Wednesday 31 October 2012

Halloween, Notes and so Cute!

Hello friends
Happy Halloween!
Little pumpkin at the ready.
I have some sweets for the trick or treaters, I think I may have bought far too many...
oh what a shame if I have to finish them off!
I'm still on my 'Domestic Goddess' theme!  
This time I put together a note book.  
Such a pretty paper from Papermania's Happy Days collection. 
I used it to cover two pieces of chipboard, inked the edges and then inserted the 
binding with my Bind It All.
To decorate it is Nested Tea Cups and Donna's Alphas
I'm a big fan of making books - coming up in January I will have details of many classes featuring books.

Now on to something very cute.....
Kim mentioned the other day she was going to see her new puppy - here he is! 
Only 3 weeks old so not ready to leave his mummy just yet.
He is a Poodle/Labrador cross and currently nameless. 
Kim has decided to wait to name him, when his character develops. 
It is impossible not to look at the photos and feel all gooey inside! 
I've asked Kim to send further photos as and when she has them.
Perhaps we need a pet gallery!?

This Sunday I have the first of my Advent Frame workshops.  
Not only we will be creating the 25 boxes and decorating them but we will also be customising the 
frame with nice goodies too.  I've been dabbling with various ideas.   
There is one place left this Sunday (all later Advent Frame classes are fully booked).
Please drop me an email if you are interested.
Take care friends.

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Shopping List

Hello friends
A Shopping List today - something very close to my heart, my life is run by lists! 
For a simple effective project I pick up regular shopping list pads that you can find in all 
supermarkets, I remove the cover and make my own. 
Just a series of layers, tiny bit of lace, tea cup and flowers.
It makes a frugal but pretty gift.
This is using the retro Happy Days - Papermania papers and Nested Tea Cups.
Always a good idea to pop a magnet on the back so you can affix it to the fridge.
It is bright, jolly and it  might even make the food shop a little more bearable!

It is half term here so no creative writing class for me last night,
instead I decided to bring a box of dies home from the studio and do a bit of organising.
The dining room table is still a real muddle - one of those jobs that seemed a good idea at the time!

Thank you for the film recommendations - I watched the The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel yesterday.
A fantastic line up of our most wonderful actors.
I do have to craft at the same time - I've become rather adept at pressing pause!  
Take care friends.

Monday 29 October 2012

Spellbinders™ Scrapbook Page

Hello friends
I hope you had a nice weekend, I caught up with a lot of jobs - perhaps that extra hour helped!?
Must admit, I have great empathy with Val - one of my cats also insists on waking me
up very early in the morning!
Thank you for all the kind tag comments yesterday - to answer a couple of questions,
the tags I use are available from East of India, they are thicker chipboard-like tags
and make a brilliant base.  I purchase them from Temptation Gifts -
lovely website - (beware it makes your purse grow legs and run away!)
The lace I used on my Domestic Goddess plaque was purchased from
The Ribbon Girl - another brilliant website that has you clicking the 'add to basket' button!

Today's project is a scrapbook page that I created for Spellbinders.
It features Mitchell (my eldest son) sitting with one of my sister's cats - he is a magnet to animals!
All the details of the dies etc can be found here.
I really enjoyed using Botanical Swirls and Accents as a mask.
I'm heading off to the studio this morning to create some more projects.
I may have mentioned that I tend to watch a lot of films while I'm crafting, recently
I purchased the DVD - The Notebook (the film based on the book by Nicholas Sparks)
well, what a lovely lovely film - thoroughly recommend it!
Please let me know your recommendations - I'm getting through 1-2 films a day at the moment!
Happy Monday dear friends.

Sunday 28 October 2012

Domestic Goddess and Tags!

Hello friends
In this month's edition of Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine there is a feature for
'Domestic Goddess' - I was asked to make 5 items using the pretty retro
paper 'Happy Days' from Papermania.
This is somewhat funny seeing as right now I am nothing like a Domestic Goddess -
our meals at home consist of anything speedy - craft comes first!
Apart from cooking cakes that is... :)
My first project is a kitchen plaque.
I chose the very kitchen-like Nested Tea Cups, making a banner feature of the smallest teacup
and a larger feature in the bottom corner.
I think adding lace always help for that kitchen-vintage look.
I will be sharing the other projects over the next week or so.

The Christmas Tags class went brilliantly yesterday, it was so nice to meet blog follower friends, 
craft, eat cake!  The Authentique - Festive paper stacks proved a great success.
I got my camera out to grab a few shots of some of the tags that were finished.
This is a sneak peek of some of mine on a display board.
  These are Anne's
These are Susan's
And these are Jean's
I think my absolute obsession for Layered Poinsettia has rubbed off on them very nicely!

There is one space available on the next Christmas Tags class taking place on Saturday 10 November,
please drop me an email if you would like to come along -

Shout out to Kim who was getting a puppy yesterday - would love to see pictures please!?
And a mention to Elizabeth and Lydia - hope you feel better soon.

For those who have snow....! Please keep warm, cosy and craft!
The temperature has dropped drastically here (no snow yet!) but enough to make me go rummaging
in the drawer for scarf and gloves.  Bella has two new hand knitted jumpers ready - photos to follow.
I do like Winter as long as the central heating works fine!
Take care friends.

Saturday 27 October 2012

Pretty Layers and a Poem

Hello friends
Today's card is a quite a little card but packed with some interesting dies.
I used Labels Twenty Two to create the aperture from cream cardstock.
I then created the centre piece from Holly Motifs but nippped off the holly leaves!
A small Layered Poinsettia adorns the middle.
The patterned paper is Cosmo Cricket - Odds and Ends - I still love this paper.
Following on from my blog post - Is Craft a Drug? 
Sue Yorkshire has sent me a brilliant poem....
She isn't sure who penned this but I think it is very accurate!

Dear Lord, 

I'm going to need some notice 
Before my days are done. 
You see, I'm a craftaholic. 
A fact not known to some. 
My craft room, it is bulging 
All corners, crannies and nooks 
There's loads of boxes under the bed, 
I hope no one ever looks 
I tell myself when shopping, 
“No more craft bits today,” 
But the craft shops are like magnets 
Drawing me their way. 
I'm totally at their mercy 
Just "need" a dozen of each. 
Then I hurry home to hide them 
Before the family starts to preach. 
So Lord, I'll need a little time 
To dispose of all this stuff. 
And Lord, can we keep all of this, 
Just between the two of us.

Have a lovely weekend - are you crafting?  
If so, what are you making?
I've uploaded a few new items to my Amazon Shop and
also if you press on the Spellbinders Academy button on my sidebar you will
see details of the workshop I mentioned earlier this week taking place in January at Artistic Stamper.
I've been clicking so many buttons!
Take care friends.

Friday 26 October 2012

Friday Die Day

Hello friends
So today I'm cheating a little because I'm using a die I have featured before...Rose Creations
but also Grand Labels Four (coming soon to my Amazon shop).
 I love the shape of this die, it lends itself to be a perfect tag and I also used it to make my 
So this Friday Die Day is more of a tag tutorial.
 Did I say tag?? Oh it must be Friday!
I've used kraft cardstock, cut/emboss.
  I stamped the entire stamp with a script stamp, I used a Penny Black one but this one is also ideal.
Rather liberal with my embossing powder!
 Shake off the excess and heat set.
I created Rose Creations from Graphic 45 paper.
 Again rather liberal with my shimmer mist!
 Once dry I curl the petals under, using the end of slim paintbrush works well.
 Added a gemstone flourish and brass eyelet.
Little bit of lace and a 'Smile' tag - finished.
 A close up. 
There is also a You Tube video featuring this tutorial with a rather nice jolly song!

Have a wonderful weekend...I'm baking a cake this evening for tomorrow's Christmas Tags class,
I'm going to go with a fruit cake this week, I would rather like the addition of a thick layer
of marzipan and icing but I had better wait until nearer Christmas!
Take care.

Thursday 25 October 2012

Gift Card...Card!

Hello friends
Have any of you started Christmas shopping yet?
I do have difficulty deciding what to buy certain friends and family and on those occasions 
I opt for a gift card.  I make it a little more special by creating a gift card..card!
This one features Layered Poinsettia (of course!), Labels Twenty Two
and the delicate edging is created with Lacy Doily Accents.
I'm counting down the days until I get the keys to my new studio/shop,
I walk past it most days and I'm just itching to get inside and start organising.
I've only just realised that our tourist centre features a photo on their website of the High Street - 
my new place is actually painted red in this picture.
Can you tell I'm a tad excited!!?  
Also thrilled to tell you all that I'm going to be teaching a workshop on 26 January at 
all the details and booking info can be found here.
I visited The Artistic Stamper this week, wow what a lovely shop and workplace - 
Jennie's other half is a DIY, tea maker and cake server extraordinaire! 
(I did enquire whether I could hire him!)
The Craft Store and Art Bar is based near Faversham but within very easy reach from the M2, 
just a couple of miles from the Faversham junction.
Jennie Boxall who is The Artistic Stamper runs a brilliant blog too.
It's that London job thing today...queue sad face! 
Still, not long till the weekend.
Take care friends.

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Is Craft a Drug??!

Hello friends
A bit of a strange post title today...all will be revealed below.
First off ...Advent Frames.
Some of you have been very busy making your frames and kindly sent photos.
This is Ann's - I really like how she has mixed up the numbering.
This is Wilma's.
Wilma has decorated the outer frame which is something we will be doing at our Advent Frame Class
(still space available).
Also Wilma sent across a photo with some ideas of goodies that fit inside each little box.
Isn't she good...I tend to pop chocolate in all my little boxes.
Thank you both - I love receiving pictures of projects.

For those who ordered an Advent Kit, the papers are Simple Stories - Handmade Holidays. 
Isabell was in the middle of making her kit when she made a very interesting discovery....
one of the papers used  for the box lids is called Handcrafted.

We use the red plaid design but on the other side there is 
this circles/flower design with writing going across with beautiful words like 'poetry, music, simple, jingling'
and .....cocaine, heroin!!!!  How did those words end up there???

I can absolutely PROMISE that I am not sending out subliminal messages to you all!
I do sometimes wonder whether craft is a drug...
can't seem to get enough of it, spend quite a lot of money on it -
but it is one addiction that I'm very happy to have!
I shall be back in my crafty studio today putting the final touches to the Christmas Tags class.
Also, not sure if I mentioned - waxed paper is back in stock - yippee!
My box in the container ship made it safely to the UK and to my doorstep.
Have a nice Wednesday, way too foggy here - I think I preferred the rain!
Take care friends.

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Let's Go 'Bear'!

Hello friends
Something a little different today.  
I subscribe to Mollie Makes Magazine and the latest copy dropped through my 
letterbox yesterday featuring details on how to make a teddy bear.
It reminded me that a year or two ago I decided to do 'bear making'.
This is Woodward.
This gorgeous creature came in kit form and was a gift from my parents and I was determined not to let 
him sit at the back of the wardrobe, he just had to be made.

I embarked upon my 'bear adventure' with a lot of trepidation - I can sew, cross stitch etc but it is very different to making a toy. This bear kit was featured on Kirsty's Homemade Christmas, 
Channel 4 and can be purchased from Alice's Bear Shop.

If any of you are considering 'going bear' - a couple of tips: the fabric is mohair and as you cut out the bear body parts, you 'snip' as opposed to cutting, it allows him to still have some hair! 
 Assembling his head is tricky but possible - the finished head looks a little macabre especially 
as I put him in a spare flowerpot while he awaited his body! 
 Once his eyes were in place I panicked over stitching his nose and mouth - 
but finally he had a character and I instantly loved him. Being a dab hand with pliers (all that jewellery making!) was a big plus as his joints are made with 'cotterpins' - all new but interesting.
It is my birthday next month and I'm thinking of asking for a another bear, I like 'going bear'! 

Yesterday I featured the Authentique - Festive papers, just to let you know
the 6x6 paper pad is available at The Craft Barn.

The spare place for Saturday's Christmas Tags class is now booked but funnily enough,
another place has popped up for my other Christmas Tags class on  Saturday, 10 November.  
If anyone fancies popping along for some festive tag making - please drop me an email.

Take care friends...back to pretty paper tomorrow!

Monday 22 October 2012

Cake and Christmas

Hello friends
Sharing a scrapbook page with you today that is featured in this month's edition of
Scrapbook Magazine.
The challenge was 'Four Ways' - four designers were each sent the same kit and asked to design a page.
It is always so interesting to see how differently we all create.
My layout features the stunning birthday cake that my sister made for my niece's 18th Birthday.
Some of the embellishments came in a semi-transparent bag and I chose to 
incorporate that in my layout but inserting a photo inside.
Spiral Blossoms Three make up the pretty cluster of flowers.
 Just typing this makes me feel hungry for cake!
I made a start on Christmas yesterday.  Coming up on Saturday is my Christmas Tags
class featuring the beautiful Authentique - Festive papers.
 A little sneak peek of one of the many tags we will be making ....
Due to one of my ladies going into hospital I have one spare place at the class on
Saturday - please email me for details if you would like to come along.
Have a lovely day - fingers crossed it stops raining soon!

Sunday 21 October 2012

Autumn Card and Gift Box

Hello friends
Today I am sharing with you the Autumn Card and Gift Box that we 
created in class last week and yesterday.
I think I have fulfilled the Autumn bit for sure!  
The gorgeous leaves, pine cones and acorns are created from Fall Foliage and 
the tiny flowers are Bitty Blossoms.
The background label shape is from Jar Labels.
That's my Autumn classes wrapped up
(although I do have a few kits available of this card and gift box if anyone is interested - please email).  
Now on to the serious planning and creating for Winter..that can only mean one thing....CHRISTMAS! 

Yesterday I was asked if the Authentique - Peaceful papers are available here in the UK,
I'm delighted to say yes - Sarah's Cards have them in stock here.
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.
Take care.

Saturday 20 October 2012

Scrapbook Adhesives and Authentique Papers

Hello friends
This project popped up yesterday on The Crafty Power Blog but I thought 
I would also share it with you here today.
I have done a full step by step tutorial on their blog showing how to create this 
gift bag and also how to get that embossing effect. 
I used Grand Labels Four for the main shape but I think many dies could lend themselves to this idea.
Still the opportunity leave a comment on both blogs - Authentique and Scrapbook Adhesives to win prizes.
Today I have a class and I'm taking homemade cake - for any of you that follow me on Facebook you may have seen my message last night - it is quite amazing this cake happened!  
Let's just say, if your sons unpack your food shopping - do not expect it to be put away in the correct places..(butter in the cupboard next to the baked beans!!)
Quick rush to get fresh ingredients - all sorted! 
Have a wonderful weekend - I'm back tomorrow.
Take care.

Friday 19 October 2012

Friday Die Day!

Hello friends
I interrupt this blog post with an announcement!
All this week there has been some amazing projects featured on The Crafty Power Blog
and chances to win prizes too.  Later today my project will pop up there,
probably around lunchtime due to the time difference.
I will also feature the full project here, on my blog, tomorrow.
Normal blog post resuming....!

It is that special Spellbinders  day of the week - Friday Die Day!
This week may not be everyone's cup of tea because I am featuring some rather different dies.
I am working through the list of dies that have been requested and I must admit I thought I was going to struggle a little with this set but actually... I really like it!  
This set consists of Scrabble letters, a puzzle piece, a dress and body pieces for a doll.
This is how it looks cut/embossed and stencilled.
  You will see there are little holes, these are ready for you to insert a brad to attach the body parts.
As an alternative to brads you could use some thick cotton and tie little knots.
 Here she is with all her limbs!  
I've just inked her arms and legs a little as she was looking a little pale!
For the puzzle piece it did occur to me that you could use it for a photo too.
Here comes the tag.  I've stamped the entire tag with a 'newsprint' stamp - this stamp is coming very soon to my Amazon shop.
 Attached a small piece of lace and then cut/embossed and stencilled the Scrabble 
letters to spell ART, attached with 3D Foam Squares.
  Added my lady, I did give her a crown which isn't from this die set...I found it on my craft desk!
(It is from Mix'd Media Elements)
Tied on a twine bow.  I've realised now she is faceless! 
 Some close up shots.
 I really do like those Scrabble letters.
Have a wonderful weekend.  
I have a class in my studio tomorrow - Autumn Card and Gift Box - photos to follow soon.
Some of the links may be misbehaving today, I believe Spellbinders website is having some
issues but hopefully it will be resolved soon.
Take care friends.

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