Thursday 31 January 2013

It's a Sign!

Hello friends
Progress photos (I can guarantee tomorrow it is craft because it is FDD!)
So this is another use for Grand Caliburs... they are presently weighting down the new exterior shop sign!
Since taking on these premises I have had to learn so many new things...from business accounts,
tills, card readers and the fact that people charge a lot of money for things...including shop signs.
So with the help of my local wood yard and my lovely Dad - I am making my own. 
Right now this is two layers of wood being adhered together to create the sign that measures 12' long.
Lots of weatherproofing and painting to go.  A local company has created the lettering -
(they actually do most of their work for boats so I know it will be weatherproof!) 
 And a further sign was put up inside the studio/shop.
This is just like the one I had in my previous studio but much BIGGER! 
Again - I asked Mitchell to do this job.
Measuring up....
 If these pictures have audio you would hear me say..."are you sure that is straight?"  !!
 Finished and that face says ..."It is perfect Mum, stop making a fuss!"
By the way, he is not super tall - standing on a table!
Back in London today, I do find it difficult walking away from the studio/shop when
I'm itching to do so much...but, as they say, a change is as good as a rest!

Thank you for your comments yesterday and big thanks to Janice for the link to the 
Kindle books - I'm all signed up!
Take care friends.

Wednesday 30 January 2013

To Paint or Not To Paint....

Hello friends
Well that was the question yesterday and...
I decided to paint...a terribly rough undercoat first - I promise they will look better than this!
I'm going to go with cream to match the chair and just to keep everything light 
and with some shabby chic..ness!
Yesterday was one of those days when time seemed to be on fast forward, 
but a very essential sign was put up.....all mod-cons at the studio/shop now!
 Also - I have something else to share with you.  
Since my eldest son learned to drive he often takes his younger brother shopping at Lakeside.  
They headed off there together on Monday evening leaving Bella and I to eat our dinner alone 
and snuggle on the sofa...(not a hardship really!) 
When they returned they announced 'gifts for everyone'.  Bella got a chewy bone, a rawhide shoe and
a squeaky furry thing that looks like a squirrel without a head! 
I received........this......!!!!
 and this very lovely cover too!!
As you can imagine I was very touched - they had thought to buy such a special gift that took
nearly all their money and for no occasion.  Apparently when I asked (in between tears because 
I was a tad emotional) they said 'because we love you' - queue more tears! 
I don't mind admitting having teenage boys is very hard work, there are days when I 
want to pull my hair out (and want to pull their hair out too!) days when I worry that 
their values are wrong, they are not working hard enough, 
that I will never see their bedroom carpets again...all that stuff...
but this week I'm forgetting all that and smiling each time I pick up my new Kindle.

Back to craft very soon dear friends...(got to stop to stop shopping!!)
Take care.

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Been shopping...again!

Hello friends
A picture day today...
In between crafting I have been shopping!  (My housework and ironing is suffering believe me).
Firstly a cushion from Ikea...I think it blends well with the wallpaper.
My local British Heart Foundation store gave me these two little shelf units.
I had previously donated some furniture to them and when chatting they said they had these little
units that they thought would work in my shop window....
Right now I've just placed some items in there to experiment...
I am wondering whether to paint them but the wood is lovely oak and it would be a shame.
I am bound to spend hours deliberating and titivating!
 Another birdcage crept in..this time in cream!
And, after all that shopping I thought I ought to tackle the ironing...
I then changed my mind and took Bella for a walk - far more important!
It was very windy hence the situation with her ear turned inside out and too much fur over her eyes!
She looks a little startled as minutes before horses had just gone by.

Something crafty now.. new classes have been added for March.
If you click on the Spellbinders Academy button on my sidebar or here you will see I've uploaded
some more.  In March there is a Mother's Day Card and Gift Box for Chocolates class,
and a further Nestaboard/Grand Dies class (this month's class has sold out).
Also - some special news - Jennie from The Artistic Stamper will be visiting my studio
to take a class on Sunday 3 March, 10am to 1pm.
The final details are being put in place but I can confirm it will be £20.

If you require any further information or would like to book a class please email.
I'm back tomorrow - take care friends.

Monday 28 January 2013

The final one...

Hello friends
It's the final '10 Minute Make' that it is in this month's edition of 
Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine.
This card features the very lovely Bitty Blossoms and the classic Labels One.
Still loving the Carta Bella - Traditions papers, such lovely quality.
I thought the cluster of Bitty Blossoms mirrored the little flower sticker.
The shaped banner/bunting is also a sticker, it was one of those embellishments that went on the the card...back on the card!  Crafting dilemma and..I'm still not certain!

Yesterday saw the last of my crafting supplies/stock etc move into the studio/shop,
I feel so lucky to have a extra room at the back of the shop that I can use as a stock room.  
It took a few car journeys, Elliott helped and in true teenage fashion questioned why
I need "so much stuff!"  I know you all understand :)
My home is looking quite empty of craft supplies now.

Thank you for all the suggestions for a collective word for Grand Caliburs -
Sandra came up with a 'Galaxy' of Grand Caliburs...oooo I like that...
I wonder if it is because it has associations with chocolate!
Adena's suggestion of a 'Collaboration' of Caliburs is very clever...
Thank you all again.

Wishing you a great start to the week.
Take care.

Sunday 27 January 2013

Workshop Fun!

Hello friends
All good news today:
1. The sun arrived yesterday and the temperatures soared...well, 5 degrees!
2. I had brilliant classes at The Artistic Stamper.
3. I found my missing die template!

This is one of the classes in action, some real concentration going on...
Look at all those Grand Caliburs.  I need a collective word for lots of Grand Caliburs!
Today's crafty project is something from last year...
I revisited this as one of the techniques to show in my class yesterday, the versatility of M-Bossabilities.
I've used Rose Creations with vellum and all the details and step by step images can be found here
 Remember you can stamp and ink your many possibilities!
I am doing a further class at The Artistic Stamper on Saturday 20 April -
Spellbinders - The Next Chapter!  Click here and scroll to the bottom to see booking details
if you would like to come along.
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and getting thawed out too!
Take care friends.

Saturday 26 January 2013

Ten Minute Make...

Hello friends
I'm typing this blog post at nearly midnight, goodness it's been a busy couple of days.
London work kept me on my toes and then last night I was finalising 
everything for my classes today at The Artistic Stamper.
All sorted now and I'm looking forward to spending the day with 18 fellow crafters!

Another 10 minute make, seriously that Jewel Flowers and Flourishes again!?
(Told you I really like that die set!)
I've managed to sneak in a sort of tag and some pretty little butterflies.
A colour combination I would not normally use - but I think it works.

Thank you for the great comments on my FDD blog post - also, it is great when others 
share die cutting advice - good tip regarding placing a piece of white paper to stop 
the 'grubby' edges and also lightly sanding them.

Have a lovely weekend, I hope to take some photos today to share with you tomorrow.
Take care friends.

Friday 25 January 2013

Friday Die Day

Hello friends
Yes it is back!  
Straight away...apologies for the photos being a little dark, struggled with light - craving sunshine!
This week I am featuring Potpourri.
This one of the die sets designed by Becky Fleck, it is very folksy and I love that it 
has three designs of hearts, two stars and a square label shape with a pinking edge.
This is how it looks cut/embossed. 
I've chosen to make a little Valentine gift card.  This is quite speedy...
just in case you need to make more than one.....!
I created a blank card base from white cardstock just a little bit larger than the label shape.
 I then cut/embossed white hearts with just a single red one.
Using a scoring board (or ruler) score down the centre of each heart and fold.
I applied a thin layer of adhesive to the fold.
For any of you that have visited my classes you will have heard me sing the praises of 
a 'Fine Tip' dispenser!  You can just see the nozzle in the picture - it allows you to 
dispense 1/2mm of adhesive exactly where you want it!  
I decant my Cosmic Shimmer glue into it.
I do have the dispensers in my shop in case any of you are interested...just email.
 I've positioned the hearts placing a red one to the middle with a tiny gemstone.
Using Crafty Foam Tape adhered to my card blank.
 A close up picture.... 
You may notice the edges of the hearts and label look slightly 'grubby' - this is where my
cutting mat is very worn (well loved) and tiny pieces of coloured card rubs off onto white cardstock.
One tip to avoid this is to keep one side of your cutting plate purely for white card...
good advice eh....perhaps I should take note!
Have a wonderful weekend and safe travels to Val who is travelling to the UK from Spain,
bring your scarf and mittens!
Take care.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Card, purchases and a little video!

Hello friends
Another card using Carta Bella - Traditions papers today, I really mixed up the patterns on this one!
Creating a frame and placing some very nice red flowery paper behind.
Adding a cluster of elements to the left bottom corner, including Classic Scalloped Circles
and a stamped Standard Circles LG - love that Spellbinders nest so well together.
Rather partial to those stickers that look like stamps...think I used them all!

Little sneak peek of a purchase.....
and what do you think?
This drawer unit called to me when I was shopping......
 more photos soon...

Also today a snowy video...not craft related at all!
Bella not grasping the 'building a snowman' idea!
 Finally, (yes a long blog post!) on Saturday I am in Faversham at the Artistic Stamper doing my 
Introduction to Spellbinders is some of the preparation - goodies inside those bags....
I'm back there on 20 April for 'Spellbinders - the next chapter' in case anyone fancies a
little workshop...just click here.
Again...more photos soon.
FDD tomorrow - oh yes I'm back on track!
Take care.

Wednesday 23 January 2013

A Carta Bella Card, Chair and Chat!

Hello friends
Another card from this month's edition of Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine.
The Carta Bella - Traditions papers are slowly creeping up my favourites chart.
Again a fairly speedy card as these are supposed to be '10 minute makes' -
(I think it did take slightly longer than 10 minutes though....!)
I distressed and inked the edges of the green patterned paper.  Before I adhered it
to the cream card base I wrapped around some lace and twine with a little tag.
(This tag die template has gone walkabouts in the move...I've been searching for days!)
The paper set came with lots of stickers so I added some of those
and a Jewel Flower and Flourishes...that die set didn't get lost in the move!

I create my projects months in advance so when I finally get to see them in print I greet
them like long lost friends!  Also, somewhat quirky, I recall what film/programme I was
watching at the time ...this current set of cards was made while watching the Miranda box set.
I appreciate with comedy we each have our own taste but I have to admit Miranda
has me laughing out loud.  Are you a fellow Miranda fan??

Yesterday I took a snowy drive to Medway to collect a chair I purchased on eBay - this is
hopefully for the shop window....
I have looked at so many chair but they were all too big so I settled on this one.
I've still got a fair bit of work (and purchases!) for the window but I will get there...

Finally....who has been sleeping in my bed????
Wrong perhaps but very cute!  Plus she feels the cold!
I'm back tomorrow, take special care in this icy weather.

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Thanks so much!

Hello friends
Brhhh - still jolly cold!  
Today's card is featured in this month's edition of Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine.
The ever so lovely Bitty Blossoms are featured.  
The papers are Carta Bella - Traditions  designed by Samantha Walker who also designs dies.
A very simple design - tucking tags behind a strip of paper.
The quality of the paper is superb, very thick - much like cardstock.  I love the colour tones
and the natural marks in the papers, all helps with that vintage look.

I'm trudging through snow to get to my studio/shop - still lots of work to complete before 
the end of the month and that shop window to do...good job I thrive on being busy!
I have found an item of furniture that I want for the shop window, fingers crossed it isn't
too big - I'm collecting it this morning so hopefully photos very soon.
Take care friends, wrap up very warm.

Monday 21 January 2013

Beads! Snow! Classes!

Hello friends
Something different today!  
Being a member of Julianna's Positively Me Design Team has given me the opportunity
to revisit beading.  Just before Christmas a parcel arrived containing....Jewel Loom™ . 
This loom has been designed by Julianna and is simple to thread and easy to use
and it will be available in the UK very soon.
I was asked to create a project for CHA and I thought I would design something
a little different to about a fancy beaded cuff for gloves!
A close up - to create the 'flower' I made a further strip of beading, gathered and sewed it together.
Little secret:  despite all my years of beading....I have never used a bead loom before!
So that proves how nice and easy it is.

I am convinced I did right by postponing yesterday's class - I had to visit the studio 
and this was the car park at got a lot worse!  Beyond that wall is the River Thames...
yes quite hard to believe!
On Saturday I am going to be at The Artistic Stamper in Faversham with my
'Introduction to Spellbinders' classes.  These classes proved popular and sold out so a big thank you
to those who booked.  There is going to be a follow-up class: Spellbinders: The Next Chapter
on Saturday 20 April where more techniques will be explored.
If you would like to book please click on this link or you can get in touch with Jennie here.

Just to let you know...the 3D Foam Hearts and Adhesive Hearts are now listed in my Amazon shop.

Take care friends
(right now I'm feeling ever so grateful for central heating, cosy fleecy blankets and a
Bella on my lap keeping me warm!)

Sunday 20 January 2013

Glassine Gift Bag with 3D Foam Heart

Hello friends
Are you keeping warm??
It is proper Winter now isn't it!  
For something a little brighter and Spring-like I put together a small 
gift/favour bag for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L.
This is using their new 3D Foam Hearts that I featured for sale yesterday.
If you would like to pop over to their blog there are full step by step instructions
showing you how to heat emboss the 3D Foam Hearts.
I'm really rather fond of Jewel Flowers and Flourishes...they keep popping up! 
Glassine bags are become quite a favourite this goodbye to tags?? 
Today was supposed to be my first craft workshop in my new studio/shop so
feeling a little sad that I have had to postpone due to the snow.
What did cheer me up was a neighbouring shop - Flower Heaven brought along a
floral gift for me as a 'welcome to the High Street' gesture.
So kind and I'm really liking fresh flowers on my counter!
Take care friends.
I'm back tomorrow with something new and different...think beads!

Saturday 19 January 2013

An Exclusive Just For You!

Hello friends
I have an exclusive for you today!
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L have launched Designer Shape products -
3D Foam Hearts and Adhesive Hearts - these have just been revealed at CHA.

I got to play with these a month or so ago and they are superb.  In fact,
I can now show you a project that I created for CHA using the 3D Foam Hearts.
I created a Nestaboard notebook with Grand Rectangles and Grand Peony Creations.
 The beauty of these hearts is that you can use embossing powder and heat set -
they withstand the heat!  I will be featuring a tutorial on how to do this on
the Scrapbook Adhesives blog later today and I will blog about it more tomorrow.
With both the 3D Foam Hearts and the Adhesive Hearts - you can also sprinkle them with glitter, 
micro beads and more.
The very special news is that I am the only UK stockist to have a supply of these!
(They will be get to other UK stockists but not for another couple of months).
If you would like to purchase they are £2.49 per pack and will be in my shop.
I am also happy to post them out direct too - just drop me an email.

Before I go - my birdcages - I can confirm they come from Dunelm Mill.

Due to the heavy snow forecast I've made the decision to postpone
tomorrow's class (little sob here as I was very excited about it being the first class etc!)
But it is the sensible thing to do, I have emailed each person attending but just in case
you haven't checked your inbox, please do.
Take care friends - it is jolly cold out there!!

Friday 18 January 2013

Is it Friday???

Hello friends
Is it Friday??? Oh yes it is and you are here looking for Friday Die Day!
Confession time: a slight hiccup with FDD this week in that I got completely
involved with the studio/shop and totally ran out of time!
Tons of apologies and I truly intend to be back on the crafty track next week.
By way of compensation I have butterflies to share with you!
I got a little carried away with cutting/embossing Wonderful Wings!
Oh look...the colours match these....
I'm about to start creating the shop window.  I have the vision in my head but trying to track
everything down is proving a challenge.  
On my 'window list' is some items of furniture - but it always seems to be that when I 
want to purchase an item on eBay it is 'collection only' and 200 miles away!  
I will get there and I will keep you posted on progress!

Thank you for all the brilliant comments yesterday -
excellent - we all like the new logo - I'm very pleased.

I'm back tomorrow with something new....
Take care friends, have a lovely weekend and get those mittens and hats out - brhhhh!

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