Sunday 22 July 2012

Altered Basket, Lovely Card and TV!

Hello friends,
It's the weekend and today something a little different.
I purchased this bag/case/basket from ...Primark!  I think it was in the region of £5.
I took an instant dislike to the flower and relished cutting it off! 
I then collected together some felt (purchased from The Range) and set about altering the case 
I adore the way this flower curls so beautifully, I could happily sit and make felt flowers all day!
The textures look scrummy! 

So who is this bag for??
It is part of a gift for my niece, Rachel who is celebrating her 18th 
(don't know how that happened so fast!)  
She is famous for being an absolute chocolate queen!  
It didn't take too much brain power to think of what to pop inside.....
Also, I realised I needed a tag so went through some of the ones that I have made recently on 
Friday Die Days and picked out this one...
I just added an '18' - voila! 
Such an easy gift and fun to make. 

Before I go...look what I received!
Anne created this wonderful card for me.  I was so excited to receive this - amazing decoupage
(I can't do decoupage at all - tried it a couple of times and then gave up!)
And, of course, beautiful butterflies.
Thank you so much Anne - really thoughtful and I love it!

Finally....TV news!
It is Spellbinders Pick of the Week on Create and Craft,
Julia Watts is doing shows at the moment and Hels Sheridan will be following up.
IF there is any stock left I will be doing a couple of shows next Saturday.
The assortment of dies on offer is incredible, I think there may have been some sell outs already.
Just a little 'behind the scenes info' ...when they hold up those design boards showing the dies and die-cuts..
I make all those!  I spend a lot of days cutting/embossing and stencilling -
it's brilliant because I get to experiment and visualise what I'm going to make in the future.
Right - I had better get sorted - I have to visit the party girl, Bella is invited to the party too!
Hope you are having a good weekend.
Take care.


Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, Your basket looks great,what a difference your flowers have made they are really lovely.

The card Anne has sent you is so nice,really thoughtful.

I hope you are on T V Saturday, we really have missed you.
All those design boards showing the dies that you make must really get your imagination working. x.

nmty said...

Hi christine, love the decoration on the bag, how do you get your flowers so neat? I am sure your neice will love her pressie, how could she not with the lovely chocolate selection! Anne's card is great, what a lovely thought.

Hope the TV works out well, will check the schedule and record your shows if they are on.

enjoy the part.
lv norma

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
the bag, basket looks really fabbbbbb, I'm sure your niece will love it, especially the chocs, yum, yum. I hope you and Bella enjoy the party.
Now we know who puts together the lovely boards for the C and C shows. I was a bit late deciding if I could afford to spend the pennies, and missed out on the lovely dies on offer, boo hoo. Have a great crafty day everyone.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Elizabeth said...

Oh Christine, you have some brilliant ideas and how personal is this gift for the birthday girl. I hope you all, including Bella, have a wonderful party today.
I did wonder who did all the sample boards for new products, now I know. Must be great fun "playing" with all those dies.
What a lovely card and thought from Anne.
Hope you are on tv on Saturday, will keep my eyes peeled.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone.
Elizabeth x

Jenny Marples said...

Oh, I'm crossing everything that they will let you and Hels Sheridan 'do your thing' on C&C - seeing you guys at work makes it so worthwhile.
LOVE what you have done with this bag. Just discovered our local branch of The Range - gosh! what a lot of crafty stuff they have there! Felt is now on the list :)
Getting one of Anne's cards is such a treat (got one myself yesterday for my B'day). She makes such lovely pieces and has a heart of gold.
Thanks for continuing to share your super ideas. They are so appreciated. Hugs, Buttons x

Clai01 said...

What a nice gift for an 18th, enjoy the party and Bella too!

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Oh this is pretty love those flowers have done a few myself with felt but they don't look as good as yours.
You do a very good job on those boards too very detailed gives us all a good idea as to what they will look like cut and stenciled.
Have a good time at the party.
Pretty card from Anne as well.
Have a good day.

Bea said...

what a lovely basket - love the felt flowers and I'm sure your niece will be thrilled to get all that chocolate

Unknown said...

I didn't know you made the boards - I'll give you a shout out later today! Love, Julia xxx
P.S. Great altered basket BTW. Much prefer your version.

hazel young said...

Morning Christine love you version of the bag so much better and i think your neice will love the pressie full of chocolate i know i would. Loving the tag as well its wonderful. Love the card you have been sent its so nice, from a talented lady. Think the POTW will be sold out by today as they only had two left yesterday. Interesting to know who did the boards thank you for that xx hazel

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

I love what you have done to the bag, bet your niece loves it

That is a lovely card from Anne, first of many for your studio walls

I had to order the pick of the week cos the dies are wonderful and so useful. Didnt know you made the boards up but they are great way to see the dies

Poor Julia is having to adjust all her demos cos of the sell outs

Sue xxx

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, goodness, you make all those boards, well all I can say is thank you, as without them we would not be sure what we were getting! I regret to say that we will not likely see you or Hels as the picks are selling so fast, great for C&C but not so great for us! Julia has done a fab job though. So glad you like your card, bit of a shock to see it here, but thank you! Crafty hugs, Anne xx

PS, love what you have done to the bag, it is so much better with your touches added.

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine yet another great idea you have come up with,[where do you get your ideas from ] and such a beautiful tag again too.

hope you enjoy the party and bella will get much fuss im sure

Its a lovely card off Anne ,Decupage ? no i cant do it either as i have no patience im afraid

Have a lovely day
Take Care

Elaine H X

Planetsusie said...

Oh my word Christine - I love your decoration of the bag - and as for the tag - that's so cute!! I think your niece is a very lucky young lady - what a thoughtful pressie.

I always look at the boards and wonder who has been cutting and inking! You do a brilliant job with them - lucky you to see them first!

Bet you and Bella enjoyed the party.

Hugs Sue Pass xx

Unknown said...

Hi Christine, what a difference to the bag, I would not have look twice at the original, but adore the "Christine" version. You amaze me with all your ideas and am impressed now I know you also work so hard behind the scenes. You are one busy lady, I hope you save some time for the studio.


Carole Z said...

Wow Christine, you make all those boards? Well thank you, they are really helpful to us viewers. Love what you have done to the bag, your niece is sure to love it, lovely card from Anne too...fingers crossed we get to see you on TV Saturday! X

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
What a super present! I'm sure your niece will love it. I have a friend who is a chocaholic, on her birthday and at christmas, I buy a chocbar and dress it up (similar to the one you decorated on a C & C show a few months back.
Hope we get to see you on TV next weekend, must agree the new dies are delish. Have a good time at the party - not too much cake for Bella. B.W. Carolyn x

Sarah said...

A case full of chocolate and pretty flowers...I'm sure she will love it!
I heard Julia tell the world you make the boards...hope you get to demo :)

Sue B said...

Hello Christine, what a lovely makeover you have given the bag & all those wonderful choccies, I bet your neice will be highly delighted. Lovely card that you were sent too. Lets hope we get to see you on C&C especially as you make all those boards.
Sue B

Nanna Tina said...

Hi Christmine
This is my first visit to your blog, I love the bag and it's contents I know a few family members that would love this gift, I will have to buy some felt and have ago at the flowers.
Happy crafting
Tina x

melanie said...

Everything looks stunning on post today .Melanie

Ali W said...

This pressie is right up my street, chocoholic as I am, te he! And it's even better with them in the beautiful basket/case, I bet your niece is so pleased with it. Lovely tag too. Alison :)

Ali W said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Craftychris said...

What a fabulous change to the bag, it looks amazing and full of choccies too! Your Niece must have been thrilled. What a lovely card Anne made too xx

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