Friday 27 July 2012

Friday Die Day

Hello friends,
Thank you all for your get well wishes, I'm on the mend but now have a barking cough 
so competing with Bella!  I still thought I would have Friday Die Day - 
well, it wouldn't feel like a Friday without it! 
This week I've chosen Mix'd Media Elements
This is one of the sets designed by Donna Salazar and you receive 9 die templates in total.

This is how the look cut/embossed and stencilled.
There is a real variety here, from the rectangle with decorative edging to the very nice shaped heart.
Here comes the tag...!
I've covered it with some patterned paper, lightly inked the edges.
Oh yes, this week I'm definitely going to use every single die cut!
I chose to write a little message on the banner
The little bird really needs a beady eye but I was running short of time and light hence the shadow in this photograph - sorry about that! 
The strip of green really stands out along with the red heart.
I think this set has many uses, it's cute and yet elegant.
What do you think?

Just before I go - I thought I would point out my new photo.
This is my official new Spellbinders headshot.  
The very talented Allison Tyler Jones is the photographer for the Design Team and took the photos 
while we were in Arizona.  It's a real treat having a professional photographer 
and she is very good at putting you at ease, although I don't think there are many of us 
that actually like having our photos taken!  
All in all I'm happy with the photo, I think I look older but then again, I guess I am! 
Have a great weekend everyone, I'm starting on samples for TV.
Take care,


Unknown said...

Hi Christine, how sweet, just love this tag and how you have used all the dies, you are so talented. Glad to hear you are on the mend. I think we all are very critical when looking at our own photographs but it helps having a professional taking it.


Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, we all hate our own photos don't we? But this new one of you is fab, it really is! I love these dies (more for my ever increasing wish list!) and the tag you are made is absolutely lovely, Carole Z X

barbiepinkfairy said...

The tag is gorgeous you are so talented. As for the photo it's great I'm stuck with an NHS ID photo that is BAD!!!

Elizabeth said...

Morning Christine, funnily enough I did actually notice your new photo before I saw the post about it. It is a LOVELY one of you - but then I did like the old one.
The die's today are beautiful and I LOVE how you have done the tag. Hope your cough does not last too long.
Have a great Friday.
Elizabeth x
P.S. Like barbiepinkfairy above, my University ID is BAD too.

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Hi Christine I noticed your new photo on your sidebar right away! I thinks its really nice and natural, unfortunately none of us are getting any younger - wait til you are my age lol!!
I really like this die set and think it would be useful for all sorts, I have never seen it before but it is definitely going on my wish list!! xx

nmty said...

Hi Christine, what a lovely tag, wouldn't normally go for a set like these, but you have showed them off beautifully.

The new photo does look well, as did the previous one. I also hate haveing my photo taken, like Elizabeth and barbiepinkfairy, I have to have an id photo and the photo on my uni badge would frighten children!!!

have a good weekend, hopefully the weather will hold!

take care

Chloe's Nan said...

I have always believed that age is just a number! My age certainly doesn't bother me however, the aches, pains and stiffness that come with it are a different matter ha ha! I like what you have done with this die set Christine, the set isn't really my cup of tea but then we all have different taste. Have a great weekend x

melanie said...

Great die set but I don`t think I will need this one, great photo ,hope your cough goes soon .Melanie

Oksana said...

Hi Christine, beautiful tag, thanks and your new photo is lovely!x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, I adore this tag, it is beautiful. I love how you have used all the die-cuts and they come together beautifully, thanks to your artistic flair. I love these dies, they are going on my wish list next (I have a list a mile long ha ha). Your photo is gorgeous by the way. Lots of love from Patricia xx

nattyboots said...

Good Morning Christine i too noticed your photo ,it does catch the eye and you look so natural, so much better than a posing photo i think .

Your Tag is lovely,you never disappoint us thanks for sharing

Hope your cough goes quickly .

Take Care
Elaine H X

lestim said...

I Christine, glad your feeling better. I love the tag and could be tempted to get this set. The picture is great much better then te last one, the body language was not the best on that one, this one gives you a confidence that was missing in the old one.. Best wishes, Lesley x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. This tag is lovely,in using every die you have really shown what can be done.
Pleased to hear you are feeling a bit better hope you can get rid of the cough before TV.
I think your new photo is really great. x.

hazel young said...

Morning Christine, lovely tag not really looked att hese dies before but now see they could be quite useful. Love the photo you look really natural and at ease in it xx hazel

hazel young said...

Morning Christine, lovely tag not really looked att hese dies before but now see they could be quite useful. Love the photo you look really natural and at ease in it xx hazel

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
The dies and what you have done with them look good but I'm not sure that I would use them enough to warrant the cost of buying them.
Hope your cough clears up before next week, looking forward to your shows.
The photo is really good you look very relaxed.
Have a good day.

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
lovely dies, I've not seen these ones before. Lovely tag too. I'm not very good at having my photo taken too. Just can't seem to relax,so hence the photo never looks natural. Have a great crafty day everyone
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Craftychris said...

Lovely tag, the little bird is gorgeous! Glad you are feeling better - perhaps you and Bella could Duet? Your new photo is fab xx

Planetsusie said...

Oooh tags.......I love them and this is beautiful - really clean and chic!! I don't have this set in my collection (yet) and I don't think I would have thought about getting it if you hadn't shown us this tag. You do set me off to spend more money LOL.

As for your photo - it's a lovely piccy - like barbiepinkfairy my NHS one was totally BAD - and as for my Bus Pass - I daren't use it 'cos it would scare the driver too much!!!!

Thank you for showing us these dies - I must put them on my wish list - not sure my husband is as grateful though - LOL.

Hugs Sue P xx

PS Hope your bark isn't scaring Bella to much - get better soon:)

Redanne said...

You don't look older at all! Your look lovely and very natural, it is a very good pic and I noticed it too before I read your post. This die set is excellent, it would be a very versatile set, love the branch and the bird best. Love your tag too and well done for using every single piece too. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Di x said...

The tag is great and so useable. Hope your cough get better soon. Look forward to seeing you on TV soon as I love your demo's. Your new pic is perfect and the lovely person you are shines through.
Kind regards Diane

Maggie said...

Sorry to hear you have been poorly hope you feel better very soon...Love love this set of dies I really really "need" Your tag is fabulous love the colour scheme and the bird looks cute with his crown on! Thanks for sharing


Maggie said...

Ooooops forgot to say your new photo is great and look forward to the TV shows


Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, This tag is fabulous!.. I also noticed your new photo before I noticed the dies..It is a lovely photo of you..:)..Hope you feel better soon..:)..Enjoy your day..xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
As soon as I saw your choice of dies I thought yes, Christine will be doing a tag! Have thought about this collection, about as far as it has got I'm afraid too many new ones taking over, really gets me bothered lol.
Noticed the new phot yesterday and was going to comment on it today, you beat me to it again. It is a lovely photo of you, you dont look old at all ( thats not me just being polite). Glad to hear your feeling better and up to doing those new sample projects. Best wishes, Carolyn. x

Sarah said...

Glad you're feeling a little better. Your photo is lovely and age is a matter of attitude whatever the number!!
Love that little bird with his crown!

Anonymous said...

Really like this set of dies. You used them in such a nice way to show them off really well. Love the red and green together - does make it stand out. Cute bird too!
Sandi K

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