Sunday 30 September 2012


Hello friends
Hope you are all having a leisurely Sunday, perhaps managing to sit down and read a book....
(that's my feeble link to books today!)
Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine asked me to create some projects using book pages.  
I have just the one old book - Charles Dickents - A Tale of Two Cities, 
this book has certainly been recycled - many times!
I chose a wood grain background paper - My Mind's Eye - Miss Charlotte,
added a single book page (I had to keep flicking through the book to find some appropriate wording, I wish I had an old copy of Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre, think that would be calmer reading!)
I cut down the one page a little and inked the edges.
I then chose Lacey Squares, a strip of stamped sentiment and then added butterflies, 
using some book pages there too.
It's a little unusual but I was happy with the end result.

If you visit my blog regularly you will probably know how much of an animal lover I am,
Bella features often and so do my cats (when they can be bothered to move and not sleep!) 
I was recently contacted by a lady who is involved in animal charities on the island of Crete.  
Now, I'm not going to ask you for a single penny but here is a clever way of supporting the charity.  
If you are about to make a purchase from Amazon please click into this website first,
you are then directed to the normal Amazon website but 
a small percentage of your pennies goes to the charity.
So clever, so quick and such a good cause. 

Talking of animals, Bella is going for a haircut tomorrow (her hairdressing bill is more than mine!)
Happy Sunday dear friends.

Saturday 29 September 2012

With Love at Christmas!

Hello friends,
Friday Die-Day is popular - thank you all for the wonderful comments,
it makes it so worthwhile. 
I only managed to go a few days without reverting back to Christmas! 
Another fairly speedy card that I created recently for Make Christmas Cards -
this time a real emphasis on purple!

I'm not really a bow person but this does feature some inked vintage ribbon and 
a squashed bow(!) under a Layered Poinsettia.
I did warn you...this die will be featuring A LOT over the next few months,
I love the way that the inking highlights the embossing so brilliantly.
Today I'm spending the morning in my studio and then this afternoon I hope to catch up on a couple 
of hours of TV whilst ironing - life in the fast lane for me! 
I have a V+ Box (similar to Sky) and it is nearly full, 
I keep recording programmes but never have chance to watch them - 
Downton Abbey, Parade's End, Paradise, bit of a theme...I do like a period drama.
Happy Saturday friends.
Take care.

Friday 28 September 2012

Friday Die Day!

Hello friends,
Friday Die Day is a little different today, I've decided to revisit some dies I used last year 
for a Spellbinders Blog Frenzy.
I love how these collections work together, within the Accents you always get a beautiful strip/border die and within the Motifs an assortment of what I call 'pendant' dies.

I've done a step by step tutorial to make a white on white aperture card.
Not a tag!!!

Create a 6 x 4 inches white card.
Position S5-058 Ironwork Accents circle die template to the front top half of the card for a window/aperture.

 Adhere foam pads to the back of the cut-out.
 Align this to the front of your card - for precision, I find it better to close the card and 
apply the cut-out from the front. Attach bling.
Cut/emboss five of the decorative borders from the S5-058 Ironwork Accents. 
Lay the long decorative borders in a pattern across the lower half of your card until you are happy with the design.
 Adhere. Trim at the edge and attach more bling!
 Stamp ‘Love’ sentiment using silver Clearsnap Colorbox Ink and Flourishes Lace Heart Stamp Set.
Align your S4-114 Standard Circles die template, cut/emboss.
Attach this to your top die-cut in the aperture. Cut/emboss two further smaller Ironwork designs, attach to top left and bottom right of aperture. Voilá!
Another version saying 'Happy Birthday'.
The idea could be used with any of the Accents and Motif dies.
A very bright summery photo - nothing like today's weather at all!
Just to let you know a few more items have been added to my Amazon shop,
I wasn't able to source the Square Bracket Edge Box die but I have added the Square Petal Top Box.
A few Christmassy dies appearing - snowflakes and the brilliant Impressabilities  too.

I hope you all have fun weekend plans, I'm spending tomorrow evening with all my family and on 
Sunday I'm going to the cinema - I cannot remember the last time I went to see a film!
In between I think I will be doing a fair amount of crafting - happy days! 
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Thursday 27 September 2012

Butterflies are back!

Hello friends,
I can at last share with you a favourite card of mine.
I created this for Spellbinders some months back and it was one of those cards 
I didn't want to send off - I really wanted to keep it! 
It has now appeared in the Idea Gallery with all the details.
I adore Les Papillions.
Sue - the font I used on yesterday's chocolate bar is Edwardian Script,
it is nice, floaty and old fashioned.

Other news to share with you - 
if you happen to be near the Kent Coast tomorrow a lovely lady named 
Marion has organised a coffee and craft event to raise money for Macmillan
It is at 9am to 1pm.
Venue: Westgate Town Hall Buildings, 31 St Mildred's Rd, CR8 8RE
For more information contact SMART on 01843-843318 or 
I would have love to have gone along but that London work of mine gets in the way! 

Marion has in fact decided to start a craft club and I will be travelling down to the coast to host some classes before Christmas, I will post all the details as soon as they are confirmed.
Hope you are keeping warm and dry wherever you are today - 
Autumn has well and truly arrived!
Take care.

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Saying goodbye!

Hello friends
Today's crafty offering is a decorated chocolate bar.
I will be waving goodbye to my niece this weekend as she heads off to University so 
I decided to put together a little token gift. 
I made this from scraps out of my craft bag following returning home from Ally Pally.
So easy - the hardest part is trying to resist eating the chocolate!
Use the original chocolate wrapper as a template, panels of cardstock and patterned paper.
I printed my message using my computer and then decorated.
The flower is Spiral Blossoms One,  I was demonstrating these and the leaves are from 
 A close up of a heavily tweaked and inked flower!
Yesterday afternoon the girls in our family went to Eastwell Manor for a champagne afternoon tea -
a real treat for us all.
Here is my niece sitting by the fire - I forgot my good camera so a rather grainy photo taken with my phone.
 The rain was hammering down so it seemed perfect to sit by a fire.
When we came to leave the sky suddenly cleared and the sun broke through,
a nice omen I thought.
A definitely non-Chrismassy post today!
Back tomorrow, I've got lots to do today -
I'm shooting videos (more news on that to follow) and of course, preparing for Friday Die-Day.
Take care.

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Four Festive Flowers

Hello friends,
Thank you for all your kind comments yesterday,
as regards the Square Bracket Edge Box Die, I do hope to get more of these in my Amazon shop...
will keep you posted.
How about this design for producing lots of  very quick cards. 
Background paper and using the lovely Layered Poinsettia -
four small flowers all in a row, twine and tag and that's it!
I have an admission ...I never seem to get around to making all my Christmas cards!
I have good intentions but other things take over and I normally have to rush out and buy a box of cards
(hang my head in shame!)

Like yesterday, this is one of the projects featuring in
Make Christmas Cards magazine.
(I'm going to post something non-Christmassy tomorrow!)

Right - I need to give you a waxed paper update. 
My order is currently sitting in a container ready to be shipped over from the States,
I've been told it will take approximately two-three weeks.
I didn't order a whole container full believe me..mine is a little box in a corner somewhere!
I am so sorry about the delay - please email me if you would like more details.
I've run out myself so feeling a little frantic!

Other news: a lady called Sue has sent me through details of a new
craft auction website that she has started
It is a great place to source your crafting needs and also to sell your finished items,
surplus supplies and tools.
The advantage is that there are no listing fees, so on a standard auction
if your item doesn't sell, it will not cost you a penny.
Sounds great doesn't it.

Ideal World at 9pm tonight - tune in for something special,
have a little look here - I love these!

Have a lovely day - it has been non-stop rain here, the heating is on,
the cats are smiling snuggled up to the radiators and Bella is depressed at staying indoors!
I'm still happily crafting!

Monday 24 September 2012

I Do Love a Box!

Hello friends
Firstly I hold up my hands up and photos of Ally Pally!! 
I'm so sorry - it was just non stop busy and each time I thought to get my camera out I was 
chatting and demoing again.
I got to meet some lovely crafters including some of my special blog followers -
thank you for coming over to chat, it was so nice to put faces to names.
My day seemed to be consumed with this little box....
Square Bracket Edge Box - it sold out completely! 
This festive version of the box is featured in the Make Christmas Cards magazine, 
it uses some of the free paper and a little tag.
Now that was a very speedy make!
I did manage to move away from my demo desk for a few minutes to chat to Marion Emberson 
(no relation!) from Sugar and Spice, Jennie Boxall from Artistic Stamper 
and Barbara Nicholson - all such lovely talented ladies. 
This week I'm back in my studio planning, creating and smiling.
Have a good Monday dear friends.

Sunday 23 September 2012

Ally Pally Day!

Hello friends
I am jumping in my car and heading to North London today - Alexandra Palace!
I've never demonstrated there before so it will be a new experience but a great one I'm sure.
I have chosen to do Spellbinders flowers and boxes for the majority of my demos.
I realised it would be nice to take along some previous projects to dot around the desk and 
I wondered if I had a few in my storage boxes (under the bed!)
This was just some of the contents from box number one! 
Oh my!  I do seem to like my flowers, tags and boxes don't I! 
I am of course itching to do butterflies..hoping those dies will be available so I can add those to my flowers.
One of the dies I will be using is - Anemone Flower Topper -
I never get bored of tweaking those petals!
I found this project in the bottom of the box and thought I would share it with you today.
A matching set -  I've used Core'dinations patterned cardstock and sanded to reveal the detail.

I hope to see some of you today, I'm taking my camera along and I will try to find a moment
to take some photos for those who live too far away to visit London.
Talking of far away...some of you have been so kind and invited me to your home towns including the far reaches of Scotland - wow - I would so like to visit there.
At the moment I am visiting various craft clubs, chatting, taking along 'make and takes' and loving every minute of it.  If you attend a craft club and would like to see me, please let me know.
No matter how far - I'm compiling a list and planning a grand tour next year.
I would love my crafty bus  to come to fruition but I suspect that might be a little ambitious...
although a famous quote: ....
"You may never know what results come of your action, 
but if you do nothing there will be no result" 
Have a lovely Sunday.
Take care friends.

Saturday 22 September 2012

A New Home

Hello friends
Today a super speedy New Home card.
I have featured this over on Scrapbook Adhesives Blog and as always, I am grateful if you have 
a moment to cross over there to leave a comment.
As soon as I saw this house paper from Webster's Pages I knew it had to be a New Home card.
The Home Sweet Home die set was also another obvious choice and combining 
the two meant a card in minutes. It was swiftly assembled with the new E-Z Dots Permanent.
I'm still the only UK stockist to have this adhesive - it is not officially due to cross to our 
shores until November! 
It is available here or here.
That's a lot of links in a little post!
Hope you are all having a good weekend. 
I'm going to be at Ally Pally tomorrow - please come and say hello,
I'm at severe risk of doing far more chatting than demoing!
Take care,

Friday 21 September 2012

Friday Die-Day!

Hello friends,
Today I'm featuring one of the newer dies
from the clever Card Creator series 
Here are the dies, you receive 8 in the set.
This is how they look cut/embossed.
A little technique - using the second largest die, I have cut/embossed but left the die cut in the die.
I then applied some distress ink around the edges - Antique Linen.
Still keeping the die cut in the die I'm going to stamp the complete area.
This is my favourite - Texture Stamp - I do love a bit of script!
You can see it has stamped onto the outer edges of the die - no problem,
a quick wipe and it comes off easily.
And this is how it looks when removed from the die -
selective shading and stamping, you get the nice crisp edge.
Tag time!
This is one of the large craft tags from Ranger, I've cut it down a little bit and positioned the
largest die cut behind - a little different!
I'm starting to layer up various elements - using my personalised MyStik.
Adding my stamped die cut.
I found a flower (Jewel Flowers and Flourishes) left over from one of my classes and
some foliage, added a little bit of lace and vintage ribbon.
Fairly speedy.
I like the yellow/brown combo.
Close ups.
I do have one set of the A2 Fancy Postage Stamps dies available in my Amazon shop,
I like the versatility of these dies, they are listed as Card Creator but,
as you can see, great for other projects too.
Have a lovely weekend.
Take care.

Thursday 20 September 2012

Home Sweet Home and Vellum!

Hello friends
With all this talk about Christmas I thought I would feature something bright and summery today!
Another card created from the bonus papers given away with this month's
Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine.
This time I chose to machine sew around the edge.  
I purchased a cheap little sewing machine that I use specifically for paper, 
I know if I had to keep getting out a big sewing machine I probably would think twice!
I've used Jewel Flowers and Flourishes (again!) but it does look different when you stencil through.
The tiny ladybird comes from the 99p store, a whole pack of them! 
I have some more dies on order for my Amazon Shop, I will list them the minute they arrive.
I've ordered Square Petal Top Box and various Christmas ones too...
here I go mentioning Christmas again!

I have also added very pretty vellum to my Kits and Bits,
it is A4 and 5 sheets are £2.85 including postage and packing.
Please drop me an email if you would like to purchase some or, if you prefer,
you can go over to the Kits and Bits page and click on the PayPal button.
The wonders of technology..that I'm finally getting to grips with!

This is the vellum I like to use for aperture cards, overlays, pretty backgrounds and, of course my flowers.

Have a great Thursday, I will be wearing my London working head today.
(By the way - no evidence of searching yesterday, so I'm not so sure my boys are reading my blog,
I could be really mean and post embarrassing baby pictures of them!)
Back tomorrow ...FDD!
Take care.

Wednesday 19 September 2012

3 Ways With Sketches - No.3

Hello friends
Today I'm featuring the final card that I created from this sketch.

I've turned it upside down and given it a fancy bottom!
Classic Petal Edgeabilities®
Also featuring Classic Scalloped Circles.
The papers used here are Kaisercraft - Turtle Dove and talking of papers,
yesterday's card and gift box were My Minds Eye - Miss Charlotte collection -
that wood-grain paper is so brilliant, I keep thinking of  different uses for it.

I purchased my first Christmas gift yesterday!  It is something for one of my boys -
this will be a test to see if they read my blog and now go in search! 

I'm heading off to my crafty studio to prepare Friday Die Day, I do it on a
Wednesday because London work gets in the way at the end of the week.
I'm also going to organise some demos for Ally Pally on Sunday, I suspect it could be flowers... :)
Have a lovely day.

Tuesday 18 September 2012

A Different Take...

Hello friends,
I have visions of you all making lemon and coconut cake after posting the recipe yesterday :)
I am always happier to try recipes that have been given to me as opposed to searching through books so if any of you out there have some delicious (and preferably speedy) cake recipes I would love to receive them.

I mentioned that I had a class last Saturday morning, it was the Summer Card and Gift Box class,
 I decided to alter the card and box a little bit - a different take on the original design.  
I've still used the very pretty Jewel Flowers and Flourishes but this time I've cut the 
label that features in Jar Labels, rearranged the design and backing paper.
 Eagle eyed blog readers may have noticed the box is slightly distorted, here is the reason why....
My cat Imogen.
 I kept staging the photo but each time I stepped back to take the shot she decided to launch herself at the box and knock it to the ground!  I think I got it on about the fifth shot but by that time the box 
had got a little misshaped.  Honestly the lengths us crafters go to! 

Also on Saturday I visited a craft group in Meopham, Kent, 
I thought it would be nice to take along a simple make-and-take item and guess what??
It was a tag! 
We used Bitty Blossoms and Les Papillions, and had fun rolling the flowers, 
inking and stencilling through the leaves. 

Other news:
I've just heard my two days scheduled for Create and Craft are not going ahead this month,
it often happens that the shows get pulled which is a shame because I had some nice ideas to share but 
all is not lost... I will be there in October.

And before then... I will be at Ally Pally on Sunday demonstrating on the Creative Expressions stand - please come and say hello to me if you are there that day.

Finally...goodness me, my posts are getting longer and longer...
My Amazon Shop is beginning to fill up with more goodies including dies (seems to be a bit of theme with flowers and butterflies..), stamps (including that Texture one I keep using!)
and the brilliant Scrapbook Adhesives products.  
I'm calling it 'Temptation on a Tuesday'!
Have a lovely day dear friends.

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