Friday, 27 December 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Is it Friday? 
It's that time of year where the days merge
and we constantly have to ask each other.
Here we are on the other side of Christmas and I hope
you had a super one and Santa was kind to you.

I'm happy to report that Tesco did us proud, our Christmas Eve delivery
was top notch along with a chatty lovely delivery man 
(for whom I was glad to hand over a card and tip, I honestly think
it is a horrible job, let alone at Christmas).
There was just one item not available - a Yule Log.
Not a biggie unless your name is Elliott and you don't eat Christmas Pud
and you have waited all year for a large slice of Yule Log!

Not to be defeated we set off in search, on foot.
We did a tour of local shops on Christmas Eve afternoon - 
I'm estimating a couple of miles!
And we found one - amidst the pet food in Tesco Express.
It was worth all that walking to see the smile on his face.
And here we are all smiling and Christmassy.
It's not a camera angle, they really are that tall and tower over me.

Like many families we have certain films we watch at Christmas
but this year we switched it around a bit.
Die Hard - apparently it's a Christmas film?
I don't feel it is but it was entertaining nonetheless 
(made me feel a little old though!)

and I saw this film for the very first time!
No idea why it has been off my radar but I loved it.

Christmas Day I hosted and spent time setting up the table,
cat accessory optional!

Eight of us for dinner and I have a very small kitchen.
 I can confirm the best way to not gain weight at Christmas is do all the cooking.
By the time you sit down to eat you're so exhausted you can barely lift the fork!
And isn't hard to keep everything hot?  I'm open to ideas on how 
everyone keeps their sprouts and more above lukewarm when serving.

And it wouldn't be normal if this little one didn't get a look in.
Bella had a whole stocking full of gifts and this turned out to be a favourite.
No, we are not sure what it is either!

Current crochet in progress - a beige blanket.
Most of this got done whilst watching films - see above!
The pattern is Little Fans from a YouTube tutorial by Bella Coco Crochet,
I've placed the video below.  It is similar to the Dune pattern,
a little more open and lacy.

The yarn is from Sainsbury's and I absolutely recommend it,
I've used DK and it is nice and smooth.  Cute labels too.
Once this one is finished I'll be sure to post the details in my Yarn section.

By the time I publish my next Friday Chat Day the website
will have closed, we will be taking it down on New Years Day.  
It all feels very real now!
I'm still certain I've made the right decision but I'm allowed
to get a little wobbly at times, right?

To clear the last items on the website, starting today the offer will be 
75% off everything!

Please use the code FAREWELL75 
and it is valid until website closure/no stock, whichever is sooner.

This blog isn't going anywhere. 
With this blog (and the 'sister blog' - Creativity Continues) 
I've published just under 3,000 posts so I don't think 
stopping is an option!

As well as the regular Friday Chat Day,
I'll be back for Charity Kit Day on Sunday 5 January 2020
(first Sunday of every month), I'm looking forward to starting these again.

It remains for me to say thank you again for all those
who visit my blog and have shopped on the website. 
Your kindness and support is appreciated far more than you'll ever know.

And of course a very Happy New Year!

 Love, hugs and here's to a fabulous one, take care friends.


hazel young said...

Lovely pictures Christine, glad you had a good Christmas. Love the new blanket. I will miss your little shop, sad to see it go but needs must and new challenges ahead. Have a great New Year and here's to a fabulous 2020 xx Hazel

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
I’m so glad you are going to keep your blog going, and a lovely post today again. I’m looking forward to reading what you are up to in the New Year and glad you had a lovely Christmas.
Sprouts - I love them hot or cold, but I cook them and pop them in the oven and cover them in foil to keep hot while dishing up.
Happy New Year to everyone.
Chris xx

karenlotty said...

Your Christmas looked lovely If exhausting but is mums wouldn’t have it any other way would we
As to the brussels I put them in a serving bowl and hope there’s space in the oven to keep them hot!
Our Christmas felt strange as it was the first time in 40 odd years that OH and I spent it on our own Although we did visit our grandson who is such a charmer and brightened everything up
Sad to see your shop closing and yes you most definitely are allowed a few wobbles
Take care everyone and Happy New Year

CraftyCoffey said...

Glad you found a Yule log!

We always watch the Carry On films at Christmas.


Margie said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the fantastic discount in your shop Christine. I've been shopping this morning with some Christmas money so delighted to get such bargains. Glad you had such a lovely day although its always hard work when your the hostess. Put your feet up now and enjoy a short rest before New Year. Wishing you every happiness for 2020. Love, Margie xxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Lovely piccies and I'm so glad everything went well for Christmas, albeit your search for Elliott's Yule Log, I hope he enjoyed it after all that searching haha.
Your crochet blanket is stunning.
I was chuckling at your christmas table piccie, complete with kitty, and the piccie of Bella and her favourite pressie is lovely.
I hope you have a fabulous New Year, and I hope that 2020 will be kind to you and your Family.
Lots of love from Patricia xx said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for another lovely chatty page.
So glad your day went well.
I wish you all a very happy healthy and prosperous 2020.

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