Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bits and Bobs Day!

Hello friends
Thank you for your support yesterday and leaving comments on Julianna's blog.
It means a great deal to me.

I am up to December in my craft/life recap - the final month!
It was the big build up to Christmas and I got to go away to Chester and Chatsworth House.
Projects included:
A Christmas Plaque
A Window Tag...
A Christmas Reindeer Card...
And a Journal...
There were many more but these are some of my favourites.

Talking of favourites - I often feature decorated chocolate bars and just
after Christmas I received a lovely email from Emma who said that they had inspired
her to make some for her family's Christmas stockings.  Here they are...
beautiful layering of Persian Accents and, of course, the lovely Layered Poinsettia!
Thank you for sharing Emma.

Pet Gallery!
I haven't forgotten, I still have a few to feature and always waiting for more...
So this adorable pooch is Toby - a miniature Schnauzer who belongs to Julie.
Julie explains that "he loves to have the wind in his hair and enjoys nothing more than sticking his head
out of the window of a moving vehicle."
Toby we know you cannot read the sign 'do not lean out of the window"!

Isn't he adorable...a special doggy treat will be on its way to you Toby.

Lastly...yes lots of items today....
the filigree heart that I used for my Julianna Hudgins Design Team project,
I have purchased a small stock of them.  I know it is difficult for everyone to find the items I sometimes use.
They measure approximately 7" in height
(I'm saying 'approximately' because I left the measurements at the studio!)
Email me if you would like to purchase one - they are £3.75 inclusive of postage.
I'm back in London job today but hope to take the day off tomorrow to continue cleaning and
start the move into the new studio/shop.
I'm back tomorrow - FDD -  I took time out of this very busy week to make sure it was done!
Take care friends.


baconbits said...

Wow what alot you achieved in one year - really liked the December projects but then that is the best time of year.
With all this cleaning and decoratingmake sure you take xome time for you - you time is very important to.
Amanda x

Janice said...

Morning Christine

Another lovely selection of photos for December. Thanks so much for your 2012 photo recap. It's been a great reminder of some of your wonderful projects and happy events in your life.

Well done to Emma too, great wrappers! The limits are endless with the dies aren't they?

Really looking forward to tomorrow's FDD, I can imagine I'll be starting a new 'must have' list for this year lol!
A day off from work tomorrow too - sounds good!

Janice x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. What a lovely photo of Toby with the wind in his hair.

Great selection of December goodies. I can't seem to get back into the swing of crafting again after all the Christmas cards I made.I sit at my desk without any ideas at all. Hope the inspiration fairy calls at my house soon.

Val in Spain xxx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine.
I just love the photo of Toby,what a lovely looking dog.
It has been really nice looking back on some of the projects you have done.
Good luck with all your work and cleaning can't wait to see your photos when you have finished.
Take care x.

hazel young said...

Lovely photos Christine, hope you get tomorrow off to do your new studio xx hazel

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Another reminder of last year lovely Christmas projects. I haven't made anything since Christmas cards were finished, like Val can't seem to get back in the swing, though I must as I have birthdays coming up. Also I have been asked to make a card for a 99 year old lady need to get my juices flowing.
Lovely photo of Toby.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, I have loved your recap, and the December ones are also very gorgeous, I loved them all.
Emma's wrappers are so beautiful, they take a plain block of choccie to another level completely.
Toby is so adorable, I love this piccie, when I had poodles, in the car, they would always have their heads out of the window if they could, it must be a dog thing, and poor Toby couldn't read 'the sign' but he looked like he was enjoying the trip so much.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, wow thank you for putting my chocolate wrappers on your blog, must say i think they look good enough to eat!! Toby is gorgeous and looks a bit cheeky with his head out the window, what a fab photo of him.
Loving your recap of projects. All this work your putting into the shop will be worth it in the end. Emma

Claire Dale said...

Hi Christine! Love the recap, and Toby is sooo cute! Hope you get the day off tomorrow (little green monster on my shoulder!!!)!!
Claire xx

Carole Z said...

It was certainly a full and memorable year for's to continued success in 2013! I too made choc wrappers to go with my family table presents...and they forgot to photograph them! Toby is very cute, love the photo, Carole ZX

Carolyn H. said...

HI christine, I've really enjoyed your 2012 recap.Look forward to 2013 projects and blog items, so pleased I joined.
I didnt get chance to leave a message on the blog yesterday but did pop over and leave one on Julianna's.
What a lovely pic of Toby,I bet he's a real character.
Love Emma's Choc. wrappers too.
Look forward to FDD and hope you get tomorrow off work to spend time in the studio.
Crafty best wishes, Carolyn x

Janice said...

Just realised that I forgot to add that the photo of Toby made me smile! Looks like he's enjoying the ride!
Janice x

Anonymous said...

Hi christine, more great photos toby is cute ! Loved emmas chocolate bar wrappers must give it a go. Have a great friday hope you got the day off.
Elaine w

Craftychris said...

Toby is gorgeous and I love the catch up photo's xx

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