Sunday, 14 April 2013

Good Week/Bad Week

Hello friends
I'm back today with a mixture of items. 
This week has been a changeable one! 

Yesterday I said goodbye to Fluff - she had been poorly for quite a while and the vet and I
decided the kindest thing was to send her to kitty heaven. 
I've owned Fluff for nearly 13 years, she was a sitting tenant in the Victorian Terrace when we bought it - 
the previous owner did not want her and listed her on the fixtures and fittings form!
She lived a quiet life, never venturing far, always found a warm spot by the radiator 
and her favourite day was Sundays when I would be carving the roast dinner meat - 
she always got her portion.
The smallest feline is a masterpiece
Leonardo da Vinci

This week also saw some other nuisances...parking ticket, no hot water, front garden wall falling down.
But life is a test and just when you think surely you've had a full quota of bad luck...
this happens....something truly good and nice.

A parcel arrived with the most gorgeous items all from Kathy.
A wonderful creation emulating my new birdcage and butterfly logo, a 
stunning tag (love the ribbon threader) and a card for Elliott (spot the picture of the alpaca).
 And then...more.. Kathy owns an Alpaca farm and she takes the fleece, 
spins it, dyes it and makes the most superb items - she made this hat for Elliott.
It is dreamily soft and once he put it on his head it was there to stay - 
I think he finally took it off at bedtime!  My boy is getting rather full in the face 
and we think this is the steroids but they are necessary and it means I can pinch his cheeks now! 
Thank you Kathy for your unbelievable kindness - it has turned my week around.

Now something crafty.... I do hope to share some new projects with you soon but
until then I came across this - a Square Bracket Edge Box and matching gift card.
Always remember Edgeabilities® can be used in so many different ways.
Also, just a mention - if any of you happen to pick up Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine this month it 
comes with Teresa Collins - Fabrications  6 x 6 paper pad and chipboard embellishments.
These are the papers I have been using for the butterfly frames.
A nice giveaway indeed!

Take care friends - I do hope you are having a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine
How strange what life throws at you when you have other troubles to contend with. Keep strong and sending my thoughts to you and hugs to Elliot. x LaraineB

Chris said...

Good morning Christine,
Keep plodding along, things will get better. Love Elliott's new hat.
Chris X

melanie said...

Keep your chin up I`m sure things will get better ,Love Elliot`s hat

Janice said...

Morning Christine

Well, what a week you've had, life can be really hard sometimes.
Such lovely gifts from Kathy, how kind of her. The hat really suits Elliot - perfect fit!
I love the box and tag you've made too.
Have a lovely Sunday.
Janice x

Lacelady said...

Oh. Christine, so sorry to read about Fluff, and a crumbling wall to contend with is a bit much for life to throw at you right this minute. I know what you mean about testing though. I've battled a kidney stone this past month, the pain is indescribable, then right after I passed it (sorry, too much info) I get a tooth abscess!
Don't let life grind you down, you will cope. Sending ((((((((hugs)))))))))

Ella's Design said...

What a week, Christine! Life certainly knows how to test us! What a lovely surprise though, to receive such beautiful cards and gifts from Kathy - so thoughtful! Hope next week turns out better for you! Hugs, Lisa x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
What a rotten week you have had, why do these things all come along at the same time, especially now for you and Elliot. life's a ----- sometimes. (I'm sure you know the word) and then a wonderful gift from Kathy. Love the hat suits Elliot so well.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Take care.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, I was so sorry to read about your gorgeous Fluff, she will have had a fantastic life with you for 13 years. I lost my Lloyd at the beginning of February and it is so upsetting.
You have had an up and down week indeed. Hopefully things 'can only get better'.
How very kind of Kathy sending those beautiful things to cheer you up, and the beautiful hat for Elliott looks gorgeous.
Also loving your little projects too.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, What a week,but what a lovely gift from Kathy,Elliott looks great ,the hat really suits him.
Love the box and tag, Hope you have a better Sunday, Take care. x.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine what a week you have had its very hard when we lose a pet. I must say Elliot looks awsome in his hat, keep your chin up lots of love,

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine

Well chick what a week you have had ?,it always seems to happen when you already have enough on your plate,

My dear old Dad used to tell me, " you have to have the bad things so you will appreciate the good things you have in your life a lot more "
Things will turn around for you soon Christine .

Well how kind of Kathy sending you a box of goodies , i love Elliotts hat as much as he does it looks great.

Love your tag,i havent made one for a while [ i must be slipping up]

Enjoy your day
Elaine H X

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. When one thing bad happens in your life a whole lot of other problems happen. I think it's to take your mind off the biggest problem.

I'm so sorry about Fluff and your other troubles this week.

Lovely gifts from Kathy. Elliott looks really good in his hat.

Take care.

Val in Spain xxx

baconbits said...

Morning Christine,
Just when you think you have had it all life sends more, but then you get happy parcels to change it all around, sometimes its the small things that make us stronger.
Amanda x

Cinders61 said...

Hi Christine. Sorry to hear the troubles you have had this week. One thing is for sure, life is always a challenge! I love Elliott's hat. I know what you mean about how soft it is. I have knitted a couple of scarves with Alpaca wool and they are a dream to wear. Sending positive thoughts to you all. Gillian x

ElaineC said...

Hello Christine and Elliott. WOW what a week! Being interested in horses, I always say that God has been emptying his muck trailer at my back door again! Still, as someone else said, the smaller annoying occurances, help take your mind off the more serious things. Elliott - sorry I can't make you a hat but dog or horse hair just wouldn't be so soft. Keep strong. Love and hugs ElaineC

Toni said...

Hello Christine, so sorry to hear about all your set backs this week, especially dear Fluff. Hopefully knowing everyone is trying to support you in some little way will help. What lovely gifts to receive and Elliott looks great in his new hat.
Please don't worry about 'new projects' at the moment. You have a lot on your plate and we all totally understand. I like looking at previous projects because I can never find them again when I need them so thank you for that.
Chin up and keep going.
Toni xx

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, Today is the start of a brand new week, which hopefully will be sooooo much better than last week, Elliott looks great in his new hat.
I really like the edgeability effects on the box and card, makes them more versatile than I thought. X Ros

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

Why does life have to be so horrid sometimes I know last year after we lost our son we got burgled and then my credit card was cloned just one thing after another. Life is certainly testing at times

I love Elliots hat, I was looking at the Alpaca knitwear in London and its gorgeous so light but warm too. Bet he forgets he is wearing it.
Love the use of the edgebilities must give this a try

Sending you all lots of love and hugs

Sue xxx

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, it seems it never rains but it pours, bad things always seem to happen in a row, so now you've got them out of the way its on to the good things happening. Sad to hear about Kitty, gorgeous photo of her that would make a lovely scrap page remembering her life. Love Elliot's hat. Sending you all lots of hugs. Emma

Phil D said...

Glad the week gave some nice surprises that hat looks great and Elliott looks well - he is a great guy


hazel young said...

Such a shame about your troubles at VT, but good news on your nice gifts and Elliots hat. Love the creations you showcased today, I was using edgeabilities yesterday to make diamonds. Have a good weekend xx hazel

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine , I know how hard life can be i lost my husband and my cat in aspace of 2 weeks all my lights went out and i had an infestation of ants. You do come to terms with things and you have to look on the bright side.Elliots hat is lovely so kind of Kathy there are a lot of good people in this world and i hope life will turn around for you and your family good luck and god bless you Jean Z xxx

Maggieann said...

Hello Christine,sorry to hear of all your horrible happenings last week, but you suddenly had a silver lining to your cloud with your parcel from Kathy.These RAK's really work wonders, don't they!! Elliott looks wonderful in his hat, no wonder he didn't want to take it off.Special thoughts and prayers are coming to you as you head into the new week.
((((HUGS)))) xx

Janice said...

Hi Chris, I bet your thinking what else can happen!!. Try to keep positive and remember the only way is up now. I saw the frame that Pam made on 6th, it's stunning. I will certainly look out for the magazine. I went to ally pally yesterday and spent quite a bit.... don't tell husband.... managed to cram all into one bag when I came home so he doesn't know the how used the credit card was !!. Keep up the good work in the craft shop. Janice xx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine,
So sorry to hear about Fluff, it's always heartbreaking when one has to make such a final decision. My cat is 19 years old and I'm thinking that every day I have her is such a bonus.
And then all the other things happening on top of that must have been really crushing - but then you got such a lovely surprise. I hope that this coming week will be much kinder to you.
Elliott looks fab.

Ita said...

Hi Christine what a week you have had ,and fluff , it is like loosing a family member,what fantastic cards,all the talanted crafters,I love Elliott's hat,he will need it ,if his hair falls out,my friend after her treatment lost her hair and her head was frozen ,something the doctors did not tell her so you will be prepared,and made out of fastastic natural wool.
The only way to go this week is up.
Big Hugs

The Hardy Stamper said...

What a lovely gift from Kathy - I love Elliot's new hat! I hope that next week is a better one for you.

Sandra said...

Oh Christine,life has an annoying habit of kicking you when you're down!
But then you turn and look at Elliott's gorgeous smiling face, especially in that gorgeous hat and your shoulders lift and a smile creeps across your face!
He is truly a remarkable young man! So is Mitchell as i am sure he has a key role in making Elliott and your life a little brighter right now!
I received my magazine and those lovely papers but was sad to see there were no Christine projects in it!
Sending you all a huge hug!
Sandra xx

Sandra said...

Oh Christine,life has an annoying habit of kicking you when you're down!
But then you turn and look at Elliott's gorgeous smiling face, especially in that gorgeous hat and your shoulders lift and a smile creeps across your face!
He is truly a remarkable young man! So is Mitchell as i am sure he has a key role in making Elliott and your life a little brighter right now!
I received my magazine and those lovely papers but was sad to see there were no Christine projects in it!
Sending you all a huge hug!
Sandra xx

Clai01 said...

Hugs to you both x

Unknown said...

What a rubbish week, lets hope the next one is an improvement. Like the hat and the model is rather gorgeous too. Love Carol xx

Anonymous said...

What a rough time you are having Christine - but what kind and generous friends you have on your blog. My thoughts are with you and hoping for a better week to come for you all.
Val C xx

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, I'm having a catchup after our London trip; so sorry you've had a rough week, and about losing Fluff.. but Fluff's luckiest day was when you bought the house! Love the photo of Elliott in his fab hat, hugs Carole Z XX

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about Fluff but at least she had a loving Mum for 13 years. It's horrible losing a pet because they are part of your family. Anyway, to hopefully bring you some cheer, I've got the perfect stamp for a card for you having read today's blog! You'll have to wait until next Saturday for it though!(I think it will make you laugh ;-) ). Big hugs to you and Eliot - I love that hat!

Anonymous said...

Loe elliots new hate it really suits him. So sorry about fluff x

Anonymous said...

Loe elliots new hate it really suits him. So sorry about fluff x

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