Tuesday 31 July 2012

TV and A Photo A Day

Hello friends,
Today a little sneak peek of a TV project....
A couple of dies that I'm going to be featuring are the Square Petal Top Box and an absolute favourite of mine - Rose Creations.  I know some of you may already own these so I'm hoping to show you some different ideas and for those that have them on their wish list - perhaps they will jump to the top!
Lots of other yummy products too.

Yesterday I invited two special ladies to my crafty studio - Jude and Louise.
They brought along some projects and played with the Grand Calibur and dies.
I have to say it was these two that got me into serious crafting.  I went along to a scrapbooking class
 and met them both and before I knew it they enticed me away on a crafting retreat and I became addicted!
It was so lovely to catch up with them and it made the studio feel officially 'open'.
I'm working on classes - so a list will be posted soon.

Also for the month of August I've decided to play along with 'A Photo A Day' and possibly beyond if I get hooked.  Kate from Pickleberry Papercrafts has introduced me to this and I'm thinking
what a good idea -just take a few minutes each day to take a photo that matches the subject for that date. 
So along with my daily blog posts I hope to include a photo each day,
I suspect some may be typical but hoping some may be extremely different!
If you are playing along let me know.

So a bit of a mixture in today's blog post.
I didn't find the sweets yesterday - I looked in a couple of shops but I will try again - I do miss Woolworths!
Hope your week has started off well.
Take care friends.

Monday 30 July 2012

Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine

Hello friends
Yesterday's post went up a bit late - I don't know why Blogger scheduling likes
to give me shocks like that now and again!  Anyway hopefully this one will be timed correctly.
I'm venturing into town today to look for those sweets, thank you to those who have pointed me in the right direction - I'm getting cravings just thinking about them!

This month in Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine I'm on the cover!! 
And it's a card with a tag..I am seriously becoming addicted to tags. 
The papers are Pink Paislee - Prairie Hill and I really like the mix of colours.
I made 7 cards in total.  This one features the luggage tag, stamping, Classic Scalloped Circles and a few butterflies - it's a simple layering card as these are 10 minute makes.
I'm down at my crafty studio preparing more TV projects today as well as a few other items.
My white board has a lot of ideas scribbled on it and now it is down at the studio the boys do not get to draw smiley faces on it..sort of miss that a little!  I may have a 'home white board' set up.
Have a lovely day dear friends - I'm back tomorrow.

Sunday 29 July 2012

A Super New Sticky Product!

Hello friends,
Happy to report that I'm beating my cough and cold into submission so I should be 
healthy for TV on Saturday.  I'm going to share some projects with you soon.

I liked Sarah's comment yesterday - "can you do us a video of how you fit a 48hr day into a 24hr day!" 
I wish I could Sarah, wouldn't that be something.  All I can say is I rarely just sit - I'm a fidget, even if I watch a film I make something at the same time, I'm also an early riser - most days I see 5.30am!

So, back to today - I can share with you a layout that I created for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L.
This went to CHA and appeared in their booth and I've just been given 
the go ahead to share it with you today.
It features my niece Rachel (who turned 18 last weekend) when she was just a little younger.
What is super special about this layout is the new adhesive that I was asked to use -
 this wonderful sticky product dispenses tiny dots and it will stick paper, vinyl, ribbon, fabric, 
acrylics, foils, glitter and more... in fact, it sticks tiny micro beads too..read on :)

I decided to experiment with Rose Creations.
 I applied the E-Z Dots Permanent just to the outer edges.
 I then dipped them into a pot of micro beads.
 It reminds me of those chocolate coins you can buy smothered with hundreds and thousands!
Can you still get those?  I think they did them in white chocolate too - I love them...sorry I'm digressing -
back to the flower!
It looks really effective in different lights.
 Of course it sticks paper and cardstock perfectly.
And photos.
 And even fabric, I used it on this little lacy doily.

The new blue E-Z Dots Permanent will certainly be a permanent fixture in my crafty studio!
It will be available from 1 August.  Tonic Studios are a UK stockist. 
I'm back tomorrow, hope you are all having a good weekend.

Saturday 28 July 2012

My Other Life!

Hello friends,
Today I thought I would share with you my London working life - 
it is a complete contrast to my crafting life!
I snapped all these photos on my phone yesterday morning at around 8am.  Shortly afterwards the church bells rang out to mark the Olympics and the volume was amazing!
This blue building is where I work, behind Aldgate tube station.
It's a law firm and I've been there nearly 15 years although we only moved to this building last year.
This is the bank of lifts - I'm on the 12th floor! 
This is a central walkway, the rather unusual sculpture has just been installed, we have lots of  interesting features like this around the firm - some are actually nice!
The kitchen area for the desperately needed coffee - 
that machine actually makes really good Cappuccino!  Not tea though..avoid machine tea at all costs!
And this is me..my workstation, looks somewhat bare doesn't it - note the healthy apple...
(I moved the Bounty bar out of the way before I took the picture!) 
The tub of green spiky plants irritates me a little, 
I've threatened to die cut some flowers and stick them on!
And because this is London and I'm on the 12th floor if I move to a window I get a fabulous view.
The strange wooden structure on stilt legs appeared last week - it's clever but I'm puzzled by it!
Note Tower Bridge in the background shrouded in rain and mist - well it is Summer!
Just a little insight into my other life.
Back tomorrow with something crafty!
Take care friends.

Friday 27 July 2012

Friday Die Day

Hello friends,
Thank you all for your get well wishes, I'm on the mend but now have a barking cough 
so competing with Bella!  I still thought I would have Friday Die Day - 
well, it wouldn't feel like a Friday without it! 
This week I've chosen Mix'd Media Elements
This is one of the sets designed by Donna Salazar and you receive 9 die templates in total.

This is how the look cut/embossed and stencilled.
There is a real variety here, from the rectangle with decorative edging to the very nice shaped heart.
Here comes the tag...!
I've covered it with some patterned paper, lightly inked the edges.
Oh yes, this week I'm definitely going to use every single die cut!
I chose to write a little message on the banner
The little bird really needs a beady eye but I was running short of time and light hence the shadow in this photograph - sorry about that! 
The strip of green really stands out along with the red heart.
I think this set has many uses, it's cute and yet elegant.
What do you think?

Just before I go - I thought I would point out my new photo.
This is my official new Spellbinders headshot.  
The very talented Allison Tyler Jones is the photographer for the Design Team and took the photos 
while we were in Arizona.  It's a real treat having a professional photographer 
and she is very good at putting you at ease, although I don't think there are many of us 
that actually like having our photos taken!  
All in all I'm happy with the photo, I think I look older but then again, I guess I am! 
Have a great weekend everyone, I'm starting on samples for TV.
Take care,

Thursday 26 July 2012

The Useful Teenager!

Hello friends,
Some photos today, first one eldest son putting up another wall decal for me.
He's tall but not that tall... he is actually standing on a chair!
I had this printed up by a company with wording that I live by!  Except today... 
I've managed to come down with a cough and cold so I'm running on low batteries at the moment.
I think with a little bit of medicine I should be up and about as usual.
Finally the bunting going up, it's really feeling like a comfy studio now..lots more pics coming soon.
Just to let you know, I've heard that TV isn't happening on Saturday, 
probably a good thing as I sound a little croaky!
But, good news, I should be doing shows on 4 August - more details to follow.
Have a great day dear friends.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Scrapbook Page

Hello friends
Thank you for the wonderful response to the Plaque kit yesterday and for those that have ordered they will be with you very soon, I'm down at my studio putting all the lovely bits and bobs together!
Another kit will be coming along shortly.
Today I get to share with you a scrapbook page that I put together for Spellbinders™  earlier this year.
This is now being featured in the Idea Gallery on their website.
It is very much an Autumnal theme using Orchard Harvest and Tags 
(look at how effective the stencilling is on the bigger leaves!)
I also used my very favourite Foliage and more.
For more details and inspiring projects from all the Design Team pop over to the Idea Gallery.

Another photo of the 'studio in progress' today - I decided to buy a wall decal, it does not tell you on the instructions that you may want to cut it up and completely re-design it!  Perhaps that's just me..?
Anyway, this managed to take me nearly 2 hours to put up!
There is a gap in the middle for a reason, do you see that frame resting against the wall...?
Creative makeover on that coming soon.
Take care friends - back tomorrow.

Tuesday 24 July 2012

A New Kit and a Winner!

Hello friends
Today I am able to show you a kit that I've put together for you all.
It is a 'Home' plaque created on a wooden MDF base measuring 9.5 x 6 inches.
A router has been used for the edges so it has a nice finished shape.
It features the die cuts from the beautiful new dies - Jewel Flowers and Flourishes. 
 Classic Scalloped Hearts and the more traditional Classic Hearts 
 A pretty butterfly charm, ribbon and lace.
The wording is created from Donna's Alphas
There are two options:
Firstly, you can purchase the plaque on its own for £8.00 including postage and packaging.
The plaques have been whitewashed with paint but you can ink, 
paint over this etc if you prefer.

Second option -  a full kit, the contents are:
Wooden white-washed plaque
Wood effect backing paper
Die cuts (all cut/embossed) - flowers, leaves, butterflies, flourishes, hearts
Cream vintage lace
County heart ribbon
Narrow cream ribbon 
Metal butterfly

Total kit price including postage and packaging - £17.00

The extras you will need are adhesive, foam pads and I used some Frayed Burlap Distress Ink.
Also I did dab my metal butterfly with some alcohol ink but that's purely optional.
It is pretty much ready to go and create as soon as you open the package!

Please email me christine.emberson@blueyonder.co.uk or click on my fancy button to the right hand
side of my blog to request a kit or plaque only.
Hope you like it - I really enjoyed putting this together.

And yes it's today I announce the winner of my Feeling Happy Giveaway!
The Classic Scalloped Ovals Large will be winging their way to..........
Congratulations Sue - drop me an email with your address and I will send them out to you straight away.
Have a brilliant day everyone - isn't it so much happier when the sun shines!

Monday 23 July 2012

Party Pictures

Hello friends...
So this is definitely something new..... blue skies and sunshine! 
What a beautiful day for my niece's birthday.
Rachel was very pleased with her case full of chocolate, she is off on holiday soon and 
joked that she may take it all as hand luggage! 
My sister has been busy again - a gorgeous birthday cake.
I love how she is able to put images onto the layers of chocolate, 
the pink chocolate tastes of strawberries - yum!
Here is Bella making friends with Karla, one of my sister's Bengal cats.
This is Mo - their Shetland pony who came to the party too! 
Are you sensing how much we all love animals ...!
Bella is slightly confused by horses, she keeps her distance a little...
This is the front view of my sister's lovely home.
Spot the alternative window box decoration!
And this is Casper! 
So a photo post today..crafty news coming this way soon, so much planning, organising - it's all fun!
Back tomorrow, take care friends.

Sunday 22 July 2012

Altered Basket, Lovely Card and TV!

Hello friends,
It's the weekend and today something a little different.
I purchased this bag/case/basket from ...Primark!  I think it was in the region of £5.
I took an instant dislike to the flower and relished cutting it off! 
I then collected together some felt (purchased from The Range) and set about altering the case 
I adore the way this flower curls so beautifully, I could happily sit and make felt flowers all day!
The textures look scrummy! 

So who is this bag for??
It is part of a gift for my niece, Rachel who is celebrating her 18th 
(don't know how that happened so fast!)  
She is famous for being an absolute chocolate queen!  
It didn't take too much brain power to think of what to pop inside.....
Also, I realised I needed a tag so went through some of the ones that I have made recently on 
Friday Die Days and picked out this one...
I just added an '18' - voila! 
Such an easy gift and fun to make. 

Before I go...look what I received!
Anne created this wonderful card for me.  I was so excited to receive this - amazing decoupage
(I can't do decoupage at all - tried it a couple of times and then gave up!)
And, of course, beautiful butterflies.
Thank you so much Anne - really thoughtful and I love it!

Finally....TV news!
It is Spellbinders Pick of the Week on Create and Craft,
Julia Watts is doing shows at the moment and Hels Sheridan will be following up.
IF there is any stock left I will be doing a couple of shows next Saturday.
The assortment of dies on offer is incredible, I think there may have been some sell outs already.
Just a little 'behind the scenes info' ...when they hold up those design boards showing the dies and die-cuts..
I make all those!  I spend a lot of days cutting/embossing and stencilling -
it's brilliant because I get to experiment and visualise what I'm going to make in the future.
Right - I had better get sorted - I have to visit the party girl, Bella is invited to the party too!
Hope you are having a good weekend.
Take care.

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