Friday 10 April 2020

Friday Chat Day and Mini Kit

Hello friends

It is Friday, we've got through another week in these
surreal times.
How are you all faring?
Hopefully your lighthouses are shining bright.

But this isn't any ol' Friday, it's Good Friday.
We've decided to postpone Easter until later in the year,
doesn't feel right to not be celebrating with family.
I did come across a bag of mini eggs in the cupboard
so on Sunday I will make some fairy cakes and pop them on the top.
It doesn't matter what age you are, fairy cakes are a must!

I need to offer lots of thanks this week.
Firstly, thank you for the lovely messages of concern for my Mum.
As I'm writing this, she is still in hospital but we are hoping
she can come home soon. It's a difficult position as we dearly
want her to be home but equally we know she is in far safer hands 
being in hospital.  Her garden is flourishing so I made sure
she received some pictures this week.


The lovely new lawn is doing well.

My second round of thanks is for this month's Charity Kit
that sold out super fast.
I did receive messages from those who hadn't been able to grab one
so I made a decision to do something extra.
I've put together mini card kits with a donation going to the NHS.
Each kit creates two mini cards measuring 4 x 4 
with a rainbow theme.

A window design 'Missing You'.

And an open envelope with hearts design 'Thinking of You'.

I thought these would be appropriate designs to send out to 
family and friends.

There's everything included in the kit:

White 4 x 4 card base and envelope x 2
Grey card mat x 2
White stamped card mat x 2
Die cuts - rainbow hearts x 14 (2 designs), envelope and window x 2
Full instructions

You just need adhesive and a couple of foam squares.

I've made a limited amount to see how popular they are.
The cost is £6 - includes postage and packing.
The PayPal link is below.
As mentioned, a donation will be going to the NHS.

 If you do order,  please allow a few days for the Bank Holiday.
I have to say the Posties are doing a fabulous job through this.
And thank you again for the amazing support for the
charity kits.


Now what else has been happening?
It was the start of the 100 Day Project on Tuesday.
I've set myself a bit of a task this time with writing 1,000 words a day.
Happy to say I've stuck with it so far.
Photos from Day 1.


I have resisted starting any new crochet projects and instead
determined to finish some items.
This is the Hydrangea blanket with a Bella in the background.

I also had a mad moment and had a go at sketching along with
Made by Leah on Instagram.
The boys laughed!

Following last week's Friday Chat Day there are still Nostepinnes available
and well done to the great idea of Dad possibly making plant dibbers.
I also came across this - a picnic table for squirrels! 
I truly want one. (Picnic table - not squirrel!)

And it wouldn't be a Friday Chat Day if I didn't 
mention the telly.
Along with me loving BritBox - still getting through those
Midsomer Murders,  I have discovered
Miss Scarlet and the Duke available on Alibi (Sky and Virgin TV)

It is about the first ever female detective in Victorian London.
I sense it isn't factually accurate but with lots of lavish detail
it ticks along very nicely.
It airs Tuesdays, 9pm.

And that pretty much wraps up my week.

Before I go, congratulations to Karen on the birth of your second grandson, 
you'll have stories to tell him about the timing of his birth when he is older.

Take care friends, sending lots of best wishes to you 
all for the weekend - remember stay home, shine bright.


hazel young said...

Happy Good Friday Christine. Love the cupcakes. Good to hear your mum is doing well, love the pictures of her plants and garden. Gorgeous kit, I bet they will be a sellout. Love your sketch it's very good I don't know why the boys were laughing. Love the squirrel table that is fabulous. Stay safe and have a good Easter, with plenty of chocolate xx Hazel said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you another lovely chat.
My charity kit arrived, it is lovely thank you.
I hope your Mum will soon be home.
Christine I wish I could draw, I cannot draw a straight lone with a ruler, it moves, Ha Ha.
Have fun cooking. Thank you for an extra little kit.
Have a great weekend, take care and keep safe Kitty.

karenlotty said...

Lovely chat and our lighthouse is burning brightly
I hope your mum can come home soon
Their garden looks amazing
I have a couple of crochet projects I must finish I have promised myself that today I will play with my new sewing machine
Good luck with the writing - I used to write a journal every day (wow) about 15 years ago!
I like your sketch He/she is very cute
Take care x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Thanks for the chat it's strange not seeing anybody.
Pleased to hear that your mum is on the mend and as you say she is in safe hands.

CraftyCoffey said...

Great news Post. Glad to hear your Mum is improving. Love your sketch & the new mini kits are fantastic.


Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine, so glad to hear your mum is improving and I'm sure she is pleased that her pots are being well tended and looking so beautiful with the lush green grass. I would love to be able to go and buy some bedding plants and get them in the garden but that is not to be. I may have to make some in tissue paper and sticks and put them in the garden to look as if there is a bit of colour there!! A thousand words a day for 100 days seems a lot but its wonderful how you keep it going as you did when learning to do crochet and look where that has progressed. I make no comment about drawing as I can't even do a straight line so good luck with that. Enjoy the weather in the garden xx

Di said...

Wow - I managed to dive in and buy a kit. Happy dance here :) And that's good news about your Mum - have a lovely Easter. Di xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, A brilliant chat day today, and great news that your Mum is improving, and your crochet is looking lovely. Your Mum's back garden looks fabulous, bet she enjoyed receiving the piccies. Congratulations on your writing. Your kits look so pretty and and so great for these 'trying times' we are all having.
I have been watching 'Miss Scarlet and the Duke' on Alibi, it is really good, funnily enough I have started watching 'The Crown' again and noticed that the actress who plays Miss Scarlet is also in The Crown playing a Secretary to Winston Churchill.
Stay safe and stay well.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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