Saturday 14 July 2012

Busy Busy and a Scrapbook Page

Hello friends
A little studio update - this is my eldest painting the ceiling following the roof leak.
Have to admit, having a six foot son is a real bonus! 
 This is just a very quick snap taken on my phone of one of the little side road views from a window,
so pleased my town is putting out summer flower baskets this year despite the monsoon conditions!
Back to some craft...
A scrapbook page to share with you today.  
I appreciate a lot of my followers are not scrapbookers but I have to divulge I started out as a 
scrapbooker and then took up making cards!  
This layout is featured in this month's edition of Scrapbook Magazine - they have an article called 
'Four Ways Challenge' - the same kit is sent out to four designers and it is amazing to 
see what different designs we come up with.  The kit is available from Craft Island.
I've created a layout around a photo of my youngest son and my parents' cat Lucy.
Daisy Flower Topper and Foliage feature, I love the acetate included in the kit.
Be very interested to know if any of my lovely followers would enjoy a scrapbook kit in the future?
I will be doing quite a lot of 'market research' to hopefully meet the needs of lots of crafters.
Have a great Saturday dear friends.


Unknown said...

Morning Christine, it is nice to see your son is helping out and that he is tall enough for ceiling painting. I have not tried scrap booking but my do in the future. Will Bella be accompaning you to your new craft "room" or will she be Ok at home?


melanie said...

I have never scrap booked only done cards,Its great your boys are helping you get your crafty place sorted. Melanie

Carole Z said...

I am so loving your studio Christine! I would love one! Your scrapbook page is lovely, I started off scrapping too through spending a lot of time as a youngster with my family in the US, where it was a way of life! I love it, but am sorry to say don't devote enough time to it now :( Thanks for the inspiration! Carole Z X

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. Your scrapbook page is lovely.I am pleased to see you have got help with your studio,please keep showing us photo's I am sure it will look great. x

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine ,im a dedicated scrapbooker, i have so many now and going to run out of somewhere to put them soon,my latest theme is my hubby and i from childhood ,to teens , to meeting up ,getting married ,then the family ,up to the present day trying to make it a { This is our life } kind of book.

Your Studio is going to be fab please keep the photos coming as we are all in this together who knows we virtual followers could even give you an idea or two hehe .

Well done to your son i have three boys and they always helped out when they could bless them

Take Care Christine Elaine H X

Elizabeth said...

Morning Christine, love seeing how the studio is coming on. At the moment I am enjoying making cards and tags and notebooks and other things that you are inspiring me with on your blog. Maybe one day I will get into scrapbooking.
Loving the flower baskets.
Elizabeth x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
I guess I know where your weekend will be spent! don't work too hard.
You will be able to make a scrapbook of your craft studio journey.
I have only ever helped my granddaughter make a scrapbook for her mum which was of the guide dog puppies that she has walked, she was thrilled with it.
Very pretty kit today, love the papers.
Our town planted up troughs and baskets and yobs have ripped them all up such a shame, don't know what pleasure it gives them.
Anyway have a great weekend everyone.

hazel young said...

Morning Christine nice to see your cracking on with your new space i bet your so excited and your imagination is working overtime i know mine would be. Lovely scrapbooking page. xx hazel

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, I started by making scrapbook pages for hubby but gave up as I was not very good but my Son is here this weekend and we have been looking through old photos and now I want to have a go again so I would be interested in a scrapbook kit, it would give me the incentive I need. I think I am as excited as you about your studio, lovely that your Son is helping you and lovely scrapbook page - loving Lucy too. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Sarah said...

Hi Christine

Its great to see your son helping you out with the decoration of your workshop! My son is around 6ft aswell so perhaps this picture will inspire him to paint my kitchen ceiling! Love the scrapbook layout! I am a scrapbooker and cardmaker like yourself!

Sarah x

Planetsusie said...

Oh bless him! You are lucky to have helpful sons - especially one who is nice and tall!! Am loving the look of your studio and it is lovely to have the flowers outside on the wall opposite.

As for your scrapbook page - I have collected quite a few scrapbooks (empty!!) with a view to filling them up with our photographs - I just need a prod with a sharp stick to get on with them. We have had so many amazing holidays and I really should do something nice with the pictures but never get around to it.

I just love the layout of your page and the picture is so cute - even though Lucy seems to be saying "I am here under duress, I was supposed to say cheese but think meece sounds much better!!!"

Hugs Sue P xx

Unknown said...

Christine, love the fact that your son is helping your studio come to life, I know you must be excited!

Your layout is gorgeous, love all the colors, you are just as creative with your scrapbooking as you are with cards.
I for one, am always interested in a good kit :)
xo Laura

Craftychris said...

Were are lucky in our family as everyone is tall! such a lovely view of the charming street - what a lovely place. Your scrapbook page is so gorgeous, love those papers. I would be interested in scrapbook kits, I keep meaning to have a go - I have a scrapbook but haven't done anything with it yet. xx

nmty said...

Hi Christine, it is great to see that the studio is coming along, and that your son is being a great help. I would have to bribe my teenager with something to get him to help us paint! anyway, like you, I actually started my obsession with papercrafting by being a scapbooker and now make cards, but I do still try to do scrapbooking also. At present, in between making cards, I am working on an ablum of my wedding photos, even though we have been married for nearly 23 years! I would certainly be interested in a scrapbook kit!

hope the progress continues.

lv norma

nmty said...

Sorry Christine, I forgot to mention, love the scrapbook page, the papers are lovely, and I am impressed with the flowers, they are stunning.

lv norma

AnneRD said...

Glad the studio is coming on well, it appears to be in a lovely location.
Like your scrapbook page. I am not into scrapbooking yet, I am still trying to perfect my cardmaking skills!! Anne x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

You are one lucky Mum having a Son that is prepared to help out in your hour of need.Do hope that all will be put right soon, looking forward to seeing pics of you happily settled in and crafting.
Love the scrapbook page layout, thats what I like about your blog, we get an assortment of projects. B. W. Carolyn x

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