Friday 24 April 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Welcome to another Friday Chat Day,
hoping you are keeping well.

Big, very big thanks for the lovely response to the 
second mini card charity kit.
I've really enjoyed putting these together and knowing we are
all helping the NHS.
They are still available here in case you missed yesterday's post.

What has been happening in the Emberson household this week?
Well I am super proud of these, tulips from my garden.

First time I've ever planted tulip bulbs and admittedly only half a dozen
came up (thieving squirrels possibly?)
They were getting a bit battered by the wind so I decided to have them
indoors, I can enjoy looking at them more too.
At the outer edges of this photo is a not so clear dining table 
with kit sending etc - reality! 

Crochet is coming on well. It is like someone giving me
hours of free time on a plate so I am definitely utilising it every 
evening with crochet. 
This is my Hydrangea Blanket project from Attic 24,
only 14 more colour strips and the border to go.
It's big - single bed size and I love it.


Loraine - last week you mentioned your recipe for a veggie sausage casserole, 
if you could send it through I would be grateful, 
email address: 

Question: what is the difference between stew and casserole?
I asked a friend and she thought it was casserole goes in the oven, 
stew is cooked on the hob.
I put a concoction in the slow cooker this week and called it Casserstew. 

Also in the oven this week is a really simple recipe for scones,
we've used this for years and I believe it used to be on the side
of a Stork margarine wrapper.


2oz Stork Margarine or butter
8oz SR flour
1 level teaspoon of baking powder
2-3oz sultanas 
1oz sugar
7 tablespoons of milk
(you can leave out the fruit and sugar for plain scones or
substitute with cheese/herbs for savoury scones)


Place all ingredients into a bowl.
Mix with wooden spoon until it forms a soft dough.
Knead until smooth. Roll out to approx 1" thick.
Cut into rounds and glaze.

Cook: 12-15 minutes - 200 degrees.


A couple of suggestions from ol' four eyes here.
Definitely binge watching certain shows, it is pure escapism.
I jump into reality once a day to watch the news and that's it.

Highly recommend Mum available on Britbox.
The bittersweet story of a woman rediscovering 
who she is and maybe finding love second time around.

It's both funny and thought provoking - up there with Detectorists,
another unique amazing comedy drama.

Also, and completely different and late to the table with this one, 
as there is already half a dozen or more seasons available -

Jonny Lee Miller plays Sherlock Holmes.
It is a contemporary twist on the original, not quite BBC's Sherlock
but very watchable.

And here's an actor Sherlock connection...
Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch are starring
in Frankenstein available to watch on YouTube -
National Theatre on 30 April and 1 May.
Good idea to catch both as they alternate their roles of
Victor Frankenstein and the Creature.
Don't have nightmares though! 

Over on Facebook there's a hashtag going around #MeAt20
you post a photo of yourself at age 20.
Spent a few hours going through old photos and found this one of
me taken at Knowle Park in Maidstone, Kent,
let's just say it was quite a few years ago.
My love of animals has never waned.

And talking of love for animals - Bella.
Lockdown has taken a toll on her curly locks!
We are hoping to do some trimming this week.

Again, that wraps up another week.
I'm planning May's Charity Kit over the weekend,
the original kits are still happening along with these
Mini Card NHS Charity Kits.

Let me wish you all a lovely weekend,
I hope the sun is shining for you and you can get out into your garden,
balcony or for a permitted walk.
Keep safe, keep well and much love.

12 comments: said...

Good Morning Christine.
Thank you for another lovely chat.
Bella is as cute and as ever, I too need a trim.
Thank you for the brilliant card kits.
Take care and keep safe Kitty.

hazel young said...

Loving your tulips well done, mine come up and don't open just die. Blanket looks lovely and cosy love the colours. Never even thought about casserole and stew but I do both in slow cooker. Lovely scone recipe thanks for sharing. I made a banana bread the other day. A wonderful photo Christine. Bella looks so cute like a cuddly teddy bear. Have a great week, it's lucky we have been having nice weather as a bit of sunshine really cheers people up. xx Hazel

CraftyCoffey said...

The Tulips lols fantastic. The scones look delicious & great catch up your other news. Love the photo of you at 20.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, what lovely cards. Flour ! this is harder to buy than toilet rolls which seem to be in abundance in the stores. Bella does look rather fluffy and in need of a cut. My sister had to give her Yorkie (Holly) a haircut. I don't think Holly liked the outcome got her revenge by chewing the soft handles of the scissors a few days later (my sister was horrified and relieved she didn't hurt herself).

Keep safe. WakeyL

karenlotty said...

Great chat The kits look lovely and the blanket is coming along beautifully Inise that recipe for making scones! A friend of my MIL - a scone officinado remarked that my scones were delicious!
Bella looks very sweet and cheekier than ever with her curls
I don’t watch many series on tv but I am enjoying the Andrew Loyd Webber The Shows Must Go On shown on YouTube
Right off to work but at least it’s Friday x

karenlotty said...

Inise = I use!

Anne O said...

Hi Christine, Lovely kits, have just ordered mine. :) I'm also crocheting - a blanket with multicoloured circles. Didn't think of all the ends that I need to sew in for each circle :). And on the subject of TV, if you like Sherlock, you will also like Scorpion on Netflix. It's about a group of super clever people who end up helping the US authorities with all sorts of technical/geeky problems. Off for my commute to work (in the study). Take care everyone. Anne xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Lovely chat, I can sympathize with Bella my hair has taken on a life of it's own. It's so nice to have the better weather makes up for being in lockdown.
Hope your mum is feeling better.

Sheila Howard said...

Hi Christine, hope your mum is getting better. One of our friends has been in hospital for over two weeks with the coronavirus but he was discharged yesterday so it was a good news day! It totally took my mind off the fact I was going to buy the NHS cards so will do that today. Your blanket is beautiful. I love the colours. Well today is sunny again but I'm going to do a wee bit of cardmaking.take care

Littlelamb said...

Hi Christine. Love the tulips. I shall try that recipe for scones as have a small amount of Sr Flour. On reading it again I see I need baking powder and don’t have that. I seem to be getting things for baking gradually. Still no flour but my son did manage to get Stork marg last week. Slowly getting all the ingredients. Love your crochet blanket. Havdnt done any of mine this week as been card making. A lot of family birthdays in May. I shall get back to it. In this warm weather I am sure Bella would like a trim. Take care and hope your mum is improving at home. Oh yes I would like the recipe for veggie sausage casserole.

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, A lovely chat today.
Your tulips look as if you have bought them, a good idea to bring them indoors so they will last longer and you can look at them longer, they are lovely.
Your blanket is so pretty, I wish I could crochet like that, I keep saying I will try and learn by Youtube videos, but never seem to get the time.
I had to chuckle at the piccie of Bella, she looks quite 'dishevelled' haha but still so cute.
Thank you for your scone recipe, I will give it a try, I make scones a lot, my last bake was a Victoria Sponge cake which we finished last night. Tonight it's hot cross buns from M&S and then it will be scones that I froze, they freeze beautifully.
I have been finishing off two birthday cards needed for May, I only had to put the inner insert in and do some stamping on it. I am doing more and more sewing these days, I love it.
To me stew is thicker than a casserole, I love both. I had to laugh at your 'fusion' of the two, casserstew haha.
Have a nice weekend, stay safe, stay well.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine, well you have shown us cardmaking, gardening, crochet, cooking and tv and film but what happened to the writing this week?? No doubt you didn't have time with everything else you have been doing. I hope your mum is continuing well on her road to recovery. I have not made scones in years so really might give it a go once I am able to procure the ingredients - which may be some time!! Have a good week, love from Jackie xx

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