Thursday 24 December 2009


I'm sitting here typing my blog on Christmas Eve and all is calm, all is bright! Having been confined to the VT for the last couple of weeks with the awkward ankle and then snow storms, followed by ice upon ice for once I had to learn to delegate! I am really not good at the 'D' word - I'm one of those that feels things get done a lot quicker and efficiently if I carry them out - hence I'm run ragged most of the time. But kind family and friends have dashed around getting shopping for me, I reluctantly withdrew my offer of cooking on Christmas Day and for the first time since I was a kid I'm actually twiddling my thumbs and waiting with quite a big bubble of excitement for Christmas Day! I don't think my sons have ever witnessed me so calm - ordinarily I join the rest of the women of the world at this point brandishing a potato peeler and panicking that there is just not enough Quality Street or loo roll to last the two days that shops don't open!

So I say to all my friends out there - I do not recommend falling down a hole as it is fairly painful but I cannot speak highly enough of just sitting down and taking it easy. I will raise my glass (and my crutches!) to you all for a jingly festive time and a spectacular New Year! ;-) xx

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Taking a nose dive!

What's been happening? Well the most significant news is that a week ago, in my typical mad rush to do a zillion things at once I rushed out to the boot of my car (to hide my eldest son's Christmas gifts) put my foot down a hole, sprawled myself across the road and subsequently was told by the hospital the following morning that I had torn the ligaments in my ankle. A week later, ankle elevated I'm still in pain and frankly I'm considering getting in touch with MI5 to suggest they use daytime TV as a form of torture, either them or lovely Jack in 24.. mmmm...oops I digress!

Forced rest - what's that all about?? Actually aside from the pain which I am numbing with the odd glass or two of red and prescribed pain killers, I have to admit that for the first time in ages I have time to chat on the phone, time to read the whole of the Radio Times, watch TV adverts (not pre-record everything and have my finger poised over FF) and drink a hot cup of tea. So sensibly I need to take note and when back to full fitness (uh hum!) take the time to look at the sky, watch the flowers and all those feel good things - will I? Would you?? Nah - I'll be chasing down to Sainsbury's and panicking about de-scaling the kettle - normal life will resume and I probably wouldn't cope any other way! :-)

Sunday 6 December 2009

I've done it!!

Yes, I've done it! Each year I set myself the task (a somewhat ridiculous one??) of getting my Christmas tree and decorations up within the first week of December, ideally the first weekend but I like to give myself some leeway ;-) So.. since insomnia has recently moved in again and being up at 5am on Saturday morning I thought 'perfect - I shall erect the tree!' Four hours later and I'm still grappling with fairy lights, beaded chain and glass baubles I momentarily question..why??' But my reservations do not last.. 'It's a Wonderful Life' is playing happily on the DVD player, the aroma of Christmas cake from the oven (yes I've even managed to bung that in too!) - quite honestly if you'd been here and closed your eyes you could have imagined yourself in the midst of Delia's abode - thatched roof, stunning conservatory, homely kitchen, cute kitty and all... okay down to earth I'm in a VT remember!! Is it all worth it? Yes! As I sit here, typing this admiring my tree I'm thinking 'ahh lovely' but it won't last ... cat+tree=chaos! :-)
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