Thursday 12 July 2012

Pink Flamingos and Crafty Studio News

Hello friends
I so appreciate all your comments and support yesterday, I was blown away by all your kindness.
Most of my crafty stuff has travelled along to the crafty studio but not quite everything went to plan...
did I happen to mention the amount of rain we are having right now??
Well it appears that rain managed to drive its way into the roof of the studio and when I arrived I was greeted by a very wet carpet and a rather worrying ceiling! 
With just a few phone calls I realised that I have amazing landlords!  
In less than a day the roof was repaired, industrial machines removed all the water from the carpet and then...they offered to replace the carpet completely!  
A nice maintenance man is arriving to re-paint the ceiling too.
The VT looks quite empty without all my crafty boxes but it feels more like home - I've promised the boys that I will spend so many hours a week at the studio and be at home to make cakes in between!
Despite the delay and little inconvenience I'm still on cloud 9 because....
"after rain there's a rainbow"
And this magnificent rainbow appeared while I was sitting in my parents' conservatory - I snapped it quick using my phone so not the best photo.  They have an amazing garden and view - note the wonderful bird box perched on the line post - my clever Dad makes such pretty bird boxes. 
Talking of clouds...there's a sort of link...!  Tiny clouds feature on this card.  I promise this is the last of the bird cards!  Today is very pink with touches of blue.
I chose to use Labels Four as a tag and then a smaller one with a stamped sentiment.
Added a few flowers and a pearl flourish.
It's so ummm.. different isn't it..!
Tomorrow it's Die Day and I think you will see my style returning.
Take care friends and thank you again, I truly value your support.


Unknown said...

Hi Christine, glad you have a good landlord and all was made good. Your parents garden look great for wildlife bet they have many visitors. Love the flamingoes and sentiment.


Hellma said...

Love the style of your card Christine, not sure about the flamingos on the background but sure love them on your flowers.

Bea said...

Love a rainbow Christine - there's something positive about them. good to hear your flood was sorted I bet you are relieved also that none of your craft materials were in the studio yet. Looking forwrd to die day

Ali W said...

Phew, that was lucky all your crafty stuff wasn't in situ! Glad you are all sorted now. It must be really exciting for you, having a bespoke crafty place. Not so sure about the papers still on your card, can't really put my finger on what I don't like about them! Have a sunshine day, Alison :)

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
I am soooooo glad everything was made good after your water disaster. Hooray for good landlords. Now to your card, I like the flamingos backing paper but wouldn't have used it for the flowers, but that's just my opinion, others may like it. I hope you don't mind my opinion.
Your parents garden looks great, and such a lovely view. Sorry I could not make out the bird boxes, but you sound as if you come from a crafty background as I do. My middle sister makes jewelery, my eldest sister draws and paints wonderfully as my Mum also did. Have a great craft and sunny day everyone.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Carole Z said...

Gosh Christine you do have a good landlord to get everything repaired so quickly! Phew! Love the rainbow and your card...I actually like the flamingos, but am nit sure why as not usually my style of paper:) Carole Z X

nmty said...

Hi Christine, as they say - best laid plans and all that! At least they are sorting the problems quickly for you, which is excellent. Hope the move all goes well. Love the rainbow picture - don't know why but I always smile when I see one! Maybe it is the reassurance that there is sun out there somewhere!

Looking forward to Die Day.

lv Norma

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, glad to hear that everything worked out well in the end with the rain. I agree with Bea about the rainbow, that is a very positive sign that all will be well now.
Your parents garden looks idyllic. You obviously have creative genes in your family, hehehe.
I think you have done really well with the "birdie" papers but realise that birds are not everyones cup of tea.
Take care and enjoy filling your new space. Looking forward to hearing how it progresses.
Elizabeth x

Astrid Maclean said...

So glad those landlords are so amazing, that could have gone badly wrong otherwise. I love your attitude also and that rainbow photo is incredible! Looks like a wonderful garden.

Best of luck with the next steps!!

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, I do like what you have done with this card but like you it's not my favourite paper.
I am so pleased you have got such good landlords and your delay of getting everything organised may not be too long,your poor son cleaned all the carpet and now you are having a new one,looking forward to watching your progress,hope all goes well. x

nattyboots said...

Oh dear i was thinking the same as Lucycat all the hard work your son did on the carpet and then ######### but the good news is a new carpet and a quick recovery with everything what a good landlord.

Mmmm the paper on your card afraid this one is a no no for me ,but i love the outlay of your card and the flowers

A rainbow is good Feng Shui especially after a disaster i feel you will do well in your new adventure .

Take Care Elaine H X

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

What a wonderful rainbow and your parents garden is gorgeous. Sorry I couldnt make out the bird box either

Your landlord is excellent, dont think there are many of those around. Doubt it could have been done any quicker at home especially if you had a claim with the insurance.

I dont like birds so sorry this card is a no no for me, love the layout though

Sue xxx

hazel young said...

Morning Christine, glad you got the leak sorted quickly it will soon all be sorted and ready for crafting action xx hazel

Lydia Jordan said...

Morning Christine,
As you every cloud and all that. Glad it was sorted quickly for you, you must have been so disappointed when you saw the damage. Now you can get to work sorting where to put your stash.
Just cant find many kind words for today's card other than I love your style and what you have done but the papers ugh.
Have a good day.

Lydia Jordan said...

Morning Christine,
As you every cloud and all that. Glad it was sorted quickly for you, you must have been so disappointed when you saw the damage. Now you can get to work sorting where to put your stash.
Just cant find many kind words for today's card other than I love your style and what you have done but the papers no.
Have a good day.

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, three cheers for great Landlords! It won't have gone amiss with them that you are such a positive and lovely person either. Glad it got sorted so quickly and that none of your crafty stuff got ruined. Love the rainbow and your Dad's bird box, talent obviously runs in the family. We love flamingoes in this house so the more the merrier, love your card today. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, I like this card cos it's different and I love pink Flamingos!! I would use this paper with the sentiment "Just flying by to say HI"...:)...Enjoy your

Disco Queen said...

Hi Christine, love what you have done with the flamingo paper. Sorry to hear about the leaky ceiling, but best it happened now before all your stuff was in place & how reassuring to know you have such great landlords.

Sarah said...

Hi Christine

Your landlord sounds like an angel and thank goodness he sorted everything out for you! Your parents garden looks fabulous! I love your card with the flamingoes and the labels four tag is so sweet!

Sarah x

Planetsusie said...

Hi Christine, so sorry about your leaky ceiling - you must have a dream of a landlord to have been so proactive though!! Excellent news. Love your rainbow and your parents' garden.

Now for the card - it's funny but I saw these papers in the magazine and thought how ghastly they were (sorry to be blunt) and at first I didn't even relate them to the cards you had made recently. You have shown me that I can use ALL sorts of papers - even the ones I don't particularly like. Your flamingo card is a lovely design - even if the papers are suspect.

Hugs Sue Pass xx

Lesley said...

Oh dear, I didn't manage to read your blog yesterday so I've read it backwards today?? I am so pleased you have got it sorted. You must have been devastated to walk into all that this morning after all your excitement yesterday. Love your card, and the rainbow pic too.
Hugs Lesley x

Sue B said...

Hi Christine, sorry to hear about the leak but at least it was good it happened sooner rather than later. What excellent landlords you must have to be so prompt sorting it out for you.
Sorry I have to agree with some of the earlier posts regarding the card, it's not really for me but as they say hey ho you;re not scared to do something a bit different.
Sue B

Sarah said...

Thank Heavens for efficient landlords!!
I don't think I have ever seen a card with so many flamingos or indeed any flamingos!! Well done using such tricky papers!

baconbits said...

Hi Christine, Glad they are going to sort everything out. You will be beside yourself in your new space.
Amanda x

Craftychris said...

Thank goodness the leak happened before all your crafty loveiness was there and a big Hurrah for the fab landlord! The papers are very different - you have done your usual wonderful job - lovely card xx

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine
So glad the water damage didn't occur after you had moved everything in. Well done to your landlord for sorting things out so quickly.
Not sure about the flamingo background but like the card design. Anne

Anonymous said...

Hallo Christine, A late post again today. I held my breath for a few seconds when I read about the wet studio. So pleased to hear that things have been sorted.Make sure they check the electrics!
Ummn, the card, a Sixties Song springs to mind - Pretty Flamingo, thats all I can say.B. W. Carolyn. x P.S. I spotted the Birdhouse in the garden!

melanie said...

Stunning garden ,my hubby makes Dove cotes glad you got your studio sorted ,Melanie

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