Friday 17 April 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Welcome to another Friday Chat Day,
I do hope you and your families are well.

I am delighted to report that the NHS Charity - Rainbow Mini Card Kits 
have been a great success - thank you so much.
They are still available to purchase here.


I would mention that some more designs are in the making
which I will hopefully be announcing next week.

My week seems to have flown by.  I am discovering that I've 
slipped into a new normal and the pace is definitely to my liking.  
I still wake up quite early but nowadays that first cuppa gets drunk,
it doesn't go cold whilst I rush around.

What has contributed to this slower pace is that I am 
now on furlough from my city job.
I had already adapted to the working from home so I now need
to adapt again, strange times everyone, strange times indeed.

Good news this week in that my Mum is out of hospital and 
recovering at home.  She's weak and has lost a lot of weight but my Dad is
doing a grand job of caring for her.
We, like many families, are struggling with the feeling of being
helpless but we know what we have to do,
we cannot risk going into their home.
Instead we wave through a window and speak lots on the phone.

With the lovely weather the garden is growing.
My clematis chair that fell apart last year was replaced by this metal bench,
delighted that my severely pruned clematis has started to entwine itself.

My plan is to do the garden this weekend, I would dearly love to have 
some plants but that isn't to be, understandably all our 
garden centres are closed.  I will have weed free soil though.

So what else is happening:

Crochet, I will not start another project - I will not start another project...
I started another project! 

It's bright - it's Attic 24 Cupcake Blanket.
Mitchell bought this kit for my birthday last year and it has been
calling to me from the cupboard. 
I am loving the brightness, not sure what I will do with another blanket,
we just joke that they are all for my blanket fort!

What has suffered this week is my 100 Day Project,
I'm confessing that I've failed a little bit already. 
I just could not apply myself to 1000 words a day.
my mind is certainly elsewhere.
I'm not giving up, I'm just modifying my output!

But - my mind will be very focused on the following...
Tom Hardy reading bedtime stories. 
Delighted to see this announcement on Instagram.
I know it's for children but it's Tom Hardy!

Telly news:

Having subscribed to Britbox I have gone back in time.
This week I've devoured every episode of The Good Life.

I grew up with this series, it closely emulated our home 
with my Dad's keenness to keep animals and our neighbours at the time,
who didn't wholly approve.
It had me laughing out loud so has been a real tonic.

And do you remember this?
The Life and Loves of a She-Devil? 

A much younger Dennis Waterman.
So this hasn't worn so well but still good to re-watch,
based on Fay Weldon's novel, it is the story of a woman who goes to
great and extreme lengths to take revenge on her husband and his lover.

Well I think that wraps up my week,
I haven't got a recipe for you this week as we've been living off cabbage!
Slight exaggeration but we did suddenly discover that we had
a lot of cabbage and I am determined not to throw anything away,
bubble and squeak anyone?

Take care friends, keep your lighthouses shining bright.
Much love to you all.


hazel young said...

Great news about your mum. Loving the new blanket colours. So pleased your thank you cards were a hit. Sorry to here you have now been furloughed, but more time to craft. Plants can be ordered on line Thompson and Morgan do a good range or maybe a local shop sells seeds and compost if your out anyway. I loved the good life and the she devil programmes. Take care have a good week xx hazel

CraftyCoffey said...

Great news Post. So glad to read that your Mum is out of hospital & at home. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

Michele said...

Good Morning Christine.
Thank you for the lovely chat.
So glad your Mum is at home, I hope she has a good recovery now.
I remember all the old tv programs, pure classics.
Christine my granddaughter has bought plants on line, I don't know where but they are available.
Looking forward to more charity kits.
Take care and keep safe Kitty.

karenlotty said...

Lovely news I am so pleased to see that your mum is out of hospital
I keep saying to myself that I will not start another project and yes I too start another projects
Take care xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Good news about your Mum hope she continues to improve. It's a funny old world at the moment it was my Birthday yesterday and one part of the family popped in cake, bubbly, cards and presents they sat in the garden and me in the conservatory, still it was nice to see them.
As for tv thank goodness for Netflix.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

What lovely news that your Mum has been discharged to the loving care of your Dad. I'm sure being back at home will help her regain some of her weight quickly. I have lots of veggie recipes (having been veggie for over 25 year) - one of our latest fav's is veggie sausage casserole it's actually a Keto recipe which I found in a library cook book whilst researching Keto cooking on behalf of my sister, it's a shame I don't have your email address or I would send you the recipe. I wouldn't want to clog up your blog with the full recipe. It's amazing how even when you have all the time in the world you still don't get everything done but if we rush at it all at once, there won't be anything to look forward to (well that's my excuse) (lol)). WakeyLx

Littlelamb said...

So pleased to hear that your mum is home from hospital. Not a place you won’t to be at the moment. Finding it hard to get the enthusiasm to do anything. I am one of those last minute people when it comes to doing anything. Was going to do all my birthday cards for this year but haven’t got very far. I am sure if I do them all now I will change my mind when it comes to posting a card. Love your crocheting. Have been colouring this week instead of getting on with my crochet blanket. Hope you manage to get some plants. Lidl and Aldi often have plants outside their stores if you have one nearby.

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine, so pleased to read your mum is now back home. Lets hope she soon recovers some weight. The colours on your new blanket look so pretty and I'm guessing it won't be long before it is finished particularly if you are watching a lot of tv!! Just love the Good Life though I've not heard of the other one you mentioned. However perhaps you are going to bed early of you are listening to the bedtime stories.........
and a thank you to Hazel for her note about Thompson and Morgan. They are only a few miles from here but I hadn't realised they were still open for business so I will have a look on their website later as I would really like to get some bedding plants if I could now that the bulbs have gone over.
Well perhaps this weekend you will get some writing done as the weather is not looking quite so warm for being outside but whatever you do enjoy! xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I'm really pleased with the good news that your Mum is now back home, no doubt your Dad will be trying to feed her up and her weight will soon improve.
Your new crochet project looks gorgeous, I love the colours.
Glad you have been watching lots off the Britbox, it is amazing watching something you watched years ago and notice how the actors have changed. I remember the She-Devil programmes, she played a brilliant part.
Enjoy your extra time on furlough, that might help with your book writing.
Enjoy your gardening.
Stay safe, stay well.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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