Tuesday 30 April 2013

Big Sister

Hello friends
A scrapbook layout to share with you today.
This follows on nicely from my blog post last Friday explaining that bezels can be filled with all different things. Here I've used felt and a metal butterfly inside a large heart.
The photo is my big sister and yes..that is me on the day I was born with lots of hair!
All the details of this page including the dies and papers etc used can be found here - the Idea Gallery.
If you ever have some spare minutes...hours...days to kill - pop along to the Idea Gallery -
amazing variety of projects and tons of inspiration.

A shout out to Diane (Keep Forever Cards) - you haven't emailed with regard to winning the set of
Vintage Lace Accents.  Please drop me an email and I will get them out in the post to you.

Bella is having a makeover tomorrow so I think that would be the perfect time for her
to pick out the winner of the bag of bezels - keep your eyes peeled...you may not recognise her!

Take care friends - I will be back soon.

Sunday 28 April 2013

Bottle Tag and More!

Hello friends
I'm often asked what I do with all the tags I make...here is my most common use!
It was my parents' Wedding Anniversary this week so I thought I would give them a
nice bottle of sparkling wine topped with a tag. 
This tag was featured in a Friday Die Day a while back.
Yes it is those Jewel Flowers and Flourishes that I adore!
Cazanne mentioned she was unsure what flowers to buy...these or Asters....
to be honest I think everyone knows my favourite but I agree it is quite hard to choose!

We had a wonderful takeaway on Friday night, always a treat.  Bella is also thrilled if it is Chinese
as she gets the occasional Chinese style rib bone!

I've also been asked about the moulds I featured with the WOW Embossing Powders shop display.
You can just see them in bags in the bottom right hand corner of this picture -

But here is a much better photo!
They are £6.50. Each mould creates three flowers.  There is a choice of two flower designs -
Shabby Rose and Daisy.
The very lovely Marion Emberson....
(no relation but a coincidence that we share the same unusual surname!)
from Sugar and Spice Crafts has created a You Tube video showing how to use moulds
with WOW Embossing Powders.
Please note her moulds are a slightly different design but the procedure is just the same.  
 In fact later this year Marion is going to come along and teach some classes at my studio -
these will feature WOW and Spellbinders. 
I will keep you posted on the details and date.

And...last thing - Engraving Art Board - I now have this in stock in my Amazon shop - £4.95.
Available in gold, silver or copper.  Each pack contains 6 blank boards measuring 8" x 10".
Plenty to make lots of keys like these and more.
As always - please feel free to email with any enquiries etc.
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.
Take care.

Friday 26 April 2013

Friday Freebie!

Hello friends
Friday wouldn't be Friday without something special... so instead of a Friday Die Day this 
week I'm doing a 'Friday Freebie'.
I wanted to share with you a tag - a simple design featuring Jewel Flowers and Flourishes,
stamp by The Artistic Stamper and a small bronze bezel.

I wanted to show that bezels can be used for all sorts of things, and can be filled with all sorts of things.
In this one I've placed a small piece of felt and a tiny flower. 
I've also nipped off the loop at the bottom, it can be done very easily with pliers.

I'm putting together a little goodie bag of bezels for a lucky crafter.
Just leave a comment and I will insist Bella returns to work and picks out a winner.
In between, in my Amazon shop I've uploaded lots of Media Mixáge goodies and new Die D-Lites too.  
Just click on the link in the sidebar.
Also, please remember you need not buy through Amazon - more than happy if you would like
to purchase direct.

Other news: no cooking tonight - takeaway!  
Friday nights always feel a little more special than any other night.
Take care friends - have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday 25 April 2013

A Mixture of Things...

Hello friends
Today all different things to bring to you...
firstly you may recall this card I made.
I am thrilled that it is appearing online with US craft magazine Crafts 'n Things -
there is a complete page where you can see a materials list and step by step instructions.
Click here to view. 

That would be WOW Embossing Powders.  I am now a stockist.
I have the powders (metallics, glitters etc), heat guns, Melt-It, stamps, containers, moulds and more.
All of this will be featured soon on the new website but in between please feel free 
to get in touch if your heart desires beautiful embossing powder and accessories :)

And what else do I have for you....
Yes about time I divulged the winners of the TWO sets of Vintage Lace Accents.

I'm afraid Bella went on a pooch strike (you just cannot get the staff you know!)
To be honest I'm typing this quite late in the evening and scheduling the post, Bella has 
had a wonderful day running around my parents' garden and walks in the woods.
Picking winners from our spotty cup was just a little too much for her.
Instead I asked Elliott to pick out two numbers 
(he used a random generator number thingy on his phone!)
I must also mention that I always include those who email in too.

The winners are......


Please drop me an email christine.emberson@blueyonder.co.uk
and I will make sure your dies get sent out to you.

I was at The Artistic Stamper last Saturday and quite a few ladies asked me 
questions, queries about products etc.  I carefully wrote them all down on a piece of paper
so I could reply to each one in turn.  I have now managed to lose that piece of paper!! 
I'm cross with myself as I'm normally organised but I hope to remedy the situation.
If you were at the classes and I haven't responded to your questions please get in touch 
and I promise to sort them immediately.

Most definitely finally...Bella is off to be coiffured on 1st May - May Day haircut!
Time permitting, I am hoping to take her back to Higham Dog Show although I'm not so sure 
she will do as well as last year.....

And (really this is the last thing....)
Big thanks for the continuing emails and comments - we are still awaiting a surgery date for 
Elliott - there has been a few complications and the hospital also need to organise certain
Neurosurgeons and more.  In between we are keeping busy and occupied,
I've even returned to doing some knitting as it truly occupies the mind and audio books are fab -
we are falling asleep to the wonderful tones of Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter! 
Take care friends.

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Nice News!

Hello friends
I'm back with some nice news today.  Look to the right...can you see it??
The new Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Design Team badge - it says 2013 and that means
I'm on the team for a further term.  

I am thrilled to be working with this company again.  
If you follow my blog and/or visit my classes you will know how much I like their 
adhesives and use them continuously.  

I thought this would be a good opportunity to revisit some of my most favourite 
projects I created for this company.

A distressed notebook featuring Kraft Photo Corners
 A bird in flight card featuring Keepsake Envelopes.
(Reminder: another use for these envelopes is sticking on the inside of your car windscreen
to display permits/tickets)
 A gift bag using Grand Labels Four and featuring heat embossed E-Z Squares®
I am a UK stockist and supplier for Scrapbook Adhesives products, they are in my
Amazon shop (click on the sidebar link) or you can purchase direct from me -
just drop me an email.

Bella will be picking out two winners soon for the Vintage Lace Accents so I will be back soon.
Take care friends.

Saturday 20 April 2013

Key Box

Hello friends
You may have already seen this project on Facebook but it is something new to share.
I created this little key box for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog  - always feel free to dash over 
there and leave a comment...okay you don't have to dash, sauntering over is equally fine! :)
The whole project has been created with Scrapbook Adhesives products and, of course, Spellbinders dies.
Once I had created the project I thought it would be a good item to 
take along to the Artistic Stamper class, it shows some nice techniques and
I am very much enjoying using engraving art board with my dies. 
Engraving art board?  Have you tried it?? 
I recall buying the scratch art kits for my boys when they were younger, 
for a period of time we had many kittens and dogs adorning the fridge! 
The same company that make the kits (Royal and Langnickle) also produce 
plain engraving art board in silver, gold, copper and more.
Use it with your dies, sand gently and you've got a wonderful metal like finish.
Don't panic if you cannot get hold of the plain engraving art board - I've often use
one of the picture kits - works fine and I believe you can pick them up for 99p in The Range.
You can also see pictured a flattened bottle top - so easy to do in your Grand Calibur - 
(B Embossing Plate, piece of cardstock/paper, then the bottle top - edges facing up, 
tan embossing mat and Raspberry plate.  Only use new, uncrimped bottle tops).

The box is one of my favourites - Square Bracket Edge Box and the flowers are Bitty Blossoms - 
not sure I will ever tire of Bitty Blossoms! 

I will be back soon - Bella is getting ready for her double draw next week,
I had better get my speedy camera shots organised!
Take care friends - have a lovely weekend.

Friday 19 April 2013


Hello friends
I always like to bring you something on a Friday and while I'm not quite back to 
Friday Die Days, how about a giveaway?

I have TWO pre-loved sets of these, both perfectly usable.
I went through my images and discovered I had used them on this scrapbook page as a base
for Spiral Blossoms Four and also to create a fancy lace border at the base.
Grand Decorative Circles One is also featured - love those too!
Just leave me a comment and Bella (who is the scruffiest dog on the planet right now -
her stylist is still not back to work!) will make the double draw next week.

Also, just a mention various items from the Media Mixage line were featured on Ideal World and
Create and Craft this week - I do have bezels, dies, blanks and texture plates for sale.
As always, feel free to email if you are interested or need further information.
Have a brilliant weekend - I actually put my washing out yesterday, first time this year!
Take care.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

A Super Day Out!

Hello friends
It was a Harry Potter dominated day yesterday.  As mentioned we headed off to 
studios.  It is suggested that 3 hours is normally adequate to look around ...
we were there for 5! 
If you are a fan it is incredible.  We hired the digital guide - it is an iPhone with audio,
videos, photos and more.  Along with the amazing sets, I didn't know what to look at first. 
I took photos - over a 100!  It's okay, I'm not going to post them all but there is quite a few today! 
(Apologies if you are not a Harry Potter fan!)
We had a little wait before we started the tour so we took a look in the gift shop - 
Elliott checking to see what is inside the Sorting Hat.
 Does it suit me?? Yes Gryffindor!
The Great Hall - where is all the food??
 Here is some - chocolate bunnies.
Potions Classroom (every one of those bottles is labelled!)
No.4 Privet Drive.
Diagon Alley 
Not your everyday supplies!
I did sneak into one photo...
The Bridge.
Wanted: Bellatrix Lestrange
(this is where Bella got her name - similar hair to be honest!)
 The huge Hogwarts model - detail is amazing.
 Wand anyone??
Purchases of the day:
Elliott decided upon the Marauders Map.
A chocolate frog and
 Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans
(and yes, there is ear wax, dirt, earthworm along with sherbet lemon!)
I insisted he have a wand (I'm waving that furiously right now!)
After serious deliberation....
he chose Professor Snape's rather elegant black wand.
One of my favourite place in the books and films is The Burrow.
Here knitting gets done by magic...
It was such a great day, total escapism and fun. 
I will be back soon...with craft!
Take care friends.

Monday 15 April 2013


Hello friends
Wonderful comments yesterday, thank you.  It looks like so many of us are sent 
trying things to deal with at times but we press on because we know life will hand out good things too.
Also, thank goodness for craft - something we love and can emerge ourselves into.
And...talking of craft - this Saturday I'm going to be at The Artistic Stamper.
The morning class has sold out but I understand there are a few places available in the afternoon.
It is 2pm to 5pm and £20, if you would like to come along you can book online at 
The Artistic Stamper's website or telephone the shop.

The classes are : Spellbinders - The Next Chapter.
We are going to be exploring some further techniques and ideas.
I've been putting together the class bags for everyone.
Some interesting items inside - that will be revealed soon (such a tease!)
Oh go on then...a tiny sneak peek!
Tomorrow is Harry Potter studios day - I can report that I've managed to stay awake
during the viewing of the last few films!  
I promise to share lots of photos - I'm really excited about going (I'm a big kid inside really!)
Take care friends.

Sunday 14 April 2013

Good Week/Bad Week

Hello friends
I'm back today with a mixture of items. 
This week has been a changeable one! 

Yesterday I said goodbye to Fluff - she had been poorly for quite a while and the vet and I
decided the kindest thing was to send her to kitty heaven. 
I've owned Fluff for nearly 13 years, she was a sitting tenant in the Victorian Terrace when we bought it - 
the previous owner did not want her and listed her on the fixtures and fittings form!
She lived a quiet life, never venturing far, always found a warm spot by the radiator 
and her favourite day was Sundays when I would be carving the roast dinner meat - 
she always got her portion.
The smallest feline is a masterpiece
Leonardo da Vinci

This week also saw some other nuisances...parking ticket, no hot water, front garden wall falling down.
But life is a test and just when you think surely you've had a full quota of bad luck...
this happens....something truly good and nice.

A parcel arrived with the most gorgeous items all from Kathy.
A wonderful creation emulating my new birdcage and butterfly logo, a 
stunning tag (love the ribbon threader) and a card for Elliott (spot the picture of the alpaca).
 And then...more.. Kathy owns an Alpaca farm and she takes the fleece, 
spins it, dyes it and makes the most superb items - she made this hat for Elliott.
It is dreamily soft and once he put it on his head it was there to stay - 
I think he finally took it off at bedtime!  My boy is getting rather full in the face 
and we think this is the steroids but they are necessary and it means I can pinch his cheeks now! 
Thank you Kathy for your unbelievable kindness - it has turned my week around.

Now something crafty.... I do hope to share some new projects with you soon but
until then I came across this - a Square Bracket Edge Box and matching gift card.
Always remember Edgeabilities® can be used in so many different ways.
Also, just a mention - if any of you happen to pick up Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine this month it 
comes with Teresa Collins - Fabrications  6 x 6 paper pad and chipboard embellishments.
These are the papers I have been using for the butterfly frames.
A nice giveaway indeed!

Take care friends - I do hope you are having a lovely weekend.

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