Friday, 6 December 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday and fasten your festive seat belts
because I'm full throttle Christmas mode for this week's chatter!

Garland progress:  

It's up! But unfinished.
I've still got berries and holly to add and possibly more pine cones
but happy with the progress. It is a far cry from the piece of string 
it started out as.  I'm also making a smaller garland for the fireplace 
with leftovers so that should be featured next week.

If I had to be truthful and added up what I've spent I definitely
could have purchased a nice garland but it isn't the same.
I've loved making it and shopping around for all the items.
So, with the garland up it was time to put up the tree. 
Here it is in all its pinkness! 
(Confession - since taking this pic I've added another 24 baubles - pink!)

Do you espy something somewhat unusual on the top of our tree?
I would dearly love a star, a fairy, an angel but NO, we have a ...
moose!  Family tradition and the boys insisted and actually - 
don't tell them - I'm really quite fond of him.
(In fact he's called the 'Loose Moose' 
because of his wayward legs - RUDE!)

Bella was absolutely no help whilst all this festive decorating 
was going on....

And a little purchase from B and Q for outside the bay window.

I've been in a bubble of Netflix and Hallmark Christmas movies this 
week, there is loads of them and after a while they sort of blend 
into one and even the actors all look the same! 
They are chewing gum for the brain but permissable at this time of year.

Let me steer away from Christmas and catch up with some 
other bits and bobs.

I've had my organised head on and made a storage basket
at home for cables and chargers.
I threw a mini tantrum this week at not being able to find 
things so I took time out and came up with this idea.
It's not perfect but already making things easier.
(Just need to remember where I've put the basket!) 

Crochet - The Tranquil Waters Blanket is finished.
I struggled initially with the bobble border but sat down 
with time and got the hang of it.
I'm glad I did as it really finishes it nicely.
This blanket is now in my cabin which has already proved
useful with the arctic conditions this week.

For details of this blanket check out my Yarn tab.

The future...
Last week I mentioned that I had been thinking about 2020 and
I can confirm one decision and that is...
Charity Kits will return.

The kits first started in June 2013 and the first item was this little tag book.

The response was overwhelming and I remember
enlisting the help of my entire family to frantically die cut!
Elliott posting them.

The full blog post is here along with this photo of us all looking much younger.

I received a lot of messages when the kits stopped so I'm hoping 
they will be warmly welcomed back.
I will have more time to create each month and I'm looking
forward to coming up with some new ideas.

Like before, kits will be announced on the first Sunday of each month
starting next year, so please mark your diaries - Sunday 5 January 2020.
I will be reverting back to how it was at the very beginning - 
PayPal purchases through my blog.
More details to follow.

This pretty much wraps up this Friday's natterings.
This weekend I'm in St Ives Cambridgeshire on a craft workshop
with Craft Box, messy mixed media!
It is going to have a Christmas theme, I'll be sure to share.

Today, please look out for the weekly website offer
announced via email and on Facebook.
Offers are valid all weekend.

Take care friends, have a wonderful weekend and thank you
for stopping by.


hazel young said...

The garland is looking great, looking forward to seeing it completed and the one for the fireplace. I know what you mean about buying one would be cheaper, but making one is more fun and unique. Love the tree and of course the loose moose lol. I like the dog planter and the posts beside your window. I have been watching Christmas films all week too. I label my in use cables on the plug with my label printer and unused cables are stored in toilet roll inners and what they are for are written on the roll and all in a tub under the stairs. Love your completed crochet blanket. Lovely to hear the charity kits will be back in the new year. Enjoy your craft workshop, looking forward to seeing your creation assuming you will be sharing it on here. Have a great week xx Hazel

margaret driscoll said...

Good Morning Christine
Glad all is well, I love reading your blog.
Take care
Love Marg

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Sound like Christmas is in full swing in your house. Not thought about decorations yet.
I do enjoy the Friday blog.

Anne said...

Morning Christine, I really enjoy your blog and marvel at how much you fit into a week ! I am loving the garland and can imagine the great satisfaction having created such a wonderful festive piece. The Christmas tree is gorgeous, I love the run up to Christmas especially crafting whatever takes your fancy. Thank you for sharing
Enjoy the weekend
Anne x

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine a big wow for your garland and as for your tree it is absolutely beautiful. The boys may not have liked the change of colour but at least you have kept a tradition going with your moose, wonky legs and all. I had a smile at your cables and charger selection - speakers in the shower!! How do you hear music over the water noise and are you in there long enough to worry about music?? and does your mum know you have the charger for her toothbrush??
Your crochet blanket is so pretty and will be so useful over the winter months to snuggle into. I have the church Christmas Fayre tomorrow then I may get the tree and decorations out of thew loft on Sunday. Have a lovely weekend xx said...

Hi Christine.
Thank you for the lovely chat.
Your garland and tree look beautiful.
So happy to read our charity kits will be back.
Bella looks so comfy, has she got a do not disturb sign, you look so organised too.
The blanket is so pretty.
My great grand children will be helping me to put up my tree tomorrow.
Take care and have lots of fun Kitty.

karenlotty said...

The garland and tree look amazing and I love the moose
The blanket looks gorgeous and mastering that bobble edging was definitely worth it
I’m pleased to hear the charity kits are coming back and look forward to seeing what will be on offer
Enjoy your weekend

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, The garland is beautiful and like you say you have the satisfaction of creating it yourself.
Your Christmas tree looks gorgeous, although it doesn't look pink on my laptop, the moose looks uncomfortable with the tree tip sticking into it's tummy haha.
Your crochet is so pretty and the edging finishes it beautifully.
Bella's picture is amazing she is not at all phased by any of the 'goings on' happening around her, typical doggie haha.
Have a lovely weekend.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Littlelamb said...

Lovely to read your blog again. fridays seem to come round very quickly. Love the garland and look forward to seeing it finished. Good to hear the Charity Kits will be back. Enjoy the workshop and your weekend.

Ann said...

Hi Christine

A day late with my checking in for the weekly catch up (had no internet for a couple of days)

just got it back so first thing I am doing is checking the Fri. natter.

Your garland and the Christmas tree look gorgeous loving the loose moose he now needs a pink

croched hat to match the tree he he made me smile.

Your blanket is lovely you will be all cosey with that over your knees watch out or Bella

will be claiming it.

I am so delighted that the charity kits are coming back next year I so look forward to

that thankyou

Hope your having a great time with the messy crafting and enjoying yourself.

Enjoy your weekend luv n hugs Annxx

Anonymous said...

I’m so thrilled the kits are returning Christine. You did an awesome job xx

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