Sunday 26 April 2020

Kit Roundup!

Hello friends

Back with another blog post this week.
I wanted to do a little kit roundup to let you know what
kits are still available ahead of next Sunday's Charity Kit.

Here goes:

March Charity Kit in aid of British Heart Foundation
but others available below.

Mini Cards Charity Kit - Set 1 in aid of NHS -

just 2 left - please click here.

And that's it for the moment.
As mentioned, a brand new charity kit will be launched next Sunday.
(The chosen charity for May is Whizz-Kidz).

I'm also tempted to make a window rainbow project kit to raise
further funds for NHS - what do we think? 

Take care friends - enjoy your Sunday at home,
keep safe, much love and tons of thanks.

Friday 24 April 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Welcome to another Friday Chat Day,
hoping you are keeping well.

Big, very big thanks for the lovely response to the 
second mini card charity kit.
I've really enjoyed putting these together and knowing we are
all helping the NHS.
They are still available here in case you missed yesterday's post.

What has been happening in the Emberson household this week?
Well I am super proud of these, tulips from my garden.

First time I've ever planted tulip bulbs and admittedly only half a dozen
came up (thieving squirrels possibly?)
They were getting a bit battered by the wind so I decided to have them
indoors, I can enjoy looking at them more too.
At the outer edges of this photo is a not so clear dining table 
with kit sending etc - reality! 

Crochet is coming on well. It is like someone giving me
hours of free time on a plate so I am definitely utilising it every 
evening with crochet. 
This is my Hydrangea Blanket project from Attic 24,
only 14 more colour strips and the border to go.
It's big - single bed size and I love it.


Loraine - last week you mentioned your recipe for a veggie sausage casserole, 
if you could send it through I would be grateful, 
email address: 

Question: what is the difference between stew and casserole?
I asked a friend and she thought it was casserole goes in the oven, 
stew is cooked on the hob.
I put a concoction in the slow cooker this week and called it Casserstew. 

Also in the oven this week is a really simple recipe for scones,
we've used this for years and I believe it used to be on the side
of a Stork margarine wrapper.


2oz Stork Margarine or butter
8oz SR flour
1 level teaspoon of baking powder
2-3oz sultanas 
1oz sugar
7 tablespoons of milk
(you can leave out the fruit and sugar for plain scones or
substitute with cheese/herbs for savoury scones)


Place all ingredients into a bowl.
Mix with wooden spoon until it forms a soft dough.
Knead until smooth. Roll out to approx 1" thick.
Cut into rounds and glaze.

Cook: 12-15 minutes - 200 degrees.


A couple of suggestions from ol' four eyes here.
Definitely binge watching certain shows, it is pure escapism.
I jump into reality once a day to watch the news and that's it.

Highly recommend Mum available on Britbox.
The bittersweet story of a woman rediscovering 
who she is and maybe finding love second time around.

It's both funny and thought provoking - up there with Detectorists,
another unique amazing comedy drama.

Also, and completely different and late to the table with this one, 
as there is already half a dozen or more seasons available -

Jonny Lee Miller plays Sherlock Holmes.
It is a contemporary twist on the original, not quite BBC's Sherlock
but very watchable.

And here's an actor Sherlock connection...
Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch are starring
in Frankenstein available to watch on YouTube -
National Theatre on 30 April and 1 May.
Good idea to catch both as they alternate their roles of
Victor Frankenstein and the Creature.
Don't have nightmares though! 

Over on Facebook there's a hashtag going around #MeAt20
you post a photo of yourself at age 20.
Spent a few hours going through old photos and found this one of
me taken at Knowle Park in Maidstone, Kent,
let's just say it was quite a few years ago.
My love of animals has never waned.

And talking of love for animals - Bella.
Lockdown has taken a toll on her curly locks!
We are hoping to do some trimming this week.

Again, that wraps up another week.
I'm planning May's Charity Kit over the weekend,
the original kits are still happening along with these
Mini Card NHS Charity Kits.

Let me wish you all a lovely weekend,
I hope the sun is shining for you and you can get out into your garden,
balcony or for a permitted walk.
Keep safe, keep well and much love.

Thursday 23 April 2020

Charity Mini Kit 2

Hello friends

As mentioned last week in my Friday Chat Day,
 I have now designed a second mini card kit.
Keeping with the rainbow theme supporting our amazing NHS.
I am delighted to say this kit is now available.
Again, each kit creates two cards measuring 4 x 4.
Ideal to send out to your family and friends.

A rainbow design 'You've Got This'.

An umbrella design 'During this Difficult Time'
and inside the wording says 'Please Know That I Care'.

There's everything included in the kit:

White 4 x 4 card base and envelope x 2
Grey card mat x 2
White stamped card mat x 2
Die cuts - rainbow hearts x 15, umbrella, rainbow (silver foil card)
Clouds x 3
Full instructions

You just need adhesive and foam squares (optional).

The cost is £6  and that includes postage and packing.
The PayPal button is below, if you require more kits it is possible
to alter the quantity.
And with the sale of the kits a donation will be going to the NHS.


If you missed the first mini card kit there's a couple available,
the details are here.

Thank you so much, we are all helping in our own way 
and that makes a world of difference.

Take care, stay safe and please stop by tomorrow
for Friday Chat Day.

Much love,

Friday 17 April 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Welcome to another Friday Chat Day,
I do hope you and your families are well.

I am delighted to report that the NHS Charity - Rainbow Mini Card Kits 
have been a great success - thank you so much.
They are still available to purchase here.


I would mention that some more designs are in the making
which I will hopefully be announcing next week.

My week seems to have flown by.  I am discovering that I've 
slipped into a new normal and the pace is definitely to my liking.  
I still wake up quite early but nowadays that first cuppa gets drunk,
it doesn't go cold whilst I rush around.

What has contributed to this slower pace is that I am 
now on furlough from my city job.
I had already adapted to the working from home so I now need
to adapt again, strange times everyone, strange times indeed.

Good news this week in that my Mum is out of hospital and 
recovering at home.  She's weak and has lost a lot of weight but my Dad is
doing a grand job of caring for her.
We, like many families, are struggling with the feeling of being
helpless but we know what we have to do,
we cannot risk going into their home.
Instead we wave through a window and speak lots on the phone.

With the lovely weather the garden is growing.
My clematis chair that fell apart last year was replaced by this metal bench,
delighted that my severely pruned clematis has started to entwine itself.

My plan is to do the garden this weekend, I would dearly love to have 
some plants but that isn't to be, understandably all our 
garden centres are closed.  I will have weed free soil though.

So what else is happening:

Crochet, I will not start another project - I will not start another project...
I started another project! 

It's bright - it's Attic 24 Cupcake Blanket.
Mitchell bought this kit for my birthday last year and it has been
calling to me from the cupboard. 
I am loving the brightness, not sure what I will do with another blanket,
we just joke that they are all for my blanket fort!

What has suffered this week is my 100 Day Project,
I'm confessing that I've failed a little bit already. 
I just could not apply myself to 1000 words a day.
my mind is certainly elsewhere.
I'm not giving up, I'm just modifying my output!

But - my mind will be very focused on the following...
Tom Hardy reading bedtime stories. 
Delighted to see this announcement on Instagram.
I know it's for children but it's Tom Hardy!

Telly news:

Having subscribed to Britbox I have gone back in time.
This week I've devoured every episode of The Good Life.

I grew up with this series, it closely emulated our home 
with my Dad's keenness to keep animals and our neighbours at the time,
who didn't wholly approve.
It had me laughing out loud so has been a real tonic.

And do you remember this?
The Life and Loves of a She-Devil? 

A much younger Dennis Waterman.
So this hasn't worn so well but still good to re-watch,
based on Fay Weldon's novel, it is the story of a woman who goes to
great and extreme lengths to take revenge on her husband and his lover.

Well I think that wraps up my week,
I haven't got a recipe for you this week as we've been living off cabbage!
Slight exaggeration but we did suddenly discover that we had
a lot of cabbage and I am determined not to throw anything away,
bubble and squeak anyone?

Take care friends, keep your lighthouses shining bright.
Much love to you all.

Friday 10 April 2020

Friday Chat Day and Mini Kit

Hello friends

It is Friday, we've got through another week in these
surreal times.
How are you all faring?
Hopefully your lighthouses are shining bright.

But this isn't any ol' Friday, it's Good Friday.
We've decided to postpone Easter until later in the year,
doesn't feel right to not be celebrating with family.
I did come across a bag of mini eggs in the cupboard
so on Sunday I will make some fairy cakes and pop them on the top.
It doesn't matter what age you are, fairy cakes are a must!

I need to offer lots of thanks this week.
Firstly, thank you for the lovely messages of concern for my Mum.
As I'm writing this, she is still in hospital but we are hoping
she can come home soon. It's a difficult position as we dearly
want her to be home but equally we know she is in far safer hands 
being in hospital.  Her garden is flourishing so I made sure
she received some pictures this week.


The lovely new lawn is doing well.

My second round of thanks is for this month's Charity Kit
that sold out super fast.
I did receive messages from those who hadn't been able to grab one
so I made a decision to do something extra.
I've put together mini card kits with a donation going to the NHS.
Each kit creates two mini cards measuring 4 x 4 
with a rainbow theme.

A window design 'Missing You'.

And an open envelope with hearts design 'Thinking of You'.

I thought these would be appropriate designs to send out to 
family and friends.

There's everything included in the kit:

White 4 x 4 card base and envelope x 2
Grey card mat x 2
White stamped card mat x 2
Die cuts - rainbow hearts x 14 (2 designs), envelope and window x 2
Full instructions

You just need adhesive and a couple of foam squares.

I've made a limited amount to see how popular they are.
The cost is £6 - includes postage and packing.
The PayPal link is below.
As mentioned, a donation will be going to the NHS.

 If you do order,  please allow a few days for the Bank Holiday.
I have to say the Posties are doing a fabulous job through this.
And thank you again for the amazing support for the
charity kits.


Now what else has been happening?
It was the start of the 100 Day Project on Tuesday.
I've set myself a bit of a task this time with writing 1,000 words a day.
Happy to say I've stuck with it so far.
Photos from Day 1.


I have resisted starting any new crochet projects and instead
determined to finish some items.
This is the Hydrangea blanket with a Bella in the background.

I also had a mad moment and had a go at sketching along with
Made by Leah on Instagram.
The boys laughed!

Following last week's Friday Chat Day there are still Nostepinnes available
and well done to the great idea of Dad possibly making plant dibbers.
I also came across this - a picnic table for squirrels! 
I truly want one. (Picnic table - not squirrel!)

And it wouldn't be a Friday Chat Day if I didn't 
mention the telly.
Along with me loving BritBox - still getting through those
Midsomer Murders,  I have discovered
Miss Scarlet and the Duke available on Alibi (Sky and Virgin TV)

It is about the first ever female detective in Victorian London.
I sense it isn't factually accurate but with lots of lavish detail
it ticks along very nicely.
It airs Tuesdays, 9pm.

And that pretty much wraps up my week.

Before I go, congratulations to Karen on the birth of your second grandson, 
you'll have stories to tell him about the timing of his birth when he is older.

Take care friends, sending lots of best wishes to you 
all for the weekend - remember stay home, shine bright.

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