Friday 29 January 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

How did we get to Friday already? 
Each day definitely feels similar but time is flying by.
That somehow feels fine right now, January isn't the nicest month 
and I think we are all craving for longer lighter days. are you all? Keeping well and occupied I hope.
Let's start the natter...


I've indulged in LOTS of crochet this week which will also be indicated by
the amount of telly I've watched.
As mentioned, I am doing two CAL's (Crochet Alongs) with the Attic 24
Meadow yarn colours - a striped blanket and a Harmony granny square blanket.
Do I need more blankets? - No!  But I love doing them.

The design of stripes is a colour story so soon more 
pale blues, greens and buttermilk will appear.
The beginnings of the squares.
I've progressed to round 3 since taking this photo so keeping up.

And my crochet companion to remind me to sew in the ends as I go!


Yes it has truly been a marathon sit-on-my-bum-and-watch-telly week.
I do actually get up off my bum on the hour every hour that I am crocheting
and spend 10-15 minutes doing something: quick flick of the duster, pop the 
washing in the machine, just so I don't seize up really! 

(In my defence - I clean Elliott's flat every Wednesday, deliver groceries
and work on Thursdays and Fridays so not 100% lazy - 
phew, feel better for saying that!)

So yes.. telly recommendations this week.

The Serpent - BBCiPlayer

It is based on the crimes of a serial killer Charles Sobhraj who murdered
young tourists between 1975-1976.
I'm late to the table with this one so you may have already seen it.
Wow - it is gripping, disturbing and thoroughly entertaining.

The Pembrokeshire Murders - ITV Hub

In three parts it charts the notorious coastal path murders in the 80's.
Luke Evans plays DS Steve Wilkins and apparently agreed to take the part
knowing full well it would be at a low salary compared to his film work but
because he felt passionate about the cases and his Welsh heritage.
If that's true - nice to hear.

Not all murder this week!

The Help - Amazon Prime or DVD

An aspiring author during the civil rights movement of the 1960s
decides to write a book detailing the African American maids' point of view
on the white families for which they work, and the hardships they
go through on a daily basis.

If you are able to access this film then I would say it is an absolute must
to watch - funny, heart wrenching, poignant. 

Charity Kits:

Delighted to share with you this week photos of Michele's kits made up to send out
to two special friends.

The colour changes are beautiful, I could not pick a favourite.

There are still a few remaining kits if you would like one...

Details can be found here.


A simple one this week.
With Mitchell at home 24/7 (he works in retail so currently not open),
I am glad to say he does the majority of the cooking.
This week for lunch he made speedy egg fried rice.

So easy, a packet of microwave long grain rice, 2 eggs, pack of steam veg,
little oil, salt, pepper and some soy sauce (optional).

In a frying pan fry the steam veg in a little oil, add the rice, mix and cook for 3 minutes.
Add the eggs - mix until scrambled, season and add soy sauce. 
Serve - yummy!


This weekend is Mitchell's birthday, like many trying to think of ways to celebrate
during lockdown.  Decided I would make a Charcuterie Board -
something new to me but I've been googling and ordered interesting
items in this week's food shop.

I am also planning to make one for my parents to deliver and they 
can join us via Facetime to celebrate.
I shall let you know how that goes next week with photos.

Until then here's the boy, I mean man! 

Have a lovely weekend.
Take special care and please stop by next Friday
for a fresh batch of natterings.

Friday 22 January 2021

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday, I hope you've had a good week so far 
and are all ok.
Let me share with you a bouquet of beautiful flowers that arrived from
a special friend this week.

 I haven't had flowers in the house for ages and these made me very happy.
They were a thank you for crocheting some blankets for a puppy.
Meet Lenny...

That face! 


And whilst we have pups on display, here's Bella snuggle testing my
Meadow Blanket Crochet Along.

I am in love with the colours, they are so uplifting, we've had far too many
grey weather days recently.
I can see where Lucy the designer drew inspiration from, roll on Spring.

I've kept up to date with the blanket so far.
I also decided (somewhat rashly) to make the Harmony square design 
in the same colours - not quite so up to date with that! 

I find these little plastic CD/DVD wallets invaluable for keeping organised
and take great delight in filing them in a box - little things.


I have flowers on my Winter Beauty Clematis,
just those few pictured but I'm not complaining.

And the bulbs are appearing - those that Squirrel Biggs chose to leave me with.
Notice the holes in the soil, he's been having a good dig.

The rest of the garden looks wet and sad, Storm Christoph has beaten my cat shelter area,
(for the cat that has the choice of coming indoors all the time but likes to be outside!)
I'm going to have to sort that this weekend. 


This week has been Channel 5 Catch Up (My5) all the way.
I've gone medieval and watched two adaptations of Ken Follet's novels:
Pillars of the Earth 

and World Without End.

War, religious battles, power struggles, love and a little bit gory so
perhaps not when eating dinner! 
Fantastic cast in both adaptations.
If they are your cup of tea watch Pillars of the Earth first for the correct timeline.


No recipe, I ran out of days to try something new and we are still 
eating Christmas cake.
Mitchell says he braces himself with each bite for the amount of sherry in it! 

In other (uneventful) news this week:

I've started cleaning at Elliott's flat, thankfully as he lives alone he's in our bubble.
He is working full time so a few hours a week sees his washing etc getting sorted.
I must admit cleaning a flat is a lot easier than a home with pets! 

One of those charity bags popped through the door - excitement,
I managed to sort out a cupboard but still avoided under the stairs.

Mitchell has chosen to embrace the madness of lockdown hair and requested
I put highlights through it, we ordered a kit via Amazon and it looked like
a box from the 1970s.
And the result... (he doesn't know I'm posting this but we all need a laugh!)

And that wraps up another week.
Keep well and keep safe.

Much love,

Friday 15 January 2021

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends, happy Friday! 

Welcome to another Chat Day and I hope you are all well.
Is it raining where you are?
Goodness we've had bucketfuls of the stuff here in Kent, 
soggy cats but a very dry Bella, she refuses to go out in the rain.
Instead she has taken a liking to my new office chair...

I thought it was time I invested in a comfortable chair, 
I've been using a wicker dining chair for years and with working from home
likely to be on the agenda for quite some time, it felt justified.
It was hard to find an office chair that didn't look 'officey' if you know what I mean,
eventually found this one on eBay.

No sign of snow here and even though it is totally impractical I would 
really like some, need that bright whiteness.  
A Facebook friend in the US posted this of her garden, what an amazing photo. 


It's been a week of multiple projects, this one being at the top of my list.
The Meadow Blanket CAL by Attic 24.
The colours are making me happy.

This was my progress on Wednesday.

It is a nice easy stitch and will eventually work up to be quite a large blanket,
single bed size.
Each Friday, Lucy at Attic 24, releases the next sequence of colours to follow 
and then we will get to the border design. 
It has been a real tonic this week - little goals make things at the moment
seem easier.


It is a savoury one this week and all credit to Mitchell, this is his cooking,
those years when he worked in restaurants has paid off.
It contains lentils which I admit I had never really eaten but I love them now.

Herb Chicken with Lentils and Roasted Carrots

For 2 people: chicken breasts x 2, carrots x 2,
onion x 1, garlic clove, chicken stock cube, mixed herbs, 
can of lentils, vegetable oil, salt, 
single cream/creme fraiche small pot (optional).

Pre-heat oven to 200C. Remove tops of carrots, halve lengthways, 
no need to peel. Place on lined baking tray with splash of oil and salt.
Roast for 20-25 minutes, turn half way through.

Put chicken breasts in a bowl with glug of vegetable oil, 
pinch of salt and large teaspoon of mixed herbs. Mix.  
Heat oil in a pan, brown chicken – 2 minutes on each side, 
transfer onto baking tray with carrots in oven.

Chop onion and garlic. Dissolve stock cube in ½ pint of boiling water.
Drain lentils and rinse under cold water.

In frying pan, add oil, fry onions until softened, add garlic and stock.
Bring to boil, simmer until reduces by half, mix in lentils and cream.
Heat until piping hot, remove from heat.

Check chicken is fully cooked and rest for 2 minutes.
Serve on plate with sliced chicken and carrots.

The printable recipe is available here - for some reason Google docs doesn't like
my borders around the recipes, grhhh! 


I reached the end of my Marvel marathon - that was a lot of films.
I haven't dared calculate how many hours that was sitting on my bum but 
it was pure escapism and it is exceptional times isn't it.

I then changed track completely and watched BBC Black Narcissus.

A remake of the 1947 film.
I'm still on the bench with this one, it has been a long time since I watched
the original film and I'm keen to revisit it.
For this BCC adaptation, unsure about the cast and it felt very laboured at times.
I would still say worth a watch if you have time on your hands.

Last week I mentioned how much I love the new Channel 5 adaption of 
All Creatures Great and Small and also wished to view the original series.
Big thanks to those of you who messaged and said it was available
on the Drama channel - available on Freeview, Sky, Virgin and UKTV Play.

Guess what I'll be crocheting to...

Charity Kit:

Lovely response to this month's kit - thank you.

There are still some available, there was a minimum order on the tea bags
so I made enough kits to use them.  Feel free to spread the word please,
or if you would like an extra kit...
or we will be fine for tea bags for a while! 😂

Please visit the blog post here.

And that wraps up my week so far.
No big plans this weekend, doing our part and staying home.
Cleaning out the understairs cupboard is still on the 'to-do' list but somehow 
I keep putting that off - it's like a scary Narnia in there!

Keep occupied, keep safe and much love.

Sunday 10 January 2021

Charity Kit Day - January 2021

 Hello friends

Welcome to this month's Charity Kit Day.

Thank you for visiting.

Each month a donation is made to a different charity and this month
it is Alzheimer's Society, a care and research charity 
for people with dementia and their carers.

To keep track of charities there is a tab at the top of my blog 
here.  It is now updated with the 2021 chosen charities, clickable links and 
there's general kit info there too

And here is this month's kit:
it is a fold over wallet with 'Hi' and Spring flowers.
(Hurry up Spring - we need your beauty!)

There's a little something nice inside with a timely sentiment ...

Included in your kit:

Die cut wallet (pearlised card)
Silver envelope (not pictured - arrived after photos!)
Card insert with printed message 'For when we meet again...'
Tetley tea bag packets x 2
Adhesive dots x 2 (for the tea bags)
Die cuts: 'Hi' (outer shape) 'Hi' letters (silver foil), leaves x 4, flowers x 6
Full instructions
(Items you will need: adhesive, foam pads, inks/pens, pearls/gemstones)

The kits are packed in recyclable paper bags and sent in a 'do not bend' 
envelope so they arrive in pristine condition. 
To make up the kits you just need a basic craft kit, everything is pre-cut.

The kit cost is £6.25 - now reduced to £2.50!
 that's the total payment - inclusive of postage and packing.
 (Royal Mail has unfortunately increased their postage prices).
Payment is via the PayPal link below.


If you wish to purchase but would prefer not to use PayPal, please email me:
I'm happy to help with alternative payment arrangements.
It is possible to purchase multiple kits,
there's an option with PayPal for that too.

If you would like to support the kits but do not need one right now,
there is a 'Ko-fi' button', at the top of the blog, it's not really for coffee...
all donations enable me to purchase card blanks, envelopes, the paper bags,
sticky labels used each month.
I am very grateful thanks to those of you who help through Ko-fi,
it makes a real difference.

Thank you so much for your valuable and wonderful support.

Take care friends, enjoy your Sunday, 
continue to keep safe.

Friday 8 January 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Welcome to another FCD, are we only one week into the New Year?
Hasn't a lot happened.
I tentatively tap into the BBC News website each morning pretty 
much holding my breath. 
But, let's hold onto positives and what we can control,
for example, our hobbies...


I can now share with you a cushion that I made, it was a gift for a friend
and now it has been delivered, here it is.
Silver grey yarn, crochet as a long length to wrap around and join.

This is the reverse but I think I prefer this side with the opening for the cushion pad
and the little buttons.
The pattern is from Knitting Network, I struggled with how it was written and then
suddenly it clicked, funny how that happens sometimes - brain clearly not in gear.

And I've still got Christmas bits to share with you...
this was a cake pop box I ordered for Christmas Eve for me and the boys.
(I like to think sometimes they are only aged 10!)
We loved it, made perfectly by my friend Melanie who has her own cake
business - her Facebook page is here

And Mitchell bought me a cute card 
(only arrived this week due to our poor posties being overloaded).

No recipe this week as we are still eating lots of leftovers.
But Elliott made cookies, his first venture into baking in his own flat.

The recipe is the cookie one I featured some time ago,
Very proud he's using my blog for recipes.😀


Here in the Emberson VT we have got Disney+ channel for a limited time
so I've been cramming all the Marvel films.
Not everyone's cup of tea and watching three in a row makes your eyes
feel like saucers.  Nonetheless you cannot help but be impressed 
by the amazing special effects.

And switching down a gear completely I caught up with Channel 5's
Christmas special of All Creatures Great and Small.

It's a show that definitely leaves you wanting more,
so charming and idyllic.
I am wishing they would repeat the original 1978 series now.
If you haven't seen the 2020 series, it is available to watch on 
Channel 5's catch up service - My5.


The Christmas tree is down and the front room inevitably looks bare.
I actually don't mind as at this time of year as I get the urge to clean, tidy and organise -
do you? Hoping you might as I've chosen to share a tip with you.

In fact, I've just started a new Instagram account called 
The Organised VT - link here where I will be uploading ideas that 
are thrifty and fun, well as fun as these things can be!

Starting with - I do love a jar! 

If I decant things into nice jars - I use them - simple as.
It appears if I leave things in bags they get relegated to the back
of a cupboard and totally forgotten.
And thankfully I've discovered jars are pretty cheap,
this style is available from Asda - £2 - order online (George)
 or with your groceries.

And as much as it would look lovely full of sweets, it's January 
so I've chosen Soda Crystals!

So yes, Soda Crystals - what an underrated star you are.
Anyone else just associate these with a Great Aunt/Granny? 
I used to but now I appreciate their wisdom.  
Here is what these granules of magic can do:

    Cleaning and deodorising the washing machine.
    Removing burnt on residue in pots and pans.
    Helping to keep sinks and drains fresh and blockage free.
    Grease removal in household cleaning and laundry.
    Removing moss and algae from paths and patios.
    Cleaning toilets as an alternative to common cleaners that are harmful to aquatic life.
    Cleaning silver jewellery and much more.

I add a heaped spoon to every wash now, it softens the water
(we live in a very hard water area).
And at about £1 a bag I think that's a bargain.

Charity Kits:

Happy to report these will be available on Sunday and here's a little sneak peek.

As mentioned, something a little different this month,
blog post will go up at 7am Sunday.
 I've made quite a lot this month so hoping there is enough for everyone.

And that is it for this week.
I always read your comments and I did smile last week
when Christi was saying about her little trees, didn't quite survive the lawn mower! 

Keep safe in this mad mad world and please stop by on Sunday.

Much love.

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