Tuesday 10 July 2012

A Pair of Parrots!

Hello friends,
Back today with some more of this rather vibrant bird paper! 
These are the bonus papers in this month's edition of Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine.
Some crafters find the paper too thin and shiny and I tend to agree - a useful tip is that the papers are available to download so you can print them yourself.  I sometimes experiment and print them onto some cream paper - they appear more matt and thicker.  
On this card I've decided to use Eyelet Circles layered onto an embossed background.
Addition of a few flowers too.
This still isn't a 'me' card but it's good to stretch your creativity sometimes!
Ideal if you know someone that loves parrots!

Thank you for your comments yesterday - I relayed all the ones to Bella too - she's turning into quite a popularity queen!  She's not at all keen on this weather though...
she is looking out from under the sofa hoping that the rain has stopped - I know how she feels!
Have a great Tuesday, take care.


Unknown said...

Hi Christine, this paper sure wakes you up in the morning. Good if you need a wake up call. Love the parrots. Bella is lovely peeking out, those eyes are so appealing just want to hug her.


Carole Z said...

What a lovely bright start to another wet morning..I think we all know how Bella feels, wish I could dive under the covers instead of getting dressed like it's still winter to walk to work! :) Carole Z X

melanie said...

Love your card ,But bella is a stunner, Melanie

Elizabeth said...

Morning Christine, thanks for the tip, it is a good idea to download the paper rather than using the shiny stuff. I do like the idea of centralize part of the pattern into a shape too.
Bella is so cute and I love today's pic of her. I am with her not wanting to venture out in this weather.
Keep warm and dry everyone.
Elizabeth x

The Scrapbook Lady UK said...

Great photograph! Love the vibrant colours. jenx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. I think you have done very well with this paper even if you say it's very different for you, I think it looks great.
Bella is so pretty but she does look a little sad today. x

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
lovely card, nice and bright to cheer us all up with the weather being so horrible. I wonder if it cheered Bella up. Your right she does look as if she needs the rain to stop. Even so she looks so cute. Have a great crafty and sunny day I hope everyone.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Chloe's Nan said...

Good tip about the downloading of the papers Christine, thank you, although this one is still too bright for my liking. I think Bella has the right idea, this constant rain makes me feel like hibernating! x

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine, i like this card and i think is great for the Males who like birds { the feathered kind i might add } even though its a very busy paper you have calmed it down with the plain card .

Hope Bella can nip out between the downpours as it looks as if its in for the day.

Elaine H X

Lydia Jordan said...

Hi Christine,
What a lovely photo of Bella she looks like most of must feel, fed up with all this rain.
Great what you have done with the papers but I like you not very keen on the pattern and colours too bright for me.
Have a good day.

nmty said...

Hi Christine, just catching up with your blog after a few busy days. You have done really well with the papers, they would not be my first choice. Good tip with the printing, I will make a note of that for future.

Isn't Bella a real cutie, she looks so adorable in this photo, you could just scoop her up and give her loads of cuddles, she really does look fed up. We should just keep our fingers crossed and hope the weather improves soon and we do get a little bit of summer.

lv norma

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

I love the pic of Bella, think I could do with a duvet day and stay dry
Got the mag and didnt like the papers and I think you have done a wonderful job with them. Thanks for the printing tip cos the actual papers are not good quality.

Sue xxx

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine. Using just a small part of this vibrant paper makes such a difference.
It is certainly cheerful, just what I need on yet another dull, wet day!
Bella has the right idea, hide from the rain, clever girl. Anne x

Sue B said...

Hello Christine, Have to agree with you about the free papers, in most magazines they are too thin & shiny but you have brought them to life with this card. If I was completely honest its not my sort of card either but new try's are always good.
Sue B

Sarah said...

Hi Christine!

Love your bright and cheery card! Bella is so cute lovely photo of her!

Sarah x

Disco Queen said...

Hi Christine, Not keen on the papers. But, you did a great job with them.

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, they would not be my first choice in papers but I do like what you have done with them. Bella looks adorable, those eyes are just irresistible....hard to say no to I should think. A x

Craftychris said...

I'm not keen on the papers either but you have done a fab job on the card. Balla is sooooooo adorable! xx

Anonymous said...

Hallo Christine and the oh so hugable, kissable Bella.
Not at all keen on the parrot paper,but I'll give you credit for the card Christine. Oh, if only I could scoop you up out of the photo Bella I would!! Best wishes, Carolyn. x

Planetsusie said...

Hi Christine - these papers are so LOUD!!! However you have done a really good job of quietening them down with the plain card. Cooo I can hear them shouting from here!

As for little Bella - you can certainly tell she is peeved about the weather. Mind you she has cheered me up no end. I could just eat her she is soo beautiful.

Hugs Sue P xx

Sarah said...

Very tropical card! Now we just need the weather to match...sunshine not monsoons!

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, I like the card and the idea of using the Parrot bp as a topper. Love Bella too...:)...xx

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