Friday 31 August 2018

Friday Die Day

Hello friends

I feel like I've caught up a little with my days now,
I know it is Friday and that means...Friday Die Day.
This week I'm featuring Charming Cottage Box.
Designed by Becca Feeken as part of her Charming Christmas Collection
it is a 15 piece die set!

Here's the approximate measurements:

Bow: 0.70 x 0.80 in 1.80 x 2.00 cm
Door: 0.75 x 1.45 in 1.90 x 3.70 cm
Arch Window Insert and Rim (2 pcs): 0.75 x 1.25 in 1.90 x 3.20 cm
Sprig: 0.80 x 1.00 in 2.00 x 2.50 cm
Window Insert and Rim (2): 1.00 x 0.75 in 2.50 x 1.90 cm
Tag: 1.10 x 1.75 in 2.80 x 4.40 cm
Gingerbread Man Charm: 1.10 x 2.00 in 2.80 x 5.10 cm
Christmas Tree Charm: 1.60 x 2.20 in 4.10 x 5.60 cm
Swirl Accent: 1.95 x 0.45 in 5.00 x 1.10 cm
Rectangle Insert: 2.20 x 1.30 in 5.60 x 3.30 cm
Square Insert: 2.20 x 2.20 in 5.60 x 5.60 cm
Scallop Trim: 2.5 x 0.60 in 6.40 x 1.50 cm
Box: 5.50 x 6.40 in 14.00 x 16.30 cm

To create the box you need to cut two.
I've chosen kraft card.

Fold along all score lines except the 'triangles', you'll see from the picture
these sections remains upright.

Affix the base and then apply adhesive to all flaps to assemble.

The box constructed.

To decorate, this is the fun part.
I've only used a small amount of pieces from the die set here.
The scallop trim for the roof, door, windows, tree, tag and flourishes.

Layering the scallop trim for the roof panels.

Beginning to decorate.

The finished Cottage Box.

You can of course before you assemble the box, use the windows
to cut out apertures and place acetate behind.
I always think of these things once I'm finished!

The finished box measures approx. 2.6 x 2.5 x 4.5 inches.
Chocolate guestimate - I would say it could hold
4 (possibly 5) Ferrero Rocher, not surprisingly I didn't have any at home
to give you an accurate decision on that! 
It would hold 6-7 Celebrations, I had those at home...briefly! 

Charming Cottage Box is available to order on the website here.
My order is with Spellbinders right now so they should be 
winging their way over the pond within the next week or so.
Take a look at the full Charming Christmas Collection here,
Becca's designs are, as always, delightful.

Oh yes, if you collect the Hope and Charm-ing Collections the 
latest one has just been published on the website.
This time it is Afternoon Tea (just in time for GBBO).

I really enjoyed sourcing the charms for this collection,
from the cake stand, cutlery, teapots, cook book, champagne and more.

If you want to use your charms to create key rings/clips,

What does this weekend hold for you?
I'm attempting to de-jungle the garden.
Stop by on Sunday for Charity Kit Day and there will also be
a new YouTube video.

Take care friends.

Thursday 30 August 2018

Wednesday Giveaway on a Thursday!

Hello friends

Going away has put me behind a little (or more accurately
I'm chasing my tail this week).
So let's have Wednesday Giveaway today.

Last week's giveaway was Swirl Leaf Branch.

And the winner is...


Congratulations, please email:
with your details and we will post your prize out to you.

This week's giveaway is a pre-loved die,
Side Floral Panel

Very pretty and useful, one of the die sets from 
(also in the Summer Sale

I've used it to create this card here.

If you would like to win this week's giveaway,
please leave a comment on today's post 
A winner will be picked and announced next Wednesday.

(Please claim your prize within a month of announcement).

Be sure to check out the Summer Sale again and it is 
ending soon and Mitchell has been making further reductions.

Take care friends, have a nice Thursday and please stop 
by tomorrow for Friday Die Day.

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Back Home and Sweeties!

Hello friends

NOTICE: Wednesday Giveaway will 
be posted tomorrow :) 

Hope you are all well.
I'm home after my shows on Hochanda, they were a lot of fun 
and Paul is brilliant to work with - so much talent!
But look how small I look.  
Sandwiched between Paul and Elliott I could pass as a hobbit! 

The shows flew by and there was so much you didn't get to see! 
I was itching to show you this project but there just wasn't the opportunity,
so here goes...

Designed by Becca Feeken it has the best of both worlds, 
a hot foil plate and a die set.
Using the Glimmer Hot Foil Press I've foiled the design onto 
ivory card and then used the die, it cuts the rectangle and the scallop 
insert in one go.

Fold and the scallop insert is at the top.  Decorate or write a name.
I filled a cello bag with sweeties (Smarties, I swear the colours are different now)
 and used double sided tape to affix the topper.
Ta-dah a finished sweetie bag.

Place Card/Mini Topper is available on the website here.
We have this design in stock now, other items are arriving possibly tomorrow 
but more likely Thursday now. 
I think the distributor has been overrun with orders.

If you have emailed I'm just catching up.
Teresa - as you live abroad you can watch Hochanda online or via their
Facebook page.

To help with some Glimmer questions I've received,
listing some below with answers: 

What die cutting machines are compatible with the Glimmer?
If your machine is able to use thicker dies e.g. Bigz, Contour Steel Rule Dies
then yes, the Glimmer will work perfectly.

Can I use other plates/hot foil stamps with the Glimmer?
Yes you can! 

Can I foil a die?
Yes you can...except worth noting not all of them work
and be careful the cutting edge doesn't cut the foil.
Go for it though, I'm trying out a few.

How long is the power cord?
6 feet

What measurement is the heated grey area?
Approx 14cm x 17cm (A5 piece of card works well).

Hope that helps, please feel free to ask any further questions.
And for further Glimmer details just click on the image below.
Take care friends, I had better get unpacked and get that washing machine on.

Monday 27 August 2018

Festive and Foiled!

Hello friends

I hope you are tuning in to the shows. 
I'm scheduling this post to go out this morning so fingers crossed
all things technical play nicely! 
I've chosen a festive and foiled card project today.
Using my matting dies, a gold mirror card mat with striped festive paper.
I then cut a further smaller mat from gold mirror card and placed
at a jaunty angle!
Hot foiled the Making Spirits Bright onto ivory card and placed
to the right - an opposing jaunty angle!

Cinch and Go Poinsettia with some foliage and gold cord to finish.

Big thanks to Mitchell who has photographed all my projects
and managed to capture the gold.

Items used today with clickable links:

Take care friends, have a great Bank Holiday Monday.

Sunday 26 August 2018

Hearts and Love and Show Time!

Hello friends

Today's the day!
It's Glimmer shows on Hochanda and this is a card sample
I created combining foiling and die cutting.
It features Hearts and Love Glimmer plate and
A2 Swirl Background.

Ivory card base with gold mirror card mat,
patterned paper with A2 Swirl Background placed on top.
The largest heart from the Hearts and Love Hot Foil Plate collection,
gold foil onto ivory - can you see I'm loving the gold and ivory!

Items used with clickable links:

The little flowers are from Swallow and Heart

I've been asked what die cutting machines the Glimmer 
is compatible with.
If your machine can take the thicker steel rule dies for example,
Bigz or Contour then it will work with the Glimmer.
I know for certain that the Platinum, Platinum 6 and Big Shot will be fine.

More plate designs have been uploaded to the website,
the full collection of plates plus the Glimmer System can be found here.

Had a fantastic day in London yesterday for Elliott's birthday,
highly recommend Witness for the Prosecution.
This is us walking across Waterloo Bridge.

Elliott is coming with me to Hochanda (he's so good at carrying stuff!)
I hope you can tune in.
The shows today are 6pm and 8pm.
Tomorrow 9am, 1pm and 5pm.
Myself and Paul Antonio will be doing all the shows,
prepare for lots of fun and laughter! 

Take care friends.

Saturday 25 August 2018

Glimmer Time!

Hello friends

It's Glimmer time! 
The last couple of weeks I've been have a lot of  foiling fun.
The Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foil System is now available and
I am thrilled to be sharing projects with you.
We have a lot of the plates in stock and other items will be dispatching
As I expected a favourite emerged and this is it
Designed by Paul Antonio for Spellbinders,
it has feather-like flourishes and I am in love with the shape and for want
of a better word..dots!

I've used 5 x 7 Matting Basics for the card (back in stock)
and the patterned paper is Anna Griffin, links below.

If you haven't seen the Glimmer in action I've done a little video
showing a quick demo.
(This one does not have a cat walking through it, unlike my little video
posted on Facebook!)

Items used with clickable links:

Taking Elliott to London for his birthday today,
we are seeing Witness for the Prosecution at County Hall on the Southbank,
Agatha Christie's play within a court room.
I suspect we will also indulge in something nice to eat and then back
home to pack for heading to Peterborough tomorrow.
Hochanda here I come!  

I'm going to schedule another post while I'm away and if you are on social
media come and say hello while I'm doing my shows.
Sunday, 5pm and 8pm
Monday, 9am, 1pm and 5pm.

Take care friends.

Friday 24 August 2018

Friday Die Day

Hello friends

For this week's Friday Die Day I'm featuring 

A six piece die set, the approximate measurements are:
Rectangle Topper/Border: 5.00 x 1.25 in 12.70 x 3.20 cm
Rectangle Inset Design: 4.85 x 1.10 in 12.30 x 3.30 cm
Arched Topper/Border: 5.75 x 1.70 in 14.60 x 4.30 cm
Arched Inset Design: 5.60 x 1.55 in 14.20 x 3.90 cm

The top and bottom of the outer border die is spit in half to 
create a shaped top or bottom to your card. 
The decorative inset pattern can be used to make a stunning inset accent. 
Nest all three to create a decorate border die cut.

I've chosen to use the arched topper and inset with ivory cardstock.

And then the rectangle border and inset, you can see from this picture
how you can create a fully cut shape by nesting all three dies.

Cut them both in gold mirror card to create a narrow drop shadow.

I created a flower using the Cinch and Go Poinsettia.
Be prepared to see these quite often now...!

Affixed the arched topper onto my card base along with 
foiled patterned card - this is Anna Griffin from one of the 
paper sets available on the website - all links below.

Positioned the rectangle die cut to the bottom of the card.
It's just awaiting that poinsettia now...

The finished card, ivory, gold and a touch of pink poinsettia.

The sentiment is from our Festive Sentiment Sheets.

Loving this design, delicate, festive and intricate.

Items used today with clickable links:

Take care friends, have a great Friday.
I'm back tomorrow.

Thursday 23 August 2018

Pretty in Pink...and Gold!

Hello friends

Thursday - city day for me but I'm on a countdown
to the weekend, it's a busy one.
We've got Elliott's birthday on Saturday and then I'm at 
Hochanda Sunday and Monday launching the Glimmer,
I've been sharing a few sneak peeks and videos on social media
and I will be doing a full blog post shortly.

Thank you so much for your understanding regarding our change to 
postage on the website.  
In an ideal world we would have kept it free forever but when we did 
the figures (using all our fingers and toes!) 
we realised we were actually losing money on certain orders.
So it meant a lot to see nice messages of support - thank you.

Today's post features my project for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L.
It's a pretty in pink card.
It features Creative Photo Corners in Gold and the die set is Swirl Tags.
I really think adding the corners adds a nice frame to cards,
works wonderfully on tags too.

There's a full step by step tutorial over on the Scrapbook Adhesives blog
if you have time to take a look.

My little flowers are popping up everywhere, this time I used different colour
distress inks to make a variety.

Items used today with clickable links:

Take care friends and please stop by tomorrow,
it's Friday Die Day.

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