Tuesday 16 October 2012


Hello friends
Not sure how many of you have come across this magazine...?
It is all about creating cards in ten minutes and using stamps.  I chose to submit a card approximately a year ago and then promptly forgot about it....until....
it was published! 
The bow looks as though it did not travel so well!
Here is my original photo of the card.  
It features stamps from Heartfelt Creations and Pumpkins die template.
I'm not a big lover of Halloween but I do like a bit of roasted pumpkin!

Last night was my creative writing evening class,
I had written my piece on 'Stars' and it didn't actually mention craft!
I did use to have a blog dedicated to writing called 'Desk Adventures' - I may revamp it and post some of my jottings on there...if only as a good place to keep them all together!

I'm keeping up with my new crafty list this week, working on Friday Die-Day today...which is a bit of a record for me to be getting it done on a Tuesday!
Take care friends.


baconbits said...

Morning Christine,
Thinking these stamps will have to come to my home, they are super. Really like the card approriate with Thanksgiving coming up.
Amanda x

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, I have never seen this mag, but it looks intriguing - must do some delving. Now, having American family & a dad who was a Canadian National, you will understand that I am a Halloween fiend! Of course, I have these dies and this time of year I am so thankful I have family in the US to send Halloween cards to...lol! Love your card, hugs Carole Z X

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Mmmm I'm sure I have seen a magazine in the past called Stamper's Sampler which I really loved then you couldn't get it anymore in England. Will have to have a look for it. Love your pumpkin card Christine!! x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, I haven't seen this magazine either. Love your card, it is really pretty, the colours are beautiful and so appropriate for the season. I haven't seen these dies and stamps either, must look out for those.
You seem to be ahead of yourself with your list this week, well done, Christine.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine
What a surprise to find a card in a mag after all that time its a nice card

I dont celebrate halloween and dont think I have tried pumpkin, the sheer size of it puts me off trying to do anything with it lol

Sue xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Well, get you, having a card published in a magazine over the pond. Lovely card and I'm not surpriised its been shown. Don't know the magazine but very interesting.

hazel young said...

Morning Christine not heard of this magazine before but love your article in it love the pumpkin card. xx hazel

Carole Z said...

I'm back again, looked up the mag-thought it looked American, but have never seen it there..is it good? I already subscribe to Papercrafts magazine from US, nice to see the different 'take' on styles :) Carole Z X

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine.
Well done,another card published,I am not surprised it is lovely.
Keeping up with your list must feel great you always sound so busy. x.

Carole Z said...

Sorry, third time..I meant to say in my first post that I have the Spellbinder pumpkin dies and love them - these stamps look cool and well done for getting your card published..there, I'm done! Have a good day all! Carole Z X

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
Love your card,but not come across the Magazine .

Im sure i have seen a recipe for pumpkin soup somewhere will have to try to find it as i wouldnt mind giving it a try .

Take care
Elaine H X

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, no not come across that magazine. The card looks fun.
I am surprised that craft was not mentioned in your stars homework. Ah well next time maybe...hehehe.
Have a lovely day.
Elizabeth x

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, this card is lovely just as an autumn birthday card for a gardener or chef! Im not big into halloween either, im usually in france at the time and they do celebrate 'all hallows eve', but in a religious way. No never seen this magazine before. Emma

Redanne said...

Gosh Christine, have not seen that magazine for a while now, it got a bit too pricey for me, but it is good and lovely that you have been published in it! The card is lovely and so appropriate for either Halloween or Thanksgiving or Harvest Festival here in the UK. I have to admit to loving Halloween.... Crafty hugs, Anne x

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
another really fab card. Congrats on having your card published. I really must get some Halloween Dies or stamps, because all these challenges this time of year ask for spooky, and I have only got confetti.
I do like the look of the magazine.
Have a wonderful crafty day.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

lydia jordan said...

Hi Christine,
Very pretty card simple but effective, not into Halloween myself but I know it's getting more popular over here now.
Well done for getting your work published.
Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, Again, a lovely card you have made (albeit a while back). Not a big fan of Halloween, but when the Grand Children were younger I would get three pumkins and three grandchildren round the kitchen table and 'Scoop to make a Spook' as we would call it!
Enjoy your crafty day. C.B.W. Carolyn x

Ita said...

Hi Christine,very nice card for hallowen,I do not like all the cards with, vampires etc., on them.I am looking for 3 D foam pads or a rool ,a I am hopless with sizes,do they come in different thickness ?? and have you them in your amazon shop?????

Unknown said...

Hi Christine, name in lights once more, just adore this card so sweet, pure and simple. Love it.

Wilma x

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