today Elliott is having an MRI, the results of this will confirm the extent of
the radiotherapy he will need.  As you can imagine he isn't on top of the world
today so I think a few treats are in order.
Cadbury's - your share prices are about to increase!

Take care friends - more prizes tomorrow.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Winners' Week - Day Two!

Hello friends

I received some very lovely emails from excited winners yesterday -
congratulations to those who have won but for everyone else - 
do not despair, we still have a way to go!
Here are the next round of prizes.

First off - we have Carole Matthew's latest signed novel!
(I REALLY wanted this!)
 Box of cardstock/papers from Papermill Direct.
A gorgeous hand-spun and hand-knitted Alpaca wool shawl -
huge thanks to Kathy for making and donating this. 
WOW embossing powders case containing 6 powders - Girls Night Out collection
 Cardstock stickers and 6 Cosmic Shimmer embossing powders
Latest edition of Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine
 Bitty Blossoms die templates - as featured on the Charity Kit
 And finishing today with rhinestone brads and a bag of beautiful organza ribbons.
Same drill as yesterday....

What to do if you have a winning ticket??

Email me please, christine.emberson@blueyonder.co.uk -
if you could put your ticket number in the subject of the email that would be handy please.
Also, if you are able to send an image of your matching ticket then that would be brilliant too
(just keeps the paperwork nice and tidy - can you tell I'm a secretary too!)

Please detail your address and your prize will be packaged up and
posted out to you.  If you live locally, it may be possible that
the prize can be collected from the studio/shop.

Other news - I have just created a Hope and Chances Creativity page on Facebook
so if you are on FB - come and 'like' me please!

Thank you Ann for your superb suggestion of a kit with the recipes on cards,
upcycling a box etc -
I love the idea and also Lynn's idea of possibly donating for recipes - thank you.
I will keep you posted.

Back tomorrow friends with more prizes! 

Monday 22 July 2013

Here we go....! Winners' Week - Day One!!

Hello friends
And we are off!

Day 1 of Winners' Week

Elliott picked out raffle tickets yesterday for each prize - it took a while! 
We decided to group some prizes together so you may receive an 
assortment of crafty items with just one winning ticket!

Delighted by the amount we have raised for Ronald McDonald House, Camberwell.
I've had some enquiries regarding my PayPal buttons (that sounds a little odd doesn't it!)
- the 'Donate' button is still active and I'm truly grateful to those
who would like to contribute.  My support for this charity is definitely ongoing.

Now let's get on with this raffle....eyes peeled?
Let's start with a very special prize!
Artisan X-Plorer!!
Stamps, brads and stickers

 Pretty paper, journalling cards and stickers

 Embossing powders and metal roll
 Large Tidy Tray, ribbons and pins
 Little Tidy Tray and box of embellishments
 Tatty Button craft DVD and pack of paper/embellishments
Glitter carousel, glitters and ribbon/lace
 Box full of Scrapbook Adhesives goodies!
 Bird Sanctuary dies (as featured in the Charity Kit)
 Cross Stitch kit and stamps
 Envelope scoring board, mask and ribbons.
Box set of 6 WOW embossing powders - Sugar and Spice
and finally today.... box of embellishments and Nestaboard

What to do if you have a winning ticket??

Email me please, christine.emberson@blueyonder.co.uk -
if you could put your ticket number in the subject of the email that would be handy please.
Also, if you are able to send an image of your matching ticket then that would be brilliant too
(just keeps the paperwork nice and tidy - can you tell I'm a secretary too!)

Please detail your address and your prize will be packaged up and
posted out to you.  If you live locally, it may be possible that
the prize can be collected from the studio/shop.

I wish you all good luck and thank you again for purchasing tickets.
More winners tomorrow so please stop by and check your tickets.

I've been reading all your wonderful comments, I can certainly post 
recipes for the cakes - I will sit and type them out shortly.

Take care friends - sunshine is back, no option but to eat more ice cream!

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