Tuesday 30 September 2014


Hello friends

It's so nice to read how many of you enjoy my blog and that it has become
part of your routine, it feels a little surreal at times that when I'm typing (waffling!) away 
about my life and craft that it reaches out to so many people - I feel chuffed!

So continuing with the waffle...

Elliott did really well yesterday with his MRI, he had a little wobble but quickly
overcame his fear (I think my heart is still racing though!)
He will continue to be monitored with MRI scans so we know it is something that we have to do - thankfully there's always McDonalds afterwards...

Today is supposed to be TTT - Tuesday Tip/Technique but that has got a little delayed
due to a great deal going on this week (it will be back).
Instead I have a button offering...
This card that has also appeared in this month's edition of Cardmaking and Papercraft
Magazine, a festive attempt to use up some buttons!
Okay, so it's only 9 but if you made lots of cards you could really blitz through your stash!
The die is Build A Wreath - those individual dies for holly sprigs are really useful.

 Now, I mentioned the new website loyalty scheme.  
From now on if you order on the website you will receive a loyalty card.

You will receive stickers for every £10 spent (excluding kit purchases and postage and packing).
Once your card is complete you can post it back to me and I will email you through a 
special code that you can enter on the website and receive £10 off your next online order. 
If you have a shop loyalty card, it is exactly the same - you just add your stickers to 
your existing card.   I did not want anyone to lose out so felt this was the fairest way to continue.
I will be setting out the full terms and conditions on the website shortly  (must type faster!!) 
in case you have any questions.

The kittens are off to the vets to have final vaccinations today -
that means they can have supervised garden visits soon! 
They love their travel basket (even though it is becoming a squeeze!)
They obviously haven't cottoned on that it means a trip to the vets when that door closes.

Have a great Tuesday, take care friends.

Monday 29 September 2014

So many thanks....

Hello friends

Sending out many thanks for all your supportive messages yesterday,
it has made me feel so much happier.  

For those who asked whether I will be continuing with my blog - 
yes, absolutely yes!  

You will still have my ramblings about the boys, Bella, kittens interspersed with craft!
I will also be sharing with you the progress of the log cabin, 
the final closure of the shop and some exciting news (that I keep teasing you all with!)

And talking of craft if you've picked up this month's edition of 
Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine I'm in the Q and A section with a couple of items.
One is making a Christmas card with non-festive papers (pink!) 
and this is what I came up with....
The papers are Papermania - Wild Rose.  I was given a pack of pre-made bows to use,
I am not a bow person!!  So I undid one and thread it through the Fancy Tags Two die cut.
Layered Poinksettia is featured alongside Create A Flake Five.
The frame for the card front is using Classic Squares Large.
A piece of rhinestone flourish adds some Christmas sparkle (I'm always frugal with those!)

Plans for the next few weeks...
you may see the website undergo a few changes with photos etc and I will also be 
keeping you updated with the new website loyalty plan.
Please subscribe to the newsletter if you can as a lot of details go out via that route
including discount codes.

Today we are off to the Royal Marsden, Elliott is having an MRI to check all is well, 
I imagine we will be stopping off at McDonalds!

Take care friends and thank you again, your messages mean a great deal to me.

Sunday 28 September 2014

A decision....

Hello friends

I mentioned a week or so ago that I continue to work for Spellbinders
and I will have exciting details to share with you all soon... and I promise it will be soon!

Before that announcement I have some other news to share with you regarding the
Hope and Chances Creativity studio/shop.
Although the shop is now proving popular, after a lot of deliberation I have decided to close.
I love my shop, I loved decorating it and making it into a crafty haven,
I love having the classes, the Knit and Natters and more, but it takes an incredible amount
of work and I juggle that alongside my family and City job.
I really wish I could be in two places at one time but alas no - where is that magic wand??
So the decision has been made - the shop will close shortly (dabs eyes with hankie yet again!)

With the shop closing I also have to say goodbye to my craft room.
Again, a decision had to be made...where can I craft??
I cannot return to my conservatory - I've filled it with so much other stuff now including kittens!
I looked to rent an office space but wasn't keen to have landlords again. And then...
my parents came to the rescue and have offered to build a log cabin in their garden for me.

My parents are the sort of people that once a decision is made they leap into action.
The log cabin is being placed where Mum's greenhouse once stood -
(it's okay, her greenhouse is being located to a sunnier spot hence laying the new base
I blogged about recently).
Within a day the greenhouse was dismantled with some help from Mitchell and Bella...
(note she appears in each photo!) 

My parents have a wonderful garden and the views are stunning, it will be a perfect place to craft
and I think Bella will also be pleased - apparently she is having a dog flap fitted into the cabin!
The base was completed this week and the cabin is being shipped in from abroad and will
arrive soon.
I am pleased to confirm that the website will continue and in fact
without the outlay of the shop I will be able to stock even more items and definitely
a huge competitive range of Spellbinders.
Also be on the lookout for new kits ....
If you have a shop loyalty card please keep hold of it - you will not lose out, there is a new 
online loyalty plan being launched  - details will follow shortly.
There is going to be a shop sale day on Saturday 4 October, a chance to stock up and
grab some bargain items, please come along from 10am.
Please join me on this new journey, there is going to be news, 
building works, decorating and everything ably overseen by Bella!
Take care friends and huge thanks to those who visited the shop and attended classes.
It has been such a great experience but, as they say..as one door closes another opens -
stay tuned!

Friday 26 September 2014

Friday Die Day

Hello friends

It's Friday Die Day and today revisiting Labels Twenty Two, a real personal favourite of mine.
(I seem to have quite a few favourites!)
The size of the dies are:
1: 1⅛ x 1¼”
2: 1¾ x 2″
3: 2⅜ x 2⅝”
4: 3 x ⅜”
5: 3⅞ x 4⅛”

This is how they look cut/embossed.

Using cream linen card, I've chosen to keep the embossed
die cut in place and rub over with distress ink.
I have then stamped across the die and die cut with a script stamp.
Once you remove the die you are left with a white border.
This smaller die templates in this set also makes lovely labels/tags.
I've inserted an eyelet and placed the smaller tag at a jaunty angle!
I then wanted some colour so went for Jewel Flowers and Flourishes cut from felt
and a little metal heart charm.
The finished tag.
It's vintage with a shot of colour.
Labels Twenty Two is available here, along with the very pretty coordinating
Decorative Labels Twenty Two.

Stop by over the weekend as I have some news...!

Have a great Saturday and Sunday - hope you are crafting.

Take care friends.

Thursday 25 September 2014

Pretty Flowers

Hello friends

I said there would be further layouts featuring flowers....!
Another one featured in this month's Scrapbook Magazine and this one is my favourite 
as I've managed to incorporate a tag :)
I used Grand Rectangles to make the background main panels and then began to layer.
I found the white corrugated card in my scrap box and wondered what to do with it!
The papers are Fancy Pants, Wonderful Day - quite modern for me!
The flowers seemed too white against the background so I spritzed them with glimmer mists,
I stood quite a distance away to get a fine mist.
The photo features Torquay when we were there earlier this year,
goodness that seems such a long time ago.

Back in City job today, with a blink it feels I'm back in London each week.
Stop by tomorrow for you know what....! 

Take care friends.

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Autumn and Flowers

Hello friends

Yesterday was the first day of Autumn, I took my regular walk with 
Bella in 'Bella Woods' and to be honest everything is still lush and green.
An occasional leaf was falling but the sun was still shining, such a bonus for this time of year.
Our regular path ....
Bella has surprised us all and made very good friends with a Rottweiler puppy,
his owner walks him each day and Bella constantly looks out for him!

As it feels quite summery, I can probably get away with sharing a holiday layout
that is being featured in this month's Scrapbook Magazine!
I was asked to feature Sweet Lilac silk flowers and I really enjoyed mixing them with 
die cuts.  I firstly spritzed the distressed edged white 12 x 12 card with glimmer mist.
I assembled a geometric panel with My Mind's Eye - Cut and Paste papers, 
adding Classic Scallop Edge to soften the edges and then started to 
add plenty of flowers with pearls in the middle.
If I do not include journalling on the front of my layout I always write something on 
the back, date, place, memories etc.
This was a wonderful villa in Turkey where I stayed some years ago.

I have more layouts to share with you soon.

Take care friends, back soon.

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Tuesday Tip/Technique

Hello friends

Today a tip when using the Bauble Blossom dies, these are the ones that contain a quilling strip.
When these were first launched I had a flurry of emails and I recently received a couple
more questions so thought I would offer some tips.
 For the middle of the flower, you can use a proper quilling tool if you have one,
if not I found the end of a pokey tool works well.
Once you get started coiling try to keep it as even as possible.
Cards coil differently, if your card feel inflexible lightly mist with water to break down the fibres.
Once your base is complete, secure the end with liquid glue and allow to dry.
To attach the petals to your quilled base, the embossed/right side goes on the inside.
You may want to use two strips of petals to create a fuller flower.
A fine line of glue along the entire length of petal strip ensures it's a permanent flower!
 The rolled flower before tweaking!
Bauble Blossoms come in two designs to each set but look good mixed and matched too.

The shop is still having some maintenance carried out at the moment but re-opening tomorrow.
The paperwork at home is depleting, I can nearly see the bottom of the filing tray - hurrah!

Take care friends - have a great Tuesday.

Monday 22 September 2014

A Grand Day Out!

Hello friends

As mentioned yesterday was a day out - a visit to The Handmade Fair 
at Hampton Court Palace and what a lovely day out it was too!
Sally and I set off nice and early and arrived at the beautiful palace grounds.
Huge marquees had been erected as shopping villages, demo areas, theatres and more.
Our first stop was a talk all about Etsy, Kirstie Allsop was on hand in full pom pom headgear!
She is such a nice person, very approachable and friendly.
In fact pom poms featured prominently around the fair...

The shopping villages were wonderful with a huge array of craft items,
I sought out some lovely tags!
 and a few more!
Oh to be a quilter, such amazing fabrics.
A vintage tea room had been installed which included an incredible display of bloomers!
Knitting anyone?  Probably not visible from this photo but these needles are huge, 
at least three feet long!
The day was brilliant and I can't wait to go back next year.

I did make some purchases, a new design of pom pom maker and the materials 
to make a mohair teddy bear - I will be sharing those with you soon.

Hope you all had a great weekend.
Take care friends - I'm back tomorrow.

Sunday 21 September 2014

Something Simple on a Sunday!

Hello friends

Well, I'm heading out the door at the crack of dawn to the 
Handmade Fair, from what I've seen on Facebook it looks amazing,
I will be sharing all the details and photos.

Today revisiting a simple card using Spellbinders Borderabilities,
Foliage, Bitty Blossoms and Labels Twenty as a frame for the sentiment.
I intend to remake this with different papers as this one looks autumnal 
but I'm sure in bright papers it would look effective too.

Over on the website there is a sale on all Heartfelt Creation dies and stamps
and more items have been uploaded to Pre-Loved

The shop is having some electrical work carried out so I've been able to tackle
my paperwork...it looks less like a mountain now, just a steep hill!

Take care friends - have a lovely Sunday,
no roast for me, may have to fit one in mid-week!

Saturday 20 September 2014

Autumnal Gift Tag

Hello friends

One of my projects appeared on the Crafty Power Blog yesterday,
an Autumnal gift tag.  Well, it must be a few days since I made a tag!
This really was a 'scrap' project, I often challenge myself to make something
from all the bits and bobs left on my craft desk.
I am also attempting to reduce my button stash, admittedly having only one button
on this project isn't really going to deplete my supplies but every little helps!
 All the details to make the gift tag are here including step by step photos.
Have a great Saturday - it is tomorrow that I visit The Handmade Fair so hoping to
have photos for you beginning of next week.
Take care friends.

Friday 19 September 2014

Friday Die Day

Hello friends

It's Friday Die Day and today's featured die is Dragon Delight.
This is a Die D-Lite™ and the approximate sizes are:
Solid Dragonfly: 2½ x 1⅝”
Intricate Dragonfly: 2½ x 1⅝”

This is how they look cut/embossed.
The die cuts can be used separately or overlaid.
So many colour combos work beautifully.
Today a mini gift card.  I've cut two solid dragonflies and one intricate.
Created an overlay (mounted on foam pads) and kept one plain. 
Positioned onto a small square of cream cardstock.
You will note the larger solid one is on the edge of the card...
I've trimmed it away to keep in line with the card edge for a different look.
Attached a little tag (Back to Basics Tags) and secured with twine.
Mounted this onto matching pink cardstock and a cream card base.
A pretty mini gift card....
not festive at all!
Have a brilliant weekend everyone,
I'm off to the Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace - photos to follow.

Take care friends.
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