Friday 27 December 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Is it Friday? 
It's that time of year where the days merge
and we constantly have to ask each other.
Here we are on the other side of Christmas and I hope
you had a super one and Santa was kind to you.

I'm happy to report that Tesco did us proud, our Christmas Eve delivery
was top notch along with a chatty lovely delivery man 
(for whom I was glad to hand over a card and tip, I honestly think
it is a horrible job, let alone at Christmas).
There was just one item not available - a Yule Log.
Not a biggie unless your name is Elliott and you don't eat Christmas Pud
and you have waited all year for a large slice of Yule Log!

Not to be defeated we set off in search, on foot.
We did a tour of local shops on Christmas Eve afternoon - 
I'm estimating a couple of miles!
And we found one - amidst the pet food in Tesco Express.
It was worth all that walking to see the smile on his face.
And here we are all smiling and Christmassy.
It's not a camera angle, they really are that tall and tower over me.

Like many families we have certain films we watch at Christmas
but this year we switched it around a bit.
Die Hard - apparently it's a Christmas film?
I don't feel it is but it was entertaining nonetheless 
(made me feel a little old though!)

and I saw this film for the very first time!
No idea why it has been off my radar but I loved it.

Christmas Day I hosted and spent time setting up the table,
cat accessory optional!

Eight of us for dinner and I have a very small kitchen.
 I can confirm the best way to not gain weight at Christmas is do all the cooking.
By the time you sit down to eat you're so exhausted you can barely lift the fork!
And isn't hard to keep everything hot?  I'm open to ideas on how 
everyone keeps their sprouts and more above lukewarm when serving.

And it wouldn't be normal if this little one didn't get a look in.
Bella had a whole stocking full of gifts and this turned out to be a favourite.
No, we are not sure what it is either!

Current crochet in progress - a beige blanket.
Most of this got done whilst watching films - see above!
The pattern is Little Fans from a YouTube tutorial by Bella Coco Crochet,
I've placed the video below.  It is similar to the Dune pattern,
a little more open and lacy.

The yarn is from Sainsbury's and I absolutely recommend it,
I've used DK and it is nice and smooth.  Cute labels too.
Once this one is finished I'll be sure to post the details in my Yarn section.

By the time I publish my next Friday Chat Day the website
will have closed, we will be taking it down on New Years Day.  
It all feels very real now!
I'm still certain I've made the right decision but I'm allowed
to get a little wobbly at times, right?

To clear the last items on the website, starting today the offer will be 
75% off everything!

Please use the code FAREWELL75 
and it is valid until website closure/no stock, whichever is sooner.

This blog isn't going anywhere. 
With this blog (and the 'sister blog' - Creativity Continues) 
I've published just under 3,000 posts so I don't think 
stopping is an option!

As well as the regular Friday Chat Day,
I'll be back for Charity Kit Day on Sunday 5 January 2020
(first Sunday of every month), I'm looking forward to starting these again.

It remains for me to say thank you again for all those
who visit my blog and have shopped on the website. 
Your kindness and support is appreciated far more than you'll ever know.

And of course a very Happy New Year!

 Love, hugs and here's to a fabulous one, take care friends.

Friday 20 December 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Eeeek it's nearly festive time! 
Goodness isn't it coming around quickly?  
I was quite laid back but suddenly I feel I need to rush 
and check my list zillions of times.
I have put my food fate into the hands of Tesco delivering on Christmas Eve,
I've decided that whatever substitutes they provide we will just roll with it,
it could prove to be an culinary experience!

Now what has been happening in my little world (aside from the festive panicking)?
It has been lots of craft this week.  
I ventured into my cabin and spent some enjoyable hours making a few items.

First off - my reduced wreath/garland from Argos that had succulents...
they've gone and replaced with fir cones and baubles to complement my theme.

And a bit of foliage tweaking.
Admittedly not overdone but I think that means I could go a bit mad next year! 

My berries did not arrive to add to my garland so I'm sparing you 
of garlands pics this Friday.

Last weekend I spent a lovely day with my crafty pals up in Milton Keynes.
Instead of making cards I decided to  purchase some prints from Etsy 
and pop them into little frames.

Dressed them up with twine and personalised tags,
simply made with snowflakes, holly and mini poinsettias.

Lighting was terrible to take photos but you get the idea.
These prints are from Eleanor Jean Design and her Etsy shop is here.
She very often does offers for half price so worth keeping an eye.

And my Christmas house is finished. 
This is the project I made at the Craft Box weekend and I needed to add the trees
and the little wreath charm.

Really pleased with this, I'll need to wrap it carefully when I put the decorations away!

And there's more craftiness...
I featured some alcohol miniatures last week and I chose to make little tags 
that double as place cards.

The little snowflakes, holly leaves and mini poinsettias appear again along 
with a reindeer and printed die cut tags. 

All finished ready to adorn the table.
We may end up with just these if Tesco let me down! 

And other news: Bella was a pickle this week, whilst my Dad
was looking after her she went on a hunt, found not only her Christmas gifts
but also her cousin-dog Bear's gifts!
Opened and played with them all before my Dad realised.
They've been hidden away again but she's ruined the surprise!
She does get very excited at Christmas and assumes all gifts are for her.
Mitchell is taking her out on Christmas Eve so I can organise her stocking,
yes seriously - the lengths we go to. 

Website news:
Down to the last items and closure is imminent so the offer is 50% off everything! 
Valid today and all weekend - please apply the code FAREWELL50
at checkout.  Applies to pre-loved too.
Hope you can grab a bargain and help me clear my stock room.
Click here to visit.

Big thanks for all your support this year, I'll be back next Friday 
with a Christmas round up and news of whether we got a full festive fayre!

It just remains for me to wish you a truly wonderful Christmas,
may it bring all that you wish for.

Take care friends.

Friday 13 December 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Whoosh and it is Friday again.
This just isn't any normal Friday it is ...Friday the 13th
and festive jumper today.
I'll be turning up to work today in this!

I hope you have had a good week so far and how are your festive
plans going?
Talking of festive (there's a fair bit of that featured in this blog post,
in fact it has hijacked this blog post!)
Here's a nice little array of alcohol! 
This is the beginnings of a project that I'll be sharing with you.
Some table favours in the making.
(Coco Cola for Elliott as he doesn't drink - clearly he doesn't take after his mother!)

And I'm super impressed with my city job reception area this year.
Last year they went all brights and candy themed,
this year looks very frosty and classy and I would dearly love one of those 
reindeer except I may look a little conspicuous travelling on the coach with it.

Our reception area has been used for various filming projects and if
you've been following my blog for some time you may recall me being 
very excited about it being used for Sherlock.

It is very modern and industrial looking.

I have to take the escalator and then the lift to the 12th floor before I reach my desk!

Nothing like the cabin is it!
And this week whilst I was in my cabin a little visitor insisted that she join me.
She gets quite persistent with her door scratching, there's no ignoring her.

Other creative news:
Dad and his birdhouses.  He has been braving the cold and working very
hard to make some more.  This one is hot off the lathe.

If you are on Instagram he has an account there that shows many pictures of the 

And if you would like to purchase a birdhouse please take a look at 
his Etsy shop - details are here.
They make super gifts and just in time for Christmas.

Garland news...
Do you feel like this garland has been going on forever? I do! 
It is nearly finished, I'm just waiting on some holly and gold berries.
They are walking slowly from China!

I had enough cord and other items to decorate the fireplace with a smaller 
garland so it does all coordinate, boys are very relieved about that!

And just when I thought I was near to finishing I espied this in Argos in their sale.
My first thought was I'm going to cut some things off! 
So this is another little project and I'll let you know how it goes.

And finally festive craft.
Last weekend I had a fantastic time at the Craft Box workshop
in St Ives, Cambridgeshire.
St Ives is a beautiful little town and feels very quaint and looks stunning
at this time of year.
The workshop was to make a festive house,
here's a few of the step by step photos.
Created with Snip Art wood, very similar to balsa wood.

We then texture stencilled the roof.

Painted dark brown.

Went a bit mad with snow and glitter.
The house is a muted blue colour.

At this point the chocolates came out and I lost all track of taking photos!
I've got a couple of little additions to make at home and then I'll be sure
to photograph properly and share next week.

My weekend was rounded off with a wonderful meal and a tiny gin and tonic or two!

The website closure is imminent now so with that in mind 
it is time to clear more stock.
The offer this weekend is 30% off Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L.
Starts today and finishes midnight Sunday,
please enter the code SCRAPBOOK30
All items can be found here but quickety quick as stock is limited.

So that rounds up my week.
Thank you so much for the wonderful response to the 
charity kits returning.  I've been planning....

Take care friends, thank you so much for reading my natterings
and wishing you a lovely weekend.

Friday 6 December 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday and fasten your festive seat belts
because I'm full throttle Christmas mode for this week's chatter!

Garland progress:  

It's up! But unfinished.
I've still got berries and holly to add and possibly more pine cones
but happy with the progress. It is a far cry from the piece of string 
it started out as.  I'm also making a smaller garland for the fireplace 
with leftovers so that should be featured next week.

If I had to be truthful and added up what I've spent I definitely
could have purchased a nice garland but it isn't the same.
I've loved making it and shopping around for all the items.
So, with the garland up it was time to put up the tree. 
Here it is in all its pinkness! 
(Confession - since taking this pic I've added another 24 baubles - pink!)

Do you espy something somewhat unusual on the top of our tree?
I would dearly love a star, a fairy, an angel but NO, we have a ...
moose!  Family tradition and the boys insisted and actually - 
don't tell them - I'm really quite fond of him.
(In fact he's called the 'Loose Moose' 
because of his wayward legs - RUDE!)

Bella was absolutely no help whilst all this festive decorating 
was going on....

And a little purchase from B and Q for outside the bay window.

I've been in a bubble of Netflix and Hallmark Christmas movies this 
week, there is loads of them and after a while they sort of blend 
into one and even the actors all look the same! 
They are chewing gum for the brain but permissable at this time of year.

Let me steer away from Christmas and catch up with some 
other bits and bobs.

I've had my organised head on and made a storage basket
at home for cables and chargers.
I threw a mini tantrum this week at not being able to find 
things so I took time out and came up with this idea.
It's not perfect but already making things easier.
(Just need to remember where I've put the basket!) 

Crochet - The Tranquil Waters Blanket is finished.
I struggled initially with the bobble border but sat down 
with time and got the hang of it.
I'm glad I did as it really finishes it nicely.
This blanket is now in my cabin which has already proved
useful with the arctic conditions this week.

For details of this blanket check out my Yarn tab.

The future...
Last week I mentioned that I had been thinking about 2020 and
I can confirm one decision and that is...
Charity Kits will return.

The kits first started in June 2013 and the first item was this little tag book.

The response was overwhelming and I remember
enlisting the help of my entire family to frantically die cut!
Elliott posting them.

The full blog post is here along with this photo of us all looking much younger.

I received a lot of messages when the kits stopped so I'm hoping 
they will be warmly welcomed back.
I will have more time to create each month and I'm looking
forward to coming up with some new ideas.

Like before, kits will be announced on the first Sunday of each month
starting next year, so please mark your diaries - Sunday 5 January 2020.
I will be reverting back to how it was at the very beginning - 
PayPal purchases through my blog.
More details to follow.

This pretty much wraps up this Friday's natterings.
This weekend I'm in St Ives Cambridgeshire on a craft workshop
with Craft Box, messy mixed media!
It is going to have a Christmas theme, I'll be sure to share.

Today, please look out for the weekly website offer
announced via email and on Facebook.
Offers are valid all weekend.

Take care friends, have a wonderful weekend and thank you
for stopping by.

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